July 8th, 2011

Question about toy sites

 Hey I had a quick question, I've been looking for a Bidoof plush and I found one on this site called Toys N Joys  http://www.toysnjoys.com/pokemonplush3-1.html

 I wanted to know if you guys ever bought from here and know if it is reliable? Or if you know of any other sites that sell pokemon dolls that are good. My boss and I have this ongoing joke about Bidoof and him running a church... xD

thanks you are all awesome<3

human kids auction reminder

this is a quick reminder that the auction for the human kids ends in slightly over a day from now, Friday 10PM EST. Oak, Jenny and Joy are still bidless! Get your bids in, there's a BIN option somewhere too. =D I also added some FCS figures (Mew! Mewtwo! Charizard! etc) and boxed kids to my shop stock. Click here to proceed to the shop!

Small "letting you know" post

 Hey guys, I finally got home, after a cancelled flight, and then a delayed one, and then a 6 hours drive.

GA people: the blocks and the lottery prizes are here! I will sort them out as soon as I finish my top priority things, gimme a tad bit of time here, okie?
Poeple that I need to pay: I will get to my inbox as soon as I finish organizing everything. 

I will TRY finishing everything tonight (it's 1:30AM here) so I can get a bit of sleep and do all that after I wake up.
And then after a collection update. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!
This is just a small post so you guys know that I'm still around. Just, you know, going around like a mad woman trying to organize everything.

People from GB, take a look on my next post, it will have something about it (the package is probably in the customs, they increased the checking on this past month)

I also need to go tomorrow to the post office to get rates and all that. And a scale. And mail supplies.
I'm actually excited for it how bad is that dfjhjvdfkghjkl

Ed and Chaboikan

McDonalds Wants Post- Seeking Oshawott, Snivy, and Zorua

Edit: All on the way! Thanks so much everyone! ^-^

Boring story time. So, today (well, yesterday now, I guess) was the last day for the Pokemon promotion, and I was missing the last four figures. I'd been to McDonald's multiple times throughout the promotion, and they only had the box with the first four whenever I'd check, and told me to come back at the end of the promotion. So I went back today, the last day, thinking since they'd been so slow, SURELY they'd have pretty many left over, and I'd be able to get the ones I wasn't able to get on the first day. But no. The girl said they were out of Pokemon and had Kung Fu Panda toys again. FFFFFFFFF.

SO I went to the other McDonalds 15 minutes away, hoping that they'd still have some. They did! But only Zekrom and Pokabu. I got one of each for myself and 2 extras of each (down to one each now) to hopefully try to trade for my missing two, and an extra Oshawott for my car.

So is anyone selling a Snivy, Zorua, or Oshawott McDonalds figure? I'm hoping to spend $2 each at most if possible. Or if you'd want to trade for a Zekrom or Pokabu, that'd be cool! (Packaging doesn't matter, as I'd open them anyway. The ones I have for trade are opened and cardless, but new and in Zekky's case, has the plastic supporting thing.)

I'm also looking for the other 1 card I'm missing, as I was hoping to get a set of them together to give to my friend for his birthday. :3 I'm missing Oshawott, Tepig, Zorua, and Alomomola. I have an extra Klink, Pidove, and Audino if anyone's interested!

It'd be cool to get more than one thing at once if possible to save on shipping. Thanks for reading, and sorry for the boring pictureless post!
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LJ user ear_rollsales

This is my first time posting to the community. I've been creeping and buying stuff for little while now and stumbled upon ear_rollsales  sales. I don't think they're a part of this community but they had a lot of Pokemon stuff for sale. I bought about 45$ worth of merchandise from them nearly 4 weeks ago and I have yet to receive my items and have not gotten a response from them when I PM'd and asked when I should expect my items arrival. I'm really not sure what to do now since I would prefer getting the merchandise than my money back but if its not going to come, I'd definitely want my money back. What should I do? :c Help please! Thanks!

Thank you so much for all the help! You guys are awesome! I sent in a dispute with a detailed note and hopefully we can resolve things and if not at least I'll get my money back and can warn others about this seller!
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ZEKROM dun dun dun

MPC IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PART 5!

Here we have, the long awaited VERY FIRST NON-UNOVIAN POKEMON IN THE MPC LINE!! Hmm is this a good sign for other regions? After all, it is simply called "My Pokemon Collection", not "My Unova Pokemon Collection and screw the rest o ya'll". HMM HMM HMMM!!!

Well check these fellers out while I say "hmm hmm" some more IRL.

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Thanks as always, guys!
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charm commissions

I'm opening some more charm commissions slots before I go on vacation in August, so this will be the last batch I make in a while. Please check it out if you're interested! All will be completed and sent in no later than two weeks. =D

Click the banner to be transported~
Alola Vulpix

Pokemon Center Pickups

Pickups are closed, but I still have regular sales :D

I will be shipping everything from the United States at the end of the month. 
This means you don't have to pay pricey shipping from Japan, but you'll have to be a little patient :)

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Pickups are long done (I'm back in the US!) but I still have plenty of goods from the Pokemon Center for sale here:

Thanks for taking a look! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask ♥
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Shipping Update!

Alright! For all the members of the Eeveelution GA, except for slatias and gsc_fanboy , YOUR POKEDOLLS WERE JUST SHIPPED OUT. 8D For the non-US members, the guy at the post office told me that I might be able to use the numbers from the custom forms to track the packages, so I'll send those to you guys in a moment. ;3

For gsc_fanboy , I am desperately looking for a box for you! XD My dad said he might have one, so I'm going to raid the garage later. And if you'd rather get your Pokedolls shipped now, I can send them in a bubble mailer in plastic bags with bubble wrap/newspaper surrounding them. I will also have cardboard around the tag. I think that since they're plush, they'll be ok, but if you want it in a box, I will find a box! ;3

Also, all charms from my June batch have been shipped! Please let me know when you get them. <3 For those of you in the US, I believe I sent them on.. Wednesday? So those, if you haven't gotten them yet, should get there on Monday. ;3 Please let me know if you didn't get them! For my international customers, I sent those today, so expect them in about 1-2 weeks!

I also shipped charmystar 's package on Wednesday. You're international, so I'd say 1 week?? Look out for a small brown box with purple sharpie on it. ;3 And rentorar , I also sent your card on Wednesday, so I'd say a week or so for you too. 8D

For those of you who are in my July charm batches, I  will be working on those this weekend, and will hopefully have them printed out this upcoming week, and then shipped shortly after that. 8D I'll let you guys know when I do ship them~
And to make this post less boring, here's a sneak preview of my upcoming collection update!

ARE THINE EYES DECEIVING YOU?! NO. THAT'S NOT ONE, NOT TWO, BUT THREE ENTEIS. I was practically crying when I  was pulling them out of the box. See, I was - Actually, I'll save that story for my actual collection update. ;D
But Whimsicott! My first Gen V Pokedoll! Or well, I bought it first, but it actually arrived at the same time as... My secret other Gen V Pokedoll. 8D
And there's also my beautiful Lugia, whose tag I managed to rip within 5 seconds of it coming into my hands (OTL), Plusle, my first Pokemon plush ever, and Emolga, my first MPC ever (whom I'm debating putting up for sale.. How much do they go for these days?)! ;D AND A LEAFEON CANVAS. (It isn't mine. XD)
ALRIGHT. I'm done now. See you all soon. <3
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Southern Island Set

I have the entire Southern Island card collection (English), including the binder. I was wondering how much they would be worth if/when I sold them.
Sorry if it seems as if all I do is ask questions about value. =p I'll be posting some collection photos eventually. New plushies ftw.
Tabitha - Smug

Just putting it out there

To those who bought from me - some of you are already getting your items as of yesterday! There are two that haven't been shipped yet due to unforseen circumstances involving trees falling and knocking out power while I was writing down mailing addresses at home, I will let you know who you are. (otherwise, all have been mailed out as of tuesday first class mail) (I am also typing this from work with terribly slow internet so pardon me if I am not extremely quick at getting back to you.

Something I've kind of been looking to do for a while is help with a GA, Collapse )
Spin! Spin!

the weekly "wtf is this" post, brought to you by Blackdog333

Hi guys :D i recently received this beauty from astron 's sales because it was pretty. Now i have it in my handsies it's 10 times as pretty, so shiny ad mirror-y!

(the colour is much more gold-like IRL, the camera can't capture its beauty~)

BUT, i demand to know what it is! xD astron himself didn't know, but they think it's from the movie because it was in a lot of movie merch and therefore it sounds pretty logical. BUT, does anyone here know any more? does it belong anywhere? is it worth like $100000000000000 or $0.10? is it incomplete? is it complete? you are the ones who know about these things :D

Also, if it's worthless and common i'm TOTALLY engraving my POP ID info on the back xD

Pokemon search!

Hi all, I have a friend's daughter just getting into Pokemon, so looking for her favorite characters for her- cheap items she can afford (she's 10) such as cards- esp holo cards- plush, figures, keychains, straps, stylus items...
her favorite characters are *Jirachi, *Manaphy, Cherrubi, *Victini, *Teddiursa, Togepi, and *Togekiss, *Houndoom, *Zebstrika, and *Espeon (all the Eeve-lutions but Espeon the best)... i think that's it.

Edit: We found the Jakks plushes of Jirachi, Manaphy, and Cherrubi @ Walmart this week for $3 each ^_^
lugiaapproves!--by me

(no subject)

I still haven't gotten word about the possiblity of selling at Kumoricon (even the staff is getting frustrated about how long it's taking), but will anybody else be there? It's in Vancouver WA, USA, over Labor Day weekend. Right across the river from Portland, OR!

Anyway, no matter what, there will always be blackjacksales. Come on in! I haven't put anything new up since last time but there's still plenty to go around! And I do mean plenty--it's taking up my living space! Someone buy this stuff from me so I can walk down the hallway unhindered!

Reintroduction multipurpose

I used to post here quite often, but have just been lurking for the past few months, buying a few things from you guys periodically. This post is a collection update, introducing my custom figures, and an updated want list. Find everything in the coresponding flickr albums and send me a message here if you have any questions or comments!


Oh btw, I collect all nintendo franchises, not just pokemon, but maybe you'll enjoy seeing those too!
Halloween Witch Chikorita by magicalondi

Very quick wants!(Johto Dex Charms)

 Hello everyone~! :D I know it's getting kinda annoying that I post wants-lists all the time, but it's just because I hope someone who can help me out will read this :O This time around I'm looking for Johto Dex Charms, specifically:

The complete Hoppip-evolutionary line
The complete Chikorita-evolutionary line
The complete Wooper-evolutionary line
The complete Mareep-evolutionary line

And maybe the complete Jigglypuff and Clefairy lines, but I'm not entirely sure about those...

Probably all of these are ultra rare, but I don't know any other place to try my luck at D: No matter how much money you want for them, just tell me, if I can afford it, I'll buy it. Thanks for your time peeps.^^

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All preferred with tags. And in good condition of course.^^