July 9th, 2011

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New stuffs collection update! + reminder

Hey guys! :D I'm back with my promised collection update! ^^ LOTS of new stuff in this post! I've finally received all of my packages with the exception of one thing I just bought (Winter Deerling plush, come to momma <3), and I just went shopping today with birthday money, so of course I brought back many Pokemon goodies!

THIS is what I said my current plush collection is... well, I've just added more! ^^ I also have some figures and other goodies under the cut! VERY IMAGE HEAVY!!!

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On an unrelated note, here's one more reminder for my Super Rare Keychain Auction of Fun! There's now less than 24 hours for this auction (ends tonight @ 11:59 PM PDT *California time*). Charizard still doesn't have any bids, and Espeon and Quilava aren't currently at bids that I feel comfortable letting them go at :\ These guys don't pop up often... so get those bids in! :D

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Click the banner to go to the auction or CLICK HERE!

Virginia Members! + multipurposeness

I was curious to see if our Virginia members would be interested in a meetup? I know quite a few of us live in Hampton Roads.

I also wanted to mention that I've got a TCG league going on in Virginia Beach. We welcome new or seasoned players. There's just two more weeks until the Tepig season ends and the Oshawott season begins, so if you want Snivy and Tepig cards, you should come on out before the season closes. We play 3 Sunday's a month. Details can be found at the above link.

Also, I've got tons of battrio leftovers. Take them away before they become prizes for my league players.

I've also got some regular sales here. Most everything is shipping out tomorrow.

SUICUNE GA PEOPLE!! I came down with a serious sinus infection and was unable to get to the post office to get quotes for the stuff. I will get quotes tomorrow and let you all know how much you owe for shipping to you from me.

I think that's everything. Except that customs are almost done. Sorry for the delay, it seems like once I get rid of a cold, another one comes in right behind it. If you're worried about your customs, please let me know and I will let you know the status. <3 Thanks for understanding. Summer is killer for me because of all of the allergens.

GA Payments, Updates and Sales

Hey guys, got a few things to get said and done here:

1. whitewolflarka has shipped off our goodies and you know what that means :). Payment time!! The shipping has been divided equally among the participants and will be a total of $3.25 from everybody. Since she’s been kind enough to ship it out already, let’s get those payments in asap.
Spreadsheet here:


You may send the payments to cuddlefist@gmail.com . Please leave your livejournal username in the note or subject when you pay.
2. As of yesterday all packages/trades have been shipped off. This excludes if you have a hold over and wanted combined shipping with the whitewolflarka GA.
3. I have a few people I’m waiting to hear back from my trades post. I’m still more then willing to trade cards for cards that I need :)! I forgot to mention this in the last post but I don’t have a lot of rare or valuable cards, nor am I looking for any. I’m basically looking for a common to common or uncommon to uncommon trade. The rarest thing up for trade atm is a Cynthia’s Garchomp LvX.
4. Because of the Black & White craze, I need to make room in my collection as well as get some money to purchase some new items (Beartic and Lillipup X3!!) so I have weeded through my collection a bit and found some items to get rid of:

(right click for larger pictures)

So, what I would love is if someone would buy the lot (both figures and plush) for $120 shipped within the US since I want to get rid of this asap. However, I will separate the lots between the figures and plush if there is no interest for the whole set. The plush would be $60 plus shipping and the figures would be $30 plus shipping. If there is no interest beyond that, then I will open an offers post for separate items. If you purchase the whole lot it will be shipped out on Monday.

Lastly, my home Internet is down so I won’t be able to reply super quickly. Just a thought ^_^

Birthday-Grail Get

 Incredibly short (and only my second) post, but this was just so OMG to recieve in the mail, I couldn't resist.




OMG.  SO.  CUTE.  SO.  LONG.  Thanks Dad <3  FLUFFAAAYYYY!!!!!  Now only need leafeon and glaceon C:


Tha's all folks, just wanted to freak out somewhere appropriate :)

S Greninja Pokedoll

boot sale pulls~

So I went to a boot sale today with a friend to sell some stuff, but I also had a look around, and someone had a huge box of Pokemon figures! Unfortunately most of the exciting ones were damaged and missing parts. ): Or were hideous bootlegs but that was kind of amusing at least hehe. But they had a lot of TOMYs and Kids there and I happened to pull a few clear ones I wanted to offer to the community! ^^

I also grabbed a Toxicroak Kid and a Buizel Phone Charm for a friend, an extra Heracross Kid for myself just... because, and also a Mew which I believe came from a charm too. XD I want to try and get a charm strap for him~

ANYWAY the clears I pulled were one Dialga and two Electivires. They're in good condition with only very minor paint scuffs. The two Electivire seem slightly differently coloured too, with one having dark grey hands and the other a lighter grey.

As I have no idea what to price them at I'm taking OFFERS for these, so please comment/make a thread below if you're interested! ^^ If no interest is shown I will likely add them to sales at a later date.

Oh and sales permission granted by dakajojo on 03/02/2011

Note that I'm based in the UK for an idea on possible shipping costs but feel free to ask if you need to~ :3

Thanks! :D
Pokemon Time Farfetch&#39;D

Leek Duck Report - July 9, 2011

Click the awesome sticker to telewarp to the report!


I was going to update my shop and run another personal auction too, but the last few emails from SMJ seriously ticked me off and I'm just not motivated at the moment to do much ~__~;

Yeah they lost a few of my Leeky duck/Sonic items, but they're also holding me accountable for the recent auto-shipment invoices and....... yeah it's just too much to handle when it's not even my fault.

To get an idea of how I'm feeling, imagine paying for EMS shipping TWICE on every Pokemon lot stored in their Tokyo Warehouse. This is the crud that is too large to bulk ship to the USA Warehouse.

I could get into more detail, but that's probably too much negatively allowable on pkmncollectors haha XD; Anyone have suggestions for a different deputy service that isn't SMJ or Jauce? Because I'm dissatisfied with both of those services. Please suggest for services great for bulk lots, and maybe different ones for smaller/single lots.

As always, looking for more Leek Duck to add to my collection :3
J u n  J u n

AX Gets + Return of the Pokesweets


Recently came back from Anime Expo (And then vacationing down in so-cal) and am back home in the bay area. 8D There was quite a lot of pokemerch although not as much as I honestly was hoping... - but managed to get a couple pokedolls I've been wanting!

; __ ; I do dearly regret not purchasing the Eevee walky plushes though...and maybe a couple other pokedolls/1:1 sized plushes, since I had quite a lot of left over cash after puchasing a lot of nendo petis...

So if anyone happens to have an Eevee walky plush for sale *__* could anyone point the way for me?
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Also here is the return of my pokemon parfait sweets!
These were actually all customs that were made before my trip down to So-cal, but I have quite a lot more coming up *___* since there was a lot of projects I didn't get to finish before the trip.


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GA#17 by couchpotatonet - Lost

GA#17 by couchpotatonet


 4 days for this auction



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Please wait while I create threads, Thank you.
Okay, you can bid now.
Bidding has ended.
Update: sorry, but I missed the end of the auction and my opening bid lost in the last 5 seconds.

Whiscash is coming FOR YOU

Quick shipping update and I'm awesome

Just quickly now, concerning the Battrio GA, everyone who's sent the third payment by Tuesday night, your parcel has been shipped. It was a struggle, but I got there. 8|
I was given the wrong custom form by a well meaning postal worker, then when I went to ship the stuff, WOOPS I HAVE TO FILL OUT SIX BIGGER CUSTOM FORMS AGAIN.
It was magical. B|

Jerybunny and rocketchick, I'll have your stuff shipped by Australian Monday/Tuesday. I'm a bit under the weather atm, but should be right if I can get a lift. |D

Pokemonaddict10, I'm still waiting on a payment from you! Check this spreadsheet for your total, and send to pannsie(@)live.com.au asap!

And so this post isn't a waste of space for the masses;

I was IMMENSELY bored today, so I decided to the local shoppin' center and waste my money on fabulous Australian gapcha machines.
IT SEEMS I'M A MAGNET FOR GEN 4 STARTER FINAL EVOS. Got two Infernape Zukans, and an Empoleon Stylus. I was going for the Wailmer and Kangaskhan... things, but such is life. D: I'LL TRY AGAIN LATER.
But wait.. something's not quite right about that picture.

EXTRA INFERNAPE PIECE GET. \o/ That takes luck skill. Anybody want the non-extra Zukan set? Or the Empoleon stylus?
Also. QUESTION YOU CAN ANSWER. Have you ever gotten lucky with a gapcha/general prize machine like that? I get the feeling this is more common than I think. 8|


Wanted! Candles and grass snakes(:

 I recently made a little bit of money, and wanted to see if I could fine any of these things on the community(: (Definitely not expecting to find it all though. xD)

Snivy and Serperior
~ Snivy or Serperior Kids (Bought the attack kid)
~ Snivy line zukan BOUGHT
~ Snivy Dream World plush
~ Snivy or Serperior chou gets
~ DX Serperior Tomy (Sofubi I believe?)

Candle Line
~ Regular and attack Litwick kids
~ Lampent Kid BOUGHT
~ Litwick light up key chain

Pictures of a couple other things I want, but wasn't sure what to call them / how to word them. XD

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Collection Update

I've been waiting a while to do an update since I had been waiting for many things in the mail.. I still do, but I think if I waited till I had everything.. I'd be waiting forever to make an update. ;D

Here was my intro/first collection post: http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/9434755.html

And look at us now! x3 Appologies for the horrible pictures, I had to use my phone since I can't find any fresh batteries for my camera. (I'll be getting some tonight.)

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I wish I could thank you all individually for helping my little collection grow, but since I can't here is a big thank you to all of you! ^___^ I hope it continues to grow and I can make s'more friends. You all are great!
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pantherotter sales update


Hello community. :3 I am open for sales again and this time I have updated with a batch of new items such as pokedex figures, chess pieces and mutliple stickers. :D I also reorganized my sales post to make things easier to find as well as shamelessly plugging in adding my wants list for people to see. XD

I am also taking offers on a bunch of hard to find stickers. :3 I hope ya'll take a look. ^^

To the pantherotter den!
Pokemon - Card Collector
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Cards in need

Hey everyone!

Long time no see~ I have finally settled into my new apartment and my PKMN section is all up on display. Unfortunately, I haven't taken pictures of it yet. I am hoping that maybe by next weekend, I can do a collection update. :}

But for now, I am in search of some cards. I will buy but I love to trade too so let me know what you're looking for, I might just have it. Especially B/W cards!
I am in search for the following B/W and Mcdonalds cards

B/W cards:
19/114 Emboar
67/114 Liepard
76/114 Klinklang
115/114 Pikachu

1/12 Snivy
2/12 Maractus
4/12 Oshawott
5/12 Alomomola
6/12 Blitzle
7/12 Munna
10/12 Klink
11/12 Pidove

I am also interested in other B/W promos!
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Intro Post! =)

Hi, everyone. I've been a lurker for a little while and admiring everyone's collections, but I figured I would come out of lurking and introduce myself. This seems like a friendly community, so I've got nothing to fear, right? =)

I'm 23 years old and live in Canada. I was never really a serious Pokemon collector, but my new hobby is collecting mainly Pokedolls. I don't intend to collect a lot - just a few favourites. They're just too cute to resist! ^_^

My collection of Pokemon merchandise is kind of shared with my younger brothers (they're not much younger than me), since they're bigger Pokemon fans than I am. Over the years, we've gathered quite a few things, though they're kind of all over my house and not so neatly displayed. I'll have to gather them up...

I'm away from home right now staying with family in the US. I sometimes have items shipped to the US to save on shipping costs and just bring stuff home to Canada; shipping to Canada is usually so expensive. =(

Anyways, since pretty much all my stuff is back home, I don't have a lot of pictures at the moment, but here's a video one of my brothers made with our collection of Pokedolls. There's some great action shots! :D

I'll be sure to post pictures of the rest of my collection when I get home. My brother's working on a new video featuring more new Pokemon plushies (primarily Pokedolls), so I'll be sure to post that once it's done.

Thanks for reading this post! =)

Collection update! New Display UNIT! GO!

Recently i got new shelf units =D so now my pokemon collection is in one place <3 So i decided to do an update based on that! most of my main lines are here, besides Vees XD


So please look under the cut for better pictures XD
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Now people probably remember when i posted my update solely on my Cynda's, my plush collection looked like this:

Now look under the cut to see the difference!
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All my collections can be seen in full on my website

Thanks for looking Guys <3

Look at what I made

This is a hydreigon I made. :3 I know the color is a little off that is because I was using left over fabric that I had.
He is made from minky and faux fur. :3
Pokedoll groudon for size comparison.

I put wire in his necks tail and wings so they are posable. :3 Also there are doll joints in his legs so they can move.
I know the pictures aren't the best but I used the faux fur for his "furry" parts on his back and chest area.

For more pics go to the link. :3


If anyone has any deino zweilous or hydreigon stuff that you want to sell or trade let me know! Cause I am collecting these cuties. <3

(no subject)

Hi, guys! Quick collection update comin' at ya. I have to get pictures of my shelves, as I've reorganized QUITE a bit for my new sides, Water types and Bird-like Pokemon! Of course, this means weeding sales will be coming soon! I just need a banner, which will be in the works soon as well. ^^
Anyway, click the cut for gets!

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ALSO. My grandma found these in the crawlspace upstairs. I will KEEP the big Meowth and the Bulbasaur change-to-Pokeball-keychain, but does anyone want to offer trades for Meowth? ^^ Also, anyone have info on the two change-to-pokeball plushies? Where are they from? Are they rare? Common? Old? Bootlegged? GARBAGE? Tell me, please, loves.

My First Real Collection Post and Some Wants!

Well, I haven't posted a real collection post. So click the cut and see what I have!

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Wants time! Just a forewarning, I don't have the cash to buy these just yet, but I will be getting a bunch of money in the near future so if you would be able to, hold them? If not its understandable. Or tell me a good website that has them for good prices! Thanks again!

• Pokemon Center Whimsicott
• Pokemon Center Scraggy
• Pokemon Center Lapras
• Canvas Drifloon
• Litwick Kid

Please give me feedback! :D

Pokedoll Figure/Box Auction + Bakery Customs Reminder


Just wanted to let you guys know my custom box slot and custom Pokedoll figure slot auction is ending tomorrow at 6:00 PM PST. So if your interested, this is your chance. C: ♥

Also wanted to let you guys know I still have 3 Pokemon bakery custom slots open if any one would like them. C: ♥

Auction thread and custom post can be found here: pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/9642228.html

And just to make this post a tiny bit less boring, fancy hat time! ♥