July 2nd, 2011


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 Hello all! Getting some new stuff in, so hopefully I can make some sort of collection post soon! I'm getting rid of some stuff from when I was younger (Collector Barbies, I am looking at you) so I can use that space for my collections~

Also have some wants:

The Giovanni/earth Badge pin set
Mareep plushies

Has anyone seen those for not terrible prices? I'm also looking for someone who makes big plushies, as I would like to have a big Fearow :3

Also, could anyone who I've dealt with recently please leave me feedback? I'd like to be able to sell soon :) Remember that I am also breaks_ground , since I sometimes have to go by that when doing things from my phone. (Which hopefully will be changed soon...)

And to make this less boring...


Special Auction for a sewing machine cause!

I was gonna post my collection update first, but I have decided that this is more important due to my longing for a not crap sewing machine in my life. The auction can be found here: touchfuzzybug.livejournal.com/655085.html

So what's so special that's for auction? Delighted you asked! It's been a special project of mine (and is quite a BIG project as it is 15 by 9 inches and the biggest plush I've made to date).

A Dwebble plush! But what's so special about that?

But...wait...didn't that Dwebble just have a...am I seeing things?

No you aren't! This Dwebble's shell is removeable! So that, should you want, it can have interchangable shells! They fit over his tail :3

Wait! Where was that auction again? I am so interested!

Once again, the auction (and more pictures, as well as a size comparison) can be found: touchfuzzybug.livejournal.com/655085.html


Harry Potter - Plz

Phanpy - Pokedoll & DX want

Hi guys,

So I've only ever seen these plush on here a few times, and each time they've either been just a collection update, or I've not had any money to even attempt to buy them!

However, the latter is still true but I'm looking to save up (or able to do payment plans/trades etc.) for these cute Phanpys :D

I'm looking into finding out how much they're worth and if anyone has one they don't want any more? /wishful thinking

So cute *_*

Also, please check out my sales post! I'll be updating it sometime in the next couple weeks with some new items :D let's just say anything you buy will go to me getting Phanpys to cuddle ♥ - a worthy cause! :D

New member, posting a couple of wants!

I'm still not really clear on the rules for posting into this community, so if I need to delete this post, just let me know...

I am a pretty new member to the community, and I'd like to see if anyone has the following items from my "wants" list, and possibly get an idea of what people normally charge for them.

I'm looking for a Charmander keychain + Pokeball... I have one of these from back when I was in high school, but his tiny little tail has broken off!  This thing is near impossible to find on ebay, and I'm beginning to lose hope of ever finding another one!  Here is a picture of my broken one, without his tail or his pokeball, if that's any help. 

The only proof that this thing ever existed is the sad little broken one that sits on my desk at home.  The figure has 1999 written on its back, and it was apparently produced by Basic Fun (B.F.I.)

I'm also looking for an Ash action figure from about 2001, but don't know what line it's from or anything.  The figure would talk, and had some kind of technology that would recognize certain pokeymans if you placed them in his hand.  If memory serves, this toy was pretty large, and looked fantastic.

Both of these things are probably crazy expensive, but I'm just curious to see if anyone around this community has them, and would be willing to put a price on them!  My budget this month is pretty much done for, but I guess it doesn't hurt to just ask for a price, right?

Clearance Lot....


As I will move out very soon, I want to find new homes for these two plushes since they are really hugeeee >-< Any offers are welcomed. They should be up for offers for a few days. Shipping should be about $18 worldwide and much cheaper in the UK as I live in the UK ( I need to check with the PO for exact amount).


And today I also present you a lot of pokemon stuff containing many rare kids and other stuff. I am asking for $350 or OBO. Please see under the cut for details.
GA post will be up within a few days...

Collapse )

Also, these kids auctions will end this Sunday 8 pm EST. Just click the picture below ^^


Thanks for reading guys =]

Trades (get this stuff out of my house)

I'm trying to get these items out of my house, I will trade them for any Oshawott/lion line/eeveelu/lion king items i don't have ;w; I have to get these out of my house, they will be thrown away, my mom won't let me keep it here anymore, most the things here are for trade, I'm also trying to get rid of a giant pillow and box of tomys, ask about them, I really want to give these things to the com then just put it on ebay, please take them TT I will only trade with in US, because shipping to other countrys is crazy for now (my post office thinks riping people off is fun) so take what you want, i have a ton of pokeballs too and random stuff, so ask about pokemon if I have anything of it


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 Hi all! This is my very first post in the community! I'm excited to see others' collections and buy some stuff ^^ 
 I am 19 years old and have loved pokemon since it first debuted in the U.S. I am mostly a fan of the first two seasons, Charmander being my absolute all-time favorite starter. Charmander, Charmeleon, and Charizard I love the most! Then there's Jolteon, Nidoking, and Pidgeoto/Pidgeot I like. Thats all I can think of for now...I will do a small collection post soon of what poke stuff I have gotten recently :)
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New Lady

 Hi there :) My name is Jacqueline and I am from Louisiana. Been collecting pkmn for about 4 years now. Just wanted to introduce myself. Some of my favorite pkmn are litwick, driffloon, cofrigrigus, probopass, milotic, and various ice pokemon. I LOVE vultures and nearly crapped myself when I caught Mandibuzz because I had no idea there was a vulture pkmn in the new game LOL. Not really, but I was purdy excited! I plan on showing my collection soon. Nice to meet y'all.
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Espeon &amp; Umbreon

Espeon Merch Please!

Hello again everyone!
I'm posting today because I'm looking to add to my collection, specifically, my Espeon collection.

I'm interested in ANYTHING Espeon, besides the Halloween Plush, Canvas Plush, Attack Kid and Jakks Figure, as I've bought them already. Also, no cards please as I'm building that up myself. Need to watch my funds now. xD However I am still interested in Espeon Pkmn Time Straps and Espeon Charms. :)

I would love to get my hands on a Pokedoll, any release, as long as it's MWT. Please note I live in the UK for shipping purposes.
EDIT: As well as Espeon Pokedoll, I'm also interested in an Umbreon and an Eevee Pokedoll, I would love the US Eevee to go with my Skitty I just bought. :D


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A Wants post!

Hi again guys,
Just posting up some of my wants, it has unfortunately been increasing over time.
1) Oshawott Dream Plush
2) Oshawott Pokedoll
3) Tomy DX Samurott figure

More importantly, I've started collecting zukans so what I'm looking for is my whole pkm team in the game. They are:
Sigilyph ( I think I got this settled with the new zukans)
Excadrill (Got it)
Magnezone (With the other 2 unevolved ones)
Also if anyone knows the price it goes for please let me know because some like the garchomp and magnezone one haven't seen it appear before.

Just to end off, I thought I'd post you a new get not really get but commissioned from the awesome[info]berugii
Thanks for reading!
Edit: No clue why the picture isn't appearing but its a Samurott Sculpture click on the post :)

*flows majestically*

How do you know when it's time to let go?

Hello all.

I am reaching a point where my interest in my collection is beginning to wane. I swore it would never happen, and this is not to say that I want all of my stuff gone and that I would never purchase another collection piece again. But I feel that I should be moving on to other things in my life now. I feel like collecting is no longer something that I want to invest so much time and money in, and I may want to sell the majority of my things just to make the decision seem more final. I don't feel that much of an emotional connection anymore, and collecting, for me, would be a much more casual hobby from then on. I feel like I'm prolonging the inevitable, and yet I'm not totally sure. Anyone else out there going through the same thing, or gone through it already? How do you know when it's the right time to phase out a part of your life that was once so prominent? Will I regret this?

Leek Duck Report - July 2, 2011

Click the photo to view this week's edition of Leek Duck Report!


Now for another question relating to the elusively tasty Farfetch'D. Were there any other plush/beanie items produced for Farfetch'D BESIDES that one UFO Banpresto? I remember while searching for Farfetch'D plushabout 4-5 years ago on eBay, I saw the Banpresto UFO (for $30, I was so stupid and didn't buy it because I thought it was expensive for its size) and one other Farfetch'D plush that I remember telling myself it didn't look as nice. Was it a Hasbro? A Bandai? Play by Play? Can anyone shed some light of what I may have saw? I'm 95% sure it wasn't a custom.

Aaaaand as always, always searching for Farfetch'D items to buy/trade for =D GIVE ME! Also looking for anything with Bill or Wally on it.

multipurpose post - plush GA news, Shiny kids GA reminder, sales

1) Blaziken Pokedoll GA news

for those who participated in ewokie/lunglock's Blaziken Pokedoll 'Etc' GA, great news - the plush has arrived! everything seems in order, no unseemly coffee stains or rips anywhere in sight. =D I will be giving you your final shipping totals separately via the original auction page or PM within the next few days. thanks for participating in the GA!

2) 'Karoiascar' Shiny Kids GA

this is the one and only reminder that this GA ends on Saturday, 2 July, 10pm PDT, e.g. in 24hrs. click the picture and get your bids in! (countdown timer)

3) Sales

I just added some Gen V kids and squirter figures, as well as some random boxed kids to my stock! =D I'm saving for holidays coming up so there's a special 'Spheal' promotion going on this week - if you see a rolling Spheal below any picture, all items in that picture are discounted (up to $2!) with any Gen V merch purchase! also, some items are 'larvitar-green' and bold - those are on discount too. XD click the pictures to proceed!

thanks for reading!

Introduction ^^'

Hey there guys! Probably you all know me by this time, but i havnt even done an introduction post, so i thought id do one :D

My name is Jens(imma guy) and lives in Sweden. im 14 years old and LOVE DEOXYS, "i just can't get enough, i just can't get enought of u baby".
I joined this lovely community right before this christmas, my first purchase was my kyogre and groudon dollies(not custoooms) (Kylie and Gru), from usako_chan, who makes the lovliest plushies :>

Then i started bying deoxys merch like crazy! Im sorry i havnt made a collection post... duhh... but it will come, when i dont feel so lazy xD

As side collections, my next fave pokemon are the fuzzy spiked balls called Silcoon and Cascoon. Theyre part of my coccoon collection, wich contains, silcoon cascoon, kakuna, metapod, grumpyface(swadloon), pineco, burmy, and strangely pupitar and shuckle... xD
And then spinda, hariyama, nosepass, lickilicky, poliwag line and so on.... i love many pokes... xD

So yeah, thats all i think :>
And thanx all of you for being so nice and feed me with Deoxys merch i dont have! xD <33

The Grail Search Continues...

Sorry for posting so soon everyone, but I wanted to post everyone's favorite kind of post: a wants post~ I'm still looking for a talking land forme Shaymin. I wanted to see if anyone had one to sell or even had any information on one before I spend my cash on something non-Pokemon related. Any help at all is greatly appreciated!

I'll take one in any condition, box or no box, any at all as long as it still talks! I'm offering $60 shipped for one. If you have one and that price isn't good enough, I could pay for shipping as well. And that's in any condition at all! Even if it's stained, has tears(as long as they're repairable.) anything.

Edit: I've decided to try to use SMJ for the first time. Wish me luck. @_@ I'm terrible at understanding even the simplest things.

And so this isn't just a wants post, I got 2 new things lately. :3

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Grail Want & no PKMN at McD

First off, I'm waiting for a package, then I'll do a collection update. (Yay for mail being back!)

I went to the nearby McD and was surprised to discover Pokémon was out and Young Justice was in. Stupid McD! :(

So I now turn here to ask, does anyone have a McD Snivy for sale?
I'm also looking for McD Zekrom, but it's not as high of a priority.

AND... I'm becoming desperate to find this little guy:

He's at the top of my list (until October, when the talking plush comes out.)
Help would be appreciated! ^^


Okay, so I've gotten a lot of Girafarig things lately and now I'm looking for all of his CARDS. So if anyone has any they're willing to give up, please let me know which Girafarig card it is and I will probably buy it from you :D (unless it isn't mint... I don't want any bends or scratches...) Oh, and I'm into all languages; so if they're German or Japanese, I'm still totally interested! :)

One I'm really wanting is...

Let me know! :)


You guys are the best!

(I need him! ^^^)

Auction and Sales first and last reminder!

Alright, just a quick reminder that my auctions (as well as sales) end tomorrow night at 10 PM CT (11 PM EST/New York Time)

These items are *all* from my personal collection and I really hope they find excellent homes. This has by far been the hardest collection sales I've done :( I can't wait to start collecting again, and not have to have so many sales posts. I love showing my collections off. ;;

To my sales/auctions: http://lampent.livejournal.com/5282.html

Which include incredibly rare pokedoll charms, rare pokemon time umbreon t shirt, custom plush, brand new black and white merch, rare older merch, diamond and pearl odds n ends, and all kinds of cool things.


Thanks guys as always.
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Re: Gentleman's Society Pokedoll GA

Hi! I realize that I already have a post on the front page, but this is important, and my_chapstick is currently unavailable.

First off, regarding the extension: We're really sorry. We were having a lot of problems with the seller, so we decided to extend it another two days without realizing that it wasn't allowed. That's our own fault, and I really apologize for that. I had seen it done on other auctions, so I had assumed that it would be okay. @__@ I guess those other auctions hadn't ended yet, so again, we're really sorry. 

Secondly, this group auction is unfortunately being discontinued. We had placed bids on the lot on eBay, but earlier today, the seller deleted our bids as well as the listing, and told us that if we didn't give her the money now, then we would not get the lot. As neither of us had the money to front for the auction, we were unable to pay her. We were also suspicious of her demanding the money, as she was unwilling to wait (the listing had originally been posted to end in another two days from now.)

N plush reminder + movie wants

 Just a heads up that offers for my custom N plush is ending in less than a day! This is your only chance to get a N plush made by me, as I will never make another N!
Click here or the image to go to the post.  ~Countdown timer here

Also, some quick wants! I'm looking for the following movies w/ eng dub:
mewtwo returns
1, mewtwo strikes back
2 power of one
3 spell of the unown
8 lucario & the mystery of mew
9 pokemon ranger and the temple of the sea
10 rise of darkrai
11 giratina & the sky warrior
12 arceus & the jewel of life
13 zoroark
I don't care too much about the condition of the case, but the DVD must be official/ in working condition. I don't even really need a case.. I just kind of want the cheapest copy I can get...>.>

I'm also looking for the manaphy movie VS pack. Does anyone have one for sale/ know where I can get one that isn't too expensive? The only one I can find atm is $40 shipped on ebay /:
Viri Walky
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Candy GA Reminder

Hey guys! Just a reminder that the bidding for these candy dispenders/toppers ends tonight in just under 11 hours C: We've raised a good amount so far, and if there's no competition we will be getting some pretty nice discounts ^v^ There's still a couple of items without any bids though, so feel free to scoot on over and check it out ;3

Click me!

McDonald's Alomomola

Hi everyone! I have managed to get the full set of McDonald's Toys and almost all 12 McDonald's cards.

All I'm missing is Alomomola.

I wish I had trades permission because I have so many extra Zorua cards/and fig, extra Pidove cards, Klink, and Munna, and a few extra Zekrom figures. Sigh..

Can anyone offer me a Alomomola McDonald's card for a reasonable price-the figures only sell for $2 at McDonald's so I don't think I should have to pay more than $4 or 5 max shipped. Thanks.

Giant sales, I am an idiot ):

 well, the time does always seem to come (': I swore it wouldn't happen to me, but... basically, I have no money. I need money to live, and no matter how much overtime I do, it never seems to be enough. So.... tl;dr, rather large sales ): Pokédolls, generic plush, cards, and stuff. Will all be posted on Friday, sorry it can't be any earlier; working all week except Wednesday and Friday, and Wednesday I'm busy. 

Sales in this: marigoldkisses.livejournal.com/7390.html
Halloween Witch Chikorita by magicalondi

Multipurpose Post(somewhat)

Hey everyone, I've got a small question for everyone, which you might be able to help me out with. I've got an Altaria Pokedoll about 3 months ago on ebay. But something really bothers me about it, and that is the fact it might very well be a bootleg one :/ Here are some pictures of it and its tags.
Collapse ) Pokedoll
Wooper Pokedoll
Phanpy Pokedoll
Smoochum Pokedoll

All in mint/like new/new condition with both tags prefered. I'd be willing to pay up to 120$ for a Wooper. (I almost got it on ebay, but then someone bid 2dollars more and won it, which pretty much ruined my whole week since I was pretty sure I would get it for such a ridicolous price...) Anyone who could provide me with one would have a lot of gratitude from me, it's a very special Pokedoll for me, not just because of my Johto collection and my love for Wooper. And sorry for whining again and messing up this post with a link to one of the pictures, I don't know how it happened<.<Collapse )
Small update with a front shot of the tag:

Collapse )
Cyrus - Anime Genius

Theme Park Plush Finds?

I went on vacation to Busch Gardens Europe in Williamsburg, VA last Wednesday and I made an interesting find while I was searching around the games: official Pokemon plush! They were Gen IV related, though a part of me was hoping to see a Zorua or some Unova starters instead....

So before I share some pics I snapped of them, I was wondering what Pokemon items do you have from amusement parks, fairs or carnivals? I'm just curious about what plush or other items you guys may have, but just to let you know ahead of time, I'm not looking to buy anything at the current time.

Piplup was hoping I'd snag him a much bigger bro or a Shaymin to ride on while he took a moment relaxing by a fountain in the Ireland section of the park.

[Yes, that's my Jakks Plush Piplup as my traveling buddy; I took some shots of him while around the park; I'll hopefully have some of my collection on film this week before I go on vacation, but I plan to take some shots of him at Disneyland or while I'm traveling in a few days. He's so photogenic~]

Collapse )

As for my own amusement parks plushes, I have a Charmander [a large-sized one but he's a stiff plush] from over ten years ago, an obvious bootleg Pikachu, and one of those official medium-sized Piplups like the ones seen in the pics. I found a medium Chimchar at a Goodwill Store for 50 cents [I kid you not. Again, pictures coming soon!], but that's all I've been able to get. All of them still have their tags, except for the Chimchar, so I know they're official U.S. plush. I forgot the name of the company that makes them, but it might be Jakks...? I'll update this tomorrow... or whenever I take a look at my plush.

Until next time, where I swear there will be a collection update!

- Juuchan

New Face~

 Hello everyone! I'm new to this community and to LiveJournal in general. I have a small collection of Pokemon Plushes, but they are growing slowly. Its nothing too fancy. 

My favorite Pokemon is tied between Scraggy and Litwick, but I love a bunch or others~

I hope I get to meet a bunch of cool people here and that my collection expands even more! I don't know what else to say, so feel free to ask me anything!
Red Dead - Mister John Marston

Dakajojo GA Payments #1 & small Photostory

Alrighty, folks, I have a super update for you!

For those who participated in the Dakajojo GA ( http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/9453208.html?page=2&cut_expand=1#cutid1 ) :

Firstly, I appreciate your patience. :) Dakajojo has accepted what we raised, though it was still short, so there will be no discounts. I finally have the totals spreadsheet up and running. The spreadsheet is here :


Please send payment to jevans0207@yahoo.com as soon as possible. Put 'Dakajojo GA' in the Subject along with your username in the memo. Update the spreadsheet after payment is sent.

Now, all business aside, meet my latest lil' guy!

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Introduction and Question ◕ ◡ ◕

Hello everyone! I am relatively new to live journal (interface will take getting used to) and the community, but I am really loving live journal and this community as a whole. I feel that familiar 'pokemon passion' exuding from every picture and comment I see, be it casual or hardcore pokemon collecting, to be really awesome and inspiring. I also wanted to extend my thanks for having the privilege to post this little introduction and also have a few questions to ask afterword regarding merchandise identification for things I definitely want to add to my collection.

My name is Andrew and I am from Texas (no, we do not ride horses to school, but that WOULD be cool...only thing cooler would be a Samurott ^^; ) but people often just call me by my screen name. I have been into pokemon since the red and blue versions days. I still continue to play the games and enjoy playing the newer titles as well.

As for my collecting goes, I am scattered all over the place because I like many, many pokemon! Lucario and (hopefully) Ursaring are probably the ones that I will purchase most merchandise of, but I can't guarantee it because I like too many haha! My collection is very modest right now, but I know that will change soon with my stay here!

Here is a quick picture of my pokemon corner:

Also for my questions I had for you, the community is this:

I am in deep search for a talking lucario toy, I have this picture and apart from that I don't know much about it. Anyone having any information or someone that can direct me to a possible purchase of this item will be greatly appreciated.

And for my final question. It is my understanding that Target was giving away Pokemon Black and White Art portfolios as a promotion. I am wanting this item as well, and I am wondering if anyone wants to set up a possible trade for them? A friend told me they go from 5-12 dollars, but I would prefer to trade for some plush that I no longer want.

Again it is nice to meet everyone, and thanks for taking the time to read this! I ^^
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Pokemon - Pikachu Cutie

I <3 Pikachu and quick Cherrygrove Sales

Hey guys! Just here with a collection update as well as quick sales.

First of all is a new addition to my Pikadolls :D
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I got a couple of awesome customs in the post :D

Collapse )
And finally my own custom :D I had an idea of doing a sprite plush and finally go around to make one!

Collapse )

I've got a couple more pokedolls coming in soon so hopefully I'll do another update.

I also got some good news! I've got the right grades so I am leaving for USA in just four short weeks \o/ I'll be in Oklahoma for 10 months so I cant wait!! This does mean I really need to get rid of these items.
Note: I am shipping from the UK
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