July 16th, 2011

Hmm... *thinking*

Feedback for GAs?

I'm catching up on some overdue feedback, and came across something I wasn't sure about. Do we leave feedback for GAs? I read both sections to see if it was covered but I'm still puzzled. Also what do I do if there were two people running the GA, but I didn't realize that were two? I keep track of what I buy, but I have missed a couple times when a second person has a GA. Do I leave feedback for both members?

Sales update~

Hello~ :D I have some new stuff in my sales (pokedolls/plush + lottery stuff) and reduced prices on leftovers from before, so check it out! lottery goods are basically retail price because I just want to make up for the cost of things I won but didn't want. (I swear I won't give up until I can get reshiram or the giant pikachu/pokeball ;_; I didn't think I wanted it but then I saw how giant it was...)

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Pokemon cries

So this is kind of a random.post and boring...
But does anyone know of a website that plays Pokemon cries like from the show?
Not the Pokemon game cries.
I think it would be cool to add voice boxes to my Pokemon plush I make but I want the real Pokemon sounds! :P

Thank you for reading. :3

HELP ME pokémon systems limited edition

hi everyone

i am looking for pokemon systems of US , japan or europe..

i try to find the most

GBA sp US pikachu edition
GBA sp groudon edition pokémon center US version

gbc pokémon with pokemon yellow (bundle) of US 

Nintendo DS lite DP US version ( bundle too ^^)

if you need pictures i can upload them but don t hesitate to tell me which consoles that you have got etc.. and can sell me ;)

ENJOY your day :) and your week end

Noxxbunny GA

Hi all! !

First and foremost all PKMNCollectors rules apply.
There are two lots up for auction from noxxbunny.

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You can begin bidding once all threads are up. (Not Yet, taking me a while since I keep forgetting things. XD) Go ahead and start bidding!! :)

This auction is getting extended. It will run till the 4th at 1pm PST if the attacks allow.

"Paper" Style Kura Icon

A meme + an idea?

Yesterday after finding some ribbon that matched with my victini pokedoll I put some on her as a scarf of sorts (since I am not that good at bows XD):
(Pics are a bit blurry,sorry about that.)
I know some other people accessorize their plush so that brought me to think of a meme for the community: How do you acessorize your pokemon plush?

And I was looking around and I noticed this website makes custom rubber braclets in various colors and types, do you think anyone would be interested in placing an order for making a pkmncollectors one? I could help organizing it but I'd need someone else to do the shipping:
https://24hourwristbands.com/ (Minimum is 50 bracelets for customs.)
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Pokedolls and other wants

I've always liked Pokedolls (I mean really, who doesn't!?) but recently this has turned to love and a bit of an obsession @___@ I need. MORE. POKEDOLLS.

Therefore, I have some wants! I'm currently looking for a Victini, Raikou, Suicune, Dialga, Palkia, Giratina and Pikachu pokedoll, but really, I'd love any I can get my hands on :3 I'm very happy to buy loved pokedolls and I'd like to get them all for good prices (by "loved" I don't mean tears, rips or lots of stains, though @__@). I'm also open to trades :3 I am ALSO looking for a custom pokedoll-type plush that won't cost me an arm and a leg. I'd like it made of minky :3 If anyone could help me out, I'd love you forever!

I also have sort of an odd want that I doubt anyone could really help me... does anyone happen to have blank TFG bases or broken bases that the figures have fallen off of? I really want to try to make some custom TFGs for my collection but I need bases. Any help would be appreciated :D Thanks! <3

EDIT: My search is done for now, thanks everyone! <3

(no subject)

This is a super quick Group buy.

I'm looking for someone to go halves with me. I want the Zekrom, Reshiram is up for grabs.
Price is $86USD INCLUDING Middlemanfees but NOT including shipping to you.
Average shipping from Australia to worldwide is $30.00 for a lotto figure.

Serious claims only.

Getto daze kriscarmi has claimed Reshiram.

I want to move on this as soon as possible!
Custom Ambipom

It's theory time~!

I hope you read the title in Dent's voice. :3

I got my Girafarig Zukan in the mail today, and while I was putting it together, the peg broke off in Girafarig. My dad and I fixed it with glue... and it's hardly visible. HOWEVER, I was wondering a couple things. Would someone with both the Girafarig Zukan and the Standing Zoroark Zukan test this for me: can Zoroark's peg work in Girafarig? I mean, I have both, but I can't test it because if I take Girafarig's peg out, it could break.

If it is possible for Zoroark's peg to work, is there a way to get the broken peg piece out of Girafarig? Or is it a done deal? You're probably saying "Why bother? If the peg is fixed, don't worry about it." I know I should think that way too.. but it's bugging me that the peg is broken. :(

I still have several things on the way, so I can't do a collection update yet... just know that the collection update will involve said Girafarig Zukan. :P
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i want your Groudons!

hi again everyone...posting yet more wants. but this post is mainly after one thing:
a Groudon pokedoll!

i have one...i am actually getting a second (he's in the mail)
but in all hoensty, i love Groudon so much...i want 3...or 4 ;u;
so if you have a Groudon to sell, please let me know~!
i don't care if it has a tag or if it doesn't,
or if it's loved, or mint, or whatever,
as long as he is not completely falling apart!

also if you have anything else Groudon related, please show me!
i have lots of Groudon things but i could always use more!
thanks so much!


Vanillite Pokedoll c:
he's my first japanese Pokedoll 8D
Jasmine &amp; Steelix

group buy & sales

First off, I am hosting a group buy for this adorable set of plates from forest_snivy .
One more claim needed! :D

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Second, a sales plug! This is only the second time I've posted sales to the community, as my thing is generally GAs. ^^;
Follow the picture, or click here~ for my sales journal!

Teaser: I added lots of figurines and cards, and there's a copy of LeafGreen and an electric-themed tin up for offers so please have a look! I'm moving soon, and would love to have as much as possible sent out before, because lord only knows where it will end up and how long it will take me to dig out once I try and get settled. -.-;
Consider this an attempt to get some extra rent/grocery/pet deposit money, and to make up for all my crazy spending lately. xD
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(no subject)

So today I got a box that is probably bigger than a lot of actual members of this comm. And I wish to share the opening of said box with all of you!

Now, a lot of it is going to go up for sale, once I figure out what to price stuff at. Rare things like the press kit will go for auction.

Anyway! Three videos, each more awesome than the last! The third is pretty short but it's still awesome because I padded it out with my parrot.
Litwick print

Celebi Reminder + Customs/Shipping Update + New Get + Raffle for a free bookmark!

So just a heads up that offers for my recent sales post will be ending tomorrow at 8 pm PST. This will be your last chance to get bids in for the Celebi Plushplush so go go go! <333

The link to the auction is here: http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/9699910.html


Next up is a heads up that Monday and Tuesday is my first real day off and I will be sending out everything paid for from my Sales Post as well as the bookmarks that just got laminated. As for the Pokedoll Tags from the end of June I've got literally 3 left to make and they will be printed and shipped within those same couple of days. Of course I will notify each of you individually as soon as they're sent but I thought I might give an update anyways. <3


I got her a couple weeks back but I got a brand new addition to my Froslass collection and I wanted to flash her off:


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Finally I haven't done one in over a year - it was when I was still hardcore collecting Milotic lolol - and I've decided that while I am too busy to open up commissions since I need to devote my time to a web comic project I do still want to take on some Pokemon orders as a warm up for all the texture-coloring I will be utilizing for that project. So I am holding a raffle for 3 lucky and random members to get a free laminated bookmark from me with all the rules and info under the cut!


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New face, Questions, and Some Wants :3

 ;___; So I've been trying to post this but my computer hates me and likes to shut off when I'am almost done. So, let's try this once more. I'd like to introduce myself. :D I'm Carlos. I'm fifteen years young and I'm really excited to have a chance to talk to a ton of amazing Pokemon fans from a fan base I wasn't even aware existed anymore. I really hope to become friends with you guys since you all seem amazing! <3
So I have two questions ask. :D
1) First, I noticed people prefer Japanese pokedolls over the U.S. pokedolls. Is there  a significant difference between them?
2) Second, I heard that there is a difference between Japanese card rate pulls and American card rate pulls which is why the Japanese cards are more expensive. Is this true? 
Finally, I just recently discovered the wonders of poke dolls and I have fallen in and out of love with various Pokemon and just a few days ago I wanted an Arceus pokedoll and now I /really/ want a Palkia pokedoll. I've found a few but theyre always over 50 bucks. :C I was wondering if anybody out there had one that they didn't mind parting with. I don't care if they're in a bad condition (unless it's like completely falling apart). I'd gladly buy it for a reasonable price. My only problem is I don't have paypal. >_< So.... I could send cash or y'know. I won't be able to send the money until Friday though. :/ 
Geesh, I feel horrible for asking for so much. x(
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