July 20th, 2011

Pokemon: Politoed Power

My first collection update!

I finally got all of the packages I needed to make this post! I'm so excited. I love the things I've gotten from the people here. <3 I've gotten things that I truly love and know I'd never be able to part with. I have more things coming in the mail that I'm super excited for but they'll take another couple of weeks, and then there'll be a large custom get closer to my birthday which will deserve its own post. <3 Prepare for a picspam underneath the cuts!

Right now I'm going to show off what's probably 80% of my collection to date (the other 20% being MIA -- either in my closet, or in the basement, most likely. I haven't been able to find all of my old things yet), which is also mainly toys from my childhood. But the ones I've gotten recently from the comm are my favourites. ;w; The new additions revolve mostly around one main Pokemon... but what is it?

I'll give you a hint:

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Now, that's pretty much it for the collection update. Sorry I'm so wordy, haha. I hope it was entertaining enough to read through! Oh, but wait... You say I forgot a closeup of something? Why, I think you're right! There was a big-eyed orange head peeking through the corner of that group photo, wasn't there? Is it a mystery plush?

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And one last question before I go: To anyone more experienced in plush cleaning than I, do you have any tips on how to get that basement smell out of toys? XD You know, that damp, musty smell... Is it okay to use a light spritzing of fabric refresher such as Febreeze?

Collection update- Victini!

I am so in love with Victini lately, I feel like I have to get every item available! My favorite to collect are plush, so check out what I've got under the cut!Collapse )

Many of you bought items from me these past few months, and absolutely everything has been shipped out as promised. Please let me know if you'd like me to leave feedback for you somewhere (and let me know what you bought if possible, so I can do it quickly without searching through comments)
My next sale will be from the USA, in a few days, with a bunch of random new stuff added. Look for it posted here very soon <3

Hi there!!

Hello everyone! Im new here C:

My name is jess...but sometimes people call me "mochi" (i dunno D:) I have been lurking around for a while...but i was not a member 'till now

I`ve been collecting pokemon things since i was like 8...im 21 now. Wow, time flies, i feel so old...
There's a link to my srsly outdated kind-of-outdated collection right hereeeeee!!!   I must update as soon as i have some spare time (and descent stuff to add)  I know here i can find a looot of good things to add...and why not? getting to know some people

Its a modest collection...nothing fancy or rare, just things of the pokes i like (such as turtwig) or in general things that i found here and there. Everything ebay-less and basically money-less too XD. Also, sadly here in Mexico is kind of hard to get nice poke-stuff (almost nothing besides videogames, really) But im always looking around in case i find something i can't let pass. Besides pokemon, i like to collect Digimon things (don't send me bombs or death threats pleaaaaseeeeee)

Another reason for writing this post...is because im desperately looking for the takara tomy 12 inches talking Zorua (yes, the one form the movie) i really love this little guy. <3

(This Oneeee!!! WOOOT!!!)

There is a sad long story behind...but i'll make it short not to bore you to death. I found it once in e-bay...i was going to buy it for my birthday, mainly because i needed to save. Since im at last semester of college...that doesn't leave a lot of $$$ in my personal account. A week before i ordered...someone "snatched" it. Gosh, that was bad luck. OTL Sooo...im asking, if someone knows where i can get one (without almost having to sell my soul), or someone is willing to sell his/hers to me...

It would make this girl INMENSELY happy :)

Oh, My ultimate collecting goal is to have the collection of eevee evolutions pokedolls/canvas. Right now i want the eevee canvas...

Ok, that is a loooot to ask, for now, but maybe someday....

I think that's it so far...i kinda talk too much

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1/1 TOMY Mew Auction + Sales

Hello, all. I've been pretty absent from the comm, despite my wishes. My real life has sorta crapped on me and collecting has not been a priority. I come to you all now, though, with an auction! A friend of mine gifted his small collection to me because he's been moving around a lot and having such large plush to travel with is rather inconvenient. I myself already have a 1/1 Mew, and my room is rather crowded with my two new ferrets living with me now, so I decided to auction this guy off to a better home (with permission from my friend). So, without further ado, here is an auction for a 1/1 Tomy Talking Mew plush!

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The 1/1 Tomy Mew had been BINed!

I also still have many items from my sales post that were not sold, including a TOMY Shaymin plush and Banpresto Palkia. My sales can be found here!
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Quick Question

Hi, sorry for all of these question posts, but need to know this one :o
How much does a Smeargle beanie go for?  I want one in loved or better condition, as long as it isn't falling apart.  I think it would make the perfect travel buddy, and I may be going too St. Lois at the end of the summer, so I need one fast.
It doesn't need a hang tag, or a tush tag...but if it has one, it's fine :D
Thanks you guys so much, you are the greatest! 
  Answered, thanks ~
I know now that this one is waaay to expesive :D

EDIT:  Are there any beanie plushies that range from 5-10 shipped?  I really want one as a travel buddy, but I am low on funds :)  Thanks so much, and i pretty much love every pokemon :D

Also, I doubt there is, but just checking :D
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captainangel GA, PAY FOR SHIPPING!

Hey everyone! I edited the spreadsheet last night with the shipping cost from me to all of you ^_^


I still need to goto the P.O. and get quotes for my international participants! Sorry it's taking so long ;A; Work has me quite busy!

I also want to note that if any of you would like confirmation codes/tracking numbers, it will be an extra 85 cents! Just add that to your total if you'd like one and put it in a note when sending the money to me!

Please send all your payments AS GOODS to mariahfst@yahoo.com
Please also include the following:
-your LJ name
-what the payment is for
-what you won

I think that just about covers everything!
If you have any questions/concerns, please feel free to comment below!

P.S.!- I will personally PM the international participants their shipping totals, along with editing the spreadsheet :)

Thanks everyone!! :D

larvitarscar's anniversary sales! (part 2)

Hey guys! This is a reminder that I stop accepting offers for the Ash/Pikachu figures and the Japanese Promo Dark Ivysaur/Venusaur cards today.  Also, as part 2 of my anniversary sales, I added tons of spanking new Amada stickers to the fray, all neatly categorized by element for your viewing pleasure. (Eleven photos' worth!) Finally, I added these sexy and extremely rare 1997 Bandai 'Carddas カードダス' Vending Cards, with exclusive Ken Sugimori art.

Thanks for reading! In the meantime, I've been busy trying to photograph my collection for the anniversary collection post, it's amazing how much crap one can amass in just a year. ;)

how long does it really take to get sales permission?

Sorry for posting again so soon.

I know the application page days from a few days to a few weeks, but I've seen as long as a 2 month span between evaluations. I'm asking because I'm wondering if I should try selling some of my Pokemon stuff elsewhere while I wait and see if I am approved for sales. There's a market in town that gets a lot of traffic (like a flea market, but with really nice and brand new items), but I don't want to sit out in the heat. I also don't want to take that route if I can get approved sooner and let my items have better homes with the comm members. :)
Answered. Thanks guys. :)

Also, I bought several new things for my Snivy collection today. *is excited* There's still several plushies I want, but I'm going to have to wait until I get a few more spare dollars. I'm mainly wanting the Pokedoll, but for now I'm happy with my Pokemon Center plush. It's probably my favorite out of all the Snivy plushies (besides the ginormous one). I still can't get over how adorable and soft it is. ^_^

And so now this post won't be totally boring...picture time!

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First ever get is here + a gif photostory!

It came it came it came it came it came it came today! So.. small, and cute, and fluffy. My first ever cyndaquil plush! I love him!
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He's the Banpresto 2010 UFO Cyndaquil. My first cyndaquil plush and ILOVEHIM:)
His name is Quil, and he is my level 100 cyndaquil from Heart Gold! I refused to evolve him :L
He knows: Sit down, Stare, Cute Look and... Hug!
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My collection

Hello hello! :3
Today I am showing my cute little collection. Lol
Sadly this is only part of my Pokemon collection because most of it is at my moms.

here is a picture of my plush and figures that I have at my new place. I know its nothing to special but I like it. Lol
The hydreigon and emolga were made be me! :D
And the deino was crocheted by someone off of da
And that cutie zweilous was made by bluest_mercury
I have quite a bit of stuff that's one there way to me so I will have to do an update soon.
I also have TONS of Pokemon cards but I am to lazy to take pictures of those. Lol
I have 2 huge binders full of cards and two smaller ones fulls of holos a cute pikachu card folder full of my 1st edition cards and shadowless cards.
I will take pictures some day.
(Go here) for more pictures and close ups. :3
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Two questions c:

Hello all again!
I have a couple of questions I'd like to ask, plus two photos of some recent new things I have (and one old one!) - those are under the cut.

First question:
How much is a Poliwhirl pokédoll worth?

I have a friend who is looking for one, and I strangely have one (my dad bought it at the Pokémon center and then gave it to me...I dont know either) but he doesn't have his hang tag.
I've contacted the friend who wants it, but I haven't had a reply but I'd still like to know how much they're worth roughly as I dont have any use for him. I plan to sell him on eBay or something similar if she doesn't want him, so hence my asking c:
He is perfect condition, but like I said, missing his tag.
The same goes for a Gengar Pokédoll I have. He is also missing his hang tag, but he looks like this:

I am a Gengar fan but not that big a fan to collect him, so I would love to get him to a better home eventually, but of course I dont know how much for.

Secondly, I was wondering if anyone has a real, good condition, original Charizard card? I think there are different editions of it, but I am not sure. I dont trust eBay for cards, so that's why I came here.
It's going to be a birthday gift for my fiancée, who stupidly sold his beautiful one when he was younger for £6...and he regrets it so often that I'd like to find him one again.
I'm sure you guys know which one I mean, but to confirm, here is an image
I know it wont be cheap, so I'll have to start saving! I dont plan to buy him right now, his birthday isnt for another 2 months but I know I need to start looking soon because I like being prepared for birthdays haha.

And now for my two little photos!
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Looking for a Pokedoll....

Hey gang... I've been collecting Jakks plush toys for my 7 month old baby, and I'd like to see the difference between a Jakks plush and a Pokedoll plush...

Does anyone have a "gently used" pokedoll for sale? I guess I'm looking for a "travel buddy" or that kind of quality, so that I can judge it against some of my Jakks toys.

Does anyone have one that they would be willing to part with for about $13 shipped? If so, whatcha got? :) Pictures would be awesome, if you have one!

Thanks for looking!
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Sales slashed and my first MPCs!

I just lowered a bunch of prices + demoted some stuff from auction to straight sale and from cheap to freebie status. Have at it!

Pokemon sales.

aaaaand for all your cards/stickers/puzzlepiece/etc flats needs:

Flat items sales.

Over the weekend, I was at SMASH! in Sydney! I was tabling 90% of the con but I did manage to get away towards the end of the day and get a great deal on some MPC plush. <3 $10 each! No way I could resist. I snapped up a Deerling and a Dwebble. <333

They've made themselves right at home in my plush net!

I was super surprised at the high quality of the MPC plush and they are a really sweet size. Adorable! Originally I was going to pass them by completely but now I find myself looking at the sets that have been announced/released and seriously considering picking up my favourites. ;^; To those people who are collecting all the MPCs: you are braver individuals than I and I salute you, sirs/madams. I can't wait to see photos of those collections!

Totals and sales


Please do not send me totals, I will be refunding everybody shortly, and then updating this, and linking everybody again to this.

I'm so so sorry, everything seems to be going wrong with this fdhjfdkbf 

Now, some small sales so people can combine shipping, awyes.
(feel free to haggle if you are buying a bunch of stuff)
(also this is open for other people, but hm, shipping wouldn't be exactly worth it depending on what you want)
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I guess that's it
Ah! If you are from the blocks GA and wants a picture from your blocks, let me know. Lottery prize were all MIB/MIP, and the Dex Figures were all MIP.
If I'm missing something let me knooooow B:

★ Very Quick Sales ★

Hey all. It's been a few months but I'm in need of the green again.

I'm heading out of state and am going to sell off a good bit of my collection. Most all is retro (98-early 2000's) so if that's what you're after, be on the look out. All sales end Saturday the 23 (I leave the next day). They may pick back up depending on how much I fit in the car, lol.

First up:

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