July 14th, 2011


Give yourselves a round of Appluase! GA / Horrifically Huge GA Shipping Update

I come together with my latest apprentice, likeatruck  to bring you this fabulous GA! 13 Applause plush in their pokeballs, with 2 in without them

This Auction ends in about 4 1/2 days, so get those bids in!
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WE WON~! (The new GA haha)


Again! With more plush, more figures, a rare cloth, tins and more :D Check it out!

Things to remember:
- I accept Paypal only.
- Please include username and item(s) when sending payment so it's easier to sort everything out.
- And please don't express interest but then never ever respond again, just let me know what your final decision is.
- I will only hold certain items when ASKED to hold them.
- ALSO! I will delete comments from users who decide on NOT purchasing anything! This way, when I go back through to double-check everything I've packaged, I don't get overwhelmed with going through tons of random comments!

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McDonald's Reshiram figure?

Hi everyone. I never got to go back to McDonalds to pick up 2 more Reshirams and I'm sure the promotion is over by now. I really wanted to do recolors-a Shiny Reshiram, and a Reshiram with Zekrom colors.

I also never got the final card in the set -Alomomola.

Can anyone help me out? Thanks!
Porygon-Z by trainer_irene


 Hi everyone! Greetings from NYC! I went to Nintendo World today to pick the community's stuff up (and get my American-tagged Axew plush), and the only requests I could not fulfill were Leafeon TOMY and Entei Pokedoll! I only had to issue one refund to ivan_rathe for the Leafeon TOMY, but other than that, Here are the totals:

1. janovi (Dewott Larger Size) ($15.25)
2. gluevah (Mew Pokedoll) ($9.80) 
3. punkspacewafers (Reshiram Largest Size) ($19)
4. smirkier (Shaymin (S) and Shaymin (L) Pokedolls) ($19.90) HALF PAID
5. tyto (Mew Pokedoll) ($0) (I could not find Entei, but did find Mew, and your deposit covers Mew, so yeah. :))
6. ivan_rathe Couldn't be fulfilled, refund issued.
7. mcflury10 (Mew Pokedoll) ($10.25) 
8. mewstor (Giratina (Another), Mew, Shaymin (L) Pokedolls) ($28.15) 
9. dragowl (Giratina (Another)) ($9.80) 

ALL PAYMENTS SENT TO jandjsimonenterprises(at)gmail(dot)com please with the subject/message telling me what you got!

BTW, if anyone wants me to pick up any of the following, let me know in the comments, and we will work something out:

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Pikachu Calendar Claim? + pre-anniversary "$0.50" sales

Hi! Does anybody want to GB this Pikachu calendar with me? I'd be getting the Penguin obviously! It would cost about $15 (item, fees, internal shipping etc) before shipping to me, and then to you.

Since i'm here, i might as well plug my sales! I have a big anniversary clearout sales (with massive price slashes) coming in a few weeks, but right now i'd do a discreet banner-less cold open, with some of the items already marked down to half price and more (with many items at only $0.50)! Kids, zukans, clearfiles, FCS/TFG figures, Chous, flats, and a bazooka of random assortments are in store. Click here to climb Mount Silver!

Thanks for reading!
pika cap2

card sales

Hey everyone well I got some cards for sale so have a look also collection update coming up hopefully if I stop shopping ^ ^;

1.Paypal only
2.I can ship outside the US
3.I can hold up to 2 days

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thanks for viewing
WoW - Khadgar

Collection Update & Sales! :P


I have not done a collection update for a bit, I blame lack of money. Despite finances being tight, I did splurge a little here and there. One has to treat themselves from time to time, am I right?!

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Now, where would this post be without some sales?! 

The shop is overloaded with all kinds of goodies, thus Purr's has not one, not two, but four different departments! I will list all the links below to make it a little easier:

Purr's Main Shop

Purr's TCG Department

Purr's Flats Department

Purr's Non-Pokemon Junk

The link titles are pretty self explanatory! The main shop pretty much houses non-flats, things from figures to plush!

I am logging off for the night, but I will be back on tomorrow around 10 am EST!

This will be my last sales post before I leave for vacation on August the 5th. While on vacation, I will be without internet access. If anyone needs to get a hold of me while I am gone, I am afraid it will have to wait until after I return on the 19th. Thanks for understanding...;)

Yes, Pickles WILL be going too! How could I leave her behind?! Pickles would never forgive me if I did!! She hopes to come back with a ton of spiffy pics and some interesting new photo stories!! :D


Pokemon Charity Raffle Benefiting Japan

Greetings everyone! :) I'm here to share about a Pokemon themed charity raffle benefiting disaster victims in Japan. I'm sure we all recall the earthquake that took place there back in March, and things are still pretty rough out there for many folks. So some friends and I organized a little charity raffle to raise some money to help the efforts of the International Rescue Committee, who provide support for refugees who remain homeless after the quake in addition to other services to survivors. Donations go directly to the IRC, so just to be clear, we aren't selling anything to you folks, just rewarding you with entries in the raffle for donating to help the IRC out.

I thought I would post about here on the collectors community because at the moment I have more prizes on hand than I do entrants in the raffle. ^^;; There's some really cool fan created stuff from folks I'm sure you will recognize (Mare Odomo and Dionashi, just to name a couple!). You can learn more by clicking here or on the little super potion image above. The deadline for the raffle is July 20th. I've pushed it back several times in hopes of raising some more donations or at least getting as many entrants as I have prizes to give away, but this will be the absolute final deadline, as I've run out of places to advertise it. ^^;; And just to reiterate, this is not a sales post, we are not selling anything, everything is completely donated for charity. But if this post is inappropriate just let me know and I'll delete it right away.
Fantastic Four: Reed

I don't always post, but when I do, it's rare

Hi. My name is Kimbo and I have *sob* a...collection.
well duh. Well in all seriousness, it's been a fair while since I posted, but hi everynewbody!

You know my name, but what's my game? I collect(ed) Arceus (I consider it complete now) and I collect dragon Pokemon! Can't resist the type. :) Been in this comm since 2008 and while I'm not as active now, I still pop up every now and again.

I got some new things, lemme show 'em off.

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[pkmn] pokefriends~!

Manaphy and friends GA payment 2

 Hello community! For those of you who participated in this GA...

I've requested shipping to me and I've received the invoice! And since this is such a large lot and coming from Japan, the shipping was quite expensive. v_v But since we have many participants to split it among, it's not too bad. :D

I've edited the spreadsheet with the total: Spreadsheet here!

As usual please send payments to monochrome.key@gmail.com and put Manaphy GA payment 2 and your username in the title or memo. And also edit the spreadsheet when you have paid, please. :)

I also still have a few items from my sales including can badges and phone charms. Please take a look if that interests you!

Thanks so much, have a wonderful day everyone! ^_^
pokemon: dento and mojumbo


Hi all!
I gots some Oshawott things for sale! (I need monkey dolls! ;_;) Under the cut~

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I also recently rearranged some of my collection. :D

Ready for more possible expansion!

My plushies! The top shelf is messy because I am too short to properly organize it :<...

Thanks for looking!
Pokemon - Pikachu Cutie

Cuddle Buddy Time! + Meme :D

First, a quick want list.
I am after a couple of the Game Boy games of the Pokemon series.
Pokemon Blue, Pokemon Gold (or Crystal if there is any good differences) and possibly Pokemon Emerald just to try it
I would perfer to buy from a UKer so it gets here a lot quicker but I'm open to anything from anywhere!! (as long as its not a fake, of course)

I'm off to California in two weeks \o/ before going to Oklahoma where I start my study exchange program. Sadly, this means packing away the majority of my collection. I am packing away the pikadolls as I type ;o;
This has prompted me to want to get a 'cuddle buddy' for when I get homesick or just wanna hug something XD
Primarily, I'd be after a DX pokedoll. I have a Pikachu one already (this is me, after all) I honestly doubt anyone have any of the following for sale but if you do, please comment or PM me with your price!
Skymin, Jirachi, Minun
I do doubt I'll find them for sale on here so I am open to other large-sized plush (am thinking of possibly 1/1 Emonga) so if anyone has any ideas of a good cuddle-buddy, don't hesitate to suggest one :D

Despite this search, I am not going to the US empty handed. I am taking a few from my collection with me including my two newest gets who I absolutely adore!! Baby the Pikadoll (of course he's coming), Nyx the Zekrom Pokedoll (thanks to entirelycliched ), Apple the Walky Treecko, Phoenix the ADORABLE Victini Pokedoll (thanks to denkimouse ) and Pokabu MPC who is currently without a name.

If you had to move temporarily to another country or if you went on holiday, who would you take with you and why?

wants again

such a long time since i've last been here xD hi guys :) anyway i know i can be a little annoying with my wants list but deal with it xD since i probably won't be able to afford expensive pokedolls(empty wallet) these are my middle priority wants; ALSO IF YOU ARE A SELLER WHO WANTS TO SELL ME SOMETHING PLEASE HAVE IN MIND THAT I MIGHT

1)bulbasaur pokedoll
2)chikorita pokedoll
3)dragonite pokedoll
4)sceptile pokedoll
5)swampert pokedoll
6)blaziken pokedoll
7)altaria pokedoll
 8) absol pokedoll -yes i know there are some on ebay but they are suspioucously cheap :P
9)dragonite pokedoll
and that's all i can think of....so yeah :)
 i'm thinking of bidding on a grimer or a celebi pokedoll..

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cute miru

Y!J and pika plush questions

Sorry for the super boring post but I've recently signed up with Noppin and what I want to know is what is Y!Japan like for bootleg items?  Is it like eBay where there are a lot of fake items for sale or do things tend to be legit there?  I'm mostly interested in the plushies rather than the figures.

Also, I have really fallen in love with the "I love Pikachu" plush keychains.  I saw the post from the WHF where they could be won but were they only available there?  Have they been released properly yet and if not, any idea when they will be??
I've scoured Y!J and eBay for them but can only find probable booties :(

Final question.  Is there a website that lists the upcoming MPC plush and their release dates at all?

Many thanks y'all and hopefully my next post will be more interesting!
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so i heard you like rush GAs?

I'm sooooo sorry guys, I forgot this was ending half a hour ago and forgot to check on it, and was JUST informed by SMJ that we were outbid, so we lost :( I'm really disappointed in myself... I hope I can find a similar lot in the future.

so I came across this assortment of gold and silver charms. And there's a Marill in there!!! SO GA NOW PLZ

OH and it ends in like 13 hours so first and last reminder all in one! These things are adorable! Bid bid bid!

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And would anyone like to do a group buy on this set with me?

I want to claim Golurk. If you're interested, please drop a comment here! It'll be roughly 4.58 each before shipping. There will be three payments as this is on SMJ. Everything has been claimed! I bought them off SMJ and will contact you guys when I get the invoice!

Sigilyph - ushigofasweet
Golurk - karoia
Zekrom - angela_samshi
Victini - jess111303
Reuniclus - minjei
venusaur, red

Weeding Sales

Hello community! It's been awhile since I last posted, but things have calmed down and I finally got around to sorting things out and replying to comments/messages. If you've contacted me about something, you should have some sort of response waiting in your inbox but if for some reason there isn't, please don't be afraid to re-message me! I've also come up with a much better way of keeping track of things shipment and payment wise so everything should be much for effective now!

So the past few months I've been thinking about my collection, and I've been thinking about it a lot. I've come to the realization that I'm just not that into pokemon collecting as much as when I first started. While I love my collection I just think that it's a bit big and cluttered with unnecessary items. Plus when push comes to shove I think I'd rather be spending money on other non-pokemon items. So over the next few months or so I'm going to weed out literally everything I no longer have an attachment to and only keep the items I truly love.

With that being said here's the first part of my weeding sales! Cheap stuff cause I really want it gooone.

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Yes Darling!

Espeon_lover GA Payment 1 Needed!

Remember this GA?

So espeon_lover has very generously accepted what we raised for the GA of her items! considering we didn't even raise 1/2 of what was asked.. i'm very grateful to her for it! So no discounts, but in all fairness we wouldn't have even won if it was a auction on ebay/YJ! anyway..

So spreadsheet is here:

Payments are being sent to <lj user="espeon_lover"> so when you send payment please update the spreadsheet saying if you've payed or not.. so i can keep on top of who has or hasn't payed...

So, Payments are to be sent to: phoom_chai<@>hotmail.com
Please mark your LJ user name & "Espeon_Lover GA" in the comments box on paypal, so she knows who has sent payment!

Okay guys Thanks so much for taking part... espeon_lover has also sent the items already in advance.. so shipping to you shouldn't take too long XD

Nono /♥/ Cloudy with a chance of CUTENES



Photobucket T E R M S Photobucket
♥ Will Ship world wide!
♥ Buyer pays all shipping costs
♥ If you would like your package insured, peep up~ ♥ I am not responsible for the post office derping out on your package.
♥ I accept Paypal and Money Orders~!
♥ Holds will be a case to case basis. I don't like doing them for long periods of time.
♥ Payments in USD only
Trades? YES! But only for the following items →
- Pachirirsu and Emonga Retsudan Stamps~!
- Misc things (no flats) that are Pachirisu, Emonga, and Phanpy

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♥ And that would be it~! ♪ Thank you for looking~~! ♥
Breloom Dead

Shiny Blue Frog Needs Home Reminder!

I know....this post is boring.....but.....

Quick post is quick!!!!
This is my first and last auction reminder!
My custom shiny croagunk pokedoll is ENDING IN 10 HOURS!

That's Friday, 6:00 pm PDT!
 He is still on his starting bid :D Give this little froggy a nice home! Just look at him, being all shiny and awesome. Everyone needs a sparkly tree frog in their life. Just look at those little pink poison fingers! <3

While your at it check out my sales post, which include pokedolls, clipping figures and kids. ;) And to all who bought from me, your stuff has been sent out!

[Click on the image to be redirected to the auction!]


Quick 7-11 Exclusive Update

It's hot as heck outside, so I came back for a quick shower and found some time to give the comm an update on the 7-11 exclusives. ^_^

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Payment is not due until they are ready to ship to you, and everything except for the Bento are fulfill on a first come first serve basis. =)

Request for Bento set must sent by end of Monday. XD

Now if you will excuse me, I have 7-11 stores to pillage visit. =P

P.S.  I haven't slept for the past 30 48 hours, I am going to bed.  >_< 

Update:  First Namco Haul.  The "A Little Big" Glittering/Sparkling Victini was easy compared to the darn MPC and hang plush. =(

I am going to keep one of the giant Victini, so the other three are available for grabs.  Each will be $40 shipped to US address, probably $8 more for international other than Canada (will confirm when I get back).

I need another shower...

Request Lists

Movie Victini MC Figure
xxiiijamesiiixx (confirmed)
elisha1288 (confirmed)

Movie Pikachu MC Figure
elisha1288 (confirmed)
tsuiling (confirmed)
aleyina (confirmed)

Movie Kids Emolga
ruenis (confirmed)
combustion__ (confirmed)
punkspacewafers (confirmed)
charmystar (confirmed)

Movie Kids Dwebble
combustion__ (confirmed)

Movie Kids Pansage
jayceanime (confirmed)

Movie Kids Axew
heatrotomftw97 (confirmed)

Movie Kids Scraggy
dionashi (confirmed)

Movie Kids Snivy
hebilea (confirmed)

Movie Kids Victini
distant_cry (confirmed)
eternal_rena (confirmed)
elisha1288 (confirmed)

Movie Kids Oshawott
eternal_rena (confirmed)

Movie Kids Reshiram
eternal_rena (confirmed)
jeansama (confirmed)

Movie Kids Zekrom
eternal_rena (confirmed)

Movie Kids Pikachu
aleyina (confirmed)

Movie Program
chatsy (confirmed and stamped)

Bento Box Reshiram
xxiiijamesiiixx (confirmed)
whitecygnet (confirmed)

Bento Box Zekrom
xxiiijamesiiixx (confirmed)

Big Sparkling Victini
crayzbrawlr (confirmed)
beckycuh (confirmed)
shortcakemiddy (confirmed)
elisha1288 (confirmed)
jekylljuice85 (confirmed)

Lillipup Hang Plush
usagimakeup (confirmed)

Blitzle Hang Plush
eternal_rena (confirmed)

Movie Clear File Set
chatsy (confirmed)

Pokemon Cafe Messenger Bag
pokeranger9494 (confirmed)

Clear 3D Zukan Dragon Set (w/ Clear Victini Kid)
xxiiijamesiiixx (confirmed)
gallade007 (confirmed)
mewstor (confirmed)
angela_samshi (confirmed)
joshpho (confirmed)

Clear 3D Zukan Reshiram

Clear 3D Zukan Zekrom
itsmemaa (confirmed)
orangegarchomp (confirmed)

Clear Victini Kids (loose)
elisha1288 (confirmed)

Pokemon Fan Magazine (vol 18)

Blue Namco Bag


Battrio GA payment #2!

So, really quick I want to inform everyone that Noppin would not ship the package to my house, since aburamechan  is the one who placed the bid. Therefore: aburamechan will be doing the final shipping, not me.

Onto payments!

Everyone please send $2.70 to deidarabang(@)yahoo.com and include a memo with your USERNAME and Battrio GA payment #2 in the SUBJECT, Thank you!

Also please mark the spreasheet when you have paid!
Flareon - Shades

Epcot Stock?

yes another one of these.

If you're waiting for a response from me for something, fret not I will get to you soon I promise. Just been having some terrible real life work drama that I won't go into.


Can someone tell me what the plush stock at Epcot is? My whole family went to disneyworld without me and mom said

"You're gonna have to just tell me names so I can look at the tags. They all look like blobs to me. I don't know which blob you would like, since you like ugly blobs."

She really dislikes Giratina, it seems.

Wants! Cubones :D

These two! Who has them? I may be able to buy them if I have enough I have no clue how much they are worth though XD I would also trade some stuff from the sales in my journal. Maybe I could trade a custom too. Also, I MAY be interested in any other cubone or marowak stuff you have. So.... let me know x3


Photobucket Photo credit to pokeplushproject.