June 27th, 2011


Hi everyone , im new to livejournal and i love pokemon! My favourties are Cyndaquil , Snorlax , Glaceon & vaporeon.
If anybody is selling any of the eeveelution plushes or cyndaquil plushes for cheap , please can you send me a link. I will have a look and see if i like them or not.
Thanks. :P

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Pokemon Cards

This is a "wants" post. I'm looking to buy some cards so I can get my community feedback up and going. I don't want to spend much for each card; maybe a $1 max. If that sounds good to anyone, I would love to hear from you. I am especially interested in Eeveelutions, starter Pokemon, Dragonair, Charizard, legendaries, or post anything else you want to share to see if I like. Also, I am interested in browsing some of the new Trainer cards if anyone has any of those.


I want your Badges/Pins

I'm looking to get the Falkner/Jasmine/Morty badges to finish off my johto gym leader's collection

Morty not pictured on account of me not being able to find a picture.

I am also still after the other types of gym badges available(not the American TCG ones though) and the Japanese base set/jungle cards and figures i mentioned in my previous post are still up for trade along with some non holo Skyridge Jolteon/Vaporeon/Flareon cards.

whitewolflarka GA Payments reminder

 Still missing a few payments from the whitewolflarka GA and some of them are the big payments. I won't be able to place the order until I get all the payments so please send them asap ;)! 

Here's the link to the spreadsheet and payment info:

To make this post less boring, I have a little meme:

Thanks to a package larvitarscar I can do this :D!

This is my HeartGold team in Kid form :3! Ampharos just joined them today. Have you guys gotten your team/teams in figure or plush form? Show me, I'd love to see ^^! 

I'm also excited about my yearly update coming up July 12th X3! I still have a lot of pictures to take D:!    

your lovely leader (or not >.>;) of team plasma

A quick update on the 315 PAN STICKER GA that jadekitty777 and I held, it is being shipped from NOPPIN to me now. I was waiting for the strike to be over before I sent a shipping request. I'm going to have it shipped via SAL, so it'll just be a little while longer >.>

Anyways! I haven't made a post about anything not GA related in a while, so here we go!
I've made a plush for auction, come check it out!


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An unexpected surprise!

So, I've been looking online to see when some new TCG promos would be coming out (love collecting them!) I know there's a huge gap of ones that haven't been released, and with the new set coming out soon, I figured something would be releasing soon! And well, I was in Walmart today and came across this:

No good pulls, although I did get a Mincinno, which is one I don't have. Also, Duckling is numbered at BW17... I wonder what they are going to do with the big gap??

Also, the new Black and White manga is out (well, I think in a few days, mine just shipped out early since it was from Rightstuf). The covers have a really nice texture to them^^ They're really cheap (between $4-5 regular priced) BUT they are verrry thin! Still, I love Pokemon manga^^ Since they're so small, they are releasing these 2 at a time.

I'll do an actually collection update in the future, but right now wanted to show the new stuffs that are out^^
kirby and delicious cake

(no subject)

Hello, hello! I have one big want in my life right now, and that is the mijumaru/oshawott pixel tin! The tins have finally sold out at the PCs, and although I bought a ton of them, none of them were oshawott. :( If anyone wants to trade tins or has one for sale for the same price I'd ask for, please let me know!

And now... said non-oshawott tins/sales leftovers, and leftovers from lots/packs of stuff I've bought in Japan!

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Updates and stuff. :U


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To the GA participants, if you want any of the Battrio above, just pay $1, and make a note in a comment here/in your Paypal note that you're doing so.
You know how it works by now. Please send your payment to pannsie(@)live.com.au, put Battrio GA Payment 3 in the title, and remember to include your username in the note! 8D
For one last time, mark the spreadsheet when you've paid for old time sake. ;u;

Oh, and Pokemonaddict10, Payment 2 and 3 for you have been combined. Make sure to pay the combined total!
Thanks guys! :D

Just the usual Wants list =D

Hey everyone! Payday is coming up so i thought i'd do a quick wants list =D

Here's my wants list on my website.. it's mainly rare stuff.. so i'm not holding my breath

Also i'm getting super close to completing my Cyndaquil Evo & Hitmonlee/Chan TCG line collections! i've also started collecting Magmar line/Electabuzz line cards & items

So here's a quick card list of what i need

Cyndaquil - Expedition 105/165
Cyndaquil - McDonalds Promo 6/18 (Japanese)
Cyndaquil - Mysterious Treasures 79/123
Quilava - Chikorita 1/2 Deck 13 (Japanese)
Quilava - Expedition 91/165
Quilava - T Promotional 8 (Japanese)
Hitmonlee - Expedition 81/165
Hitmonchan - Best Of Game 9/9
Hitmonchan - Ex Team Rocket Returns 98/109

All standard cards please No Rev holo >_< Besides the Two Hitmonchan that are Rev Holo Only... Please help me out! i'm so close to finishing my personal goal

I'm also after any Cyndaquil Line, Hitmonchan/Lee, Magmar Line, Electabuzz Line & Snivy Line items so show me what you've got and i'll see if im interested!

New Movie 14 charms and merch + Calling UK members!

Howdy everyone!

I found some Movie 14 charms and other goodies which I don't think have been posted yet. Take a look!

Pokemon family charms! These are pretty cool and they remind me of the custom charms I've seen members sold in the past! I wonder if the toy manufacturers saw them on the community and decided to copy some of our member's ideas!
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Auction Reminder

I'd like to remind everyone that my Pokemon Bitty Box Auctions are ending soon ;D The estimated end time is about 1 hour left, or 11pm EST. These boxes are hand painted with acrylic and most of the base boxes are painted with metallic acrylic paint. So get your bids in before the end! CLOSED!

If you want bigger pix, just click on the ones here above.

Click here for auctions in my journal: Pokemon Bitty Box Auctions

cards wants

due to a new job (that pays well) i'm ready to to try and complete my card collection

so for now i'm looking for:

1ST ED base blastoise

1ST ED base venusaur

1ST ED base mewtwo

i'm looking for the ENGLISH version so please make sure you have those before you offer your cards at me. condition isn't a HUGE factor (i prefer NM to M) so offer what you have! =]

here's my cards collection if anybody wants to trade:


(no subject)

Okay, so lifes really been hitting me hard, and I have to part with yet a few more things ;o; Please if you can help give any of these guys a new home I would greatly appreciate it. I have some things up for auction that are incredibly rare including two very rare pokedoll charms. I also have some sweet sales. So take a peek and hopefully you find something you like~! :D


Sales/Auctions HERE: http://lampent.livejournal.com/5282.html

Now, while cash is rather low, and I've been dealing with a lot of stress lately I will say I did get one new item ^-^;


This is by the talented Jirachi_chan6 and I am so happy I won this auction. I love astrology, and this fits perfectly. The "sea goat" Capricorn is represented perfectly by Vaporeon. It's such a great idea to combine Pokemon with astrology :)

Well I think that is about it...thanks for taking a peek ^o^

(no subject)

Two quick things:

pogaf, I got the card packs, thank you! I tore them open with much gusto, hoping and praying for the full art Reshiram card...


Please please please, someone trade me a full art Reshi card? I will give you BOTH of these freaking Pikachu for it. I don't care for them, and I can't spend any more on card packs right now ;_;

I also received the Skarmory clipping figure, thank you mandysaurus_rex <3
Wartortle, Blastoise, Squirtle

Water turtle cards. Sell 'em to me.

Thanks for the comments on my last post guys <3
Just a notice: Meiji GA - Will be going out tomorrow!

Now. I'm looking for cards. Namely, Squirtle, Wartortle & Blastoise cards. These are the last (I think....) that I need, plus some general wants. If you have any non-English cards, take a peek too, I might not have listed it, but I'm still interested.

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And yes, I'm aware that the chances of anyone owning and actually being willing to sell that final card is low, but eh, I can always dream :D

Also, if you have ANY reverse holos of the three, let me know - I have some, but there's so many I still need D:


EDIT: Offline for the night, will reply in the morning!