July 5th, 2011


SALES: Ebay lot + TCG wants

HEY y'all.
I've been weeding out a LOT of my Pokemon collection, as im super mainly only interested in the TCG cards <3
I think this is the last lot i have that's sell-able ;__;
Just in case anyone on the comm was interested in it, ill post it here <3



Even though I have Wishlist 1, 2, 3, and 4 for card wants, i'm also interested in stamped/printed cards and other things, heres some of my wants :D 
Willing to buy or trade my customs for cards~

Looking for...

Pre-release cards
McDonalds / Burgerking promo cards
League / Championship / Regional / State / City ect. stamped cards
Deck / Blister holo special
Plusle/Minin Lucario/Manaphy Raichu/Gyarados VS Deck cards
Anything else promo-ish or stamped i might like :D

+ Japanese cards, preferably cards after base set + neo
   Japanese promos

Playing coins
Empty Deck boxes
Empty booster boxes
Empty booster wrappers
Anything else TCG related!


Card Trades Anyone?

I'm in need of some assistance. My TCG collection needs your help.

Well, since back in the day, its been a dream of mine to collect all of the Pokemon in card form. I've been working on it diligently but still have a lot to go. Right now, I'm missing about 100 Pokemon (not including Gen 5) and I need your help collecting them! Over the years, I've gotten a bunch of extra Pokemon cards but I realized instead of buying and selling, I could just trade them XD!

Right now I'm looking to complete Generation 1. These are the Pokemon I need: 

Ninetales (I have some of her but I need more XD)

I'm not a stickler on which particular card of these guys I get since I'm not a big TCG collector. I will let you know that Masakazu Fukuda and Kagemaru Himeno are my favorite artists and that I love the old TCG cards.

I have about 500-600 extra cards and a photographic memory, so if you're looking for a specific Pokemon or card, just comment here (with a picture if needed) for a trade :3. I'll dig through and see what I have. The majority of my cards are also in near mint condition, so I'm looking for cards in the same condition.

As I catalog my collection, I'll do more posts with the other Generations and my needs but I wanted to start off small to get a better grasp on trading.

So yes thanks for all your help, but don't think I'm leaving you hanging ;3! My 2 year anniversary is coming up in a week and I'll give you guys a taste of what to expect:


Skymin and the Fireworks

A new little addition arrived in the mail this week, so I took her to the fireworks display for the 4th of July.

Gosh, will it start already?


I hope you American Pokemon Collectors had as lovely a fireworks display as I did ;3

I'm trying to organize things for a true collection update, both figures and cards.  So hopefully this week I can have my first collection update since I came home from college.
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Some more works and small want

 Hiya everyone! Apologies in advance for bad formatting, I am so bad at HTML.....

I have a quick question, how much do the lugia figure that comes with preordering HGSS costs now? I have been wanting one for a while but I am always afraid that I will be getting booties if I buy from ebay :/ So if you have one that you are willing to sell (I required postage to Hong Kong btw ^^; ) I would be really grateful. Please let me how much you want, thanks in Advance (:


And now to my latest sculpture work sharing. All made from Fimo Polymer clay without paints and sculpted bit by bit with lots of love :'D I hope you like them!

1:10 Mini Scenrio - The Tiny Bugs
Sewaddle and Jotliks = Cutest bugs ever <3

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Mini Scenario: The Swines in the Snow
Featuring Swinub and Piloswine, with a random Spoink Pearl~
Done for an Art trade :D

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Mini Scenario: My Neighbour
To those who are wondering, this is kind  of me and my friend (Our representing pokemon in DA  XD)

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Mini Scenario: The Seals
My Latest Work~ 
I just love seals <3

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Feel free to look at my DA if you want to see my other works :'D

Hi Everyone - Introduction and my mini collection

Hi guys, I've been here for a couple of weeks already but I (think I) only just got the hang of how posts and the rest of the community works, so I thought an introduction would be better late than never :)

My name is Sidney and I hail from Australia (yeah, Sidney in Australia :P). Good figurines are awfully hard to come by here, or so I feel (especially TOMY Pokemon figurines, which I really love!), so...

Sometimes I just gotta make my own xP

Now... let's see if I can get this cut thing right. Then you can see the rest of my collection (the rest is Pokemon) :P
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human kids auction + small plup update

this week, i have a bunch of human character kids up for auction! i forgot to put them up during my last post so here they are. =D The auction ends Friday, there's a countdown timer in the post. Also, I found a stash of unopened DP 'Pokeballs' with stickers that I have forgotten about for years, they're going cheap and make good cosplay props, heh. These will be added to the past week's new sales items, which include Gen V attack kids and Cubchoo/Oshawott squirter figures. i also still have tons of shiny Suicune (and Entei) zukans left in stock! click the photos to proceed!

just so this isn't just a salesy post, here is a mini piplup update, masquerading as pictures of my desk. I have a more extensive collection update coming soon, I'm just waiting for some packages to arrive.

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thanks for reading!
emmet and denchura beep beep!

oh, you look so beautiful tonight!

pics of some new tomy stuff. actually, the plush pics have been out for a bit, but i don't know if they got posted here. the tomy MC pics are definitely new! :D

meanwhile we are preparing for movie time. it is nearly upon us. this is the first year an electric pokemon has ever had a title role in a movie!!! my body shelves are ready!!

what could this big blank space be reserved for? one guess.

is this 12 movie tickets? yes. yes it is. now i'm going to let you all believe i'm planning to see the zekrom movie 12 times by myself, because it's funnier that way!

make sure you check out ktmonkeyj's World Hobby Fair post. her photos turned out 100000x better than mine!

looking forward to mienfoo pokedoll day in 4 days? i know i am!
thanks guys!
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Reminder for Rare Raichu Offers!

Just sending out a reminder for some Rare/Hard to get Raichu goodies I have up for offers that end on the 14th. This includes a sealed clear pink candy grabber, sucker holder, rubber stamp, and key holder. The offers are still pretty low too~

Click the pic to go to the post~

Introduction & Collection

Hello. I'm Nina, and I'm a lurker and total derp at this posting stuff. i've loved Pokemon since i was reeeeally young (my fifth birthday party was pokemon themed.... -_-;).  I didn't want to start buying up everything here until I indroduced myself...which is what I'm doing. ANYWAY, here's my lovely poke-family.

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Horrifically Insane GA - WE WON!

HEY GUYS! Just to let you know, one of the CRAZIEST GAs I've ever won has come to a close, and we won! Things ended up pretty close, with us winning at $475.44 $481.24 (I got tracking and insurance on this! The number will be out after I get everyone's payment) after raising a very hearty $532. So, there will be discounts, but they will be meager. I got lucky and my break was scheduled during the end of the auction, so this is as far as I can get as of now.


Please send your payments to ThisUsernameFails@gmail.com with Horrifically Huge GA and your name, please! Helps me sort things out so much easier and is that little oomph that really helps me from sending stuff to the wrong house = 7=

I expect payment within TWO DAYS. If this is an issue, please PM me. As you can see, the lot's over $475, and I simply cannot cover anyone on this.

If you see ANY ISSUES, please let me know! There are a billion and a half items (give or take a few million) and my boyfriend is whiny, so it will take me some time to get everything fixed.
Give yourselves a pat on the back, this was REALLY awesome ;D
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quick sale + adventures of Marill at Animaritime

First off, I have sold all my Eevee pokedolls except my cutie but bootie Glaceon!

click for larger picture

she is top heavy and falls forward, but has a (fake) hang tag and a tush tag. She is super cute despite being a bootie! I will sell her for $20 shipped to the US, and elsewhere would be a tiny bit more. If that does not sound like a fair price, please let me know, as I am not sure what is fair for a bootie? Where she's a cute Eeveelution I think it's a good price but let me know if it's not! :)

And as you may know, I was at a convention all weekend. Of course I brought my lovely Marill with me for the fun times! I also purchased a few goodies, so if you'd like to see how my weekend was, check it out under the cut! (the pics are kinda big and most were taken with a camera phone so they are not the best and I apologize!)

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anyway hope you enjoyed my silly pictures! we had a BLAST. We handed out Team Rocket applications and everyone got a kick out of them x3 it was soooo awesome! and fortunately it's on the July 1 weekend again next year! I was so worried it would conflict with my wedding, because I'm getting married July 7, 2012. I wonder if anyone else has ever gone to a convention for a honeymoon? XD *nerd for life*

thanks for looking! :D

Also, for the captainangel GA: last I heard from mariahpixie today, was that the package is at the PO box! and she will soon be updating on the community about it! :D thanks for being so patient everyone!

I got a box

-collection noise-
and i have silent hill 3 on my mind :P
make sure you fix your radios folks!

Anyway, Treasure-japan sent me:

But what could be in BOX?

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Super quick wants to throw in here too:
clear hypno kid and cheap overdrive reshi/zekrom plamo set, don't really care if they are assembled or have a box or not

(no subject)

Hello everyone , i am still quite new to this and am still getting used to it. I know that some of you have put about the eeveelutions not being cheap , and also about the cyndaquils and other cool pokemon plushes you are selling. Im sorry if i dont get back , i have a busy life and dont always go on the computer...

Anyway, if you have any of munclax,snorlax,cyndaquil,eeveelution,pikachu or drifloon merchandise. Please could you post somthing onto my profile. Thanks and remember i might not get back to you.


Cyndaquil 2010 UFO want!

Totally need this right now, I will take the cheapest one guaranteed as my mum says I can! Would like to pay less than $20 including shipping, but even if you want more, feel free to post and I might go higher :)
Don't care about hang tags and tush tags, so if you have one without either and dont think you could sell it otherwise, now's your chance!

Anyone have these cuties for sale? :)

Does anyone have these cuties for sale?
They are more then $100 on ebay which is plain nonsense!
I am looking to pay $85 for both with any applicable shipping/handle charges.I can pay the shipping separatly.I have $36 in my paypal currently and am selling some extra of my yugioh collection and iwll have atleast $85 in a wees time.Anyone have these for sales?Thanks
Hope everyone in the U.S had a good 4th of July! :)

Kura Icon by Pichu90.

Collection Overivew + Collection Update

Hi everyone, I will be doing a formal re-introduction sometime soon but for now, here is an overview of my collection and how it pogressed. I first joined the community sometime in mid 2009, if I recall correctly. My collection was pretty big to begin with, and then it still got bigger:

This was my collection before I joined pkmncollectors:

This is my collection now:

Its kind of embarassingly large if you think about it XD. Most things have spaces through out my room or elsewhere so its not quite this crammed though. Unown gets an extra special display-he hangs above my bed. <3
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collection update :)

Hey everyone, I haven't posted in a little while but I wanted to show some of the new things I got at the flea market this weekend.

flea market love

 I know the picture is pretty terrible lol.. I was pretty excited to get the Raichu kid, though I think it may be bootleg on account of instead of it saying Bandai on the back it just says B. 
I'm okay with it either way because I really love Raichu ;-; Also the card is holo and pretty.

Anyway I'll end up posting a wants list when I know I have enough money to buy stuff... I've bid on two auctions and I'm getting a Spinda plush from lovedbyahero  i'm pretty sure.. So I'll be posting pics when that happens :o

anyway I love you guys<3333

Also quick question, what does OBO stand for?
thanks :3

Group Buy! I love Pikachu!


There's a listing on ebay for these little guys(: It's from Japan, so I'm sure they're authentic, and the seller has excellent feedback.

~ I will be claiming sleeping Pika
~If we can get them all claimed, there will be 2 payments. One of $10.75 for the plush and shipping to me, then shipping to you.
~You must pay with Paypal.
~I'll need payment immediately after they've all been claimed!
~ My feedback is here, if you'd like to look: 

Sleeping Pika: 
[info]xxblackwing95xx (Me)
Winking Pika (pink chain) : 
Both hands up (green chain): 
Sitting with head turned to the side (blue chain):

EDIT: Well, I guess I have to cancel this GB, because just as I was going to buy a set, for fear of them both selling, they both SOLD!!! D:< I'm very sorry to the participants! >.<

Re-Done Sales & Questions!

Hello again everyone~ It's going to be a small post today! Firstly, I completely re-organized my sales in my journal. Please go take a look~

I'd love to hear any suggestions on how to improve it! I'd like to make things as fast and easy as possible. :3
They are not pictured, but I also have 2 McDonald's Zoroark toys MIP. One has a Pidove card and the other has Blitzle. Let me know if you're interested in those. I will trade either one of them for a McDonald's Zorua! (MIP or not doesn't matter to me. I just want the figure.)
Secondly, when the Pokemon Musical promo is released, will anyone be able to pickup this hat for me?

I'm not sure who does Pokemon Center Pick-ups besides Gin and I'd like to know what my options are. Peka0 told me the price for the hat is going to be 1900 yen if that helps. I missed out on the hat from the Munna and Chillarmy promo, so I really don't want to miss out on this hat!

Found someone~ Thanks ktmonkeyj!
Lastly, I'm a total noob to SMJ. I just used them for the first time(and I won my grail! x3 But that's a topic for a future post.) I want them to use my deposit towards the price of my item. How do I ask them to do that? Do I simply email them or will there be an option somewhere on my invoice when I get it?
Answered~ Thanks mizuhokusanagi!

How do you choose? :o

Hey there! Just a small reminder that my Littlest Pet Shop custom Meowth is gonna be closed for offers tomorrow night! :)
Click the picture to go to the thread!

Also I wanted to ask, how do you all keep up with your favorite pokemon? Do you choose a main and go from there? I thought I had a main, but I have about 5 pokemon I can't choose between to collect mainly.. I just like so many pokemon. :C Its so hard. How do you all stick to one and then have side collections? I have like ALL side collections. x3

Clearance sale!

Hey guys these are my last items so everything is marked down considerably. I'll be considering any reasonable offers on these items! These include a Zoroark/Zorua shirt (SOLD), a Pikachu charm ($5 OBO), a DS case ($2 OBO) and a Pikachu plush ($1 OBO)! Since I am trying to just get rid of it all I'll especially consider deals on these!

I ship from the UK.


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Revenge of the Fun PokeDoll Group Auction!

Remember this fun GA?

The seller relisted it on eBay!  So my_chapstick and I are proud to bring you...

Revenge of the Fun PokeDoll Group Auction!!1

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Please do not start bidding until my_chapstick finishes putting up the threads please! Happy bidding everyone! :D