June 26th, 2011


Collection update. Come see!

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I  almost completed my Houndoom collection. I lack the tomy. But my Poochyena collection is done for now :D
I also got my ZigZagoon kid eeee. And a Charizard TFG. I love TFG. I love everything...

I noticed something that I am starting to collect. Mudkips. Not any Mudkip, but the Mudkips with their mouths open. That is adorable to me for some reason. I want to throw skittles in there haha

Next update will be of my Mew and Victini collections!! <3


While I'm busy packaging up my other sales, I have a ton of cheap MIP Zukans to sell; including the Ampharos and Noctowl line! Check it out! :D

Things to remember:
- I accept Paypal only.
- Please include username and item(s) when sending payment so it's easier to sort everything out.
- And please don't express interest but then never ever respond again, just let me know what your final decision is :)
- I will only hold certain items when ASKED to hold them.

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Jasmine &amp; Steelix

possible GA?

Found a small lot of plush, mostly pokedolls. They're all used, and only have tush tags. But it's at a good price, and there are some popular plush in there.
Here's the thing, though - while I do have sales permission, I would rather not pick up another GA where I have to take care of shipping until the ones from my models are sent out (plus it's just cheaper in general for me not to, heh). So if you live in the US and have sales permish, feel free to message me for the link! If you really want a co-host, I could assist - just as long as it isn't with shipping. And no, I wouldn't be claiming anything, as tempting as that Mew is. ;-; <3

That being said... regarding the Tomy model GA, those parcels will be going out later this week! :D
And I shall hopefully be buried under parcels of my own. Fingers, paws, claws, flippers, beaks, and hooves crossed that nothing got lost.
I also found an HK lot of booty stampers that are rather adorable and am contemplating buying a set when my bank account recovers from my recent Tomy spree~ Anyway, that's it from me. Take care everyone! <3

Sales and Offers! McDonalds Cards, Zoroark phone charm, Entei Bottlecap Figure, Gashapon Deoxys!

First I off will be offers, and then direct sales!

Sales permission was granted by dakajojo on 03/02/11
-Paypal only please.
-I reserve the right to refuse to sell to anyone for any reason.
-I ship regular first class mail, any upgrades will cost you more.
-Tracking will cost more as well.
-All community rules apply.
-I will not be taking any trades at this time.
-Ask questions below in the proper thread.

Things to keep in mind...

-I ship from a home with dogs and my dad smokes.
-I am not responsible for items lost in the mail or broken during shipping, if you want insurance, ask.
-Payment is expected within 48 hours of winning.
-Shipping is not included in the sales prices.
-International shipping WILL cost more.
-I ship from the US
-Offers end when they begin to die down

My feedback post is located here.
I will leave feedback for you if you give me a link to it.

emolga love her afro

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Quick question!

Does anybody know where to buy Pokemon in Chicago Chinatown? Or Chicago in general? I'm going downtown today and figured I'd waste time. (Boyfriend bought me tickets for Distant Worlds. I'm so excited!) I know that like none of you are from here though so any help would be cool!

And to make it less boring, a teaser picture! Collection update coming soon. My Birthday was the 17th and I got some goodies. :) Just waiting for more to come in the mail!

Thanks as always! <3
pbody wave

offers reminder, teeny update and sales!

I'll be ending offers for these hard-to-find Mew and Sentret plush in the next day or two! There are also some neat Donphan, Bellossom, and Heracross flats in the same post. Click here!

Also, Magby and Chikorita pokedolls now in my sales post, woo! (I also have a small Hasbro Cyndaquil plush that I forgot to take a picture of.. speak up if you might be interested! xD)

Also, zoroarcade and thunderwolfcat! Pay me for your pan stickers from the GA so I can ship them!

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Cards and Kids sale!

Time for a round of sales! I have a few kids figures for sale, including a clear Jolteon kids figure. There’s some various plushies, figures and other things here also. (which will be added later tonight, when I get home from work) But most of it consists of cards I’m trying to sell off.

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ALL PACKAGES SHIPPED, wants post, and extra sales

Anyone who paid before Saturday morning had their packages shipped from my GA and my previous sales post. :D Be on the lookout for them! Possibly as soon as this monday for californians ;D The receipt was still pretty long! But not as epic as the kids haha.

Check the spreadsheet for an update on your packages. I have not sent a few members package and my next shipping date is Saturday. Sorry but I work 5 days 8-5 so I cannot ship it on the weekends. If you really need your package soon, please let me know and we can work something out.


I am only missing a shipping payment from rtrolezi  and another member who is working on their payment problems. Other than that, everyone is fine! =D

Extras sale over here: Everything is completely updated. New pics. Take a look.

Again this is open to everyone. GA Participants pay .20 cents per figure. Non-GA Participants pay .40 cents a figure. I have organized these by generations of pokemon! =) And by figure type, (TOMY , assorted) (kids) (zukans)

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Lastly: My wants list. I am looking to buy all type of figures of all pokemon that looks good. Just show me your figures and if I like it, I'll buy it! =D I am open to ALL pokemon. There are types of pokemon I'm looking at specifically too so if you have these...

Charizard, Surskit, Weezing, Rhyperior, Deoxys Speed, Deoxys Defense, duskull, grovyle, Brock TFG.torkoal, sableye
maractus 2, cute

Question about a Machamp...

I come today wondering about a piece of merchandise I recently acquired...

It's a first edition Holo Machamp (base set), but it's still in the wrapper. I'm wondering why it came this way? Was it given away as a promo of some sorts?

I apologize if this seems like a stupid question, its just weird to me as I've never seen an older card in a wrapper by itself XD
Eevee &amp; Vulpix

Small sales with slight collection weeding

 Hi fellas!

I haven't been around for a while since I've had so many other things to do.. but hey, I'm back and bringing you some sales .. and planning a collection update soon as well :3 

PKMN collectors sales permission granted 03/02/11 by dakajojo

OOPS! almost forgot to put here some terms ^^d
* I ship from Finland and surprisingly I do ship internationally. Shipping starts at $1 which goes for flats and small items. Be aware of expensive shipping for bigger items like plushies 
* I'm not responsible of any lost / damaged in mail items 
* Trades = love, I'll trade for anything on my wants list here
* All items come from doggie friendly home but all items are carefully kept away from my precious' pets reach and if there's any pet hair on the plushies it will be removed as carefully as possible before sending out 

* Holds are okay, just say so <3

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news and more news

NOTICE NOTICE NOTICE: If you post merch news, use the "INFO" tag!!! If you see someone post merch news without it, ADD IT!!! When merch is coming out the wazoo like lately, info tag is a must to keep things in order, and make it easy for people to check any news they missed!

mostly tomy MC figure news here. first of all, pics of the august MC+ releases are here!

and some exciting tomy figure release dates! well, i think they are exciting...

Kyurem MC
Volcarona MC

Kyurem Tomy DX Sofubi
(This is also the day the new Talky Emonga Plush is coming out -- squeal!)

Braviary MC+
Kyurem MC+
Volcarona MC+

Thundurus MC
Landros MC
Tornadus MC

Most of these MC figures will also be released in packs that include Battrio of them, along with the regular packs.

also, this kids + TCG set comes out in september! i found this poster last week, but it only made rounds on TCG sites so far, oops!

thanks guys!
Strutting with pride

Big Skitty Lot, Zorua plushes, Eeveelution cards and more~

Hello everyone~ I've updated my sales post with some collection weeding items. I have a huge Skitty lot up for sale or if anyone wants to GA the lot, that would be fine with me~ I also have Zorua plushes and Eveelution cards still for sale as well~

Click the banner to be sent to my journal, then click on the Pokemon Sales Post~ If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Thanks!


EDIT: PS, I'm looking for Whimsicott pokedoll/items. I'm thinking about collecting the cute cotton sheep. :3

EDIT 2: I'm also looking for the Audino McDonalds Foil Promo... anyone have one? :D How much are they going for?
Best of Friends

New addition! :)

Hello, hello, I just wanted to share a new get I received a few days ago by the super awesome berugii! I almost posted straight away but was waiting for my previous post to be pushed back~

Reshiram and N! I decided I wanted a sculpture of N riding Reshiram... because this combination is totally my new love now. XD And to my pleasant surprise they were made in two pieces so N can be positioned however I like :D

I took some pictures with some other Pokebuddies. ^^

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That's all I have to share for now but ahhh I love them so much ;^; Of course I'm still looking for the Paki Paki Heracross as an additional want! I'm mainly saving up for more Reshis at the moment with all the movie stuff coming out though. ^^

eevee evolution tin offers!

Hello everyone. Today I have an item up for offers.

All community rules apply.
Payment is due 3 days after offers.
I reserve the right to deny all offers.
Offers will end in 3 days! (Thursday at mindnight-central time)
I ship from the USA. INQUIRE about shipping before you bid if concerned. You have to pay!
Have fun :)
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Wanted Zukan List (Meganium!) and Introduction

Hi there! Below is my list of wanted Zukans. However, since this is my first post to the Pokemon Collectors community, I thought a short introduction might be in order first. :)

My name is Josh. I have been a fan of Pokemon for about 5 years, and have played just about every Pokemon game out there! I originally found PC through a Serebii thread on Zukan figures - I have been lurking for a few days, and thought it was time to make an account for my wanted list. I hope I can meet lots of cool people here, and pick up some Pokemon on the way! :)

Wanted Zukan list:

[Most wanted] Meganium Series: www.zukanranger.com/images/RSESP3-1.jpg

Gardevoir series


Clear Regice: www.zukanranger.com/images/zukan_8-10.jpg

Let me know if you have any of the above figures and I'm sure we can work something out. They'll be on display at my home, so they don't need to be in their plastic bag - though the original packaging would be nice to have. I would preferably like these in Mint condition, but used and/or minimally damaged figures is fine too. Meganium series is my most wanted Zukan, so I might hold out for it for a few days ;) Preferable payment method is Paypal.
PS: Is it standard to repost a wanted list when it's updated? Sorry, a little new here. :)
Sylveon Happy Contest Smile

I need room for Emolga's sale!

Yes, I need more room. I noticed when Gin was staying over that I should really weed out things I don't collect. It seems like the best thing to do since Emolga and even the bats are getting merch out the wazoo!  Even Mienfoo got a pokedoll so I gotta make room for the ferret line too! So, I've decided to sell plush and toys of pokemon I don't collect. *No matter how cute their items are* ;-;

I'll make a post about Gin's visit and the meet-up in due time! <3

 I just got this plush box from my local Target, I'm not sure if I should keep it or not. I'll just see if theres any interest for it but it does seem like it would be a pain to ship. But we'll see.
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I'm also looking for a mint with tags Whimsicott pokedoll. Let me know if anyone is selling one! 
EDIT: I found one! Thanks, everyone! :D

New Offers + MPC pricing + Pokemon Fan 17

Sorry for not posting this update sooner.

(It seems like I am always apologizing here in the comm.  ^_^;;)

Here is the update I mentioned last week...

Pokemon Fan Vol 17 (2011 May)

Each copy is $19.50 shipped to US address, and comes with all of the giveaway shown below.
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Pokemon Center Offerings
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Capsule Prizes
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Banpresto UFO Prizes
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MPC plush is going to be $12 to 16 shipped (depending on the character) to US address (+$1 to CAN, +$2 to EU/OZ).
Any complete set of 6 is $75 shipped to US address (+$2.50 to CAN, +$5 to EU/OZ).
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Pokemon PLAMO and Others
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TOMY plush are always $22 shipped, old MC are $7.50 and new MC are $9 shipped to US.  Also have soft vinyl figures ($19 shipped), big talking plush ($72 shipped), keychain talking plush ($25 shipped), and talking wireless phone strap ($23 shipped) .

Due to my work schedule, please inquire for combined total only if you are okay with the individual shipped price.  To ask for total on two Pokedolls then pass on $44 shipped is really uncalled for. =(

Also, I cannot offer Pokemon Center items below JPY retail price.  The current exchange rate is 1USD to about 80JPY (less if you factor in all the exchange rate fees).  So that 800JPY strap is already over $10USD before leaving the Pokemon center. <__<

Paypal info is dgundam3(at)hotmail(dot)com.  My shipping rules and info can be found here. ^_^

I will do my best to reply to any questions and comments, and I don't ignore anyone on purpose so please do remind me if you don't hear back from in 48 hours.  Sometime I get busy and I can't check my emails. XD

Thanks for reading!

Jirachi Lot and Pokedoll and Etc GA - It's that time again!

I really need to get rid of my Jirachi stuff, so I have a lot compiled! All items are mint unless specified; however, no plush have hang tags.
It includes: the TOMY recall plush, a small and terribly hard to find magnet plush, the keychain plush (without keychain, and the tails have separated), pez dispenser, clearfile, pokedex charm, clear kid, a charm with a "Jirachi" strap (small paint rub on face ) and a metal bell keychain.
I am asking $60 for the lot, and am 100% ok with people GAing it. I will also trade for custom plush and/or merch of reuniclus I may have missed.

Click the picture to go to my journal where I have bigger and more detailed pictures.

NOW! Onto the GA!
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$5 Zukan Pickups (tomorrow)

Hey, if you would like one of the following UK Zukans for $5, I am going to be doing a pickup tomorrow at a local store. I'm on holiday, so they will be shipped when I get home Tuesday. I will be going in about 12 hours. Postage would be $2-3 on top of the base price.

o Regigigas

o Tangela & Tangrowth

o Rotom (Normal Form) & Rotom (Frost Form)

o Misdreavus & Mismagius

o Mareep & Flaafy & Ampharos

o Bidoof & Bibarel

Post here and I will do my best to get your Zukan. First come first serve, limit 2 Zukan per user. 
As I have already said: They are UK Zukan. So what is listed is what you get in the capsule.
Do not ask me if there are other figures in the capsule.

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Canada postal strike

 I'm sure that most of you who deal with us canadains are aware of our recent postal strike. As of Tuesday the 28th, the strike is over and items may be shipped as usual. ( I hope this is appropriate to post, i just figured that it would be good to know )