July 3rd, 2011


Ah, stupid me :P

 So well...I have decided to collect any merchandise of Gold/Hibiki, and I truly have to go really hard on this and be on a good lookout.

fizzycat was so very kind to think about me and found this one on Y!J:

See that poster? Well, when I eventually had enought money to spend on it, I have noticed that it was past the time to buy it. FAIL.
Anyways, I wanted to ask, is there any way to find out if something that has not been bought will be relisted? This was not bought, if I am not mistaken. I am just pretty new to the site, so yeah :/

Some wants that I have decided to post here, might as well just try! :)
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If you know any other official merch that has him on it, or if you could show me ANYTHING, just let me know please! It would be very much appreciated! <3

My other wants are on my weebly page :)


Thank you guys for looking! You're the best! <3
pika cap2

Wanted jakks Pikachu

Evening everyone I been so busy with things and life that I haven't time to upload anything and I have a big update coming up but I need help tracking a jakks Pikachu plush.The one I'm looking for is the sitting happy opened mouth one.But I'm low on funds so if anyone don't mind trading me one I would love that so if you have a want list let me know.
This one

Thanks for viewing

Pikachu found special thanks to sanatonya

SEGAMew's Very First Auction!

Oh boy oh boy oh boooooy~! :D What better way to celebrate earning Sales Permission than a small scale auction since I have no idea the value of these items? X3

Granted sales permission on 07/02/11 by dakajojo.
Ships from Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Great for North American, Asian, Oceania regions, not so much for European region ^^;
Will ship internationally!
All pkmncollector rules apply.
This means no bids deleting (if you made an error, just post again)
If you back out of buying/cause a ruckus, you and I will have issues >=P
Often times, I recycle packaging materials to save both of us some money. If this bothers you (like you are afraid of pet hairs that may have crossed over between packages), let me know!
Everything I own is stored in military living quarters inside ziplock/plastic bags. No pets here, and I don't smoke.
SEGAMew's Feedback

(You can click for larger image)

I was more or less after the Farfetch'D chibi stamper that came with this lot. Since I don't particularly collect any of these Pokemon (though that Vulpix is just asdfg adorable burning Weepingbell's butt there), they deserve to go to a loving home =) All of the figures here are very clean with no odor or yuckies.
All figures will start @ $2.

(You can click for larger image)

And this... is like bottle holder. You unzip Pikachu's butt and slide up a fitting bottle. The top of Pikachu's head can be unvelcroed if the mouth of your bottle is rather large. I do not recommend shoving a bottle that is larger than 10" in circumference and 6" in length (minus the mouth). Pikachu has a red strap if you wish to carry him around that way. His tail acts as a handle of sorts, but it's not well sewn into the material Pikachu is made of. Oh and I suppose it is design to insulate your beverage.
This item will start at $8.

Auction Ends @ Tuesday, July 5th 11:59 PM Hawaiian time (yes this is one of the much later timezones).

There are Full Color Stadium figures, NOT Chou Gets! Sorry guys hahah 8D

Aaaand might as well slide these links in. I haven't finished my leeky sales banner of awesomeness. I don't want to "officially" release my store until the banner is at least ready 8D But anyway here are the Pokemon sales links!

Pokemon Plush Sales
Pokemon Keychain/Figure Sales
Pokemon Shitajiki and Poster Sales
Pokemon Book-like items Sales

And if you browse around my Livejournal, you will see those Pokemon Papercrafts without prices whatsoever on them. You are free to make an offer for singles or whole sheets. I may not accept an offer immediately since I am trying to see how much interest people have for certain Pokemon. If more than one person shows interest in the same Pokemon, that Pokemon may be up for auction =3

You are also free to look at my Pokemon Plush folder on Photobucket. I haven't gotten around to updating my sales post in terms of what I have for sale. If you see something that you like (like talking keychain Pokabu), feel free to PM me about it. I do have certain prices in mind, but I'm open to offers on unlisted plushies.

By the way, I ship every individual plush in ziplock/plastic bags, then inside recycled packaging (occasionally new packaging). I use anything from bubble envelopes from previous purchases or food boxes. Please let me know if you have any allergies and I will use all new packaging!
Meowth :&#39;)

collection post and a question

This is my first collection post. :P I haven't been collecting very long so I don't have much. 

These are my plushes. Riolu and Happiny are pokedolls.
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This is my Oshawott plush and Pikachu toy factory plush.

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Chimchar, Turtwig, and Piplup plushes. The chimchar and turtwig "talk." Piplup doesn't. :P I'll get the talking Piplup plush soon. Why not? I'd have the Sinnoh starter set. :P

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I will update when I get more plushes. Also, I have this coming in the mail from Japan. It's not here yet, so here's a stock pic. I might put a pic of this plush when it comes. I'm expecting it to come around July 12th or something. It's a Banpresto Croconaw UFO Plush. It's 11.5 inches.




Here is my question. I found a Talking Totodile plush on eBay. Link here:


It's from Hong Kong so I'm reluctant to getting it. :P I've seen it alot on ebay. It looks exactly the same as this plush, which is real.



Does anyone know if this plush is real? It has correct tag but I watched a video on how to spot fake plushes, and just because it has a tag doesn't mean it's going to be real. That's what I heard. It doesn't just have a tag, it has the right tag. Have you had any bad experience with this seller or got a fake from this person?

This Hong Kong seller might actually sell authentic plushes.

eBay member: cornerstone6


Sale's Update!

Hey everyone ^_^ I manage to get loads of goodies from y!japan and also selling some extra item's I have.I have received packages from seller's but sadly my house still been renovated so I cant take many picture's of my collection until there done and then I can set up my eevee army xD

I also been going out of town alot,but for now I'm home and want to make room as I have another box of goodie's packed but need sort and go threw it before I sell anything.With that said I have uploaded my sale's post with a rare Leafeon Chupa,Fuzzy Eevee Figure I never seen for sale,a few kid's
misc toy's and a 90 Lot of Pan sticker's and a few plushe's n pokedolls I still need gone (also a pikachu cosplay ears n tails) ^-^;

So feel free check my sale's! Click the banner below.Thanks and enjoy! Hopefully I can set up my collection soon,I hate having all my vee vee's In bags and boxes v_v


Quick question

Does anyone know how much the Ancient Mew cards are worth these days? I bought mine roughly 10 years ago for $5 and I'm wondering if I will get more or less than that were I to ever sell it. 

help me ID these guys

i have no idea of their origin, i just know that ive had these since i was little girl :x i would love if anyone could help me figure out what kinds of sets they came from or what they were promoted with! THANKS SO MUCH IN ADVANCE <33
quag set figured out! 2 more to go!
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Looking for two figures

Hey everyone. I saw some others posting here, so I figured it must be allowed. Anywho, I'm on the hunt for two Pokemon figures for my collection. They are Dawn, and Nurse Joy. I have pictures inside and more details. :)

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Anyone have these for sale at 'decent' prices?
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Kachiki Sabi

OMG! Look at what I made!!!

Ok ok...so I know I posted just yesterday about my orange eared hasbro raichu! But you guys HAVE to see this! I'm so proud of myself XD I know it's awful but I'm proud!

More pics of him under the cut! :D Plus a Jolteon and Lugia group shot to make this post a little more interesting! :3

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Mostly Eeveelution Sales!

Sup guys. Some of you might remember me! :D I apologize for being so quiet/dead on the community and LJ in general, but I have little to no time to get on an actual computer anymore, so I use my phone, and uuuuuugh typing on a Droid with nails sucks. ANYWHO.
I have some sales here! Short and sweet.

I have Eeveelu Jakks, Leafy and Glacy Chupas, Umbreon charms, and a PokemonTime Eevee/Espy/Umbry bag! OOOOOHHHHHHH!

Sales permission granted forever ago
Feedback stuff under here

Rules and stuff!
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Pricing is like this!
Item + "fees" + Shipping! <3

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PleaseworkMr.Cuts, pleasepleaseplease.
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Multipurpose post!

Foreign Pokemon Cards
First off, I'm looking for someone who made a post recently looking for foreign Pokemon cards in various languages. I have a stack of 49 89 (found more!) in Korean, Dutch, French, Chinese, and some other languages I don't even know :0 Most of them are from the base and jungle sets, with a few in fossil and rocket, and they're almost all common and uncommon.

Trying to get of some old, old cards
Secondly, I had a box full of really old TCG cards that's been gathering dust for years, so I figured it'd be best to just sell them already. Almost all of these cards are common cards from Unlimited, Base Set 2, Jungle, Fossil, and Rocket, with probably only 5 from other sets in the entire mix. So, if you got into collecting the cards late or just want to start, these would be great sets! c:

50+ card packs: These all have at least 50 cards in fair to great condition. I tried my best to avoid multiples, so there should be no more than 3 of the same card in each pack. (if you buy more than one you will end up with mostly multiples) Almost all cards are common, with only about 3 or 4 uncommons per pack.
$5 shipped in the US, $8 international

Shadowless cards: I have the shadowless versions of the following cards: Ponyta(x3), Staryu, Starmie, Koffing, Doduo, Machop, Machoke. All are in fair to good condition, the worst being wear around the edges and corners. They aren't worth much, just make offers for individuals or the set.

Energy cards: I have somewhere from 500-1000 energy cards from various sets, mostly before e-series. These would be great for crafts. If you're interested, make an offer or I can go out and calculate shipping on them.

McDonalds toy trades
Lastly, my friend wanted me to search for her; she has 2 unopened Zoroark, one with a Tepig and one with a Pidove card. She is looking for Pikachu, or Tepig unopened. Zoroark sounds pretty common so I don't know if anyone would be willing to trade, but... might as well try ^^

Edit: Pokemon Rumble Card Set
I also found some Pokemon Rumble card sets at a nearby card store, and can pick them up if anyone is interested! They come with a set of all 16 Pokemon Rumble TCG cards and a set with dice, a playmat, damage counters, etc for playing a weird version of the card game. They were $5 each, and I could either send you
-the box, unopened ($7 shipping+fees)
-everything minus the plastic display window ($5 shipping+fees)
-the flat box and flat contents (no dice) ($3.50)
-the cards only ($1)
I think there were only 3 left.

Walking Kura Icon

Pokemon VHS?

I hooked up my VCR and have been watching some of my old pokemon videos this weekend. That got me kind of thinking about buying a couple more if I can find them cheaply.

I don't have a pic of the ones I have now but does anyone have a picture of their collections of these (or dvds)? I just kind of wanted to see what as out there. c:
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Rubbermaid full of stuff and how to best contact me.

Just a general post here.

I have a 50 gallon rubbermaid FULL of pokemon stuffs I got in Y!J auctions. Would it be a better idea to make it smaller, multiple lots or all at once?
I'll be posting them through eBay and people are more than welcome to GA them.


ALSO. Those needing to contact me need to contact me through EMAIL! I am very rarely on the community anymore as my home business life has gotten much more hectic and needing my attention.


My email is 6reycat@gmail.com
Please put something pokemon related in the subject.


Grail get & the end (?) of a collection! & a sales update!

Hi everybody,

We're finally getting a chance to update - past few weeks have been super busy! But we've managed to acquire a very, very nice grail piece...

2005-2006 Victory Orb Mew, the final Mew card needed to finish boyfriend's collection! He now has every single Mew card, Japanese & English that was ever printed, including cameos. Yayyy! Pictures of the rest of his collection under the cut.

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We do have a lot of doubles from getting all the cards needed for his collection, so if you see something you like, ask away! Chances are, we have it.. T___T for us, ^___^ for you!

Also, we've updated sales (finally!) with some new stuff -- new flats, reversible plush & slashed prices on some stuff as well, having a giant battrio clearance, so take a look! We're also having a 5% discount on any purchases over $50 (before shipping & fees).  Must make some money for summer cons... ^^;;;

Click the image for our sales~

bachuru dance party

Sales, and TOY FACTORY INFOS!!!!!

First off: New Pokedolls, Musical Plush and Musical Goods are all on Sunyshore, along with many other various thingies! Please come have a lookee! No we don't have Whimsicott Pokedolls! You will possibly be glared at over the internet if you ask.

Now guess what time it is! TOY FACTORY TIME!!!!!

At the CA Meetup last week, some of us spotted a Toy Factory Pikachu with a new pattern and a bright black and white hang tag! We knew what that meant! But we only knew of Pikachu until happyjolteon spotted something on the boardwalk...

We can now confirm Pikachu, Meowth, and Zoroa's various sizes, along with the existance of the three starters (no clear photos yet though besides that one of Pokabu!). Some other information gathered from the picture below, is that Toy Factory is no longer making crane-game sized plush, only very large amusement prize plush. I wonder why?

Sizes of the above plush are totally wacky. During D/P there were FIVE sizes of each plush made (shown with Pokedoll for size comparisons). Now there are tons of sizes and they seem to vary based on the Pokemon:

A. Pikachu
6”, 9”, 14”, 19”, 25”, 29.5”, 36”, 44.5”

B. Meowth
16”, 24”, 34.5”, 40”, 41”, 49”

C. Zorua
16”, 24”, 36”, 43”, 53”, 61”

You did not misread. There is a Zoroa as big as a freaking couch.

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Some of you major fans might now wonder, how to get these without access to a themepark or boardwalk carrying them as prizes? You might recall spring of 2010 I did a major group buy, buying Shinx plush in bulk from Toy Factory's main location. There are already members prepping themselves to organize some more bulk group buys from Toy Factory for B/W plush, once we have some more info on the starters, which we can't get until after July 4th holidays. I know this from my expierience: You need to spend at least 100$(minimum order cost) and you need to buy at least the minimum amount of plush required per size (it was something like 20 of the smaller sizes and 5 of the biggest sizes). Shipping to the runner is provided by Toy Factory, and would be split between all participants.

So look forward to that, if you are a fan of these guys, big plush, and let's hope Toy Factory keeps up its cute patterns and makes some more neat Pokemon!

Last but not least. This year's 7/11 movie drink goods! CUTIES!