July 1st, 2011

Updates - GAs and Offers

 Okay, first of all, mizuhokusanagi's lot GA ends tomorrow! Some stuff doesn't have bids or have really low bids, so go there and let's make this happen.

Second of all, my offers of the Ambipom pokédoll and a togekiss pokédoll are still going. Poor Togekiss doesn't have any offers yet.
I also have that Shellos over there but I doubt that someone would like him. Poor thingie ):
Offers for this guys ends on the 4th!

Please click on the images to go to the posts! c:

I would have a super nice collection update but my parents are driving me nuts since they arrived here. So I will probably not have a break until after the 6th. I'm trying the best I can to be online and pay everything and to make everything occur smoothly, BUT if by any chance I forget any kind of payment please let me know.

Also pretty soon I will be FINALLY organizing my personal spreadsheet so if I go asking around if you shipped my items, is just because I need to update the spreadsheet. Don't be mad at me ):

For participants of both my GAs: The package is already on Brazil, but in the customs. Hopefully it will arrive a tad bit after the 6th. For the GB, it's also in the customs. I will post an update as soon as something changes there. :3
And, hm, that's it. 0mastar, I know you are busy but if you see this please check your inbox!!! >:
And yeap I'm super excited to get back to Brazil and organize everything and make a huuuuge update! C:
Thank you very very much for reading guys <333 

Jirachi Toy Help/Sell

I received this toy from my brother who went to Japan. I believe it is from McDonalds, but I'm not quite positive. I am looking to sell it, or at least know around how much it is worth. Any help would be appreciated. He is about 10" high. I can get a comparison shot if needed.

I have permission to sell from lineaalba.

Here is a video. I'm not pushing him forward he actually rolls on his own, I just didn't want him to roll off the hard surface. He also says something in Japanese only thing I can understand is Jirachi.

I bought some new Zukans! EDITED: Now has my wants list too!

So, in one of the forums that I constantly visit, a member posted a huge lot of zukans FS. I bought quite a few, including one of my favorite pokemon, rotom. (now if only I could track down the bulbasaur line...) I'll post pictures when they arrive.                 

So, this post also has my wants list.  Im currently looking for a spiritomb kid figure (any variation, but clear is preferred), And any zukans you might want to be selling at me!
Parfearie Sabi

Help! Is he real?

OK so like 3 years ago I got this:

For my 17th birthday. I had the one with regular gray ears for the longest time. He was intensely loved. I then got a kitten and she shredded him to peices. 7 years later, I get this for my birthday. His tush tag says all the right things and he has a hang tag. He looks and feels like my old one...BUT IS HE LEGIT? Why does he have ridiculous orange ears??? If anyone knows about a possible "mishap" that could happen. Let me know please!


Want to trade/buy TCGs

Long story short~

TCGs I am missing from McD promos:
((might have just found em all within 5mins!))

Still looking for:
Egg Promo Axew/Pidove (have a  Pansage to trade for preferably Axew)

Available TCGs I have from it (in french)
-Blitzle (Zébiron)
-Audino (Naméouie)
-Mamepato (Poichigeon)

If no one can trade any of these cards I need and would rather sell em, I am willing to buy. (I might even be interested in nabbing egg promo pidove) I would also like to buy that promo Ducklett, if anyone is selling.

Permanent Offers/Sales + Shipping Update

First of all, I've moved my sales to their own journal! fluff_butt is now my perm sales post and there are a ton of new additions, including some rare plush up for offers. Click the banner below to be transported!

Second, shipping update. I was supposed to finish packing everything left over yesterday, but an unexpected death in the family (my mother had to put her dog down yesterday) had me driving home like a mad woman to be here for her. As of right now, I'm in the process of packing the rest of the settei sheets and flats. I apologize for the delay, the past two weeks have been pretty hectic. Everything should be shipped out by Monday!

Finally, my one year anniversary for being in this community is coming up next month so I plan on doing a huge collection update and re-introduction. :3 As for a teaser, here's the newest butt tag I received.


Kylie_Fanatic-How to get your money back!

Hello community! I have some great news :D
Call Paypal immediately. If you are reading this, stop and call haha.
Explain the situation to them. They will try to contact Kylie_Fanatic and give them 3-5 days. If no response then guess what you will get in your paypal account?? A REFUND!
It is not too late so hurry! pantherotter  just got her refund today :)
And everyone, please be honest. If you got your items then ignore this. Don't ruin it for everyone else >.>

Good luck!! <3
EDIT: This is from March's sales post that he put up!

And so this post is relevant.....VICTINI!

Sticker not shown :( But eeeeeeeeee!
Chillarmy Doll

*Mini* collection update! ... and 2 other things.

Heya. ;D So. I haven't done a collection update in one month. So. I will do a mini one today, because I will run out of bandwidth soon because I am still waiting on a bunch of stuff in the mail! :D ... And because I got the most amazing thing in the mail today.

Onto the stuff!

Edit: The pictures SHOULD be fixed now!

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Looking for a Zubat plush

Hey collectors I am looking for a Jakks or KFC Zubat plush.

Now here's the deal I'm pretty broke right now but I am willing to trade you a custom sleeve for your DS/DSI/DSXL/3DS/ Ipod etc. Or if you would prefer I will draw some art for you.

Heres some of my bags:

view more at HERE
view my drawings etc HERE

Also if you don't have a zubat but want to commission me that works too thanks!

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Sorry the images may be bad quality
Anyway, I have a quick question O: Are these bootlegs?
I got them a few years ago from ebay and I have never seen them ever again
I don't really mind if they are but they are awesome =D (I also have a Bonsly one too)

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Marble GA

Together, roxiired  and I bring you a marble GA!

Rules: All Community Rules Apply.
Only bid as much as you can pay. Deleted bids or retractions will result in negative feedback!
Bidding ends on Jul 05, 2011 11:00 PDT. When bidding, please bid in .50 increments for marbles, and $1 increments for figures. Reply after the current bidder in each thread, otherwise your bid will not be valid.
Sniping will not be tolerated [placing a bid in the last 5 minutes of the auction]. There will be a 5 minute extension for any bids made within the last 5 minutes of the auction.
Please be ready to pay as soon as possible after the auction's end time. Paypal only please, no e-checks.

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Threads are up! Bid Away! \o/
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Custom Charms for July

Hello again! As of earlier this week, all of last month's orders have been shipped! Some people have already received theirs, but considering over half of them were international packages, some people won't for a while.
Anyway, now that I'm on Summer break, I should be able to get through orders a lot faster c: (Last month's took a while due to a trip and finals back-to-back) So I'm looking forward to what's to come this round! I'm still taking commissions, or course, and still doing emoticon set commissions. And there are still some $1 charms available from before, as well as some new ones.

Collapse )

Thank you for looking! I'm always selling these, so feel free to track me down through my DeviantArt or something if another time would be more convenient c:

Couple of quick questions!

 Hey! Today I come to you with a few little questions that I didn't feel deserved individual posts :P

First of all, I'm curious as to how much this guy is worth:

He's an old Hasbro Zapdos action figure. He's a bit scuffed and scratched in places, but everything on him moves and works fine. He still has all his thunderbolts, and they all still fire very nicely.
I've had him for a very long time, but as I've been considering getting rid of a lot of my old Pokemon stuff, he'd be gone too. Wherever I decide to sell him, I want to make sure he's worth it! I haven't seen any listed on eBay or elsewhere, so I have NO clue what they go for. I am quite attatched to this guy...he was so loved and played with when I first got him <3 So if he's only worth like 5 bucks, I'll keep him :P (Also, I DO NOT HAVE SALES PERMISSION. So don't offer stuff on him, please ^^; )

Second question! I've been thinking about trying to get a Giratina Pokedoll (Altered form) in the future, but I have a hard time spending money without feeling guilty about it...so I want to know if the Giratina is worth it XD I think it will be, but for those of you that have him (or any Pokedoll, for that matter)...do you guys think they're worth the money? I'm also interested in how well they're made. Like, are they cuddly, or very stiff, display-only, plush? I've never seen one in person before, so I apologize if I sound nooby at this XD

Final question, also about Giratina! XP I discovered that there are two versions - Japanese and American. What, if any, are the differences between them? Are they both minky? Does one cost more than the other? And which is better, do you think? :O

Thanks in advance for anyone who can help with any of my silly questions, haha XD <3
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I was practically screaming when I opened the box.

THEY'RE SO CUTE. And tiny! I wasn't expecting their bodies to be so small! Most of their size is made up of their heads, rofl. I was taking pictures of the individual Pokedolls to show you guys, but they kept on faceplanting, haha. 

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Ok! So for all GA participants, can I get you to comment here with either your zipcode or your country, so I can give you a shipping quote? ;3 I think I know where most of you are, but just to make sure.

Also, for those of you waiting on charms, THEY ARE ALL DONE. I wanted to send them all off in a big bunch, so I was waiting until they were all done, and today, as I laminated the last one... I looked up, and realized that the post office was already closed. OTL OTL OTL They will most likely be shipped on TUESDAY*, as Monday is a holiday. O: If you like, I can take pictures of the finished charms for you, as I haven't sealed them up in envelopes yet.

*This also applies to rentorar and charmystar . For the Eeveelutions, once I get shipping payments, I'll have to transfer those over to my bank account, and that might take a few days, so I can't guarantee that they'll be shipped on Tuesday. D:

And sorry for those of you waiting on replies to me and stuff. For some reason, my comments have been really popular as of late, and I'm slowly making my way through the bajillions of messages I have. xD;;

Alright, and that's it from me for today! Expect a collection update really soon. *W*

In need of a middle-man or the canvas in question xD

I saw this adorable canvas mint with tags up on Ebay but unfortunately the seller only ships to the US...so I am in need of a middle man who wants to ship it to Europe for me!

Anyone want to help out?

I'm not sure if the particular canvas is up for sale on here somewhere but I'm afraid if I give out the name someone else will snag it before me ;-;
Jasmine &amp; Steelix

shipping status/gauging interest in possible auction

Good evening!
I bring good news - as the Canada Post strike is over, I was finally able to ship out most outgoing packages yesterday from my sales as well as the Tomy GA! There are four packages - those models belonging to marshallgregson , dukeburger , sir_develon, and viperfox - that will be sent out tomorrow, as I could only bring so many packages with me at once and today is a stat holiday (happy Canada Day everyone!).

That being said, I will also be reopening my sales soon with a few new items and lower prices.
As a sneak peek, I present an item I will most likely be auctioning off! Might consider trading for the fire tin too. ;D

Found this second hand, hence the price tag. Don't worry, it will be removed safely, and will be washed and sanitized for safety. Vulpix kid for size ref. ONLY.

There is a removable silver pokeball keychain hanging off the side. :D
All in all, this tin is in really good condition, with a few minor scratches. It was released in 2000 and was made by Accessory Network.

I grabbed it knowing there are some electric-type lovers here, so speak up. n.n Let me know if you'd be interested in this, and if I should auction it off or simply sell it directly.

Sales, Gets, and Updates for everyone

Hello every. Due to some unexpected payment in the last few days, I need to hold some emergency sales to get my balance back to enough money to ship people's stuff. Don't worry though. I have the money, but just want to use my paypal balance first. WRY? THANKS TO MY SPIFFY NEW CARD THATS WHY. I finally got it. Thought it was lost in the mail haha. Now I can ship peoples' stuff without waiting for the money to transfer first yay @_@

BE JELLY LOL. Just kidding <3

NOTE: EVERYONE's packages from before will be going out TOMORROW. Including dripbat  and itsmemaa  I know you two have been waiting a while and THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR PATIENCE. I will personally comment each person after it's sent out tomorrow. =)

So sales it is. I have the Sugimori Darkrai clearfile for $4 quicksale, some customs, and the GA extras for sale. The extras will now be .15 for EVERYONE. So take a look. This will be the last time I am posting them. Whatever is left over will be dumped out.


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AND LASTLY. LOOK WHAT I GOT IN THE MAIL TODAY. It's my new travel buddy ^_^ I named him Billy. I will take him everywhere and take pictures everywhere with him. Speaking of which... UGH. I cannot find my camera lol. It's been a few weeks already. I wonder where it is... :( Until then I'm stuck with my iPod camera as you can tell... is SUCKY. xD

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Serperior Pokedoll

Ok I seriously want some Serperior merch. And... That Pokedoll. It needs me. I know I'm being annoying, but if anyone has one (With or Without tag), I will buy him. I would like to pay under $38 (Sunnyshore price) And I'm PREPARED TO PAY. Also looking for Dreamworld plush! :) To make this less boring, there's the new Pokedolls on Sunnyshore! I personally like Timburr best<333
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Pokémon Zukan GA: Zekrom Set GA

First off, all orders will be shipped by tomorrow afternoon. Sorry for the delay. Only 6 have not been sent yet, 3 of them due to the Canada Postal Strike. :)

This is a GA for the set of BW03 Zukan: Zekrom Edition!

(Image credit to [info]denkimouse. Let me know if you want me to take this image down. :))

Each Zukan will start at $6. Increments of $0.50-$1 please! I will be claiming Golurk at $10. Please be advised that there will be two payments: one for base price, fees, and shipping from Noppin to me, and then the other for shipping from me to you. Auction ends July 3, 2011 at 12 PM Pacific Time. I am not going to promise anything, but there may be discounts, as I am unsure as to if there are any cheaper lots at the moment. As usual, though, never bid on the assumption of discounts. ;) All community rules apply. WAIT UNTIL I MAKE THREADS TO BID! THANKS!


Help finding a member

I'm sorry to bring this to the community, but I need some help.  I have been trying  to get a hold of funny_chaos .  They do not accept PMs (at least not from me) and they are not responding to any of my replies to their posts.  They purchased items in a GA of mine & they paid promptly.  Everything was fine, until I posted that the items had arrived and were ready to be shipped.  Then for some reason the original payment was reversed.  Now I cannot get a response.

Has anyone been in contact with them?  ;_;

Update:  Due to the multiple people who have responded with the same issue, I decided not to wait any longer and contacted Paypal. 

I have spoken with Paypal and the money is gone.  There is no way to get the money back.  But since I have been a loyal Paypal customer for over a decade (problem free) they are crediting me the money.

If anyone else is running into a similar problem, contact paypal and explain the problem.  Good luck Everyone.

Collection weeding sales

Hii, everyone! It's been a while since I posted, hastn't it? :o I'm going to move to a smaller apartment soon, so I'll have to do some collection weeding. It's sad to see some of this stuff go, but I just can't keep everything... Anyway, check it out! Everything you see in the preview pic is (of course) available, but that's definitely not all, there's lots of other stuff, too! :D Click the pic!

I'll definitely post a nice big collection post once I've moved. C: <3