June 22nd, 2011

LA meetup photos

Whelp, if you didn't already know, our moderator denki held a little meet in santa anita yesterday. And seeing as I needed to both get out and also take a crap ton of pictures, I went with my cute petilil and snivy pokedolls

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So while I'm not about to upload all the images, I'll atleast go through a bit of our adventure :D

I found Jade, Slothy, Brian, rotom and Denki in the food court (I was looking for pokemon shirts) and dez found us a few minutes later.

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She brought these two and a sign *next time this stuff comes up, use signs to find each other D:*

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built a pokedoll tower while we waited for more people and chatted away.

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Dropped down to Toys R Us and then McD's on a mad hunt for pokemon *took 3 tries for something aside from pikachu*

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came back for D and B and found lemon, fader, sensei, and their friends, who we accidentally left behind.

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Ended the night as the mall was closing

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but not before having a nibble (does this count as cannibalism? or in the case of petilil and turtwig vegan?)
Mew Close-Up

Gets, Gets, and Canada Post Sucks

Between my birthday, Canadian Blockbuster going bankrupt, a trip to Chinatown and McDonald's new promo, I got all kinds of neat stuff! Still waiting on Canada Post to stop being on strike/lockout/whatever, but that's life (I shall update further when that arrives). I finally have my first B/W merch, though, and no two piece of the same Pokemon, either!

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I am too lazy to photograph my Mickey D figure, but check out the card I got with it! Fellow Quebecer princesspatamon mentioned that our cards weren't in English, but I had to see it to believe it!
Dear "Moustillon" is chilling out with my one other French card, "Roucool" who I got way back in the 90's in a random pack of cards.

So memetime! What different-language cards have you got in your collection? Do you find them any more "special" than your English/Japanese cards? What do their names translate to, anyway?

Also who else is going to Otakuthon this year?! :D

aipom + ambipom

Pokemon Both Old And New! (Gets + More Childhood Crap! :'D) [Image Heavy]

Hello again, everyone! It's been a while, orz...

Not only have I amassed something that could actually be considered an "Aipom Collection" (with the help of this wonderful community, no less!), I made an even bigger find - something I thought was lost when I moved to a new house years ago: my Pokemon Card Binder from Grade One! :D

So, if you so desire, come with me on a journey; one that proves that I'm really immature Pokemon are truly timeless! <3

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 Hi everyone, my name is Lexi and I somehow stumbled upon this community when I was obsessively searching the internet for pokedolls recently. I've never used LiveJournal before but I'm excited to be apart of this community. I will post pictures of my pokemon collection soon, most of it is what remains from my childhood. I would someday like to get one of those DX Raichu plushies, that is a dream of mine D:
but ummmm yeah so i like a lot of pokemon and want lots of plushies.... :D

Nice to meet you guysss!
pokemon: mamo!

can badges!!!

Hello everyone!!! I have a bunch of the first BW series can badges for sale, plus a Panpour pin from the Pokemon Cafe promotion!

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Thanks for looking! Hopefully in a couple weeks I will be able to unveil my new collection site I'm beginning to work on! It'll take a while, because I think I have more stuff than I realize... hahaaaa. Look out for that post! :)


So i went to one of my local mcdonalds with my boyfriend to see what pokemon toys they had. After a quick talk with one of the employees he gave me an oshawott (replacing the barbie thing that was in my happy meal box). Im most after zoroark, so would anyone like to trade for a miju? Ill throw in the pokabu card he came with :D  found someone thanks!

Secondly, does anyone know when the hydreigon plush or the new takara tomy dragons are scheduled to be released? ive been keeping my eye on them since the unveiling. (the new better looking reshiram and zekroms and the banpresto hydreigon im talking about)

Reintroduction / Small collection update (GRAIL GET!)

Hello community! It has been awhile since I have posted so I figured a reintroduction was in order. =)

My name is Austin , age 23, I have been a Pokemon fan since the U.S. release of Pokemon Blue/Red version. I have played at least one game from each generation since then, including spin-off games (Pokemon snap, Pinball, TCG video game, ect.) I was also a member of the Pokemon TCG League in my town, where I was in charge of conducting the Erika's Challenge/ Rainbow Badge battles.... until the League was dropped by our local TRU. =\   Throughout the years, my love for Pokemon has grown, and when I stumbled across this community, I knew I had to be a part of it. =)

Now, with that out of the way, I suppose I should get to my collection update. My past few months haven't been very busy when it comes to my collecting, though I did happen to snag a few customs for my collection as well as a grail that I have been after for quite some time now, what could it be?

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Mmm kids and meet-up pictures :3

I had an awesome time at the meet-up :3 and came away with awesome stickers and memories <3.
denkimouse We forgot about cutting up the stickers D:
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Ahh I'm sorry guys ;__; we didn't win,an hour before bidding on here was suppose to end I had to leave and we were about 100 short from the goal so I couldn't bid -sits in corner- T.T
Awesome (scary expensive) Kid Lot Ga Time 8D
(...I think I'm going to need more packaging)

The listing says there are 450+ kids :3 The ones blacked out are not there and the ones with red dots are what I'm claiming for 65+ :3. Edit: forgot to mark both of the gyarado's as claimed.
If you would like to see the picture without all the writing on it XD ask me and I'll link you the picture.

Auctions End June 24th 2011 at 12:00 PM PST
I am shipping from California :3 and I ship international C:
1.Paypal only please :)
2.There will be 2 payments,please pay as soon as you can if we win,as this lot is at a high starting price I will not be able to cover a lot of payments.
3.All Community Auctions apply,Please don't snipe <3 it only adds 5 minutes to the auction

Notes from the auction~

-Almost all figures have some smudges on them.

-This is NOT the complete pokedex of kid figures.
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Searching for Cilan <3

Hey everyone =D
So as some know I am a huge Cilan (Dento Dent) Fan <3

And I want to see what i can get on the community here!

I already have the Cilan and Pansage kids

but I would love to get some hand made plush and things =3

So if you know someone or you yourself thinks you are up for the challenge please reply <3

I really want a Cilan plush to cuddle so I hope some people can make some =D I will pay well >.<
Offer what you can and if I turn you down please dont take offense <33

Thanks everyone

and good news for Canada I heard the strike will be over next week! <33

Pokemon Musical Dress-up Plush auction (and Octillery Time)

So...these plush are special. Why are they special? (with the exception of attack Octillery Time) these are Musical dress up plush! Inspired by Pokemon musicals in the game, these plush are fully dress-up-able and customizable to your heart's content. Also extremely fun to play with X3
They are for auction!
Both musical plush start at 80
You could own them! if you go here touchfuzzybug.livejournal.com/651161.html

There are WAY more pics and accessories to be seen, so please click on the link above to bid and see them all!
And yes, Oshawott's shell is removeable and he can hold it in either hand.

Small Collection Update

So my birthday passed recently, and from it I got a couple nice things added to my collection: First is a custom plush made for my by my twin sister based on a loaf or jellybean resembling a Raichu; something I named Chuloaf and is somewhat of a viral sensation in one of the Pokemon OCTs I help out with, next is a depressed-looking Pikachu cellphone charm which wasn't something I got during my birthday but figured I'd include him in the photo since he's new, and what he's leaning on is a brand new DSi I got as a present from my best friend(YAAAAYY), nnnot exactly Pokemon related, but it's got Pokemon stickers on it, and Pokemon Black in it-as well as my Raikou cellphone charm! Immediately to the right's a TOMY talking squirtle, something I could not resist when I saw it and had to get it, it's holding onto the Mc Donald's Audino TCG card that I just got today, with the Zoroark it came with lurking in the back, small update but I thought I'd share nonetheless-!

Not pictured is a Bibarel UFO plush that I may or may not be getting, it was something my ex offered to get for my birthday but either has or hasn't gone through with the purchase of it, I'm still unsure right now

Just a standard [INTRO]

Hey there! You can call me Juuchan, and I've been lurking and looking about the community for a while since joining a few months ago, and I'm happy to officially call myself a part of Pokemon Collectors!

I have a small collection of items since I first got into Pokemon way back in 1995-1996, and a picture of my little collection will be coming soon [including some EPIC Goodwill finds, like a couple of large plush and books, and an unopened Pikachu bounceball from 1995/96 - the first purchase I've ever made ]! It's mostly US merchandise and a lot of cards. Currently, I'm seeking anything with starters [any Generation loved], Mesprit [the Lake Trio together is also loved too!], Eevee/any Eevee-evo, Swablu/Altaria, Pikachu, Rotom, the second movie card set [Pokemon the Movie 2000, that anime card set] and any Trading Coin Game coins [which hardly anyone knows about... ;__;]. Then again, I like a bunch of random Pokemon and I'll buy things that suit my current mood; I'll have a list later, but these are the main likes at current.

I also make and paint custom bags and Pokemon charms that I plan on selling here in the future [some of them are on my DA @ Juuchan17], and I'd like to attempt to make a plush too. Unfortunately, I'm still don't understand some terms I've read around here [such as "Pokedoll" or "zukan", for example... h-help please?], so is there a terminology guide available or someone that can explain the basics to a total collecting newbie? Thanks in advance! Eeep, I really had a duh moment there; thanks, invadrlexi, chargan_rawr, and k1yuu!

And again, it's nice to meet you all!

- Juuchan
candle line

The OMG I'm Done Collection Update!

So I just realized the other day that it's been two years since I updated my collection website xD;; In that two years I've made so many adjustments and moves and added so much stuff it's not even funny lol For the past three days I did an overhaul of my website and I finally finished today! :DDD

So look at it in all its new updated glory! CLICK HERE: Eeveelution Collections

Also, I have some pictures that aren't on my website, like my new collection space after I moved :D and some of my recent gets from the comm and animenext! Follow the cut:

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Talking Reshiram, Zekrom and Victini figures

I found this image while randomly browsing the Pokemon movie website.


They're made by Tomy and from the look of the packaging, the figures make sounds too!

Here's the page: Movie merch

I don't understand what that page is about. Is it some sort of contest they're holding at the movie theatres? They have a price beside each item so I assume they're for sale? I really want this Reshiram figure for some reason..I think it's because its mouth is opened. Lol! I actually want all 3 figures to be honest. :D