June 19th, 2011

whats going onnnn

dee dee dawn

I have a question about an item that may just be a want, dohoho.

I'm interested in the Jakks Dawn figurine, but she is like $60-90+ on every website I check. I have Ash and Brock, but I think they need their female companion. c: Does anyone know of a reasonable site to get her from or even have one to offer? I'd prefer without the box and Pokemon, just her~

I also know that there is a Dawn and Piplup (or Buneary) Banpresto DX figure, which I don't really know much about. I would bet this one is more expensive than the first figurine, but information on her would be lovely whether or not I'll get this one rather than the Jakks (I'll more than likely get the Jakks one, fyi).

Thank you!

Grail get!

Hey guys, Spideyroxas here with an awesome Grail Update!
My super grail arrived during the week and thought i'd share with you guys! It was the Cyndaquil plush that i always thought i wouldn't find, and if i did find it, i never thought i'd win it. Also i got two mini gets for things i also really wanted XD

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Also i've updated my website =D so please take a look and leave a comment here!
My want's list is being made now on the site too.. it's so hard finding pictures of everything O_o

Until next time!

Introduction and a couple wanteds

 First off, hi ^^ my name is danielsard2 or as I prefer to be called Sunny FC (or Sunny for short), I'll give a piece of candy to whoever treats me as sunny... (JK, I cant imagine the cost of mailing pieces of candy everyday around the world, but I'll be happier to be called Sunny than danielsard)

Anyways, I joined a while ago, but just now discovered how can I post to this blog, so thats why I took so long to post this. (Thought you needed sales permission to post an intro thread... how silly of me)

Anyways to business. 

I'm looking for two plushies

First is the charizard that is in the header of the PKMNCollectors forum. I found him on ebay, but a fellow DA/LJ friend warned me the seller is known to sell fakes, and I dont want to buy a toy that wont help the pokemon company's sales number (the more they sell a product/series of products, the more motivated they feel to continue producing it) so buying fakes doesnt help

The other plushy im looking for is a blastoise plushy like the one 3kame posted from her trip to the Japanese garden (http://pics.livejournal.com/3kame/pic/002k41t0)

And lastly, but not leastly, the blastoise and charizard figures that are featured in this image http://i279.photobucket.com/albums/kk135/Kitxune/sales/DSC05841.jpg . (I'm not asking to steal them from, or force kieon to sell them, but if you have similars you want to sell me or trade me, plz let me know)

Anyways thanks for reading this. I hope I will post updates and collections in the future 


Sunny FC

PS: Somebody sold me these pokmon human figurines (this is only regarding the HUMAN ones ;) ) a couple weeks ago. I cant recall who (and I apologize from being so forgetful, but, I've contacted so many fellow LJ members, it is hard to keep all the names. I just want to let you know that the figs arrived really fast, and wanted to thank you for everything!! 

Sorry IDK how to post images or link to users yet. Can somebody plz tell me how?
Thanks ^^

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Quick post!

 Hey there beautiful people! Just a quick update. Anyone who was waiting on ANYTHING to be shipped from either my sales or GA items, its ALL been sent out today so expect it all very soon! <3
Sorry for the delays, they were my first two GA's where I done the shipping, so I thank you all for being mega patient with me, I really appreciate it. I also want to thank anyone I have GA'd with n3n!

I just have a couple of quick card wants at the moment! (2 to be exact...)
 Ill chuck the pictures under a cut~

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Litwick Party! And Mijumaru update!! ^u^

Hello again! This time, I have a collection update! OH YES. <3 Do you know who I am even without my icon? <3

Well, today I went to the Pokemon Center in Nagoya to pick up Some new otters and LITWICK DOLLS! =D Let's start off with Litwick, shall we?

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And last, but not least, a video for your enjoyment! I filmed my Mijumaru McDonald's toy swimming in my bathtub. <333 ....I realize now that there is SO MUCH TEXT, so I'm sorry if it bores you guys!

Thanks for reading! Hope you're all having a good one!!

Also WHO IS EXCITED ABOUT THE NEW DOLLS?!?! I really love Mienfoo and Emolga!!! REALLY resisting the urge to get mienfoo...;O;!

Custom offers/auction :)

Hey there all! Ive just made a new one of my pokedoll figures, and i thought it needs a good home, also im in the need of money, kinda. So please help me out here ^^  I beleive ill end this auction WITHIN a week, or when offers die out :) Hope some1 is interested, in my opinion, this is the best one ive ever made ^^

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GA#15 by couchpotatonet - LOST

GA#15 by couchpotatonet


10 hours for this super quick auction.  I am already bidding on it, I couldn’t GA it because I was already at my max, but I wasn’t going to let it go.  But since the last GA failed, I am going to slip it in there and see if anyone wants to go in with me.


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We lost, there was some fierce competition for this auction.  the last 30 seconds were intense.  We were out bid in the last 3 seconds.


Have a need for the creepy crawliez...

 So I have a need that I'm hoping someone here can help me with. I've been working on a little side collection of shiny spinarak. For this reason I'm desperately questing this guy here: 

(picture yoinked from Google!search)

I'm not too terribly concerned with little scratches or the actual web that came with the figure being missing. More or less I've been hunting around for one of these little guys but I always seem to just miss getting one. XDDD So any help, anyone willing to sell me one would be great!
  FOUND!! :D Many thanks to my_chapstick! 

I'm also looking to commission a minky custom pokedoll
of this little guy too...if anyone is up to the task, just let me know! :D
If anyone is interested in trading me for any items I want above, I'd happily consider trading for items I have under the cut below too XD just throwin that out there. <3

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Red Dead - Mister John Marston

Dakajojo GA & other pretty things!

Heya folks! Just a quick heads up about the Dakajojo GA :


No pretty picture for ya'll. Just click the link and you'll be there. We have a little over a day left so please get those bids in!

Also.. Does anyone have a 1:1 PC Scraggy and a regular PC Scraggy with tags ( though they don't need to be attached ) they are looking to sell? That bug eyed baby has stolen my heart ( and wallet )! Please note that I am only looking for quotes on these items at this time. I am shopping around for the best price since shipping on these lizards can be high. Please please understand.
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Collection Post and New Gets!

Hi pkmncollectors 

Back in May I made a collection post on my journal which I have been updating with basically my whole Pokemon Collection. However, since I haven't advertised it or anything like that, it has no comments. With that being said, it is kind of sad knowing that I uploaded all those photos to have no views. Can y'all please check it out if you have the time, thanks!

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super quick post!

me again! I come with a super short post today... how much do these Eevee charms usually go for?

I won this set on Y!J but I don't know if I really want to keep them... I'm thinking of downsizing my Eeveelution side collection since I owe SMJ a lot of money xD; so just asking how much they usually go for as I might decide to sell ^^ would anyone be interested if I did?

If someone was super interested I could even sell them and have them shipped from the SMJ warehouse since I can't have them shipped to me right now anyway because of the Canada Post thing! XD but yeah, that's all! this was super short like I said! :P I might have some sales up soon if Canada Post goes back to work this week like I keep hearing... but we'll see!

Pokepuff Customs Reminder!

My puff auctions end next week, I may have to extend them slightly as I will be away doing a job and unable to oversee the end.

Click here: And bid to secure yourself a puff, either totally custom or there are two premade - Zangoose and Umbreon.

Unfortunately we lost the Keyring GA, and some of the Gothy Kids GA. The lots with Raichu and Glaceon were won, purely off the backs of the people who bid on those two items. I am dealing with the seller at the moment, she has fumbled the postage. Sigh.

Also a small GA rant - If you bid $1 for something that you really really want and we lose the auction, don't send me complaint PMs.There's not some magic button runners have that makes your $1 bid stretch further.
If you would pay more for that item in a straight sale, then please consider bidding more than $1.. The worst that can happen is you get it for what you would be willing to pay. The best is that you get a discount on your offer. :) Sorry for the rant, but I feel sad having been complained at.

Other ongoing auction links:
Custom Arcanine Plush Auction!
Radioactive Minun Kids GA!

Results of the McDonalds Raid

Okay so I couldn't convince my friend to drive me to Toys n Joys today, so I walk around raiding local McDonalds. Okay I could only get to two of them since it started to rain @_@ #3 will have to wait til tomorrow.


Pikachu w/ Sandile card
Pikachu w/ Sandile card
Reshiram w/ Audino card
Reshiram w/ Blitzle card
Oshawott w/ Snivy card
Oshawott w/ Maractus card
Zoroark w/ Klink card
Zoroark w/ Pidove card

Obviously the McDonalds around Pearl Harbor have toy #1-4 right now and I suppose until next week, then they would shift to the second set in the last two weeks of promotion. LOOK AT MY CARDS I HAVE 7 OUT OF 12.
Also, every single one of these are still MIP except Reshiram x Audino combo. I sorta kinda wish I didn't open them now though because that is a cute combination @_@; Yeah I know I'm weird. This means I'm missing the following cards: Tepig, Oshawott, Alomomola, Munna, and Zorua. Does each toy have two cards designated to it? My luck seems waaay to lucky otherwise. What toy combination have you guys gotten?

Also, I'm trading MIP Pikachu toy @ Sandile card for either a Pikachu with a card I don't have MIP or... just offer? Lol. I plan to raid more during the week.

And I'm curious, how many of you guys ACTUALLY bought Happy Meals for the toys? I know I didn't 8D You can buy them without buying the food huzzah~

Looking for a rare (??) Doujin/Fanbook!

Hey dudes, hey dudes! I can't remember whether or not this is my first post, but either way, it's been a long time!

I go by Tani or Riley_boi and bunch of other names on the internet! I'm just a casual-ish collector, and tend to stick to nabbing random plushies of my favorites, and stuff involving the Anime characters, especially Ash.

But most of all, I loooove collecting Pokemon art *_* Which brings me to this:

Website information: http://vsansoro.web.fc2.com/top.html and http://clunker.sakura.ne.jp/pkmn/off.html (Japanese)

I have been looking for this doujinshi for like a year! The art is adorable and it's one of the few doujinshi that is NOT yaoi/deliberately shippy! I want it so bad :(

I have tried using a popular middleman to get it, but unfortunately he missed the doujin event to grab it! Sadness. It looks like there's a way to order directly from the site as well, but it requires having having a jap. money order/living in japan/available at Comic City even, but I am in the US.

Has ANYONE seen this doujin around, or knows a mean to snag it? If you do, please let me know! If you are willing to middleman for it, I'm up for that too.

If anyone has any NON-yaoi/Rated G or PG doujinshi of Ash and friends and are trying to get rid of it, please let me know as well! I may be interested.

Thank you guys~! Some day this thing will be mine *_*d
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o 3o Trades?

Hey there guys! Now, I got granted sales permish awhile ago, but...XD I don't have a paypal. And probably won't for at least a little while. So instead, I thought I might put up for some trades! More information under the cut!

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I shall end this post with some adorableness!

Prince Naveen says "Hi!" to you all from my backyard! :3

Wants and things

This is a reminder about battrio group buy #4 and #5 please feel free to claim them, but be ready to pay right away. pokemonaddict10   , your payment is way overdue, I've also contacted you several times about this matter.

Now that that's done, I've got some wants.

60 Celebi Organized Play card sleeves
60 (or two 32 packs) Litwick card sleeves
60 (or two 32 packs) Black and White starters sleeves
other sleeves? 60 of each minimum.

The following Black and White TCG cards: (non-reverse holo please)

serperior 5/114
emboar 20/114
reshiram 26/114
dewott 30/114
zekrom 47/114
sawk 62/114

Shellos Jakks figures (pink and blue)
Azelf, Uxie, Mesprit Jakks figures
Shellos (pink and blue) zukans

Also, I've got one opened Oshawott (no card), one sealed Zekrom, one sealed Zorua, one sealed Zoroark and one sealed Pikachu McDonalds figures. $3 each. I can pick up any of the other figures, so please let me know if you're interested.