July 17th, 2011

Noragami - Punk Yato

Tribute to the Community

When I joined pkmncollectors in 2008, I didn't have a collection except for two volumes of TCGs. After a month of joining, I stared my collection which looked like this:

Complete Merchandise Collection on January 1st, 2009

Now through countless transactions over the years, I want to share with you how you made my collection grow. These collections couldn't have happened without the amazing members who make up this community.
This post is for you. ♥

VERY image heavy

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pokemon •• n brooding

Promo Card GA

Bidding for this GA will end July 18th, 11:59pm PST (countdown!).

That's only two days, so get your bids in fast!

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Remember this kids post? There are still a lot of kids left, and I'd like to get them sent out to the shipper soon, so if anyone wants them they'll be $7.50 each, which includes shipping from me to them, then you'll have to pay another small US shipping to you charge! The following kids are available: 2x Victini, Beartic, Stoutland, 2x Roggenrola, Duosion, Cottonee, and Garbador. I also have Reshiram, Drillbur and Pansage from the set below. (I should have one or two Tepigs as well, but I seem to have misplaced them)

And if you were a part of this one, the kids have been sent out to dukeburger, who'll post a shipping post once they get them! Sorry it took so long, Canada Post strike was killer D:

I also sent out all of the pan stickers from my previous sales!

Aaaaaand last but not least, here's a totally revamped Bat Cave Sales! I have Pan stickers, English and Japanese BW cards, and super-cheap Retsuden magnets! The magnets have been around for a while in my sales, but they should be a steal of a deal now at $2 each!
Pokemon Fan Art: COOoooOoooOoooo

Cardalicious! + 7/11 Lotto Auction

Hello community! Long time no post. I'm at present in Japan residing with denkimouse along with happyjolteon. It's been a crazy day today, since it was movie day here, and while I'd normally post up the awesome goods I got at the movie, I'm saving that for another day... that and most of it I have compacted and packed away for the moment to keep everything clean here :) Today it's all about cards. Delicious, delicious cards.

Oh and a very special auction, too ;)

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I'm also putting up for auction the 7/11 Ichiban Kuji lotto Pika!Toaster! I managed to score one of these really, really gorgeous things while I was clawing my way through goods to get to a Zekrom figure (I don't have him yet sadly but, regardless..) and while I really love it, I would have no place for it at home. Not to mention the fun of getting a proper converter for it so I wouldn't fry it on the 240v's in Australia... So he needs a good home.

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Intro Post

Hi, Im new here if you couldn't tell.
My name is Mister Wishkerz, And I will rule you all.
I found this site from my sister  xzeeko going on and on about it .  My fav Pokemon are mareep, electrike, and aron, though I don't collect too much

The Pokemon i will collect are mareep and bidoof.  Because they pwnt you.  and ur mom.
I literally have no collection right now  D: Except for some wierd Ampharos card (Pic Maybe comin soon, idk)
So, hai, and I will nao proceed to kill you all! be ending this post
Or not.  I haz some questions!
how much do Mareep tomy's, kids, TFG's, and friends plush usually cost each?  And the bapresto mareep?
Oh, and teh reversible plush mareep and hasbro mareep on PokePlushProject.

I'd like to Axew a question

I had a question about how to get a certain plush that's coming out soon.

I love Axew, but I've always wanted to see a bigger plush of him.
Then a week or so ago, I saw this image:

I saw it, and I loved it, and I'd love to get it. Problem is, it might be difficult to get. depending on where it's available.

Does anyone know how this is being sold, will it be easily available, or is Yahoo Japan Auctions going to pretty much be the only way to get him?

(no subject)

Hi all! So I ended up missing out on some of the MCD toys+cards. I'm looking for an oshawott toy, 2 Zekrom toys. The cards I have atm are:

So which ever ones I didn't list are the ones I'm missing :) **Looking for the english cards of them**
Give me a reasonable price and I'll let you know :)

I'm also still looking for Rayquaza Deoxys legend pieces, Magnezone Primes, Yanmega Primes and Electrode Primes (All English please!). I can trade cards or do $+cards so which ever you are interested in!

Also just updated my sales thread again!
high-five! awesome!

(no subject)

Hey guys! Quick reminder that I'll be ending offers on my Stuff Up For Offer post (what a clever name!) by Eventually EST on Wednesday the 20th. Several items are either at their starting offer or have no offers at all, including a lovely Salamence UFO plush and a handful of metal swing keychains, among other stuff not shown below! Click HERE for my offers post, and HERE for general sales. Thanks C:


Info on/Anyone selling Zekrom lotto figure?

 Hi everyone!

The Zekrom figure from the recent 7/11 Pokemon Lottery has really piqued my interest - I love the pose and the platform he's on. Unfortunately, I've been pretty hard-pressed to find info on the auction, specifically: how many Reshi/Zekrom figures were produced? I was also wondering if someone had specific dimensions on either of the figures, to approximate the shipping costs...

Anywho, if anyone is selling a Zekrom figure I would be interested in buying! I can't make any guarantees that I could afford it (as I have seen the price threshold really vary on these guys), but am nonetheless interested.

Thanks guys!

Oh, and so this post isn't completely boring, here's a pic of the figures :3

Pokemon - Jigglypuff's balloon

GA & Sales Reminders

Hey all,

I'm expecting a few packages soon so look out for a collection update (involving Purrloin and Blitzle!)

But until then here's some boring stuff! :D

GA01 - 20+ Plush is ending in 4 hours! So get those bids in - there's lots that have yet to be bid on.

GA02 - Hasbro & Talking Plush ends tomorrow at 7.00/19.00 GMT and as above there are quite a few plush without bids!

I'll be going to the post office both Monday and Tuesday this week. Please check out my sales, Purrloin's Emporium as there are lots of stuff up for grabs! :D

Thank you ^_^
Alola Vulpix

Ichiban Kuji Goods and Pokemon Center Runs

The posse of pkmncollectors members here in Japan has grown even more this past week, and I'm so lucky to have instant friends halfway across the world!  While my trip has been filled with lots of Pokemon fun times, I've also started to get really busy with my job here.  My email inbox is full of PMs and comments regarding pickups and things throughout the past week - I just didn't have the time to do sales stuff while I was working each day, but I will do my best to get through everything today.

Regarding Pokemon Center pickups: I will only be making one or two more trips because my bags are completely full!  If you want something now's the time to ask, I can't promise anything though because I really, really don't have much room left.  Feel free to re-comment if I haven't gotten to you during the week, having the extra reminder makes my life easier (and lets me know you're still interested~!)

Pickups are closed, thank you to everyone who has ordered and paid!  I will still be doing straight sales until I leave, but please do not ask me to pick anything up for you :')

I also played the 7/11 lotto with faiarrow  and happyjolteon  yesterday - the only things I was really after were the keychains, so I have a handful of lotto prizes (along with some random Kids at 7-11) for sale.  However, I also won this guy...
I didn't want to spend too much money on the lotto since I had just dumped a *bunch* of yen into UFO catchers and won absolutely nothing. I got a few tickets and mostly won notebooks (please take them away!), but on one of the last tickets I pulled "Monster Ball Cushion."  The name is appropriate since it really is quite the monstrosity, about 2 feet tall and almost just as wide.

I was planning on taking it home with me but after double checking with the airlines it is too big to be a carry on.  From now on, I should stick to the Black Lotto ;)  If you want this guy, please throw offers at me - you may end up with a great deal since I need to find something to do with him before I leave!  However, please keep in mind these are the second rarest prizes and that shipping from Japan will be at least $50-60.

EDIT: If you would like, I could carefully open up a small portion of the seam on the back of the cushion and remove the Pokeball stuffing - Pikachu would remain untouched. You would have to find some stuffing obviously but this would drastically reduce the shipping price, probably down to $20 or less.

Unlike Monstrous Pikachu, the rest of these sales will be shipped from the US when I get home in two weeks :)

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As always, thanks for looking and happy collecting ♥

booties and factory rejects

These are terms I've seen around the community several times. Are bootleg items and factory rejects the same?  I'm wondering what the specific difference is, since some people seem to group these items into the same category.

I see bootleg as an unofficial, if not illegal, fakes. Factory rejects seem to be items that didn't come out in pristine condition and are sold for less. In that instance, aren't the factory rejects still considered official? I'm asking this because I see bootleg and reject items being treated as the same thing and priced equally. The pricing I understand, but I don't get why some rejects are seem as bootlegs.

I'm really digging into this matter now because of a pair of Banpresto Snivy mascot plushies I bought not long ago. They were purchased from Hong Kong, but the seller had really great feedback and photos. They were also really cheap; $10 less for what they sold for on Amazon, so I bought them. I got them yesterday and was surprised to see how well they looked. The thing is, I can't tell if they are really nice bootlegs or just better looking rejects.

Here's the details : 

They are missing the ball-link chains.
Only the "toilet paper" tag, as I like to call it, is included.
On one of them the stitching is a little off, but the other is spot on perfect.

I know I got lucky, because some HK merchandise can look really awful. Anyway, I'm someone who doesn't mind the fact that an item may not be official or T-totally perfect, because it's for my own personal collection and I like the discounts. If I can buy something half the price because of one loose stitch, I will. Should I, though? I don't want to support illegal sellers, so this goes back to my original question. Is there a way to tell a reject from a bootleg?
Pokemon Time Farfetch'D

SEGAMew's Random Pokemon Lot Sale #1

Sorry, no Leek Duck Report today. Let's just say that the battery in my camera was in the red. Yeah. I couldn't even get a close up shot of Pikachu and Rayquaza @____@ Oh well. That just means the next report will be HUGE.

But anyway, I'm running out of room in this smallish room the Navy put me in, and I have either duplicate stuff or stuff that I simply don't exactly feel attached to that came in giant Japanese bulk lots XD;;;



I'm hoping to get $150 + shipping/fees for this lot. Using my awesome Tetris skills, I am able to snugly fit everyone into a Large sized Flat Rate Priority box, which is $15 shipping within the USA. However since the overall lot is on the light side, shipping will most likely fall between the $10-14 range depending on how far away you live from Hawaii. International shipping will likely be almost $40 for the lot, ouch! Well unless you live in Canada.. in that case it'll be almost $20 shipping.

If you do not want Pokepark: Pikachu's Adventure because you don't have an NTSC-NA Wii, then the lot's price will be $120+shipping. If someone wants to GA this lot or something, I don't mind. =)


- Axew, fat cross-eyed Pikachu, and Tomy Rayquaza+Shaymin are all without hang tags, but with tush tags.
- Talking Tepig is band new
- I apologize if the plushies inside the plastic bags makes them less visible @__@;
- Zorua + Zoroark flat is a DSi skin
- Next to it is a Torterra DS stylus
- Pokepark doesn't include the Nintendo Club code, but everything else is included.
- Sonic and Metal Sonic curtian NOT included in the lot!
- Sales Permission ganted by Dakajojo!
- If you have any questions, let me know!

Additional photos:

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Gen 1 Flats + Figures Auctions!
Leeky Emporium!

(no subject)

Hi my name is Karena. I have been collecting pokemon for many years now. My collection has grown very big and is still growing ^_^ ! Here is a link to my journal to see pics of my collection http://tikiwolf624.livejournal.com/ . Sorry there is not a lot of pictures, I am remodeling right at the moment. Well thats all I have to say.

Thanks For Reading,


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Free promos everywhere! Just require some footwork that's all! (oh my aching feet!)

There is a very good reason why I didn't have any update until now...

The train I was on ran late, so I missed the connection to the last train.  DX

I ended up stranded somewhere in Chiba, and got booted out of the station around 1am.

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Thanks for looking! =)

P.S. Almost forgot about these, clear dragon 3D Zukan Offer!

Each dragon is $13 shipped to US address (+$1.00 for INT).  A set of both is $23 shipped to US address (+$1.50 for INT).  Requests will be fulfilled on a first come first serve basis, and status can be tracked on this page. =)

B&W Pokedoll Discussion anyone?

 So, I’ve officially come out of the collector closet and admit that I absolutely love Pokedolls X3! 

I’ve been weeding my collection and cataloging everything recently, and discovered that most of my plush are Pokemon Center exclusive plush, most being Pokedolls. Over my time collecting, I’ve come to develop a refined taste for Pokemon goods and I love the high quality plush :3. Pokedolls seem to make any Pokemon cute and are well worth the money spent on them.

Out of my Pokemon teams, the majority of my party has been made into Pokedoll form. Snivy, Meinfoo, Blitzle, Zorua and Cubchoo have all had theirs made. I have hope that they will make a Pidove Pokedoll like this:

excuse my terrible 5 minute artwork

Pidove is the last one I’d need to get to complete my first string team :3! *fingers crossed*

So I’m curious to see what you guys think about the B&W Pokedolls so far and who you think they’ll make next? Do you have any recommendations for a new collector of Pokedolls? Here’s some of my other hopes:


Of course, I’m hoping for Dolls for other generations as well *cough NINETALES cough*.

I also was wondering what are the values of the Eeveelution Pokedolls currently? I’m not planning on selling any atm, I just want to know. I have the Original Velboa set plus the minky Leafeon and Glaceon.

Lastly, I’m in need of some advice from other collectors. My little issue is located HERE.
Emolga Dream World

Collection Update + 3DS Fun

This  post consists of my lovely poke-team collections!

Let's have some fun with my brand new shimmery purple Slakoth 3DS. <3

My package from Sunyshore arrived in the mail during the weekend. Which means a big whopping collection update! This will be my first major gen 5 pokemon collection update, it will showcase all the lines I am hardcore collecting!
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Kids boxsets for the movie?

Just a quick question, since I haven't seen any news or pics for this... Did they make (or plan to) one of those Kids boxsets for the 2 new movies? Usually they release 2 of them (which would be perfect in this case) and box it with 4 kids, stickers, and a poster. Here's a link (from a Kids collection site I like to reference^^) of the 2 for last year's movie that I have: toys.qee.jp/pokemon/Poke_MOVIES/PokeM10.htm
I figured I'd hear about one by now since the movie is already playing, but maybe I missed it.

Pikachu GB & Radioactive Minun GA final payments!

Here are the final payment spreadhseets for the Pikachu and Radioactive Minun Group Auctions!
Pikachu: CLICK
Minun: CLICK - Pay ONLY the blue column.
Payments to elwoolley@blueyonder.co.uk, please put your username in the title of the memo.
I will send one PM reminder tomorrow, after that I am not chasing any more late payments.

The photographs of the condition of the kids are here: CLICK

EXTRAS?! Click the Cut!

GA participants get cheaper prices, but other than that it's first come, first serve.
I've emptied out my growing bag of leftovers. Do not ask me to hold things, I want this heap out of my house!
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Wartortle, Blastoise, Squirtle

Lil collection update

EDIT: Forgot to ask, UKers - Are there any stores in Oxford that sell Pokemon by any chance? :x

Just a little update today. I recently received something which, whilst I can't call a grail (I only have one of those, which I still can't get my grubby little hands on), was certainly a hugely wanted item. Which one?....

The Squirtle PlushPlush! The FINAL Squirtle Pokedoll variation I needed! A huge thanks to kurai_tsuki7 for helping with the auction <3

And so - Here's an update of a specific part of one of my main collections.

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Aaaand that's it for now, if you have anything Squirtle line you think I might be interested in let me know blah blah blah. The usual routine. Thanks for looking!


Hello everyone! :3
I have a question for you all.
So I really like the Pokemon Eelektross he is one of my favorite for 5th gen. So of course I want to make myself an Eelektross plush. :3
My question for you is
Should I try and make him chibi and pokedoll style ( or would that look weird?)
Or should I just make him normal long and lean and awesome. Like not chibi/pokedoll style lol

bidoof; ^_^

Mystery card?

Hey everyone! Today I come to you all with a question about a mystery card I own. I found this digging through some old Japanese cards I had from my childhood, and I came to realize that I've never actually known anything about this card! For the life of me, I can't seem to remember where I got it, although  I do know it came from a booster pack of some sort. The oddest thing about it is that it doesn't have any sort of rarity marker on it... perhaps it's a promo card of some sort? I apologize, the bottom of the card got cut off in the picture, but I assure you there's no rarity marker on it at all.

I'd really like some info on it if anyone knows anything about it :D Here's a picture!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

SOLVED! Thanks so much! <3

I also have this card up for sale in my sales post! I've also added some card lots that are trainer-specific including Koga, Sabrina, and a miscellaneous lot. There's more Japanese cards as well, and I've also added more figures and some other stuff! Take a look if you're interested!


Thanks as always! <3
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Halloween Witch Chikorita by magicalondi

A Very Squirtley Question

 Hi everyone, while browsing through the net today, I stumbled upon this cutie:

It seems to be a Squirtle Poke Time Plush Keychain... Does anyone have more pictures of it? I'd really love to have one but it's probably like impossible to find one by now, right? Any infos would be appreciated.^^
Triela- Oi vey

Eaten Collection Pieces

So my grown, professionally-trained, adult (senior actually) dog has decided that the pieces of my collection that she can reach are hers and hers to chew. I keep finding them all over the house, partially eaten and in many cases, destroyed. So, I'm hoping to replace some of them, if anyone has the items and is willing to help me out!

Currently looking for: 
- Whiscash Attack Kid CARD (the one inside the box)
- Scolipede Kid Card
- Venipede Kid Card
- Rattata motion card (when you move it, Rattata looks like it's running)
- Rattata small red rubber stamper
- Whiscash Pan Sticker (any variety really- I had a cool, small sized one that is completely gone)
- Whiscash Paper Craft
- Larvitar metal keychain with moving head (it's flat and the head kinda... bobs?)
And while I'm at it, I'm always on the lookout for any metal Whiscash figures (I have gold and silver ATM)

I should have pics of some of these items in un-eaten form somewhere, I'm just too angry right now to upload them. Let me know if they'd help out!
Thanks guys! <3 Hope you all have a good week!