July 7th, 2011


Looking for...

Does anyone have those elusive Cheren card sleeves? I would like one for my collection ;_; I cannot find them anywhere. I would be willing to trade one for one/both of N and Zoroark/Zorua sleeves.

If anyone else wants to trade sleeves, just say so, I may be interested :)

Also looking for TCG wrappers from DP generation/earlier!! :D

TCG wise, I would like to get the axew and pidove promos, along with the ducklett that came out earlier.
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First off, a last reminder before Saturday! New Pokedolls, Musical Plush and Musical Goods are all on Sunyshore, along with many other various thingies! Take a gander.

happyjolteon got some images of the toy factory snivy. i am in talks with the company itself to see what else they have and if they are still willing to sell them to our community as last time, so i'll keep everyone updated. :)

and one more:
i have a really really big electrics collection update, stuff i've been amassing since two months ago, i just kept putting it off until ONE MORE THING ARRIVED.... now i will probably just wait until after movie day, when 90% of what i'm waiting for is coming out. but here is a little guy who just arrived, and is super cute and tiny! much love!

thanks guys.

Nintendo Original Gym Badges

Hey guys, i'm looking around to find the remaining Nintendo Gym Badges released around 00'. I don't have much info on them beyond the fact that they were bundled with some figures in America, and are pretty rare, or so it seems. I'll post a pic of my three (Cascade, Rainbow, and Volcano) to show the style I'm referring to. The badges themselves were made with a gold metal/acrylic i believe. Here is my collection so far-
Rumble Hound


So, technically my one year anniversary was the 25th of May but better late than never for a re-intro/collection update. :D

I shall re-introduce myself for those new members/old members who have returned. My name is Hannah and I live in Indiana. I'm 20 and will be starting my Sophomore year at Purdue University this year. I'm majoring in Animal Science and have picked up a History Minor in the American Civil War (beyond excited for my History minor!). My main collection is Houndour, but it's really not that much of a collection right now. xD My collection is mostly scatterings of random plushies with somewhat of an order, haha.

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Selling cards, and also, a find!

Herro, all! First and foremost, I need to get rid of some booster packs. I'll take $50 for all of them :D And then I have some single cards that you can just offer on. I would just like for them to be gone, please and thank you! <3



and then...look! :D I found my old Pikachu backpack. I love it so much. It was a very exciting find.


Thanks! Just lemme know c: We'll work something out from there.


First, Perler Bead Sprite slots! :)

Here are some examples and size references...

(^^^ Size of a LARGE Bead Sprite)

Prices :

Large = $18

Small = $7

And I am able to make any Pokemon sprite you would like! Including trainers, buildings... etc.! Just let me know! :)

1 -
2 -
3 -
4 -
5 -

Now on to the plush sales...

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Porygon-Z by trainer_irene


Hello, everyone! I'm taking a vacation with my family to New York City in 5 days! After careful consideration, I have decided to do a small run to Nintendo World. There are some rules and guidelines though, so please take a look:


1. There will be 10 slots available. 1 slot per person. You can get 3 items for each slot.
2. You will need to pay a deposit if you want to want to be reserved. This is 50% of the total with shipping.
3. I am going to buy all of the plush on the 16th of July. I will make a post the following day asking for the rest of the paymrnts due. 
4. If I cannot fulfill any part of your order, I will refund your deposit for that piece of the order. That is, unless you tell me BEFORE you pay the deposit that your items are a "package deal," as in I would have to get both or all 3 items to make the deal.
5. Please let me know ZIP/country before paying so I can calculate totals properly!!

I called the store today, and here's what's in stock:

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1. janovi  (Dewott Larger Size) ($30.50) HALF PAID
2. gluevah  (Mew Pokedoll) ($19.60) HALF PAID
3. punkspacewafers  (Reshiram Largest Size) ($38.00) HALF PAID
4. smirkier  (Shaymin (S) and Shaymin (L) Pokedolls) ($39.80) HALF PAID
5. tyto  (Entei and Mew Pokedolls) ($38.50) HALF PAID
6. ivan_rathe (Leafeon TOMY Figurine) ($10.00) HALF PAID
7. mcflury10  (Mew Pokedoll) ($20.50) HALF PAID
8. mewstor  (Giratina (Another), Mew, Shaymin (L) Pokedolls) ($56.30) HALF PAID
9. dragowl  (Giratina (Another)) ($19.60) HALF PAID

Have a pleasant day!

WTB Zukans

Hey all ... been a while since i've posted .. .been lurking. and i'm sorry to annoy you all with a wants post, but i have been killing myself trying to find zukans at affordable prices. since i hit brick walls in all my other collections I've been picking these up and am starting to get a decent collection. but I'm on the hunt for a few and I'm hoping you can help...

Biggest hope right now is to find the johto starters zukans for less than $20 each if anyone can help.

But I'm also interested in picking up any and all that i don't have if the price is good.

What I have (and thus am not looking for) is both of the first 2 BW sets, I'm holding off on the third BW set till price comes down. I also have the legendary dogs, and a few odds and ends (tentacrule, moltres, seel, slugma ect.)

Thank you all and let me know.

quick wants post

MY TARGET SUCKS! lawl i go there every week just about and they never restock their pokemon stuff :( Does anyone happen to have access to the Jakks Pacific kibago/axew plush? Im looking for both the small plush and the reverse pokeball plush. Thanks so much!

Also on a side note, anyone here going to Otakon? I cant wait ti hit up that dealer's room :D

EDIT: A question i forgot to add: when i try to look up auctions of the newer pokemon using SMJ's search engine, it keeps saying no auctions found, yet how do other users find them on Y!J? When i bring up Y!J's main page its all in japanese (obviously) and i dunno how to translate it. Im specifically looking to find the new hydreigon plush ^^

newly acclaimed rare pokedoll collector!!! xDDD

I finally know what i am collecting: RARE POKEDOLLS!!! YES, i know that rare pokedolls are hard to find, but that's the fun of it xD don't you love that feeling you get when you see a mysterious medium small size package outside your door??? and i already have a vaporeon (the rare velboa one FINALLY!!)  and a velboa espeon, so that's two rare pokedolls down i guess.  can anybody give me a list of pokedolls that are really rare besides the eeveelutions and the hoenn starters final evolutions ( swampert, blaziken, and sceptile) COZ I need a list of rare pokedolls!!!!

A spooky update!

Today an awesome package arrived from Sunyshore :) I also shipped off all my packages from my sales/auctions today!


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Before I sent out my packages today, I had to open up my pokedoll charm set. I can't recall seeing them video'd before so I thought it would make for a cool video shot c: Guest staring my bf, because I can never get the friggin charms off the keyring ^^;;;;;

I don't know why but I always sound like I have a cold or am monotone in this camera video recorder >( Apologies in advance

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Annnnd that's all for this update c: Thanks for checking it out!

Trades post

I have to trade all of this, I an offering boxes of it for one item. I need to get rid of it or my mom will be pissed, I only can keep things in my collection or it's going thrown out ;w; I will give many things for one so it's easyer to get rid of it. I am looking for eevee line/Oshawott/lion line/Lion King or life sized in return. Pretty much everything is for trade, tomys jakks and other stuff that's in my collecton is not for trade but please offer. Please help me, I don't want my items in the trash when someone could put them in their collection ;w; Other things I have for trade are listed, I may trade the entire thing for a lifesize Oshawott. But tell me what you've got, I home someone will take it all

Tomys in box
Load of kids, I'll give all of them for one item
Box of random items, giant Infernape figure and other things in it, tell me what you'd trade for it, around 30 things in it
Mcdonalds with cards
Snivy shirt black, white, cen plush, figure, all jakks, tradeing the entire snivy set for one thing, other random things in it
Giant plush, ask wich ones

Auction reminder!

Just a quick reminder of these two items I have up for auction. Still pretty low, so if you wanna get your hands on a couple of SWEEEET things :D

Link to the original auction page :>


I forgot to mention last time but theyll end Tomorrow 23:59 GMT time

Also on another note, I am planning on doing a collection update soon, as everyone else, Im waiting to get my last few items in the post xD Ive managed to calm down my spending recently which is good (and a releif!)
So keep an eye out, expect many Legendary Beasts to be seen..... @____@

GA Reminder!!

Just a quick reminder that this GA finishes Saturday =D

So follow the link some stuff including a buttload of kids are still at their starting bids!