June 21st, 2011

Hello again / Help me find stuff!

Wow, it's been a long time since I posted or bought anything here... I've been on a collecting hiatus, but now that I have some spare cash, I'm on the lookout for some things.:) I mostly collect Arcanine, Smeargle, Hypno, and a little bit of Team Rocket, but I have a soft spot for plush and most canines.

Now, onto business! I'm after a few big-ticket items today. I know they come with some hefty price tags, but I was hoping some people here could give me some better (and more reliable) deals than I'll find on eBay.

My biggest want right now is the Banpresto Arcanine plush. I'm looking to go less than $100 (AKA eBay price) on him if possible. FOUND! <3

Other things I'm after:
-Arcanine Zukan
-Blue and Green Smeargle Zukan
-Smeargle Dex Charm
-Hypno Kid Found!
-Growlithe / Arcanine Kids
-Jesse / James Kids
-Hypno 151 pin
-Anything related to these collections.:)

Thank you!<3

just a few not so beleivable to get:wants ^^

hey all! just figured i havnt posted any wants since... i dunno xD so atm i have some money, i thought id post some and hope that u guys can help me a bit^^

well, the things i REALLY want are deoxys pokedoll stickers, i just need some D:.
and also im always on the hunt for deffydoll, so if anyone out there has one that they feel like parting with, please tell me. god sometimes i dream about gettin this dude, and gets sad when i wake up >.< so yeah

defence forme doll and deoxysdoll stickers is what im looking for ~cheers :D <3

Pokemon makes an appearance at the 2011 Tokyo Toy Show! and a contest!

Someone posted a couple pictures of new Pokemon merch at the 2011 Tokyo Toy Show and I knew there had to be more pictures. A quick Google search led me to these! (I hope these haven't been posted yet :/ )

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I think this is the best Reshiram plushie to date! It looks 1000 times better than that derpy, ugly-ass Pokemon Center plushie. The face looks a lot more accurate and the body and wings look sturdy and proportionate. I think I might get this one if I ever decide to get a plushie of Reshiram.

While on the topic of plushies, I just wanted to let everyone know that www.pokemonblackandwhite.net is holding a contest to celebrate its 1 year anniversary! Everyone is welcome to join. It's free to enter, open to everyone and there are lots of cool prizes to be won! Here is a sneak peek at some of the prizes:

Click here for info and rules: www.pokemonblackandwhite.net Contest

Help in identifying some Korean items?

So I was in a Sanrio store yesterday, and to my surprise there was some Pokemon merch! However, they were in Korean so I couldn't read them >_> But there were 2 things that I was curious on, and maybe someone here has seen/has them and know what they are?

The first was a little display box of plastic Pokeballs. On the display box, it showed that it comes with a Pokemon, but all one solid colour. It got me thinking that they were candy or erasers or something. But when I think Pokeballs, I think Keshipoke, which I don't think these were... These were about $2.50. 
The next one was the same plastic Pokeball, but this time in a plastic package. It also showed a picture of all the DP Pokemon that you could get in it, but once again, the pic showed it as being a solid coloured Pokemon inside. These ones retailed for $4.99, but not sure why the price difference, since they were the same size.

Any idea what these things are? Sorry I didn't get a chance to take any pictures!

custom plush slots reminder!

Hello guise! :D
This is my last and only reminder for the two custom plush slots im auctioning this month, there's a slot for a 6" plush and one for a 12" :3

There are 2 hours left, it'll end at midnight (Argentina's time GMT-3)
Countdown here: http://tinyurl.com/3s92dbv

Click the picture to see the auctions :D

Remember you can also check my permanent sales in my profile, there's some plushies and plenty old TCGs in there :)
And I shall make a collection update soon, im waiting for so many cacneas to arrive at my home  *O*
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Pokedoll stock in Tokyo?

A family friend is going to Japan in July, and is gonna stop into the PokeCen and see about picking up some stuff for me.
What is the current stock of Pokedolls? Is it worthwhile to ask for some of the older dolls (like from the past couple months), or do they really only carry the new stuff?
Also is there much Zorua merch anymore, or have they moved on since he was last summer's movie?
He's not Pokemon savvy, so the more pictures and info I can give him the better XD

Chou Get Figure Pricing?

Hi Everyone! ^^

Today, I'm looking for some help pricing some Chou Get Figures I bought over the weekend. Some of you might have seen my post here - http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/9495640.html I bought these in Florida...which seems to be interesting for Chou Get Figures from what I've been told. After a very stressful series of events, I ended up with 8 Figures: Fan (?) Rotom, Arceus (x2), Silver Arceus, Silver Regirock, Staraptor, Mesprit, and Silver Riolu (I plan on keeping the last three).

-Sales permission given April 23rd, 2011 by denkimouse
-My feedback thread can be found here - http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/5132873.html?thread=253304393#t253304393

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Also, for anyone currently waiting on a shipping quote (one person) or for me to ship trade items, I hope to do so this Friday (at the earliest) or sometime next week. I am still at my apartment, but I will be going home sometime this week where I have access to a USPS to get quotes and to ship things. Only mentioning this because I know some people get antsy when they see someone they're waiting on post about something else. ^^;

Also, still looking for this card - http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/9359042.html
And all except two of these cards are still available - http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/9278632.html

Pokemon - Buds

More stuff to sell!

I finally got some of these cards I was asked to sell sorted out.
If you paid for your items from the last sales, they have all been shipped!

(I swear a collection update is coming, I keep having to rearrange my collection area though x.x)

Zoroark Zukan, clear Charmeleon, Mightyena Chups, some Dot Promo buttons, and big ol' lots of cards.
Also some card singles, and a set of battling coins.

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few eeveelution items up for auction!

decided I need to weed out a few items... I'll be coming up with more in the near future as I decide what I have the heart to part with, but for now, a few eeveelution items! check under the cut for them!

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So that's that! Any questions or concerns, let me have them! </s>

Please give me a moment to make the threads! all done. thanks for looking!

this is all over. thanks for looking :]
Adorable Eevee

Shipping update!

Those many of you who are waiting for packages from me, everything is going out this week! I apologize for the delay, this is the reason I warn that I'm a slow shipper! I was sick for three weeks, then my laptop was in repair for two weeks, and this weekend I adopted a kitty and transferred three rescue critters to new homes. All of the three rescue groups I work with are hopping with critters right now, so it's just been so busy here! But everything will be out this week, so never fear. Thank you to everyone who has been understanding of the delays!

Collection posts as soon as I have more time... Probably after Anime Expo!

Sorry for the boring post. n___n;
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First get! + tiny collection

 Hey everyone!

Well, today marks an exciting day in my Pokemon collecting career..I received my first communtiy-purchased item! :D And guess who it was?

Canvas Totodile!! I've wanted one of these guys for a long while...finally, he's mine X3 <3 I decided to call him Boris, because..well, it was the first name that popped into my head :P Big thank you to kriscarmi for selling him to me! <3

And since I've recieved my first offical buy, I figured I could post my tiny, sad little collection for you all to see XD It's REALLY not much yet, but hopefully soon enough I'll be able to add more to it :3

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Nono /♥/ Cloudy with a chance of CUTENES

Usako's monthly custom auction!

Hi guys! :D I have some cheap customs for auction!!
I have a lot of people saying they would like to win an Usako auction one day however, they can't always budget it. So I wanted to give everyone a chance to own an Usako!Plush for cheaper! So I came up with the idea of these mascots!

- They are approx 3 inches big
- Made from various materials but mostly my minky scraps! (I always have a hard time throwing away even the smallest piece of minky SO I found a solution! 8D;;)
-Yuke!Yuke means Go! Go! In Japanese. I thought it was a cute name being that they have a cord attached to them so you could potentially take it on the go with you! ^_^
-All faces were carefully hand painted by me with a size 0 brush


Starting bids are all $25 each!

I am also auctioning off:
1 Mock!Pokedoll (or 7 inch human chibi spot!)
1 Custom Yuke!Yuke Mascot Slot of the winner's choice

For more info~ Please click below!
( Fake cut is fake! )

Thanks for looking! ♪


Hey everyone! I'm so happy to finally join this community! I will probably post my large Pokémon collection (mostly consisting of Jakks plush and figurines) later this summer. I haven't really liked a specific Pokémon until Snivy came out. He is just so awesome. Right now I have a very small collection of him that I hope to make very bigger! I've liked Pokémon since generation 3 because... Well, I just seemed to be interested in isolating fictional characters in metal balls. I hope to make some new friends in the community! Ok well there's not much more to say so see you later!
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PLUSHIES, Totodile

Plushies. I loves them.

First off - Has anyone heard from snowball21 & paperarbor lately? I traded with Snowball, but still haven't received my end, and I haven't heard from Paper in ages, although they still have my plush from a GA held last year :(

Anyway, overdue collection update is overdue. I have some epic awesome plushies that I've (semi) recently obtained which I'd like to share with you guys.

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And that's that. Thanks for looking!
And also, a special shoutout to my mother(Ho-Oh), and denkimouse (Wartortle/Blastoise), for actually helping me obtain those items in the first place. Thank you <3333

FINALLY. I got a small Noppin box today, and one of the items in the lot was this:

Tested and works, it kept my save file but for how long I don't know. The box is a little rough around the top and sides, but aside from that, it's pretty much mint, with leaflets etc. inside.
But.... Silver was actually the first Japanese game I ever got years ago, so I'm looking to sell this copy - Any idea on price? Or I'll trade it for a similar condition NTSC-J Gold.
Pokemon - legendary bird trio
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✦ bell plush auctions ✦ they shine like rubies and sapphires

I went shiny hunting in Hoenn and returned with a full party!

Not the Taillow I was hoping for, but a shiny is a shiny, right? And I could always, y'know, auction these beauties off to homes that will appreciate them. ;) Below the cut you'll find auctions for OOAK bell plushies of Ralts, Shroomish, Spheal, Wailmer, Zangoose and Mightyena, all in their shiny colorations! Just like other shiny Pokemon, they are hard to obtain so this will be the only time they will be for sale from yours truly!

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If I forgot something important or if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask- though please keep in mind that I am unsure when I will open up more commission slots! Also, since Thundurus is partying around my house, I may not be able to respond immediately. @_@

Please wait until this sentence is stricken out before commenting! Good luck and thank you for looking! :D
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GA Updates & Wants

Heya, folks!

For those whom participated in the Dakajojo GA :



Amending this post, everybody! Dakajojo gave us the okay to extend this GA - so it's end date is being extended to next Tuesday ( the 28th). Let's see what we can do!

Also, still hunting for a 1:1 Scraggy ( tags preferred ). I know of the plush being on Ebay, and am watching him, but I would like to give to the community first.

Oh, and does anyone out there collect Croagunk? I am curious to see your collections! Scraggy, too, if ya'll want to show him off. :)
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Radioactive Minun Kids GA Reminder!

Luckily My_Chapstick has stepped in and will be sorting out spreadsheets and payment reminders until I return next week.

This auction has 12 hours to run, so get those bids in! Hardly anything has starting bids!
I think it's a safe bet we'll win it (bar natural disaster) but I really don't want to be stuck with any leftovers!


Anyone waiting on Gothy Kids GA news - don't worry. I am keeping on top of it.
Sales post and collection update tomorrow! Hooray!