July 6th, 2011

bidoof; ^_^

Super Rare Keychain Auction of Fun!

Since a few people expressed interest in an auction for some items I have from this post, I decided to go ahead and do it! I'd much rather auction these than sell them directly, because I have no idea how to price them ;___; I've grown to really like these items, but as I don't collect any of the Pokemon they're of, I'd much rather see them go to homes and people who will love and appreciate them more than I do :3

This auction will end on July 9, 2011 at 11:59 PM PDT (California time).

Please make sure you read the rules before placing bids! Thanks! <3

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Look at those faces! Take these guys home! <3

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So this post isn't just about an auction, here's a little sneak peek of my next collection update. THIS is what my plush collection looks like since I joined the community. I didn't know I had so many and I still want so many more @___@

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Thanks for looking! <3

Anniversary Update :)!

Well, it’s that time of year again :p! It’s my pkmncollectors anniversary :D! My second year on this lovely community (almost) :3!

I’m quite lucky to have my anniversary over the summer because I actually have time to do uber updates like this. I guess before I start onto the collection stuff I should get this off of my chest :3

I really, really love this community, because that’s what it is, a community ^^. I’ve never seen any other place on the Internet where I feel 100% safe sharing my secret hobby to more then my friends and family. People see toy collecting as childish, immature and just plain weird, but not here. We all have a common goal to collect Pokemon merchandise, whether it’s plushies, figures, toys, games, cels, or cards. The best part is that we’re all willing to do our very best to help each other. Even though many of us may be rivals by collecting the same Pokemon, we all still remain friends and that’s my favorite part about this community :). So yeah, I’ve really appreciated you guy’s support over these last two years, I’d never have been able to collect these Pokemon without you :3! I love you guys ◕ ◡ ◕!

Now onto the collection update. I’ve finally gotten the time to take pictures of most of my collection. I still don’t have a good way to display all of it but I got the majority this time, including a few collections I’ve never shown before ^_^!

Pokemon featured in this update:

...and more!
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Just like Walt Disney, it all started with a mouse and a turtle. These two items were my first Pokemon toys I ever had and they are so 90's. I got them in a gift bag form one of my friends birthday parties at the roller skating rink lulz. Oh and btw, my 6th birthday party was Pokemon themed and we still have the plates, cups and other various items around the house XD! I recently found the table cover in the attic.

So collectors, I ask you, what started your collections? An idea, a sprite, an experience or seeing that adorable plushie on ebay?

Thank you for letting me be a part of this awesome Community! Let's hope for another year and many more to come :3!
Alola Vulpix

5th Gen Super Update

It's been quite some time since I last posted a collection update, but today I bring you the first update post (in a series of many) this month.  For those wondering what in the world it is that I collect anyway, I am your resident "collect anything that is cute" collector - my biggest collections are Minccino and Mew, but aside from those two my Pokemon collection isn't terribly organized.

I am also horribly obsessed with Gen 5 and would argue that it is the cutest generation yet.  Minccino, Zorua, Audino, Victini, Emonga... the list goes on and on.  What more could a Cute Pokemon collector ask for?  Although before anyone argues, I also find Gen 2 awfully cute and I collect a bunch of Gen 1 too.

I arrived in Tokyo last Saturday and of course the first thing I did Monday morning was head to the Pokemon Center. Within just a couple of minutes of being there, I unexpectedly bumped into denkimouse and taycs! We had a nice little impromptu meetup and they got to watch me squeal over new chinchillas.

Click the cut to see what I snatched up :)

Old 5th Gen Collection Shelf:

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And that's all for now, I can't wait for Pokedoll and Musical Promo day ♥
Buneary and lopunny

First Ever Photostory! PikaDoll's Outings

So yeah I've been busy these past few days ut and about with various friends and I decided to take PikaDoll with me. I adore my PikaDoll he may be loved but that makes him a PERFECT traveling partner!!! Thank you fizzycat for trading!

So yeah click the cut for 3 days woth of outing pictures!

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Thanks for looking guys!

Quick Question: This is to UK members. Well not all of you just those who live in london/have been around london!
I'm off there for a weekend away on Friday and was wondering if any of you know about any good Pokemon/Anime releted stores.
I'm already going to Fobbidden Planet, TokyoToys and chinatown (<-- more for a new bag that one xD) I was just wondering if there are anymore?
Thanks Guys ^^

tiny collection update and some wants :D

hi all! my collections have grown quite a bit since i've joined here...which i figured would happen. xD I have since started a Groudon collection and it has grown tremendously. I am still waiting on a bunch of things from people here, which i can't wait for eeee :D

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thanks all!
i might be going out in a bit so i might reply alittle later if you leave a comment n_n
Pokemon - Jigglypuff&#39;s balloon

My new site; sales update; please bid!?

Hello, I bring to you a rather quick multipost!

First of all, I made a personal community for me to post my sales, collections, wants etc. in. Kinda like a collection website :) I would've made a real site but I fail at website coding etc. so I decided to go with a comm. I drew two favourite Pokes for the banner:

Yep, I named it PurrPuff, I thought it was cute :D

I have set up my sales post Purrloin's Emporium over there already, so please check it out! I've updated it with a Blaziken Jakks figure up for offers, new plush and new figures!

Please to be buying my wares, since thanks to the great help larvitarscar, who is awesome and is my middle-man middle-man... I just won a DX Phanpy off Y!J *______* I'm so happy! But of course fees, EMS, shipping etc. will be biting my butt, so anything you buy will be most helpful ;)

I believe it's nearly been a year since I re-joined this fantastic community, so I should do an anniversary collection update non? I'll go check out the date I posted in here July 2010 :)

At the weekend I'll be at the London Film & Comic Con. I'll be scouring the stalls for anything Pokemon of course. Is anyone else planning on going? :)

Lastly, the Jakks Plush GA, aka that_zorua's lot NEEDS BIDS!. It has been extended to finish at 6.00pm instead of 5.00pm, so in other words it ends in roughly 80 minutes. If we don't get any more bids there's a good chance we wont have enough money to win, since the current bid on the auction is roughly the same as we've raised! D: Lots of plush have no bids, and the rest are on their starting - so go grab a bargain!

Collection update!

It's been a really long time since the last time I posted a collection update. Being busy with college kept me away from the comm. for a while, but I have a break for a while sooo what better time to post my collection.

This isn't really every thing, because a lot of it I'm thinking of selling off, but all of the important stuff is here. ^o^

I mainly collect Poliwhirl and Duskull. <3
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More Sales~

Most packages from my sales have been sent out-- the last batch will be sent over the next couple of days. All items under the cut are for sale-- all reasonable offers will be considered as items need to go! 
Kids, Plush and Winter Deer under the cut! :3

**Will consider trades for Mudkips, Spinarak items, and customs**

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Custom Ambipom

Wanted list and my collection site~

Merry Wednesday, everyone~!

I wanted to get my wants list out there once more. It's getting smaller! I would consider this the home stretch. There are only ten families left to get.

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I started one of those collection sites. It's not complete... it just has my main collection up so far. Check it out. :)


Battrio Leftovers!

Just letting you all know I have a ton of battrio leftovers from all of my GA's.

The picture will take you to the post about the leftovers. If you participated in the most recent Battrio GA, they are all $0.50 each and shipping can be combined with the GA. If you didn't participate, but find something you want, they're all $1 each.

And, sad day, but all of my Pokemon figures are neatly packed away and getting ready to make our journey to our new home. I need to do the same thing with my plushies, but I don't want to. *tear*

Kanto and Johto laser cut acrylic badges for offers

sales permission granted by denkimouse

feedback is here: http://faderkid.livejournal.com/734.html

-Paypal only
-I ship from California
-I expect payment within a day of accepting an offer, otherwise appropriate feedback will be left
-Be wary, I work full time and can't always respond immediately. I will try my best to answer all questions swiftly and keep everyone updated.

New Installation: if every badge from either set is claimed and there are offers for the set each person will have to up the claim of their individual badges to make a higher offer than the user offering on the set, in essence a GA.
Also I'll put these up for offers initially for 2 weeks or until people stop offering, I'd say a good 3 or 4 days of not getting offers. Thanks!

offers end when I feel the offer is good enough or interest dies.
These are customs made by a user I found on Etsy.


starts @ $25


starts @ $25

I'm only willing to split up the sets if all badges from their respective sets are also claimed. Thanks!

Plush questions and wants list

Hello all. I hope you're doing well. Finally a post that doesn't have to do with a GA lol xD <3

I have a few questions and then my wants list =) I want to know when the Reshiram and Zekrom TOMYs will be released?

Also when will the Angrytini lotto plush be released? Picture from a previous denkimouse post.

And then this Zebstrika plush? I don't think it's a MPC. This is from ktmonkeyj's post: Image links to her post

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Are all the plush coming out after the movie? I tried to find the movie release day and I suck and can't find it... SO ANY HELP would be very appreciated.

Lastly, my wants. I just want a few things!

Bulbsaur walky - image from pokeplushproject
Squirtle Walky
Golbat FCS Figure image by slothyshroom
Rhyperior Moncelle figure
Ditto Plush
Nono /♥/ Cloudy with a chance of CUTENES

Yuke!Yuke Mascots Round 2~!

Since they were such a hit, I made another (smaller) batch of Yuke!Yuke Mascots~! n_n I am going home to Seaside Heights  this weekend to celebrate my birthday so I wanted to pull in a little extra spending moneys so I can pig out on Boardwalk food~! XD ( And yes~~ I am from where the film the Jersey Shore~~ xD)

All three pictured above plus one Yuke!Yuke! mascot custom slot are up for auction~!

Auctions end tomorrow night at 10pm (EST!) so there won''t be a reminder~!
(( Also there are "Buy It Now" options available this time~! ^o^ ))

As always thanks guys!! ;A;

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Hi everyone, its me again! XD
The other week i bought some modeling clay,acrillic paints and some new paintbrushes.
The first thingthat came to my mind to make was pokemon things!
So far i have made..... A togepi egg , a pokeball , a yoshi egg ( which is mario instead ) and also a cyndaquil for my best friend (because its her favourite pokemon) who is also in this community, jhotofire.

Anyway.... i have got round to painting the pokeball , togepi egg and the yoshi egg. The cyndaquil is not painted yet as i am still waiting for it to dry.

I will put some pictures up of these , dont think i will be selling these things , as the money would just go to more supplys.
I could maybe do a trade... but i would have to ask my mum first :D

Bye :)

Yay! Sales update! New items, and reduced prices!


Ok so, I need money to buy stuff and more art supplies. I'd really appreciate any and all purchases. I've reduced prices on many things, and added some other things as well. Thanks for looking :D

And to customs waiters, I'm finishing the last details on jadekitty777's skymin and darkfaeprincess' sculpture right after this is posted. ^-^
scraggy surprised

Weeding Sales! Umbreon Canvas!

I'm juggling fandoms right now, which means a few of my Pokémon things are up for sale! I also have an Eeveelution mini card binder and an Umbreon Canvas plush up for offer!

...and here's the fake cut!

I reserve the right to decline offers on the Umbreon just in case, but I'm pretty sure both will be on their way to other collectors' homes before long. Offers will end this Friday at 9pm EST.

First Edition English Dark Vaporeon?

Hi PKMNcollectors,

Feedback Thread can be found here - http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/5132873.html?thread=253304393#t253304393

I am posting here today looking for this card -

Actually, Bulbapedia had the exact image I was looking for. lol. First Edition Dark Vaporeon in English. I am looking to TRADE for this card. I have many 1st edition cards from Base-Rocket and Shadowless cards from Base Set. And, I also have non-1st edition cards I could trade as well. All my cards are mint/near mint...and I would like the same in return.

This is kind of time sensitive since the reason I am asking is because I was considering trading or purchasing a non-1st edition version of the card from someone. I already have 1st editions of Eevee, Dark Jolteon, and Dark Flareon, so it would be nice to complete the set. ^^;

So, if you have that card and are willing to trade it. Please contact me ASAP. I will probably leave this journal up until sometime tomorrow...or until I work out a trade with someone. Also, if you don't like the idea of only trading one card, I am willing to work out additional trades...but I want to focus on getting this card first.

Also, semi-off topic (but I'm too excited and have to share the good news), the Germany package that I have mentioned to many people throughout this community over the last 4 months: It wasn't lost!! Apparently, it has been in Germany the entire time. I guess it got stuck in customs or something. The person is going to try to send it again. I really hope it makes it here this time. O:

~ Risha