July 19th, 2011

Applejack and Rainbow Dash Love

Apple A Day!

It's the Apple A Day 'Up all Night' sale! I am making a post office run this week and am wanting to tag these items along to new homes. Check out what I've got behind the cut!

Status : Going to bed. Will reply to comments in the morning.

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first collection update! (wait... really?!?) also another pet meme

so in september I will have been on pkmn collectors for a year! (although I wasn't really active till november...) but I really have NEVER done a update!!! but the reason for this is that I was waiting for the first official mienfoo merchandise to be in hand. and well... guess what I got today!~~~

shorry for the bad quality, and cut off at the end.... some parts seem to skip that because I lost my grip on the record button. and at the end I'm scooting my step stool... I swear its not a fart. also the top shelf is rather sloppy looking as I was reorganizing and just needed to put those guys somewhere till better spot if found.

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I'm trying to save up for personal things, ANDDD some money to purchase more Mienfoo/shao items when they are released!

A LOT more plush added along with an assortment of other items. And all the items that were previously on other sales posts have reduced prices! HAGGLING IS ALWAYS WELCOMED! Remember :)

Things to remember:
- I accept Paypal only.
- Please include username and item(s) when sending payment so it's easier to sort everything out.
- HAGGLING IS ALWAYS WELCOMED. (But don't get upset if I don't think the price is reasonable.)
- And please don't express interest but then never ever respond again, just let me know what your final decision is.
- I will only hold certain items when ASKED to hold them.
- After items are shipped out, I am not responsible for them; ask and pay extra for tracking if you are worried about this.

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larvitarscar's anniversary sales!

Hi guys! I had a smashing vacation, and I'm here this time with an anniversary sales post to commemorate it being one year since I discovered this amazing community. =D Brand new items include Shinx, Pikachu, Ash and Shaymin figures, Tomy MC figures, new Chous and straps of Pokemon such as Bayleef, Raikou and Eevee, as well as rare 1997 Japanese 'Carddas' vending promo cards of Gen I Pokemon and Japanese promo Dark Ivysaur/Venusaur cards! Click the banner to proceed. ;)

Also, most items from my previous sales posts now have massive discounts, do take a look here to add some to your order of new items! FYI, I will stop accepting offers for offer items after 48hrs. In addition, feel free to haggle if you buy multiple items, I'd be more than willing to consider. =D

thank you for reading!
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Rubber stamps or other crafty things?

Hi there, just a short post really!
I was wondering if anyone has anything for sale such as rubber stamps or such? I'm not looking for rare and obscure, just something fun and cutesy for personalising my commissions envelopes and thank you cards. (I'm all about adding the personal touch to things like this, and it's fun!)
I do have a Pikachu one already but I have no idea where I've put him, to be honest.
If anyone has anything similar which could spruce up an envelope or such then I'd like to see it,  or any suggestions on what people do themselves would be great C:
I'd post a picture of my recent arrivals but my camera's decided to die on me!
Thank you for reading!
Fantastic Four: Reed

(no subject)

A FINAL REMINDER for my Plush auction:

Click on image to go to the auction. Don't miss out on this rare official 'alternate' colour plush!
END TIME is 20th of July 12:00 SYDNEY STANDARD TIME.

Also, I have a set of Zukans headin' my way and I wanted to organise claims for the ones I won't keep. I am not taking payment right now, as I do not have them in hand.

Zekrom is not available!
Golurk is $12 shipped anywhere
Sraggy and Victini is $12 shipped anywhere (claimed by sorjei)
Sigilyph is $10 shipped anywhere
Reuniclus line is $15 shipped anywhere (claimed by tealbulbasaur)

Comment to claim. I will contact you when I have the zukans in hand, ready to send! Paypal only!

I should have them in a week or so.

Question + want

Hello everyone! I have a question. :3
So has anyone here either lives in wa or been to the alderwood mall in Washington and been to the Pokemon center there? Er the kiosks? (Vending machines)
Cause I plan to go there and was wondering if anyone could tell me what pokedolls they have? Thank you. :3

Now for the want.
Sadly I wasn't paying attention to the ga I was going to bid in for the plush I wanted so I missed out and didn't get my bid in.
Soooo does anyone have this

alakazam plush? If anyone has one they are willing to sell please let me know. :)
pika cap2

tiny pokedoll sale

Hey all well I'm looking for homes for these pokedolls cause I'm afraid there's little room them now .

Here's plusle he's in great shape has  a tush tag but no hung tag $13

Next up Lugia he's a bootleg he would make a great travel buddy

I still have cards for sale

thanks for viewing

Best of Friends

another N~ + sales

I received a box from Thailand today which I was very excited about. Why? Because this little guy was inside, and oh my god is he detailed and adorable! *u*

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I am also in dire need of money, mostly because I'm after that amazing Reshiram Lotto Figure, but also because I'm aware the poseable TOMY Reshiram plush will probably be quite expensive. ;; Among other things. So I have updated my sales with some more collection weeding and other random things! Please take a look. :3

(sales permission granted by dakajojo on 03/02/2011)

Thank you! <3


OH and a completely random note, how much does the Natu Pokedoll go for these days? For some reason I've decided I really want one. >_>;;

Really late bday update and ANIME IOWA MEETUP!

Anime Iowa Meetup:
Friday July 29, 2011 @ 4:30 pm on the back patio, i will be standing by the stairs on the right side, it is fairly late because both pokemon photoshoots are at 2:00 pm *pokemon black/white* and regular pokemon- 3:00 pm i dont know how long the photoshoots will be
i will be cosplaying as a furret and carrying a furret plush that looks like my icon
July 25th i will be making another announcement about this!
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  • karoia

GA reminder and marills and such

Just a reminder for the purse GA here
. It ends in about 1.5 days. One of the Pikachus doesn't have a bid. Don't you like Pikachu? :(

and uhm, this is a bit of a stretch, but would ANYONE be interested in trying to buy this lot with me?

It's a pokemon center G/S edition gameboy with the box, and a Pokemon center jhoto starters pouch, and a Marill dice bag! I need that Marill dice bag, but can't buy the whole lot on my own seeing as it starts at 8000 yen ;w; so I thought it'd be worth a shot trying to ask the community if anyone was interested in the other items at all. If not, I'll just have to wait for another Marill dice bag to pop up sometime.

The auction will be at least $113 before shipping. The cost would be divided 3 ways with a bit more going towards the gameboy. There is no way to determine how much the total price will be as the shipping is not added on until SMJ sends an invoice, so I need someone who is willing to put a minimum of $65 on the gameboy but it'll be more after shipping. That would make the dice bag and pouch like $24ish each which I think is more than enough before shipping. So I need serious people who kinda don't have a budget to go by as it could be pricey after shipping xD I am so desperate for the marill dice bag I'll even take payments from you towards the totals!
Pokemon - Flap Flap

Update! Get! Re-Intro! A post months in the making! (also sales plug)

Hello! I am dunsparce! I collect... things!
Mostly fighting types and Dunsparce, with some Finneons, Grimers, and Zoroarks sprinkled in.

Let me tell you a story...

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I hope you enjoyed my little comm-life recap!

Oh yeah, that sales plug.

Reintroduction + Collection Update + GRAIL!!! + meme

Hello Pkmncollectors!

The last time I posted something here was September 16 2010; I became rather dormant this year because of a long string of atrocious events that I won't go into here; however I am now (hopefully) free from it all. Now, since summer has finally arrived, I thought it might be a good idea to get posting again!

To all new members, since I last posted, welcome! I sincerely hope you all are enjoying your time here. To older members, hello again! My name is Lizzi, but feel free to call me Kweh; I'm 19 (almost 20), and I've been a collector since I was 8 years old. Pokemon-wise, I really have no firm direction; however, I do collect a lot of Lugia, Deoxys, Suicune, and Squirtle items, mostly because those particular Pokemon are special to me in some way. Other than Pokemon, I also collect Star Wars, Neimoidians/Duros, turtles, and airplanes.

Above all, in terms of Pokemon, I am a ChibiPokeHouse collector. From about 1997-2004, TOMY produced these wonderful Polly-Pocket style playsets, as well as some larger ones. In my opinion, they are the greatest Pokemon merchandise ever released, and I have admired them ever since I saw my first one on PokemonCentre.com when I was 11 years old. Since last year (and having a credit card), I have made it my objective to collect and preserve every ChibiPokeHouse released, and I'm happy to say, I'm now only 2 away from that dream.

Older members will remember this; however, for newer members, I have my own collecting site dedicated to them, so feel free to take a look, if you're interested 8D

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mlpfim; rainbow dash

An update that would make N jealous

Soooo I just got a package in the mail today from strangelycute and in it was one of my most exciting recent gets! I am so thrilled that it came so fast and that it's heeeeere in my hands whenever I want it. I'm sure it's no mystery to you all what it is given the title of this post but here's a close-up "Who's that Pokemon?" type shot just because :P

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Just look at that smexxy eye embroidery.

Eeeeee! More pics and my current pokedoll collection under the cut!

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Pokemon Time Farfetch&#39;D

Leek Duck Report - July 19, 2011 / ATTN Leeky's GA/GB Participants!

You know the drill, click the photo below to view! It's posted today instead of Saturday due to a miture of reasons (mostly due to dead camera battery and questionably lack of motivation). But hey, at least this report has PLUSHIES because the customs arrived TODAY XD

Attention Leeky's Super Group Auction/Buy Participants:

Heeeey guess one? SMJ pulled another one on me again. Looks like they screwed up and there was actually an internal shipping fee. OH AND GUESS WHAT? They had the gall to charge 74 yen rate instead of 75 yen rate on that. Don't worry guys, I will cover that yen rate difference (KICKING MY ASS SMJ WTF). There were a few discrepancies with the 1st payment as well. Some people didn't send the correct amount, and some people didn't send in the correct currency? I understand, we all make mistakes, even SMJ (though I feel like I'm their guinea pig).

I will take the time to adjust payment #2 to include INTERNAL shipping, payment one discrepancies, AND shipping from SMJ to us. Internal shipping comes up to around $100 alone. Also as a heads up, I'm the type of person who doesn't take any shipping-related fees and divide it evenly among the participants. I actually use reasonable judgment and make people who buy more bulkier items more shipping than someone who bought only a pencil. Yes, this means I'm one of those who will end up paying the higher %, so please please please try to pay payment #2 immediately as soon as I post the invoice either tomorrow or Thursday @____@;; Don't make me have to cover you!

No seriously, don't make me have to cover you <_____<;;

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, etc about the GA/GB or anything, post here or PM me~


Leeky's Emporium

dragonair plush

Can anyone tell me if Dragonair plushies have ever been made? I don't recall any from way back when and I haven't seen any floating around in the newer Pokemon merchandise. I've seen some really fantastic fanmade plushies, but I want to know if there are official ones.
happy meowth


 I never did a want post before. How exciting!

My friend is in Japan right now, and she went to the pokemon center. She bought many wonderful and awesome things for me, and took pictures of things she was unsure of. She took a picture of this: 

And I want it!  I WANT IT SO BAD! That collector's passion is rising in me... but it isn't at the center anymore! By the time she went back it was gone! She didn't know Pokemon Time was popular or anything.  So I had to tell someone, and that is where you all come in my fellow collectors. I decided to tell someone who might be able to help, and if not can at least commiserate! So anyone know where I can get one or have one for sale?  And hey- does anyone actually own this, and if you do can you show me pictures in your collection?    
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