June 20th, 2011


Question about a Lapras zukan

I have a question about a Lapras zukan that I just got in the mail.
It is a gorgeous figure, however I was surprised to see it is very different from the other zukan I have. Its texture is smoother and more... plastic-looking, whereas my other zukan have a less glossy, more dull finish. Also, the whole model is purple, the colors are just painted on o_o is it normal for all Lapras zukan? As i said I love the fiugre but I was really surprised when I received it.

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Just to clarify, I'm not doubting about the legit-ness of the figure as I bought it from a member here, but I'm wondering if there ever was a different release of the zukan with a different paint/plastic (this one looks like European released zukans, but as far as I know this set was not released in Europe).

Thank you very much!
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Regarding Grails - a question

I'm still pretty new here in the community, and lately I've seen many posts about people getting their grails or stating what their grails are, and I was wondering a few things.

1. What is your grail, and why?

2. What makes the item so special to you? (List some specifics/tell a story)

3. What made you decide/realize that this Pokemon is your grail and that you MUST have such-and-such merchandise of it?

4. What, specifically, do you collect of it? Kids? Pokedolls? Cards? etc.

These are just things that I've been pondering, since my collection is slated to become quite a bit larger in the next year, and I'd like to have a grail of my own! I just can't decide what Pokemon I really like, above all the others. Though I've narrowed it down to a few between each type (it was so hard x.x)...

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I refrained from listing dual types in more than one place to save my sanity and space XD I'm so sorry if this is against the rules! I'll remove it ASAP if so. I just though it'd be nice to post something that people can really talk about C:

If you guys have any advice for finding my own grail, fire away! :D I always like hearing new ideas/input. Thank you <3
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Collection Update! + Quick Wants

After over a year, I'm finally posting a real collection update! Huzzah! XD I'm waiting on tons of packages and I didn't want to post an update until then... but it's driving me nuts not doing it yet so here it is! XD I'm also super excited because I've finally gotten to display the majority of my Pokemon collection the way I want it. You guys have no idea how badly I've wanted to do this! My room is super tiny, and I don't have any shelves... so we had to improvise. I think it turned out great!

Anyhow, enough small-talk! Here it is! (Image-heavy!!)

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On another note, I have just a quick want (technically two)! I need a Plusle and Minun plush! I would love to get the Pokedolls but they can be expensive. They don't need to be in mint condition with hang-tags. I will gladly buy loved plushies (no dirt or stains though, please)! Can anyone hook me up? ^^

thank you again to mizuhokusanagi! I'm beginning to think you're my Pokedoll supplier XD <33

Thanks for looking :3
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Multipurpose Post!!!!!

 Hey everyone! So here's a couple of things!

First my Updated Sales!:
Buy Stuff!

And my TCG Wants!:
OMG Cardz!

Anything in my store will be for trade, but I would prefer money....

And if you've bought something from me within the last two weeks, please let me know so I can leave you feedback!
Also, if you received your item please let me know! I like the confirmation of it :O
Also, also, I do have TCG stuff to trade and I will post that soon! (probably on Wednesday or something...)

Thanks again folks!

This weekend I saw Pokemon LEGO's and Got the McDonald's Toys CHEAP

I posted links to the parts that most pokecollectors would care about below the video :

Just wanted to share this. Also thanks for the Pokeball help... I ordered one from someone on here for very cheap!  n_n

Check out these Pokemon LEGO creations...(Go to 1:53)  http://youtu.be/0ixMCDnI1BI?t=1m52s  I want them SO bad. The guy wasn't selling :-( .... I got two of the Pokemon Toys and they were only a dollar each! (2:54) http://youtu.be/0ixMCDnI1BI?t=2m56s

Does anyone know how often McDonald's switch out the toys? Do I need to goo every week?
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Small Plush GA - Reminder

Hello all, just a quick reminder about this GA:

Small Plush GA - ends in less than 4 hours so get your bids in!

I denounced my claim on Patamon, so he's up for bids now :D

Also a shipping notice for those who bought/made offers in my sales post - I haven't been able to get to the post office yet D: but I'm going for definite tomorrow! So sorry for the delay.

Hope everyone has a great day ^_^

Small wants + question

Hi everyone, I have a really small wants post and a quick question...
I'm looking for a foam friend pokeball, I seem to find anything but it. I really want at least one...
And I was wondering about pre-order figures for Platinum and HG/SS. Are they good? I mean, I've seen photos and I think they're really pretty, but I want to know about their quality. What are they made of? How well are they painted?
I'm thinking about getting them, but I just want to make sure they're worth it. 

New things for sale including Ash Hat and Let's Find Pokemon

and a really bizarre Gengar Ball. It's cool and decent-sized, but bizarre.

Sales here: touchfuzzybug.livejournal.com/486240.html

And so it's not a boring post, have a pic!

Pichu has taken over my phone chair >:C my phone usually goes there, but Gizamimi would have none of it. Also, Caterpie, Pikachu music box, and eevee walky bag :3

EDIT: video of the music box: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WogLdaqhPqM
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Mcdonald's Gets + Trade?

So after two days of trips to more than one mcdonald's I have these:

I was looking for reshiram,pikachu and oshawott mainly but zekrom and zoroark got picked up along the way. I really still wanted to get zorua but I don't know how likely it will be that I do, does anyone know what number she is? I was thinking 5 but I'm not certain.

I also got one duplicate audino card,and would like to trade it:

I really want oshawott but if by two days no one can offer that i'd also accept maractus,munna or zorua. Please let me know if you are up for trading!
Meowth :&#39;)

Info on these plushes?

Does anyone have any info on these plushes? A deluxe 15" Pikachu plush and a 11" Piplup plush. Piplup is NOT electronic. Its a soft regular plush. The Piplup in the picture is the closest pic I could get similar to mine. It looks the same, except mine is bigger. I don't know what these plushes are and never heard of  them 
How much would these plushes go for (rarity)? 
Any more  info you can give? Thanks :P
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Collection + Plush questions + stickers and cards sale

Firstly, those people who paid for the GA, I have shipped out everybody's packages today, except for four people, but those will be shipped out tomorrow, as I need to pick up a package anyways. Thank you for being patient with me! <3

I also made my own Weebly page, which I am working on really hard. Unfortunately, I do not have my whole collection with me, so I can't make one by one photos, so the site is kind of in a cluster. Still, you can see my entire collection I have!

Now I have questions for two plushies, Phanpy and Togekiss I own and I am not sure if they are legit and what kind of plush they are...

I have this little Phanpy plush, and I am not sure what kind of it is or if its legit:

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And now Togekiss:

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And now the one that you have been waiting for, I have an Ampharos up for offers, and over 300 stickers, holo ones, non holo ones, or TOPPS cards (from anime and the first two movies, which are harder to come by I think) up for sale. I would love to get rid of them, or at least a part of it. Here is one picture of the stickers, excluding the HOLO ones:
And here are more pictures:
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Thank you for looking! <3333
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3n < Completion of N Collection! = Super Happiness

A continuation of these two posts~

Today I received such a large package in the mail and saw it was from Sunyshore!

"What could this be?" I wondered.  "All that I've bought from Sunyshore was the two N file boxes, and the Pokemon WithU pins...neither of them are that big!"

Well.  I was incredibly wrong.

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I also previously promised to show a few pics of the "bookmarks" in the N notebooks.

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One last quick thing~ I've added 10 fun items to my sales post, including Mega bloks and Sugimori clearfiles!  Please check them out in my new sales post here! :D I call it my "Fun Sales Post" :3

Thank you for looking! :DDD

Pikachu and Togepi Kid Group Buy!

If all the kids are claimed, this works out at $1.50 each before postage and fees. Each kid costs the same, regardless of "rarity".
This is first come first serve. Please be fair and give others a look-in though. Be prepared to pay when I reply to you, or in 24hrs at the latest.

Remaining (closed until shipping payment due):
Togepi 1
Togepi 2
Sitting Togepi 2
Sitting Togepi (eyes open)
Laying Pika
Winking Pika

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P.S Why does the sitting Pika have tufty hair? :3

Auction reminder + more sales

Hey all, just wanted to post a friendly reminder that my TOMY Eevelution repaints and Eevee/Espeon/Umbreon Pokemon Time eraser pen will be ending at 10pm PST tomorrow night. :)
All of them are still near their starting bids, and Flareon still has no bids! Get them while they're still cheap~

Click either of the pictures to be teleported!

More plush have been added to my sales below including a pair of Japanese release Latias/Latios pokedolls and an older version Teddiursa pokedoll, and  prices have been lowered on other plush. I have also added a bunch of rare little stickers from a McDonalds promotion, so if you're into cute flats, come have a look. :)

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Sales from Japan-land

Stock has been updated. Shipment was delayed until this Thursday, buyers have been informed.

I'm back with a LOT of new stuff for sale from the center, Nakano, and McDonalds! Everything from this post has been shipped.
Please note, last Thursdays shipment was mailed out today, as I had to help my friend move, and the same friend couldn't get to the post office for me until Monday -_- Sorry for any delay this causes!

Everything listed is for direct, immediate sale. If you only ask for a shipping quote, the item will not be held for you, so please be careful.
Shipping for one small item, will most likely be $2.50. Plush cost between $5.50 and $7 to ship, depending on how fast you want it.
Please respond within 24 hours if you are making a purchase, as anything longer than that would be considered a hold, which I don't do.
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NO trades, No holds. Paypal only.
Shipping will be from Japan, and my shipping day is Thursday only.

****** Note about small items 注意
I don't have boxes small enough to mail smaller items that may be crushed in an envelope (kids, etc), I only have larger boxes intended for plush, or a few items packaged together.
With kids, I can open and flatten the box to mail in an envelope, if you don't care about the box being opened.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

Feedback- I am horrible at leaving it- especially after starting full time work in Japan. If you purchased from me and I have yet to leave feedback, please let me know! Likewise, you can leave feedback for me here in sarahs4sale.

Sales permission granted by dakajojo  on 3/17/1

FYI, I will answer comments tonight and tomorrow morning, but I have a full day from tomorrow afternoon to the evening, so please be patient for my reply!
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Quick wants!(last time for a while)

hey hey everyone^^ just thought I might post a wants list a final time, although it won't have all the wants i have in total it will have the ones that I'm looking for the most atm... and since I promised to stop getting more stuff for a while, sometime soon this will definately be the last time D: well let's start:

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