June 23rd, 2011


Tons of Sales on Ebay + Shipping Update

RIGHT well first off, I'm selling a whole bunch of stuff on Ebay.
Things I clung to since way back in the day, and I could do with the cash to save for a grail ;^; So I thought i'd post the links to my Ebay items in case anyone on the comm was interested in them!

Bunch of Toys/Merch

ALL flats from my sales
(Seriously can't be bothered anymore to sell things separately >_<)

Lot of posters



Expecting something from me? Wondering where everything is? Waiting for those delicious items to come through your letter box?


Because EVERYTHING has finally been shipped yesterday :D Everything and anything, has, been, shipped!
I would like to DEEPLY apologize for the wait, I just finished college for good, and it was the reason I was so slow with shipping ;_;
Thankyou all SO very much for being so understanding and patient. Love you guys, seriously <3
Expect much more speedy posting from here on!

I'm going off to answer all things in my inbox now, so if you're waiting on a reply

Tiny Wants List

Hi there community, I haven't bought any Pokemon merch since...who knows when so here's a tiny wants list. I highly doubt that I'll find anything on this list cause everything is partially rare, but mama said it never hurts to try. :) Been looking for these for a long time. xD

-Shaymin Pokedoll Key chains/Straps (Land & Sky)
-Skymin Theatre Bracelet
-Landmin Reverse World Mirror Keychain
-Shaymin Pokemon Center Metal Charms (Land & Sky)

Besides that, thanks for looking have a wonderful day!!! <3


I was Wondering how much one of these:

Would go for?

My sister has one, and I don't have sales permission and am not thinking about selling it because I don't have sales permission (and I wouldn't anyway, because it isn't mine XD), but I heard it is sort of rare.

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Shipping payment and payment reminder!

Epic Pokemon Plush GA 1st payment! Found here!

I still need payments from:

Also shipping to me is in and it's going to cost everyone $3.22 per item you won.

Send all payments to Whalesales [at] aol.com and label it with your username and say "JAPAN SHIPPING" along with YOUR USERNAME.
If you still haven't paid the first one put PAYMENT 1 and YOUR USERNAME in the subject AND note.

ALSO I am missing shipping payments from:
charmystar $3.68
miss_citrus $5.00
poptartdino $3.50
rirutu $3.13
royalballoon $3.66
pretty_omi $3.13
theevilpotato $5.86

Send all payments to Whalesales [at] aol.com and label it with your username and say "SHIPPING" along with YOUR USERNAME.

Please don't start making me PM and give you negative feedback. I've given you plenty of time and I don't want your stuff sitting around my apartment forever.
Omanyte - SQUEE

HELLO EVERYONE (Wants List, just keep scrolling!)

Yep, Its a Want List, everyone just keep moving along...

Been a bit on the quiet side but a bit more active as of late. Some of you may remember my drama with the ebay seller whose "little brother" got a hold of his iphone and accepted my $95 offer on a zukan lot while the seller and I were haggling prices. Ebay still hasn't done anything about it. Which is making me quite angry.

If anyone is interested, I also have a tumblr where I post a lot of pokemon-related things? :D

You may be asking "Well she can shut up and tell me what she's looking for so i can perhaps unload some of my sweet merch upon her" well fine, here is what I am looking for.

Blah blah  blah I obviously can't buy everything on the list right now but if you have something let me know etc etc
  • FRIENDS. (No, seriously, I this spring I had a friend breakup with 2 friends I've been bff-like with for 8 years because as it turned out they were jerks. I now have like 2 really good friends and a bunch of okay friends I don't ever see)
  • Whimsicott Pokedoll
  • Mind Plate/Psychic/Pink Arceus stuff (I have the fabulous pink bootleg plush and the Chou getto)
  • Cherrim Pokedoll
  • Reuniclus and Evo line official non-flat merch
  • Hydreigon/Zweilous/Deino Merch
  • Sugimori N merch (Besides clearfiles) Specifically I want the framed art but I'll look at what you got
  • Purrloin/Choroneko nonflat merch, I have the PokeCen plush already.
  • Team Magma merch (Does it even exist?)
Thank you, Everyone <3 Happy Shopping!!
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Canada Post Strike Update for Shippers

As you all know Canada Post is on strike, but what many of you may not know is that the USPS is no longer taking packages that aren't Global Express Guaranteed (GXG) until the strike is over.  It's expensive as hell (about $35 for an envelope and it gets worse for boxes), but at least you get your mail.  You all still have the option of using UPS, Fedex, and DHL depending on where you live in Canada.  If you have a package with me from a GA or order you will be receiving an e-mail/PM in the next few days with your options.  I will hold up to two weeks before I will be forced to ship unless we work something out. As horrible as it's going to sound I don't want to hold your stuff for forever and I have no idea how long the strike will be. 

ALSO the Japanese Post has stopped taking parcels to Canada. The middleman Noppin is willing to ship via Fedex to you if needed. I am unsure of any other middleman since I don't use them or live in Canada.

If you have any questions feel free to drop them in the comments and I will try and answer them.
(Also, I'm well aware I posted already today, but there has been no official post addressing this and people need to know.)
S Greninja Pokedoll

Weeding sales + Noctowl Friends up for offer

All right well, after a lot of thought I've decided to weed out my tiny Noctowl collection to make way for more Reshis >_>;;. Up for sale is the zukan, a kid and sticker, and I also put my Noctowl Friends plush up for offers because I'm a little attached to him. XD;

All can be found at my sales journal! :3 I'm taking offers for a week as described in my journal. I updated a couple of images too.

Sales permission granted by dakajojo on 03/02/2011!

I'm still debating further weeding but we'll see how much money I have when my most wanted things come out. XD

By the way, those I've sent things to! Could you let me know when your stuff arrives so I can clear out the comments in my journal? :3 I like to keep them up in case there's a problem but once everything's complete I like to clear them up. Thank you! <3

Kinda small multipost+ edit xD

Hey guys, i have a custom chandelure pokedoll styled charm up for offers, so if u want it, get those bids in soon please! :)

Also, heres a teaser of something that will maybe be up for offers/auction next month,  depending on interest(tell me what u think!), in like 1 week or something ^^

Also, ive made a wants page on my journal :)
http://jensoxen.livejournal.com/1739.html help me out if u'd like :D ^^

Well, have a good day all! ^^
I love u all :D <3

EDIT: Does some1 on here play the game League of legends? ^^'

xxiiijamieiiixx GA shipping payment!

NOTE: I am in the processing of going through people's orders and making sure for one last time that all the items are CORRECT. I am sealing up packages from people who have paid. Thank you for your patience

PEOPLE WHO BOUGHT FROM MY SALES POST: I will ship these out the same time as this GA and as always, I will drop you a message when it's been sent otu!

WELCOMEEEEE. This GA's final shipping post! After the last 3 days of 4-5 hour sorting sessions, I have finally sorted everyone's packages! Unfortunately, I am missing 2 items from people's packages. :( I don't remember seeing them when I looked through them the first time either.

fishy_poo - Your Onix figure

For someone who ran a GA before and had something like this happen, please advise? :( I would refund, but then it's out of my own pocket. I don't mind, but talk to me!



Please send your payments to croagunk AT live DOT com

NOTE ABOUT EXTRAS: I will be updating the spreadsheet with the people who got extras. Thanks for your patience! I will make sure and triple check that everything is correct before sealing and sending your orders! :)

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ATTENTION: dripbat itsmemaa myntii 

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NOW FOR THE EXTRA FUN PART. There are a SHET-TON of extras! =) Please take a look through everything and see if there is anything you'd like to add to your order. This is open to EVERYONE. For non-GA participants, please purchase a minimum of $1.00 so I don't just go sending off one figure haha <3 For GA members, any extra you will add most likely raise shipping. Please give me a list of items you want, and I'll get you a final shipping quote. Thank you!

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AND LASTLY, I would like to thank my partner em_lemon  for her help in all this. ;_; THe numbered picture idea was a GODSEND haha. Oh MY JEEBUS. I cannot imagine what would happen if they weren't numbered. *SHUDDERS* Don't even want to think about it.
Quick Draw!

Grail Has Appeared. Get rid of everything QUICK & Question/Annoyance

So my grail has appeared and I don't have enough funds atm to buy it. ; A;

I am combining everything in my sales plus some added items. Items I hate to get rid of but hey
this is my grail. He is more important!

I have a sales permission granted by denkimouse on Jan 2, 2011

I will ONLY ship to USA Inland.

I am hoping for $350-400 for the lot. But I may be willing to take less ^^

I don't want to wait too long, so I'm hoping to have the payment for the lot by June 29th/30th.

Now onto the items.

(forgot to add in my Lugia, Mewtwo and Mew bottlecaps >x< I'll take the pic in a few)

I do have closer pics as sections and I am willing to answer any questions anyone has on items, what they are and what their conditions is, so just ask ^^

And the cards consist of commons, uncommons, rares, holos, rev holos, primes, a legend half, energies, doubles of the commons/uncommons. There is over 300+ cards there. I can't say for sure though. I got tired of counting  ^^;

Now, let's talk about bad luck.

First back in Nov. I bought a hoothoot and noctowl kids from a user.
Got lost in the mail.
Again in April I bought hoothoot and noctowl kids (plus 3 others) from poprock_grey.
Well I have yet to receive them too. Probably lost or they never sent the items out. I'm not sure as I can't get in contact with them.

Seriously. Does fate not want me to have my Noctowl Kid ; A;

Anyone else have similar misfortunes?
Has there ever been an item you have to keep re-buying due to either the postal system or a user?
Just curious ^^
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McDonald's is Delicious! They should serve Casteliacones!

After a few days of going to McDonald's, I finally have a fun little update! :D
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Last but not least, I've added my extra McDonald's toys to my sales post, and updated the prices so that nothing is over $13 shipped within the US ($14 outside the US)!!! (except for one item...sorry xD) Please check it out! :D I have Sugimori clearfiles, cards, Mega bloks and more that would love good homes~

Sales here! :D

Thank you for looking! :D

GA/GB Updates, and anyone interested in an Ambipom pokédoll with the hang tag detached?

 GA people, you all know that they are going to Brazil right? Well if you didn't now you know, yay!

GB people (Dex Figures): The seller didn't ship them to Canada, because he heard of the strike. Which is a good thing. He sent it to Brazil for the same price, which was super sweet of him.

I will be back to Brazil on July 6th. Then I will post an update with all of them.

nagaineko , because of all the Canada Post strike, I'm assuming you'd rather me to send the Jirachi with your Rayquaza dex figure, form Brazil, right? Let me know if you want me to go to UPS to send the Jirachi, though. 

In other news, anyone interested in an Ambipom pokédoll with hang tag detached? It's $19, and I will ship it from Brazil. (no, I don't know how much shipping will be, I'm sorry :c) (I can also ship it from UPS, though)
I detached his tag by accident, the poor guy. Perfectly mint condition.
Follow the cut for pictures.
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Yeap, thanks for looking guys. c:

Deciding what to collect

I've been lurking again (because I'm really bad at remembering to comment and post and stuff), and I've just seen all of this stuff I want to buy, but never do ;-; I keep resisting the urge to buy, but how am I supposed to collect if I don't know what to buy?

I have a few favorite Pokemon (Jirachi, Roselia line, Arcanine, Altaria line, Chikorita line, Milotic), but I never see a lot of merch of my favorites. And if I do, it's really expensive -.o

So I guess my question is, how do you decide what to collect, and why? Do you have random merch of other Pokemon that doesn't really fit into you're collection?

Sales, Offers and GA Payment Reminder!

We won the Radioactive Minun Kids GA! If you haven't paid yet, Check out this spreadsheet: https://spreadsheets.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AkhOJbEB00b8dGdNa212ZHM2cElCblZrQzB3QkRIeVE&authkey=CIz84agP&hl=en_US#gid=0
my_chapstick and I will start hounding you soon if you don't.

And now, clearance sales! And offers! Click below for little bargains and some weird rare mew items.

Be seeing you. :)

An very shiny update ! & Wantlist

Hi ! This is my (not ended) June collection update ! And this month is really amazing !

First : There's an EPIC shinies get ON !

Second : I have found/buy/won some rare Aerodactyl stuff and for an amazing price. Also I have a look for my 'dactyl Grail on ebay. ♥
Third : The 30th June I will go to the french JapanExpo in Paris until the 3rd July. I hope UK/French/European members of the comm can go there.
I have made 120 customs pokemon keychains for this event and I'll sale em of the 2nd to the 3rd July at the "ShinysHunters" stand !
SURPRISE, you can find under a picture of the banner I made for the stand + My deviantart keychain gallery.

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Halp! o:

So I have some figures and plushes that have marks on and I was wondering the best way to remove them? I bought some toothbrushes for the plushes and tried with regular washing up liquid, is there anything better to use?

I'm going to get a magic marker for the figures, any other ideas until then?

And while I was lurking at some point I saw someone post a solution to fix 'split' fabric. I believe it was a Meowth's whiskers that the OP was asking about but I have a Pikachu treat keeper and the fabric on his tail has come apart, it's hard to explain.. It's two pieces of fabric that were stuck together with some lining or something. I can't remember what was suggested. D: Would glue do anyways?

I'm sure there was something else I wanted to ask but I'm too tired to think ><; Might update this if I remember. xD And I can take pics if anyone likes.

Thanks! :D And I hope this post is okay :( I meant to ask when I posted the other day but I forgott. D: If not it can be removed. x.x

A Walmart Surprise, A Small Collection Update(!?), & Pet Meme


i come with a few pictures of my collection(i think i have only posted part of my collection once or twice in my almost 3 years here!) and something i got at Walmart tonight:) click below to see the awesomenessof it all! :D


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