July 22nd, 2011

Pokemon Time Farfetch'D

Reminder Posts + Gen 1 Suggestions + Question

First off, the SKITTLES/MPC GA ends in TWO HOURS (July 22nd, 2:00 AM Hawaiian Time)

And the SEGAMew Lot GA hosted by myvampirelust19 ends at the end of Saturday, 23rd, UK Time (oh gosh I need a countdown for this one <__< ).

Both GAs have PLENTY of items left that needs claiming, go go go~!


The last Gen 1 lot auction was a big success =) Now for round two of the Gen 1 lots! Go here to suggest Gen 1 Pokemon you would like to see listed!


I have a question about the ModPost from July, more specfically, the brand new Offers rule. Obviously the rule affects items being put up for offers, like me putting up kawai desu Mewtwo plush for offers and accepting one that I like after an unspecified amount of time. However, does that also go for auctions? Does the ruling null and voids Reserve prices placed in Auctions? Me and a member ran into a little trouble in a recent auction I ran and it all comes down to our personal interpretation of the Offers ruling. I didn't think I was doing anything wrong with putting down reserve prices on some of the lots being offered in my auction since it's very common practice to do so, and I outlined in my rules about how my reserve prices work. I would think someone would point out well before the auctions ended that I have a rule that didn't comply to the new one. It's like.... the longest rule in the list of rules <__<

I guess I dislike being blindsided after the auctions are over and stuck with either having to sell an item that didn't meet reserve at all or take a negative feedback. Clarification? Inputs please? Q__Q I did pm a Mod yesterday, should I wait a bit longer on the answer?
blaaaaargh dento

custom luxray, canvas raichus, and pokecenter sales time~

i have three major things here today :3

first is one of my oldest customs. i am very reluctant, but for various reasons i am going to auction off this large, fully pose-able, including working jaw with teeth, luxray plush, by baby london star.

luxray is over a foot long and meticulously hand sewn. he can fully pose to sit or stand, and his jaw can open or close. this is an extremely gorgeous plush doll by an artist who is one of the most sought after plushmakers on the internet! this is probably the only chance you will EVER have to own a baby london star luxray plush.

luxray begins at 350.00$. this is the minimum amount i will sell him for. bid increases in increments of 5$ please. bidding will end 11 PM EST on July 26th (tuesday). Bid in the appropriate thread please.

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next up, three canvas raichus for sale!
they are 42$ shipped each! have at them!

finally, a handful of things now available at sunyshore. keep in mind the two bug MC figures aren't out until the first week of august, so another couple weeks if you order those!

thanks guys!
Porygon-Z by trainer_irene

Red Collection Sales

 I'm sorry to post twice in such a short amount of time, but my box of Red Collection arrived today! I pulled a full set less the secret rare cards. I only got Full Art "N" in terms of those. I am putting my extras up for sale! Prices are as follows:

"C" Cards: $0.50
"U" Cards: $0.75
"R" (All of these are holo): $2.00
Trainer/Supporter/Stadium: $0.30
Reuniclus Promo: $4.00

Here's a preview:

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Thanks guys, and sorry again for posting so soon!

What is the Secret to GA's?

I recently participated in my first GA. The starting bid on the item I won was $15. I was the only one to bid on this item. I thought I was getting a great deal because Hardrock Pokemon sells the same item for $30.99 shipped; however, I ended up paying a total of $44.76.

So my questions are: What is the secret to GAs? Is the it quantity of items? Is the the quantity of bidders? Is it the location? What makes participating in a GA a good deal?

Advice would be very appreciated.

Edit: I had a good LOL, I had to add the apostrophe in the subject because it looked like "what is the secret to gas?" XD
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Alola Vulpix

Reshiram Lotto Figure!

As some of you may know, I got incredibly incredibly lucky with the 7/11 Movie Lotto, and I'm here to pass on my luck to you guys!  With only a few tickets, I somehow managed to win a Reshiram Lotto Figure, Zekrom Lotto Figure, Pikachu Pokeball Cushion, and the Pikachu Toaster :o  That's.... not normal, to say the least.

Zekrom and the toaster already have homes, and I will probably be keeping the cushion - but the Reshiram Lotto Figure is up for sale/offers!

Reshiram is $100 BIN or best offer.  If you choose to offer, please keep the offers reasonable (at least $60).  All of the 7/11s by me have been completely done with the lotto already - so this is it, probably the only figure that will be on the community directly for sale from Japan.  This is just about your best chance to get a lotto figure without paying middleman fees and internal shipping, which can be an absolute killer on these guys.

The Pikachu cushion is for sale for $100.  Dropping the price drastically since I can't take him home!  $70 shipped, Pokeball unstuffed :)

And pretty please do not ask about the toaster!  Like I mentioned above, it's already been sold!

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EDIT:  I also won a Zekrom!!  He is also $100 BIN, or you can start offers at $75.  Same deal with shipping, etc. as Reshiram, although he'll have an extra day of bidding (Tuesday the 26th at 11:59PM EST).

It's worth mentioning here again, please do not ask me about pickups from the Pokemon Center, movie theater, or 7/11 - I physically don't have room to pick up anything else!  However, I will be updating with more sales at some point in the next couple of days, so keep an eye out ♥
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quick reminder + sticker sales!

so first... a quick reminder of this GA

click to be transported

it ends in 21 hours, and Klang and Klinklang don't have bids! C'mon, they're kinda cute I guess? They need homes regardless! :P

AND FOR SALES- I got some ultra cute sticker books (first and second gen only), and only took a bit of stickers from it (MARILL!) so I'd love to sell the rest to you guys! There's some SUPER cute pages, too!

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whew! that was a lot! anyway, I might have some more sales in the near future (thinking of selling side collections so I can have more Marills!) and some year I'll have a collection update! I swear!

Yet another multipost! :D

Another multi post! :D

First off, I've finished 4 more Littlest Pet Shop customs. They inlcude a Mareep, Shiny Pikachu, Minccino, and an Eevee. The first three were created the same way as the Meowth. The Eevee was created with a different clay and will be how I create these guys in the future, though I am testing a new paint on a Trecko that will be for my self which will hopefully be smoother! :)

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Other things...
I've got a few new items in my sales. Including a talking bulbasaur and the starters preorder figure from D/P.

I made a collection site! :D I was inspired by all of your collection site! I thought I'd update it everytime something new comes in and do a new collection picture each month to keep it up to date! :D

Also a heads up that the Noxxbunny GA is ending TOMORROW at 1pm PST! Many items do not have bids and we're very close to the amount we neeed to win it Even if I raise my claim! So feel free to pop in and do some bidding! :D


Please don't comment till I get the threads up for the auctions! I'll strike this out when I'm done! :) Go forth and comment! :D

help save the pokemon manga

this article is from bulbanews

It was recently announced that the English-language publication of the fourteenth volume of the "Pokémon Adventures" manga series will be larger than previous volumes in the series with a total of 272 pages, due to the 180th 'round', which was originally published in volume 15 being moved to volume 14. This has led to some confusion amongst fans as to whether or not the fourth "chapter", the "Ruby & Sapphire" arc, and perhaps even chapters based on the other Generation III games, will be published.

Fans who reached out to VIZ Media have received responses ranging from the company claiming to have no plans to release the arc (as they have recently relaunched the series with the recent Diamond & Pearl and Black & White chapters), while other emails have been seemingly asking for proof of demand; so in response to that, an online petition asking Viz Media to reconsider this decision has been created.

This is not the first time in which Viz Media has done something similar. Two chapters of Akira Toriyama's "Dragonball" manga were moved out of the 17th volume to allow them to localise that volume as the first of "Dragonball Z".

Viz Media originally ceased publication of the "Pokémon Adventures" series after the Yellow chapter. Fan demand however, prompted the company to start reprinting the series from the beginning in June 2009, which later resulted in the previously unpublished Gold, Silver & Crystal arc being published, beginning in August 2010. The previously mentioned 14th volume of Pokémon Adventures will be released by Viz Media on August 2nd.

External Links

Pokémon Adventures: Ruby & Sapphire Petition

please help save this manga

also this is my first entry hi everyone

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Price checks, help please! + Otakon, anybody?

I'm in dire need of cash, so I'm thinking about selling off a nice chunk of my pokemon merch (and re-opening button/pin commissions in august), and I was wondering if anyone knew the prices of any of the following:

-Pachirisu Talking Plush (Jakks, Still works, Tush Tag Only)
-Ampharos Banpresto (MWT)
-Riolu Pokedoll (Tush Tag Only)
-Umbreon Pokedoll (Velboa, Tush+Hangtag, Hangtag is slightly curved)
-Pokabu PokeCenter plush (MWT)
-Eevee plush (Banpresto, Tush Tag only)
-Meowth Plush (Banpresto, 1 no tag, 1 Tush Tag only)
-Legendary Bird Trio Tomys
-Zorua Jakks
-Toy Factory Pikachu
-Vaporeon Bouncy Balls (x2), old/slightly discolored from age, one has a small chunk missing from it
-Dragonite Bouncy Ball, has one tiny chunk out of it, not really discolored
-Seel Applause Plush (Tush Tag Only, somewhat loved)
-Vulpix Applause Plush (Tush Tag Only)

I also have a small Pikachu collection (with some raichu) I'm thinking of getting rid of, but I'll leave that for another post or update this one.

Thanks in advance!

SECONDLY! Is anybody else going to Otakon this year? I'll be in the artist's alley selling my pokemon pins, and I was wondering if I'd see any of you there! (: I have been very busy lately, so maybe somebody already posted about this, but I thought I'd ask! <3
edit: some other questions, just for fun/my curiosity etc
1.) What Pokemon would you suggest making pins of for the con, excluding starters/eeveelutions?
2.) Who is your favorite pokemon? <3

EDIT EDIT: If you wanna drop by and say hi, I'll be at table BB03, not X02! (see map here!)

Help a brothah out~

So, does anybody have a skymin pokedoll they're willing to sell to me? I keep finding the UFO ones but meh. xD
How much would it cost? I was thinking somewhere around 20ish bucks. 
Thankies guys. <3
Found it. Thanks guys! <3

Back from Holiday and New Sales

I missed the community! And I was only away for a week =D Together with my brother I went on vacation to Rhodes, Greece. And they had some Pokemon stuff! Most of it was fake cards though, but also some fake figures.

Just some boring bootlegs here. But wait a minute... What's that on the package?

Such cute Arcanine art! =D <333

On to the brand new sales!
I have to have payments on Sunday! Monday morning is my last chance to ship. Otherwise you have to wait a week for me to ship again.

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kirby and delicious cake

Multipurpose post goooo!

FIRST, all purchases from my last sales post were mailed yesterday morning! :D So keep your eyes peeled in the mail, and let me know if you have any questions!!

Second, wanted to show off my hard-earned win (that has left me in the poorhouse):


Yeaahh! (next to dittochu for size comparison) I don't want to admit how many tries it took me to win this, but it's glorious. *_* Now if I can just somehow win one of the figures, my life will be complete.

Third, news from the Pokemon Center in Tokyo:


Next month (August) the PC in Tokyo is having a special campaign! For all purchases over 5000 yen, you get a free tote bag. For the first half of the month, the 2 tote bags available are reshiram and zekrom, and for the 2nd half of the month, the 2 designs are pikachu and victini. You can choose which design of the 2 available that you'd like, but the numbers they have will be limited, so once they run out, that's it. :O I really like the designs on these!

Fourth, updated sales with some new plush/lottery leftovers!

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Collection Weeding Sales!

Sales permission was granted by dakajojo on 03/02/11
-I will only hold items for 24 hours. I may allow longer holds depending on the situation.
-Paypal only please.
-I reserve the right to refuse to sell to anyone for any reason.
-I ship regular first class mail, any upgrades will cost you more.
-Tracking will cost more as well.
-All community rules apply.
-I will not be taking any trades at this time. (Unless you want to tempt me with your zukan >_>)
-Ask questions below in the proper thread.

Things to keep in mind...

-I ship from a home with dogs and there is smoking in my house.
-I am not responsible for items lost in the mail or broken during shipping, if you want insurance, ask.
-Payment is expected within 24 hours of expressing interest, otherwise it goes back up for sale.
-Shipping is not included in the sales prices.
-International shipping WILL cost more.
-I ship from the US

My feedback post is located here.
I will leave feedback for you if you give me a link to it.

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My regular sales are here:

My TCG sales are here:

quick question~

Hey all! Sorry for the little boring post but I've just been wondering.... have people done "store runs" to epcot? I've seen a couple for nintendo world and the japan pokecenters, but not for epcot, and from a few posts I've read it seems that they have slightly different stock. I don't know if it's impossible or something, I've actually never been to a disney before D: So yes, curious!

I'm very sorry if this is a stupid question, I'm still pretty new around here, so please excuse my potential idiocy! :')

Introduction >>>

What's up guys? I collect anything and everything relating to Pokemon that I enjoy. I'm still getting used to LJ and trying to figure out how to buy/sell/trade, but until then, here's a picture of my PokePlush shelf! (These are half of my plush, the others are waiting until I assemble the second shelf). Hope you guys enjoy.

confused kotone

Shipping Time!

See those pictures? Remember them? They're all packed up and ready to go home to you! Please pay this asap so I can ship them out asap. :)

Please send all payments to whalesales AT aol.com and make sure to put your username in the subject and note. :)

mommymoose - $4.21
claerwenn - $4.10
myntii - $4.40
jeansama - $4.25
feathercrotch - $4.10
shadoweon - $3.70
Aleyina - $4.10
meowllz - $8.22
(this has payment 2 in there that you didn't pay for the MPC)
darkfaeprincess - $4.10
technicolorcage - $4.10
shaggy_griffin - $3.70
mewstor - $7.30
tissuepaperpet - $4.10
ridi - $5.55
jerybunny - $4.10
lovelychu - $4.50
slowpuff - $5.55
jayceanime - $3.70
shiny_vulpix - $3.70
astron - $3.70
pantherotter - $3.70
berugii - $3.70
schenzi - $5.55
naialana - $3.70
darkangelilith - $3.70
netbug009 - $4.10
rock_dy - $4.50
pacificpikachu - $8.32
(this has payment 2 in there that you didn't pay)

You guys still owe me shipping from ages ago. This is the last reminder before I resell. :(
charmystar $3.68
poptartdino $3.50
royalballoon $3.66

Also don't forget I posted sales yesterday! I'm caught up on all of the people that already commented so feel free to stop by along with my auctions