June 24th, 2011


A new mini grail


Does anybody has a Jakks Pacific Lugia plush for sale or trade please? or know where I could buy a real (not booty) one at the right price?

I plan on buying either on the, or after the 28th, and if is a trade, please message me, as I cant initiate trades due to community rules (feedback)

in case you wonder which one is it

Plz let me know
Thanks :D

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I have 5 boxes full of toys that have really gotta get outta here + 3 more boxes that are devoted to packaging materials. :I So! SALES TIME:

There's a huge amount of stuff! Mostly figures but a few plush - piles of TFG, bottlecaps, racers, megabloks etc. @_@ Also my humble zukan collection since I am super out of space oh lawd.

Also I have a separate sales for flat pokemon-related items. Some of the more popular plastic puzzle pieces are being auctioned off, ending Monday 9PM AEST (Australia-time):

A couple people expressed interested in them so here's your only...reminder?

Go nuts! I'll reply to sales comments in the morning.

I'd love to do a collection update (I broke 100 TFG adsf';lakgea;jomg so many TFG) but I had to pack away my collections to recover my book shelves (...t-too many TFG ;_;)!

I don't know how many people remember the Pathtag contest/idea - I never got around to doing the final contest post. Life and all that. It's been in the back of my mind all this time though. Somehow there is always something more important happening that I end up pushing back the extracurricular pokemon thing again and again. My apologies to all involved! I'd like to get that all tied up so there'll be a voting post soon and I will be providing prizes out of my own pocket - a pokedoll each to a winner and a runner up. The only thing I'm not sure about is whether actually having the tags made is still a good idea. I am somewhat conflicted over it so I come to you, community, to see if you are still keen at least. Post your thoughts!
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Ahh I'm sorry guys ;__; we didn't win,an hour before bidding on here was suppose to end I had to leave and we were about 100 short from the goal so I couldn't bid -sits in corner- T.T
We have about 75% of the cost of the lot and it is ending in under 2 hours <3
Kura pokedoll

Items for possible trade or sale!

I have three items I am looking to trade,or if I can't find anything at all,sell. First off is this pansage dot tin:

I am looking to have minccino instead. Sales wise, I am looking for something between $10-$15 (which likely includes shipping). I really would prefer to trade though. I may consider other tins but I really would prefer that.

Second of all, I have two (US) mcdonald's oshawott toys. One comes with an audino card and another comes with a blitzle card.

I am looking to get zorua and snivy (Mcdonald's Toys not cards!)in exchange. I would like a card I do not have already if possible, if you do not care about the cards at all and don't mind me opening the packages I will just take the cards out and trade them seperately. (Cards I need: Munna, Pidove,Sandile,Zorua,Klink). I do not  care if the toys are in bag or not. If it is impossible to get any interest, I will sell them for around $5 or so. Note: If you are trading with me, I do not charge any kind of shipping (unless you live outside of the U.S.)

Here is my feedback if you want to see it:

To liven up the post, here is a picture of my oshawott-line side collection:

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Looking for DX Wailord!

Hello! =) I am on the hunt for a DX Wailord plush/pokedoll.

I can pay for one right now whatever your asking price is (hehe yep I expect to pay hundreds of dollars. It is okay!)

If anyone has one for sale please tell me!! It is for a birthday present for someone very special to me.

Thank you for your help!

Card sales

I'm going to collect TCG again ^_^ I have bought an almost complete Base set and Jungle set. I'm going to sell the cards that I now have double.
In this post are all my holo and rare cards that I am selling. In my sales post in my journal are all the other cards and my normal sales.
I would like to trade for (English version only):
Alakazam Base Set 1/102
Charizard Base Set 4/102
Vileplume Jungle Set 15/64
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My (First) Wants post!

Well, this is the first time I've made one of these! I have a little bit of money set aside to spend, of course, I don't want to spend all of it... (Well, trying not to!) So, I'm going to make a list of wants, and how much I would pay for them, at the most (which is based upon alot of window shopping I've been doing with sellers, and how much I've seen people sell them before at).
There's alot I have to think over, so I'll see what people have to offer and think about which I would want to get. It's so hard wanting so many things, but being so tight on money^^

Oh, I'm also putting a * by the ones I'm wanting THE most!
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Pokemon Bitty Boxes Auctions

So I decided to paint some tiny boxes because I like itty bitty things and I thought it would be a good idea for an auction =^^= I spent the past few days on them and I think they turned out well. So here are the results =0w0=

Click The Images For Full Size

The auctions are in my journal: http://kassia9.livejournal.com and each box is starting at just $10 =0w0= So come have a look because there are 13 different boxes; there's eevees, candles and a couple others.
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Some Gets & Some Wants!

YAY I'VE BEEN GETTING STUFFS I'VE BEEN BUYING FROM HERE I cannot tell you how happy this makes me~!

my Groudon collection is starting! I got my first of it today!
And something else toooo n_n

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AND that is all for new collection wise~!
onto my wants!
i am looking for Groudon plushies! maybe figures too? the Groudon plush are FREAKIN. ADORABLE. so i must have more! If you're willing to sell yours let me know! i obviously have the Groudon pokedoll, so anything else would be great! Or anything Groudon related? I know i have lots of figures waiting for me that are in the mail or are going to be mailed~ eeeee.

Huge Sales!!!

I have weeded through a lot of my collection due to space issues and the fact that I'll be moving into an apartment in a few months, so I have A LOT up for sale. Plush, kids, zukans, t-shirts, figures... basically, LOTS OF STUFF C: And, the 1/1 Japanese Oshawott plush up for offers! I'm needing to get a LOT of these things out of my hands, so if a price seems to high to you, let me know and we MIGHT be able to figure something out!

Things to remember:
- I accept Paypal only.
- Please include username and item(s) when sending payment so it's easier to sort everything out.
- And please don't express interest but then never ever respond again, just let me know what your final decision is :)
- I will only hold certain items when ASKED to hold them.

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eeveelution auction reminder!

just a reminder my auctions end tomorrow in a hour!

click click click!

my auctions are all over. thanks so much everyone :'D

and I have having a crisis!!! I'm thinking of selling my eeveelution Pokedolls, since the eeveelutions are only a side collection of mine. I kinda want to clear space and need money, but the pokedolls... so colourful! I can't decide... But yeah. Have my fellow collectors ever dealt with similar problems? what did you end up deciding? I'd love some advice!

in other news... I want a trubbish kid. I don't want to buy one off ebay if I don't have to. I have tried asking here before, but I will try one more time! if you have one please let me know!
Litwick print

~ Bookmark Commissions + Pokedeoll Tag Charms ~

So it's that time again! <3

Time for the pokedoll tag charms! <3 We just finished the batch, and will be shipping out this Monday! Of course due to Canada's Strike all customs held by wishuponjirachi and I that are destined to Canada will be held until the strike is over. Our small town post is not taking any parcels there, though no worries! We are keeping them safely in our possession and if any of the users have any problems or questions you can send Jirachi a PM (since mine don't always work ffff)


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Also a heads up is my custom Pokemon bookmarks are still open in slots! In fact this current batch is half way done! Just a little peak of what was just recently done is here:


More information for the bookmarks are under the cut!


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(no subject)

Hey guys! Just a quick wants post to help me oomph up my collection.
I realised ive hardly been buying anything from here recently and concerntrating more on my cards at the moment, I got lucky and managed to pick up this Mew card (pictured below) for preeeeeettty cheap! But im happy my Raikou card collection is almost done! My purse, its not crying, its BEGGING at this point aha xD

Anyway, below the cut for a few quick wants :D

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Intro post! ^^

Hi everyone! :D I'm jellykopter, I finally made a livejournal account with my boyfriend after lurking on this comm for a long while! ^^
We both loved pokemon since we were young and it first came out, and decided to start making a small collection :D
We don't have any particular types of merch that we collect, though we do have our favourites! Mine are: scyther, wailord, wailmer, vigoroth, magikarp, and haunter, whereas his are: charizard, gyarados, dragonite, blastoise and lugia. ^^ he likes a lot of the final evolutions, whereas I like the more obscure ones :D

We have a small collection for now, but hope to see it expand and grow in future!!^^

I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them :D

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thanks for looking!! :D I'm so excited to meet all of you and see all of your collections some more!!

Herp a Derp Collection Update!


Well, as of late my collection has grown wonderfully. As of July, it will be my one year since first coming to this community and my collection looks lovely right now. :D As most of you know or can guess, I collect Snorlax primarily, though lately I've fallen in love with the derpy little flamenugget Darumaka. So they are my main focuses right now, but I do have some very tiny side collections of derps. Collapse )

Moving Sale

Sorry for my inactivity here for the past month(s?) Ive been busy with life, which brings me to this post... a moving/collection weeding sale. My loss is your gain!

Click Dante to go to my sales post

Small update + offers

 But, before all that: There was someone that was looking for a Shellos Jakks, the pink one. Well, I found one today and bought it. If you are still looking for it please comment/PM me! If no one says anything in a week I will just put it for sale.

(it has tags just didn't show up for some reason, bluh)

Now, onto some sweet offers!


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Now, silly and small gets!
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Aaaaaand that's it! My parents are arriving tomorrow in Vancouver, which means that we are going to tourist place, which means pictures. I hate taking pictures of myself so I chose 3 pokédolls to do that for me. I wanted without hang tag, since they are going on my backpack. So...
Sam, Hoeruoo and Chernobyl are the chosen ones! I'm excited to get a lot of pictures of these guys <3
People that I need to pay, I will be paying you soon. Don't worry. I'm paying you all tonight.
Also this post made my last post go to the second page, I hope that's okay? I will not be posting in quite some time, so I hope that's okay :c