July 4th, 2011


Initial mini sale and a plush question

 So I got my sales permit and I'm very happy about it :D

I am creating my sales spot, but right now is WIP, but still managed to put some items for sale

Please come by and take a look to what I have to offer :)

BTW, does anybody knows anything about this plushie? (like brand, year, rarity, etc? ) I got him at the Supercon for $6, and hes a cutie regardless of his poor condition. He doesnt have a tush tag, and seems he used to have a UFO strap that was removed

Please pardon the mess in the BG


Leeky Emporium's Grand Opening!

Please excuse the mess and a scent so strong that it'll sting your eyes and make you cry =P Feel free to browse around and hopefully buy a few items. Or at least enjoy looking at my banner that I totally took something like 2-3 hours to make.

Also, I didn't really get an answer to this question that I asked when I posted my Leek Duck Report for this week (I have a feeling many people overlooked it <__<;; ). Were there any other Farfetch'D plush/beanie manufactured BESIDES that one Banpresto UFO? I remember years ago while looking up Farfetch'D plush on eBay, I saw two kinds... the UFO one and something else that was less appealing compared to the UFO. Any thoughts? Clues?

Also I have another question. I've been searching on Y!JA and I've been noticing that A LOT of items do not show up when I search for them. Usually I would get like 30+ pages of Pokemon plushies when listing them 200x per page. Now I get 3 pages of Pokemon plushies when I display 200x on a page. I'm having this issue when searching ANYTHING. Help? =(

And a little reminder, click to warp to SEGAMew's very first auction! It ends July 5th, 11:59 PM Hawaiian time =3

Just a small question

My friend gave me two of his plushes, but they have no tags on them at all. I was wondering if any of you knew what brand these, I would greatly appreciate it! Click the cut to see the pictures~ Its sort of picture heavy? The pictures are a large size so thats why yeah. :3

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Customs, Noppin, and Sales

Multi purpose post AHOY!

1) I won my first auction on Y!J though Noppin. I admit, I have NO idea how to pay. Do they email you with an invoice after the find out how much the shipping to them is? Btw it was these lovelies! I am way too excited. I fell in love with that Dialga the first moment I saw him on DialgaFTW. x3 And it was just a bonus to get the one with Piplup in it!

2) I have received sales permission and have set up shop. It's not very big yet but I'll add things as I get them! I do live out near the Alderwood Pokemon Center Kiosk and I'm heading up there this week with some friends and might pick some things up to add! :) Click on the picture to go to my permanent shop thread.

3) I have a custom My Little Pony Flaaffy that I received in a trade back when I was making custom ponies. Would it be looked down upon if I offer her up for trades on my shop? I do not collect Flaaffy and I was going to gift her to a friend but they seem uninterested as well. I know she would find a better home here. So I thought I would ask. :)

4) I'm just waiting on some items in the mail and then I'll be doing a collection update in a week or two! Zekroms, Dialgas, Treeckos, Piplups, and more! I love too many Pokemon. Hehe. I can't wait to show you all what I've amassed! :)

5) I have a custom up for offers! :D I've recently found my old supplies and started making Littlest Pet Shop customs again. I found a Meowth that I had started and thought I would finish it up and see how well it would do. I've also got a Furret, Flaaffy, Eevee, and Pikachu in the works that I'll also be putting up for offers once they are complete. I'm doing these with "Pokemon Time" style eyes because I think they are just too precious!

Click on the thumbnails for a larger picture.

Granted sales permission by 07/02/11 by dakajojo! You can find my feedback here.
Base was a basic feline. I removed the tail, added a wire and sculpted over it with apoxie clay. "Wiskers" are also apoxie clay with a wire root. Coin is just apoxie what was glued on. Painted with acrylics and sealed with 3 layers of matte. Eyes and coin were sealed with gloss. Its a little taller than a kid figure.

Offers start at 10$, and I will stop taking them in three days. :)

Edit: I packed up the Meowth, and it weighs about 3oz and it would be coming from 98052 in the US for those that would like to check on shipping first! :)
Flareon - Shades

Picture sharing post!

This is the last thing i saw before I left for work this morning
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Its my "loved" Arceus plush, the one that gets beat up and thrown around.

It seems my sweetie pumpkin sugarplum Kira loves him too.

My dog has good taste.



Porygon-Z by trainer_irene


We won the GA! Thanks to some intense bid wars, there were MASSIVE discounts for us all!

As stated in the original post, the first payment will cover the Zukan price, fees, and shipping from middleman to me. Here are the totals!:

(Original Bid $35) Zekrom Overdrive: nagaineko  ($18.71)
(Original Bid $24) Reuniclus Line: corn_dog_solo  ($12.92) PAID
(Original Bid $6) Sigilyph: supertablebunny  ($3.46)
(Original Bid $14) Victini: arceus  ($7.67) PAID

Please send all payments to jandjsimonenterprises(at)gmail(dot)com with the subject Zekrom Edition Zukan GA: (Username)(Zukan Bought).

Oh, and I'm not going to do a collection update until some Axew things arrive, but I just have to share my latest edition to my collection, and probably my favorite Axew plush so far:

Thanks for looking and participating, guys! :D


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mega apology on pokedoll offers!!!

I apologize, I had put my eevee pokedolls up for offer and said I would get back to everyone as quickly as possible but... I put them up for offer right before I went to an anime convention. I traveled 4 hours to get there and was gone from Fridy-Sunday so I wasn't at the computer very much. I apologize because I said I'd respond quickly. But I was mega distracted, the con was so fun! But anyway, I'm going to keep them up for offer a bit longer. I am looking for at least $30 for each (Vaporeon more like $45). So if you're interested go look! Espeon has been sold now as well :]

and for the convention I went to... can you guess what I was dressed up as?

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anyway I apologize again for the delay and I hope you all had a good weekend! I know I did!! :D

OH and for this GA...

I put in a shipping request to SMJ but they haven't billed me yet? So I have e-mailed them asking if the request went through or what is going on. I apologize for the wait and will keep you updated!

Yay A Multipost xD

Well, originally I was only going to post a reminder of my marble GA, but then I came to the conclusion that such a post would be too bland...So I decided to do a collection update and mini-wants list as well! Might as well hit multiple pidoves with one stone, yes? :b
I've actually been wanting to do a collection update, but then I buy more merch and think..."Alright...I'll do it after I get my stuff in the mail" and then I buy more stuff and wait for that stuff, and the cycle becomes endless...Seriously....Does this happen to anyone else? XDDD

Annnd...I may have spent waaayyyy too long on that collection update doodle. I even made an userpic to go with it xDD; i hope you guys enjoy it though. But Anywaaaaayyyyy~ Onwards! Warning: Kinda Image heavy.

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I'm pretty much looking for anything sneasel/weavile that I don't already have, so if you've got something I don't have that you wanna sell, then hit me! :D Gimme your sneasels/weaviles! Gimme Gimme Gimme!

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And finally, to the main point of this post, my marble GA. There are still a lot of marbles that had no claims on them! So get bidding! xD!

Click the picture to go to the GA! [If I did the html right that is....xDDD]

Thanks for looking! This college kid is gonna hop into bed now @_@ Lucklessprince may or may not have pulled an all nighter xDDD.... Anyway, until next time, loves~ i hope you enjoyed looking at my humble collection!
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Blaziken Pokedoll Auction!

Hello everyone! Today I have for your bidding pleasure a lovely, squishy Blaziken pokedoll! Blaziken has never been so cuddly. Click the cut for more!

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Also: For those of you who have trying to get a hold of me: I've just finished my honours essays, so over the next few days I will be getting back to you! Thanks for your patience :)

Pokemon Bakery Customs + Pokedoll Figure/Box Auction

I've completed all of my last batch of commissions, so I will be opening another 10 slots! :D I've added a new menu item and I'm already excited to make more cute bakery Pokemon. <3

New cafe items! <3

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I'm sure you all saw nightmare_chan2's collection update, well I decided to auction off a slot for a custom box. C: And I will be also auctioning off another slot for one of my Pokedoll figures with a custom Pokedoll tag. <3
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bidoof; ???

GA reminder + sales + auction interest?

Hey guys! :D Lots of things in this post! First off, I'm posting the first and last reminder for the EPIC TOMY GA that ends on July 7 at 10:15 PM EST. There's still tons of figures that don't have bids! Currently, I believe we've already raised enough to top the one bid on this auction, but I'm not sure yet (haven't checked it again since yesterday so it may have gone up). Keep getting those bids in and make sure you read my notes in some of the threads!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Also, please note that my birthday is on July 7, so I will probably not be getting you your payment info until the following day. However, I WILL be checking for sniping and bids placed after the end of the auction! So get those bids in before it ends!!!

Secondly, I was granted sales permission by dakajojo on 7/2/11, so I'm proud to announce my first ever sales post at Bibarel's Leftovers (derp apostrophe in leftovers on the banner)! :D Click my crappy hastily-drawn banner to be transported to the sales!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Note: I am going OFFLINE so I will reply to comments when I get back! <3
Not a ton of stuff yet, but hopefully you'll see something you like :3 There's figures, some plush, some cards, and some miscellaneous stuff. Because I will be out on Thursday for my birthday, I will most likely be shipping all items then from this post! I will also be going to TRU then, and will most likely be adding new stuff to my sales post after!

Auction question! Finally, I have some items I was wondering if anyone would be interested in if I hold an auction for them. I have some very rare items: an Espeon TOMY keychain with the chain, a Quilava bell keychain, and a Charizard capsule figure (not sure how rare he is though D:). Would there be any interest if I held an auction for these guys?

Thanks everyone! :3

Battrio GA (we won!) Payment #1

Ok, so first of all I want to apologize for not making a post or updating the other post to say that we won before now, there was some funny business going on with Noppin, and I didn't want to post that we had won before it all got straightened out. (Basically they were saying the auction was still ongoing even though the auction had physically ended with us as the winners)
ANYWHO. We DID win, and here is everyone's totals!
Please keep in mind that these totals do include fees from the middleman service (bank wire fee, service fee, etc, and everyone is paying $1.41 each to cover the fees, including myself and aburamechan )
(here is a link to the invoice: i653.photobucket.com/albums/uu259/AburameChan/Journal%203/noppinedgfjverdfkgnersd.png)

Please send all payments to deidarabang(@)yahoo.com , with a memo that says your USERNAME in the SUBJECT along with "Battrio GA payment 1" 
Here is the spreadsheet!
(Please pay the BOLDED amount!)

Please update the spreadsheet to say when you've paid, so that we have a record ^^


10 day offers: 1/1 Bulbasaur, and more! (Also GA info)

The seller of the Gothy Kids GA has come home from holiday, sorted out the mistake and will be sending them to me this week.
Payment 2 is needed for the Radioactive Minun Kids GA. Spreadsheet and info here: LINK

Today I have three Play by Play plush up for offer: 1/1 Lifesize Bulbasaur, Medium Bulbasaur and 10" Eevee!
I am open to broken down payment plans for the big Bulba, and trade suggestions on anything. I just need the space!

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espeon_lover GA!

Hey everyone me and myvampirelust19 bring you this GA! espeon_lover need this lot gone! We have kids, various flats & some gashapon figures =D

We Need to Raise about $350, but <lj user="espeon_lover"> did say in the previous post that it is also OBO.. so if we raise a fair amount i'll put it forward to her =D

So Please look under the Cut!

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FINALLY DONE!! BID PEOPLE BID! (I missed Britain/Irelands Next Top Model For that! Thank god for sky+)

Looking for: Vaporeon pokedoll American Velboa

Hey guys!

So I'm looking for an American velboa Vaporeon pokedoll, preferable with it's tag attached.
I don't really mind whether it's the old release (pikachu tag) or the new one (chibi vappy tag) as long as it's legit ;)

There's one up right now I know but the seller is asking $45,- and that's kinda above my budget.
Looking for one for $30,- is that a reasonable price at all? I've managed to get my other eeveelutions (eevee, jolteon, flareon) for that price or less so that's what I was going for.

Or is Vaporeon perhaps rarer (even the velboa one?)

If you can help me out let me know! ^^

mizuhokusanagi's lot GA first payment!


Sorry about all the delay, but I finally had time to do the spreadsheet. I'm really really sorry about the delay.


OKAY, thank you person that edited the spreadsheet back. :3

These were the people that won something: atlantia_rai corn_dog_solo drifloonx firebrand164 little_ledyba misfitbunny nasija oshawut paperoid pretty_omi 
 rehime sugar0coated

(If your name is struck(??? Mariana can't speak English durp durp) it just means that you already paid)

If your name is here, please check the spreadsheet!

The payment must be sent to Michelle@mullisconst.com
Okay, so comment after you paid, and put your zip code or country, and I will edit the spreadsheet myself. After three days I will check with Mizuho who's missing. Yaaaaay!

Is anyone looking for me? + Visa update

Hello community! Some of you may remember me from recently, I was feeling guilty for buying too many things and was also waiting for my visa to go to Canada to see my husband who I've been away from for 6 months and you guys gave me lots of wonderful words and advice and luck for my visa, and miraculously the next morning I received my visa! I believe you guys played a part in that, so thank you <33

I've arrived in Canada and been here for a couple days, and I was greeted with many lovely packages from the community that I still have to open and organize and take photos of <3 ANYWAY, due to jet lag and many things going on, i'm scared I may have missed some GA payments, this community moves fast! If I owe anyone money, please let me know! I'm usually more organized than this but moving to another country can mess a lot of things up, so yes please let me know!

Also expect a Venonat & Friends update in the next week or so, depending if I receive all my packages due to the Canada post strike, apart from the ones waiting for me I received one today, so 18 more to go!
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Collection, plus Wishlist

Hey fellow Pokemon Lovers. I figured I'd show off my Pokemon collection and would love some feedback. Also I've included a sort of wish list for sellers to look at in case they might have some stuff I'm looking for for decent prices. (=

Anywho it's here at my livejournal.

Offers Reminder (Finally) Also, McDonalds cards and MIP McDonalds Oshawott for Sale! And Question


Now with a -coughcrappycough- banner ^ Click on said banner to go to the offers page. I have also added BIN prices to Entei and Zoroark.

I don't have pictures of them but they are as follows (if you want pictures just ask, I won't mind taking them if someone wants me to but if I don't have to, I'm not going to):

MInt Condition Munna Card - $2
Mint Condition Oshawott Card - $2
MIP Oshawott Bobble/Wobbly figure with Blitlze Card - $4

If you want to haggle a little on these three items, go ahead.

Also, a commissions update:

darkfaeprincess, I will be done very soon. I am so sorry for the delays again by the way.

jadekitty777, I still just need to do the antlers and then he'll be done.

People I have arranged to trade customs for items with, I'll be getting to yours shortly :)

Also QUESTIONNNNNNN!!!!!! How do you change your LJ Username? Mine irks me ._. Answered! Thank you :)