July 18th, 2011


Segamew GA

I am bringing to you this as a GA! =D

All by myself, I am not claiming anything either so, info, pictures and rules under the cut ?

- Axew, fat cross-eyed Pikachu, and Tomy Rayquaza+Shaymin are all without hang tags, but with tush tags.
- Talking Tepig is band new
- Zorua + Zoroark flat is a DSi skin
- Next to it is a Torterra DS stylus
- Pokepark doesn't include the Nintendo Club code, but everything else is included.
- Sonic and Metal Sonic curtian NOT included in the lot!

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GA reminder + updates

I've extended this GA until 8pm EST today, so get your final bids in. We've tentatively won this lot already, it's just pending  at the moment. We definitely lost lot 2. I did win a pretty lot of new battrio v's too. :D

The ones that I don't want will be up for grabs once the lot comes in. ^_^

Also, the myvampirelust19 GA has been shipped to me today.
The captainangel GA is likely to be shipped to me tomorrow.
Pokemon Time Farfetch'D

Reminder Post

Yes, a reminder post! DUN DUN DUUUUUN~!

For Gen 1 Flats and Non Flats Auction click the above photo! Ends tomorrow (July 19th) at the end of the day, Hawaiian time!

For myvampirelust19's GA with my item lot, click the above photo!

And as always, always buying Leek Duck goods <3 <3 <3
Stay tuned for Leek Duck report tomorrow evening!

Grail Geeeet~ and Website Launch!

After two long years of searching and two long weeks of dealing with SMJ for the first time, my grail plush showed up at my door today! I put together a very tiny little photostory for the occasion. That'll be behind the cut!
In other news: I decided to start up a collection website! My goal is to someday be the expert on Takara Tomy talking plush here on the community. XD It probably won't happen, but goals are fun to have.
I have some stuff posted on it already, but it's still just getting started. I'll be massively updating my site this week, so check it out!


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Pokemon- Desukaan Aww yiss

(no subject)

So a couple weeks ago I came home from CA~ I had a great time and met up with some awesome members at the Arcadia meetup. :D

I've been meaning to post a collection update but had been waiting for one particular package to arrive first.

It finally came today.
You all know what that means. 8)

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I need to make a PO run soon to get everyones plush and settei shipped out, I also need to go to the fabric store in order to get fleece for all my current commissions/trades so I will probably do those the same day. I've had a cold since a couple days after coming back from CA so I haven't been able to go out and do stuff just yet. XD;
ポケモン:trainer battle

Batty Collection Update!

Hello all! It's been some months since I last posted here and I've made a few acquisitions, so I thought it might be time to show off how my (modest) collection has grown since I joined! :3

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I actually also have a couple wants: Woobat Kid and Clear Woobat Kid! Anybody have them for sale for relatively cheap?

Other than those, I'm getting the clipping figure soon and I'll get the TOMY figure eventually... am I missing anything that's Woobat-tastic? :O

Thanks for reading! * u * ♥

My_Chapstick Zukan GA!

Sorry it's been such a long wait, but this is to the participates of this GA...

It's in! I've included pictures of the zukan behind the cut, so go have a look! :3

Also, the latest settei lot has arrived to me with... more disappointment. This one included more Pikachu, more Ash, more Team Rocket, Sceptile, Grovyle, Combusken, Articuno, Bulbasaur and.... An entire episode! Yes, a whole pokemon episode. It's this episode featuring Weaville and Sneasel. I believe these are called Genga?

**EDIT** To those who participated in this GA, please let me know if you would like a small box or a bubble mailer. The box would only be about $1 more, but I think it's the safest options for these guys!
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oshawott kid

ok so im looking for a oshawott kid figure from the first BW set. i wanted it a little when it came out but i told myself the i got the tomy ad fell in love with the water otter and ive been collecting him since but i just cant find him so i decided to post here hoping someone would have one they could sell. any info on one would be great. :)
Vampire Knight: Dressy Zero

Time for a sales post plus a preview of newish gets

Hello All! Hope you are having a great day. :3
First I come to you with sales. I've updated my shop with nice new things like a mint Mcdonalds Tepig that comes with a Tepig card, a few kids, new plush and some figures. I also have a sealed Art folio and some loose pages for direct sale. Please come take a look. <3 


I don't think I've posted a collection update since like....March. SO much has happened since then such as the Black and White tour and Momo con. Here's a preview pic of 2 of my gets. :D 

A custom Pokeball a friend gave me at the tour and I believe the pouch is a Bento holder from the Pokemon Center. Pictures don't do it justice! Its beautiful! I brought it because it had Lugia of course, but on the other side you'll see Pikachu, along with the Johto Starters, and on the bottom is the Poke cen logo with Espeon and Umbreon. <3 When I saw it at Momo Con I had to snatch it. XD

~ Thanks for your time~
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☀ BELL PLUSH AUCTIONS ☀ seasons of love

five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes
five hundred twenty five thousand moments so deer

At long last, I was finally able to do an auction I've always wanted to do: seasonal deer! Only without the Deerlings I originally planned to make with each since the utter monotony of Sawsbucks drove me away (though I'd be willing to make them as commissions, but I digress...). :'D

In addition to Sawsbucks, I've made a shiny Oshawott bell plush and two LIFESIZE minky Tynamo plushies, all OOAK and never to be remade! If you're interested in purchasing one of these guys or if you just want to take a look (you're very much welcome to!), hop to beneath the cut! :D

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If you have any questions, comments or anything else, I will be happy to hear them! Please don't ask me when I plan to open custom slots as I'm unsure of my plans for the next few months, but anything else is fair game. :)

Please wait until this sentence is stricken out before commenting!

I've had so many items coming in that I've been putting off a collection update! I'm overdue for a full collection post however, so (hopefully) look forward to one from me within a week or two~ :D

Questions, Thoughts, Wants

Hello everyone! Boring post time... xD I was wondering what people are searching with to get the lotto prizes? When I just searched "Reshiram" and went through all the pages, I couldn't find a lot of lotto prizes. Then I got a link from my sister and it showed lots of Reshiram Lotto prizes that were not shown on the original "Reshiram" search... I also tried the Lottery Prize / Ichiban Kuji search provided on the community guide and nothing. So I was wondering what people are using to search? I was trying to look for that V-Create Angrytini just by searching "Victini" and got nothing the last few days. I know only 100 are supposed to be released, but still xD Anyone got a search query for that Victini? I do want it badly haha

Secondly, I was debating on getting the TOMY Reshiram and TOMY Zekrom plushes. Thing is... they will probably be like $70 each + shipping I am guessing haha. I only collect one plush per pokemon, so.... How likely it is that TOMY will make overdrive plushes of these two? Do you forsee it happening? THOUGHTS? LOL. Just my luck is I buy these plush and overdrives might be announced right after... And then money poof haha <3

LASTY MY WANTS: Metagross Pokedoll travel buddy. Dx That means no hang tag, loved, etc is fine with me! Just give me a price and I'll take him!


NEW HOT TOPIC MERCH and Reuniclus Collection

I just came back from the mall and Hot Topic was FULL of new, awesome merch! You can go on the site to see most of the merch, but it was just so awesome! And most of the merch was geared toward women whereas McDonalds seems to think Pokemon is for boys. I'll try to describe the merch for you :D I highly recomend checking it out!


Dunno if the image'll show, so I linked as well, but this is a Pikachu bookbag purse made from super soft minky and shaped incredibly well! It retails for 22.50, which is p. much what everything cost. They also had coin purses for about 6.50 that were the same pattern just shrunk to a tiny size with a clip that made it a keychain also.

~BW starter and Pika shirt. They had emotes near them that reminded me of walky series. The shirt was really cool! I almost got it.

~The shirt I'm wearing! Pika front on the front, Pika back on the back!

~Many many MANY diff Pikachu shirts. Some were cute, some were boring.

~There was also a grey shirt geared toward males that had the three starters with faded colors on it in action poses. It was an awesome shirt I almost got as well.

So stop by Hot topic! Awesome stuff and our store is under construction, so there's prob more stuff I didn't notice! I want that Pika-bag :C I shoulda grabbed it. Ah well XD

Now on to the meat of this post, REUNICLUS MERCH. I have given in and started collecting the cell! Please let me know of any figures or such I'm missing. I'm not interested in collecting flats, though (aside from the new card that just came out in the recent set, do want!)

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original raichu

(no subject)

Hi Guys!! I'm pretty new here and have not posted here in forever..and I know I promised a collection update (as I've never given one before)..so guess what? It's here!!!
Before joining the comm I had next to nothing Poke merchwise. (save for a couple hundred TCG cards-many 1st Gen of course :P And I will show these off later..) I had like two things besides the cards as a kid. A BK keychain plush pokemon w/ pokeball-koffing I think? lol. (ohh yeeeahh) And a pikachu figure. Both of which are sadly gone. Soo..I'm kinda making up for my prior lack of pokestuff, and indulging my favorites. These being Raichu, Raikou, and Flareon as my top ones-I have determined. Just so..awesome! I also really like Dewgong and the seal/otter types!! Well I'll just bring you to the cut now.

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pokemon •• n+reshiram

Promo Card GA ending in 4 hours! + updated sales

BIDDING IS OVER! Wish us luck guys. <3</b></a>

I've also added some Sugimori clearfiles to my sales post, as well as a movie poster and some stickers. Check them out by clicking on the adorable batties below!

Also, would anyone want this metallic Zekrom Tomy? I just want Reshiram. No idea what the auction price will be, but if you're interested let me know :D it would probably be a better idea for you to bid on them/ship the other to mesince I live in Canada if you're okay with that!

GA Payments Need people!!

Okay alot of you have been asking about this GA?

Payments are due for Shipping... 2 of you don't have shipping totals, as you didn't put your location on the spreadsheet =S

Spreadsheet is here!

Payments can be sent to ccstangfan2<@>yahoo.com, Please mark your LJ Name and "Crimson_angel02 GA Payment 2" in the comments box on Paypal!

I'm happy yo guys can get your stuff =D

Big Collection Wants!

So, I haven't posted for a long while but i am back. I wanted to make this post because I have a hundred dollars to spare and I desperately want a few pokedolls. Xp
Okay, this is my wants list.

Kibago pokedoll
Chillarmy pokedoll
Vulpix canvasdoll
Mienfoo pokedoll
And possibly scraggy pokedoll(still thinkin about it)

I only have 100 dollars so if anyone is willing to sell for cheap, I will love you forever.

custom plush magnets

Hello community! :D It's been a while since I posted, and I will dedicate my July's custom post to my recent creation PLUSH MAGNETS! Im in love with these, they're so cute and not too hard to make that I just love making so any of them xDD Anyways, this is my first batch ever and I will be straight selling them. No auctions or anything :B Not only that, I will also open 5 custom slots. But you won't be able to request the ones I already did on this batch (just this time, I don't wanna re do them right away).

These batch includes: Nyan Eevee, Flareon, Jolteon, Vaporeon and Meowth, 2x dittos, Joltik, Cubchoo, Bulbasaur and Butterfree. Small preview of the ones that I think it'll get your attention xD


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Custom Slot threads are up, please comment to claim one :D
To purchase any of the premade one just comment anywhere else <3