June 29th, 2011

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My snakes and looking for trades!


I got some new cards [and goods] today. I also have some sales/trades requests.

First, the trade thing. I've recently fallen back into love with the cards. XD As well as started really liking Snivy. I'd love to trade cards for cards, or cards for Snivy stuffs. Or for anything Nidoran male/female line related.

Does anyone live near/in eastern Pennsylvania and trade/play the cards? If so, I'd love to join you. I live in Bangor/ Mt. Bethel area. [Yeah, gotta love the names of the towns. Don't have to go all the way to Bangor, just Mount Bethel. Get it? -sigh-]

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looking for an item :O

 ok so i deleted my last post :) im going with the eevee one :D, (if im aloud to post, delete it and post asking something else, if not let me know i will take this down D: i didnt see anything about it in the rules :( and i dont plan on doing this more then once)

i have a big favor to all you lovely community people, im going to be buying some pokemon marbles, but.... i was wondering if anyone has a venasaur (i dont think there is a bulbasaur one D:) marble holder, all the ones im finding online are asking like $30+ D; i dont have that kind of money for it :/ so looking for a cheep one, it can have scratches thats fine, i was ganna use it to hold my marbles :D 

if your willing to sell, please comment below with how much you're looking to get for it :)

Sales updates and reminder for zukan offers....


Just a quick notice that I am still taking offers for many rare zukans until this Friday 8pm EST. Some like kangaskan zukan still have very low offers. Just click on the picture....


Also, I have updated my sales post. Again, just click the picture. :3


I have asked for many plush commissions so I will show them soon with my colllection update after I move ^^
Thanks for checking out guys.
Fantastic Four: Reed

Hook me up bro

I don't usually do WANTS posts, because well....most of the stuff I want is readily available.
But life's been really harsh for me lately, and I could use a pick-me-up.

I'm looking for a Palkia DX Pokedoll. The important thing here is shipping to Australia; the last one I saw only shipped to US and I couldn't get a hold of a middleman in time. If you've seen one floating around eBay I've missed or on Y!J, and you wanna share the link, thanks in advance!

Hot damn, Got one! Thanks mellow_candy!
Luxio Pokedoll
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☆ Custom plush auction slots ☆

It's been a year since I've done this: I am opening up two 6-8 inch custom plush commissions, auction-style.

Examples of my work can be found at my DeviantArt.

Follow the link to the rules (read them!) and bids~~

Sales permission has been granted like... 3 or 4 years ago :3

And, I know I'm overdue a collection update post; once I get my latest Y!J box sorted, I'll share my latest goodies 83 For those curious, my collection site is www.luxio.org :D
Just gonna leave this here~~ v

My shop Floaroma Pokemart is still having a sale! Tons of Black and White goods from the Tokyo Pokemon Center ~~~v
ZEKROM dun dun dun

MPC IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Movie Set A!

So....wow!!! This set..... it's so beautiful ;_; I remember when we first got images of these, but we didn't know exactly what they were -- maybe 2012 previews -- I said to myself, "This is just them showing off that they CAN make the most complicated Pokemon into tiny plushies!".

Well, wow. Not only CAN they, but they are ~so beautiful~. These tiny details, minky fabric, embroidery -- they are so good.

Come check out the gang.

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paypal problem #2

 hi guys:) as you know, my parents are totally inept at controlling their paypal account. so i tried calling PAYPAL. Unfortunatly, they didn't have another translator except for spanish. so it's sort of disapointing. the guy just told me that it was a network problem and that i should try it again after an hour, but it turns out his advice was totally useless, because i already tried that. can anybody tell me what to do becuz the bank account number was deleted by accident, and i can't activate it again. the account isn't even deleted :((  i need paypal in order to pay for:
            yes, i know.:D Bask in her adorableness. I WANT THAT GLACEON!!!!
ps: i don't know why the picture isn't showing. it's hard to put pictures in livejournal. anyway, it's a GLACECON POKEDOLL!!


Hello fellow poke-collectors ^^ I am back after many months of being busy finishing college, prepping for cons and whatnot. Commissions are now open for hats AND plush, and backpacks / scarves too if you so desire. More details within, as well as some sneak peaks of things not yet uploaded to my dA account!

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Collection Weeding sales

Unfortunately with new 5th gen stuff popping out like new born rabbits, I have little to no space left and my wallet has taken a hard hit. Thus, I had to make the hard decision to sell some of my side collections.

First up I am giving up my beloved Electabuzz collection. Some of the things including in the lot are zukan, a MIB bell plush, and the electronic Jakks light up figure and shoots bolts of lightening! For a full list of everything available, click the image below to be taken there.

Next up is my Groudon collection, which includes stuff like the rare Pokedoll charm and TOMY plush.

Both collections are up for offer as a whole, but if I get enough interest I will sell things separately. Let me know if you are interested in a particular item!

Also I have some other items in need of a good home. Such as a Charizard mega blok (along with many others),  some McDonalds toys, charms, stickers, flip cards, a sealed chopstick set, a pokedoll, and more! Click the cut below or the sales post picture.

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McDonald's Pokemon B/W toys distribution fail

Looks like my local McDonald's have taken a page out of Jakks' book in terms of toys distribution! 

 I visited 3 McDonald's restaurant on 6 separate occasions and all they had was the Zoroark figure! I bought 1 the first day but I'm trying to get the full Unova Pokemon before they stop carrying the toys. Anyone else experienced this? This leads me to believe

a)Everyone chose the other figures and hate Zoroark that's why they're so many of it left
b)They shipped Zoroark figures only to Canada
c)I want the other figures dammit!!!



Read Before You Look At My Update Thank You!
Hi Everyone!  Most of you know me as xxiiijamesiiixx but real name is James and I am from Chicago a long time fan of Pokémon.  Anyway, What I enjoy to collect are the Pokémon tomy figures I love them, I recall when they were fisted released in America when I was younger.  So fair I have collected most of the the 1 gens, 2gens, 3 gens, 4 gens and 5gens of tomys. I have been a member since December 21 2010. I would like to take this time to thank everyone who has helped my collection grow to what it is now!
I would also like to thank Zenity for helping me with custom tomys paints : )!

Before you Start telling me i am missing some of the tomys here is a list of tomys i already have but are on their way to me : )!
-Battle Charizard!
-Clear Buizel!
-Clear Blaziken
-Clear Latios
-Shiny gyarados
-Baltoy as place holder!

Also My collation is not all tomys since they never made all the pokemon into tomys. So i have kids or zuken or booties as place holders!
Also if you see that i am missing some that i dont know of let me know : )

So finally, to make this post less boring and more interesting,

First Season Collection

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eeveelution pokedolls up for offer + direct sale gameboys

Sooooooo... my Marill addiction has killed my budget! :P I owe SMJ my soul- for reals. I bought a few too many items (but they are really awesome things like an inflatable Marill for the pool!). And I also just by "luck" have 3 major bills coming out at the same time (those are already paid for though!). But I'm also going to an anime convention Friday - Sunday and have to travel there and stay at a hotel, so all the bills and cost of gas/hotel mean I am broke broke broke! :P

OH and on top of all that... I've decided to set a date for a wedding :] I've been engaged for 2 years and finally thought "HM TIME TO PLAN THE WEDDING!" and even though it's over a year away, I want to start making money for it... because holy crap I've learned really quick that weddings are expensive no matter how small they are! O_O

But enough of my boring life! Let's get to business! I am here today because I need to sell sell sell! I'm starting to weed out anything I have the heart to part with (not touching any Marill stuff of course! ;D).

Today I am bringing you some Pokedolls for offer!

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and some cute gameboys that are for direct sale!

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anyway that's all from me today! :3 keep on being awesome, everyone!
Spin! Spin!

Guys, is this for real?

Is this figure an actual hasbro shiny figure? or is it a repaint? i haver the non-shiny version of this and i kinda want this one now too xD (wtf i don't even collect charizard!)

Will delete as soon as i get an answer :3 won't delete anything xD this serves for future reference, as Gin said :D
Galvantula and Joltik

A little life changes + need help with plush identification

Those people who actually know me, you probably know that I am a diplomat’s kid living in the USA atm, but originally I am from the Slovak Republic.

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I have made my own weebly page that I am working on really hard. Every item I get gets a picture and is included in my weebly page, so take a look if you would like! I have Charmanders, Mantykes/mantines, Snivys/Servines/Serperiors and so on! <3
And I decided to call these two twins Fred and George! Now guess after who I have named them I will give you cake! ;)


And nooow, I have gotten myself some most wanted grails! 

I have gotten a package from myvampirelust19 and some other people! :)
Just look at that little drawing!! It would be a shame to me not showing it around! <333
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And now to the plush I need help with...it's this Mantyke plush:

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Thank you guys for reading! :D

Multipurpose post

Everything has been shipped except unfinished commissions, which should be done in the next week, now that my sinus infection has almost completely gone away.

Reminder for this Battrio GA. It ends on July 2nd at 8pm. We WILL win this lot.

Battrio Sales - I made the pictures a little easier to look through, as now the doubles are stacked and the lines are all together.

Regular sales

Also, I'm in desperate need of energy cards from HGSS or newer, especially Dark energy, but will be interested in anything. I'd prefer to trade for either cards or battrio. I'd also be willing to look at any HGSS or newer cards if you have a sales/trade post.

Question Galore!

Actually, only three questions. lol. XD!

First! I was wondering if anyone could tell me what this Eevee plushie is worth -

It says "applause pokemon playables" on the package. Eevee has primarily been inside the Pokeball, but taken out recently to go on display. I tried looking it up online and can't seem to find it anywhere. I was working out a trade with someone in the community and I want to make sure the trade is fair for both of us. So, please help me out? ^^;

First Question Answered! Thanks, everyone! I didn't realize it was so rare. oO"

Second question: I am going to my first convention in less than a month: Comic-Con. XD! I am going dressed as my Pokemon Trainer self. Complete, hopefully, with a plush Mew laying on my head (made by my friend sorjei. Anyway! I was wondering if anyone could tell me which vendor booths are known to sell Pokemon items. I was hoping to narrow it down so I'm not just wandering around the whole time. And I don't want to spend ALL my time shopping. lol. Also, any con-going advice would be awesome since I'm a newbie. ^^;

Third question: How long does it normally take a package to get from Germany to the United States?

Story time: Before I joined Pkmncollectors back in March, I had worked out a card trade with someone on deviantArt. I had commissioned them before and received the artwork in the mail, so I trusted them to send me the cards. I sent my half of the cards on March 11th (I know this because it was my birthday) and they arrived in Germany on April 6th. That same day, the person mailed their cards to me. I have been waiting for this package ever since. Does anyone know if 3 months is typical for this? Should I just give up and consider the package lost? Is there anything I can do? ;_; I was expecting about 100 cards in the package so it's quite disappointing.

Thanks for all your help.

Also! I am going to the post office tomorrow. I am mailing out four packages and getting quotes on two, so, if you're expecting something from me, I should be contacting you tomorrow to let you know it was sent (or quoted).

~ Risha