July 23rd, 2011

Pokemon Time Farfetch'D

Leeky's Many Lots of Lots Info!

Hey Leeky friends! See all that neat stuff down there? You may want to click and have a look ;)


Also, it's time for Payment #2 of this SUPER AWESOME GA:

Click the photo or this hyperlinked text for the spreadsheet

Please send all payments to segamew_art_emporium   at yahoo.com :D I have noted any discrepancies (like if you didn't even pay payment #1 or sent the wrong amount) and added it to Payment #2. So whatever Payment #2 is (USA or International), please send that much! Also, I changed the Paypal fee formula a bit since Paypal was taking 1-2 cent more per transaction. Obviously I didn't account for anything after the 2nd decimal place. It should be more accurate now hahaha XD;


Invoice #1 for these two GA are in (they're from the same seller in case you're wondering about the combining of the fees)! There were really no discounts as we raised just enough to make minimum bids on these... lucky! And there were A LOT of unclaimed goodies =)

Since the GA itself lasted under 24 hours, I will open up the unbidded items for claims! For any Arceus that didn't get bidded on, you can reply and type "Claim for $15!" after it. As for any unbidded MPC, you can reply with "Claim for $12!" (The claim amount is the same for both GA participants and non participants).

They will only be up for claims for less than a day! Claiming period ends July 23 @ 9:00 PM Hawaiian Time. After I close up the claiming period, I will recalculate the spreadsheet and hopefully we'll see some discounts and shipping/fee burden sharing :D There are only 7 of us in the original bidding between BOTH GA LOTS! Click the photos above to warp to the original auction =)


I still require a few more Gen 1 Auction Suggestions! Clicky click!
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Okay, I haven't posted a sales post in a long time, i've updated my sales i'm selling things individually, but also things in lots (so you have two options to purchase individually or the whole lot), i have many pokemon items include charmander, pikachu, munchlax, togepi and more


Auction Reminder!

Hey everyone, this is my one and only reminder for my auctions going on here:

Click the image or this text to get there!

As well as the Pichu Brothers 1/1 plush, I have a mint Umbreon canvas plush, new in package Feraligatr and Aerodactyl zukans, a lot of Sandile figures [also all new and sealed], and a BIG lot of items! These all end in less than 24 hours, and not all of them even have bids yet! So get going now if you're interested! :3

Lot Sale

 Well, I've had these items in my post for a while, and seeing they arent selling too well, as I currently dont have enough variety to bump my sales post (as I hadnt been able to do buy runs this month), I decided so sell all this guys as a lot. The pokemon center audino bag will be included

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Items in the lot:

-Groudon, Alakazam, Cleffa, totodile and starmie figures
-Skarmory card
-Bootie Mudkip plush
-Jakks tepig, pidove and oshawott plushies (no hangtag, yes tush tag)
-Jakks Pikachu and pokeball 
- Volume 2 of the Pokemon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum manga
-Pokecenter bag ^^

Banpresto Plush GA

Hi community! Aleyina and I bring you a GA for Banpresto plushes (LOL! Sorry for the error there! ^^;).

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Please wait until aleyina posts the threads before bidding. All done and error free! Again, sorry for the mistake there. ^^; I'm human. XD Bid away.</strike> Because I was never notified of any problems by aleyina, bidding for this auction has ended. We also won! Because of the fluctuating yen rate it could cost anything. I am not sure if there will be discounts or not. To be on the safe side, please don't expect them. I will get the totals for the auction as soon as I get an invoice. :3
Bayonetta - I ship it. Hard.

Big Sale - part 1 - lots of Suicune

My life is changing drastically very fast, and any extra money is a blessing. I do not want to sell these things, but I know that it will bring me to a happier place in my life. Material things can be replaced over time. I kept the things that I loved the most, so I am at peace. I will update this with more things when I finish taking/uploading photos.
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Collection update and questions about Group Buy

Hey guys ! This is a new little update for July with an awesome get ♥
I put the Blaziken pokedoll in my wantlist since I discover it recently on this community. And a month ago there was one US version on ebay for auction present as in new condition with his handtag. I won it just before my trip to Paris !

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Also, I'd like to make my first Group Buy for this lot of rare movie zukans :

The lot is complete with :
2 Lucario pieces
Mew and the castle by day and by night version.
pictures of the set here :
zukanranger the Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald Special Zukan Set 4

I want to claim the fossils piece.

I just want want to know if the rules for Group Buy are the same as Group auctions ones ?
Because I don't have much experience, I'd like to run it with somebody from US ! (I'm from france, so the final shipping to US will be more expensive)
Thanks !

Sorry the lot was just bought, I sent the message to the seller and hope it will be relisted. =(

prices cut, new things added, rare pokedoll auction!

i'm swingin' the bat again because i want this stuff gone. i seriously don't think i've ever made so many posts over 30 days before.


hot damn you so totally wanna get in on that dudes. you know you just really want to click the link and buy all of my stuff.

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This auction is for a rare MWT Noctowl Pokedoll from the Nintendo World store (formerly Pokemon Center NY)

Starts @ $20 BIN for $50 (shipping included with BIN option)

The auction will end at 2PM Vancouver time on TUESDAY. There will be one reminder.

thanks and have a beast boy day.

Buying pokemon plush backpacks!

This is my first time posting, I just joined today^^

I'm currently searching for pokemon plush backpacks. Here is a picture of the ones I already have, of course I'm searching for the ones missing.

I saw on the internet an eevee one, and also I remember my cousin had a snorlax one when we were younger. I also seen a elekid one as well. If you have any that are not on the picture, please make an offer! I'm interested in all the ones I don't have^^

Oh and if I forgot anything, even if I read the rules before, please tell me^^

shipping update, collection update and sales!

 Oh howdy there B:

First of all a quick shipping update! For people in the plush GA, basically a lot of teh biggest parcels bounced back, as royal mail forgot to tell me that their is now a size limit on parcels leaving the UK :T If it's in a BOX and over the size limit, It can still be sent (but the price will double). If its over 90cm in length, width, and bredth and over 2KG in weight and NOT in a box however (mailing bag, bubble mailer, etc) it cannot be sent at all :T SO I had to repackage and reship half the GA plush :C SO all the shipping got pushed back due to me having to front $80-$90 in extra shipping :C I'm sorry guys! EVERYTHING should be well on it's way to you now though!

EDIT: Could cherileemeow PLEASE get back to me about their plush from the GA I ran? You're the only person I'm expecting money from now for this GA and I've made multiple attempts to contact you! Thanks!

Secondly, COLLECTION UPDATE and a bit of a reintro I guess B:
My name is Danni, AKA fizzycat, and I've been here a while now...a year and 3-4 months? maybe more, IDK B: But My favourite pokemon is gible, and just recently I just finished an astrononomical task...

I now own every single non flat gible item ever made.

SO, without further ado, LETS COMPARE AND SEE WHATS WHAT.
this was my Gible collection when I first joined...

and here is my collection now.

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OKAY! thats all that! Thirdly, a SALES POST UPDATE! I'm selling nearly ALL my pokemon figures and such that aren't part of my main collections due to needing the money for my boyfriends birthday! So help give these guys a home! And feel free to offer on anything :) Whatever isnt sold will be going on ebay!
Includes a VERY RARE pokemotion, legendary birds zukans, johto zukans, lots of rare kids and a suicune pokedoll!
Alright, I think that's all! Finally, I have had a lot of emails recently and my email box decided to bloody clear itself out :C SO I've tried to get back to everyone that's been awaiting a response, but if you're waiting for a response on me for anything, please let me know! I'll get back to you asap :)
thanks again guys! I love you all! MWAH XX
Quick Draw!

Updated Sales~

I am here to post a link to updated sales

Click the banner please.

And I have some cards for sale.

All you have to do is tell me a pokemon you are looking for, and I can look through the box I have.
The Box weighs about 4.5 pounds, and that's not including the cards I have pics of.  That is a LOT of cards!
So don't hesitate to ask. Maybe I'll have what you are looking for ^^

All cards are Mint - NM. Some may have marks and whatnot on backs. And some have slight warping (which is easily fixed with a top loader or a book)
If concerned with specific Conditions ask before buying please.

I am willing to haggle on some cards.

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Let's scoot the boot, round the collection, oh ya know....

Hi guys! Sorry to post again so soon, but my last post was craptastic and boring. So, we are in need of a collection update, after the hours I put into moving my collection around. C:

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Now, for a few tiny trade/sale items.
Edit: Forgot sales permish date. XD;

___Sales/trade rules!___
**Granted sales permission 05/22/2011 by dakajojo! :3
*We will ship at the same time for trades.
*I only ship on weekends unless it is a trade and a weekday is the only time available.
*Do not delete posts please, unless you have a GOOD reason! This gets annoying!
*All other comm rules apply!

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First Sales Post

Hey there guys
I'm here today with my first sales post!

I was granted sales permission on 07/20/11 by dakajojo ^^

Click the picture to be transported


It also has auctions of: Espeon Box Topper, Vulpix large sticker, Leafeon-Glaceon Zukan, Houndoom and Houndour Dog Tags!

Next time I'm posting a collection update showing my expanded suicune collection!
bidoof; ^_^

Pokemon merch on California coast?

Hey everyone! Kind of a boring post, but I'm going on a road trip tomorrow (my Arceus pokedoll Grumplestiltskin and possibly my tiny Snubbull plush will be accompanying me x3) and I'm going to be in Monterrey, CA and possibly Carmel. I've been there several times, but never looking for Pokemon merchandise XD So I was wondering if anyone happens ot know of any places that sell Pokemon merch around there? D: I highly doubt there's any little shops there that do sell that kind of stuff, but you never know! Even though I've been there tons of times I usually stay around the same areas :3

A huge collection update is in the works from me, along with a possible re-introduction (even though I've been crazy active on the comm lately, I only ever posted an intro when I was a newbie to the comm around 2 years ago XD I'm waiting on tons of packages, including plush and tons of TFGs I've recently acquired (I will of course be offering the extras to everyone on the comm :3)

And before I go, a quick meme! We all love our plushies and pokedolls, but what plush out of your entire collection is your absolute favorite, and why? I know it's a tough question, and I'm having trouble answering it on my own XD I think mine varies, because obviously, as most of you know right now I am in love with my Reshiram pokedoll D: But if I had to pick one thing, it'd probably be my Bidoof pokedoll because he is the cutest official Bidoof plush ever and was one of my first ever Bidoof items <3
pokemon •• kokoromori pokedoll

BW Retsuden Movie Magnets!

These guys sell out fast and become very uncommon, like most Ensky merch (Retsuden stamps anyone?) so snatch 'em up while you can! I haven't sent anything out from my new sales yet, so if you want to combine that's totally possible! I'll be sending everything out on Monday.

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I've also added some new cards to my sales from the Japanese Battle Victini deck and Virizion deck, including holos! Check 'em out by clicking here or on the picture! And of course any flats can be combined from my sales.
Galvantula and Joltik

Reminder! + Quick wants

 Hi there! <3

Just wanted to remind on some new, taken from packages Eevolution kids that I put up for auction, they will end in about 10 hours from now, so get your bids in please! :D

Here is the link to the auction: pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/9794417.html
And now some quick wants, need some help! <3

I am looking for the Snivy with the arms up kid. I know there is one on eBay, but I thought I would ask here first :)

I am looking for more Whimsicott merchandise (so far, I got only one pokedoll, a tin from Gin including him, a 32-pack of deck sleeves, the TCG card box, and a set of Grass rub off stickers, including him), and especially TCGs, like this one shown. I am really looking forward to the kid that is coming out in September! <333

And the last thing, show me also some Snivy line and Mantyke/Mantine TCGs, if you are willing to sell them. I have some, but not many :)

Thank you guys for reading! <3
Shiro - Hey


Long time lurker, first time entry-poster.
People on here may be wondering who's the chick with the club-that-shall-not-be-named icon... Or not... The latter one might be the more correct answer.
Anyways, hey there. I'm Cam, and you may have seen me around on posts here and there posting sporadically. Or not... Again, the latter one may be the more correct one. I tend to lurk more than anything since I'm afraid to post. It's not that I'm afraid of bites... I'm just a paranoid little person who is always afraid that I'll rub someone the wrong way.
My main interests are POKéMON (most of the games I finish within three to five days while I watch the anime when I can access a computer that is stronger than the one I have at home to avoid lagging), Harry Potter, writing, Deadman Wonderland and history.
Growing up, I had a HUGE obsession with POKéMON (especially Pikachu), and I collected all of the games and cards. I think I still have some of the old cards lying around somewhere, but I'm not sure... There are a lot though, I know that for sure! o.o
Sorry to make this a picture-less post, but I don't know where my camera is, and I would need to gather the POKéMON merchandise together before taking photos. I will do that ASAP though! PROMISE!
Though remember how I said I had an obsession with Pikachu? I still do! 8D Along with Pikachu, I also loved Lapras, Psyduck, and mostly Magikarp (weird, child is weird; I know). I've grown to start loving the serpent-like POKéMON now though (Dragonair, Dratini, Ekans, Arbok, Seviper, etc.).
I think that's all for now, since I don't want to bore you anymore with this rambling. I hope to be involved with the community soon. c:
(Oh yeah... And I abuse emoticons... A lot... |D)
snivy, heart, cute

Super Multi-Purpose Post of Multi-Purposefulness!

(Collection Expansion + Borders Adventures) + Delicious Sales + Wishful Wants + Settei Questions = Super Multi-Purpose Post! :D
BEWARE!  This is a BIG post with MANY pictures!!
Collection Expansion and Borders Adventures first!  I have new customs and the PokeSpe manga!

Collapse )
Next are sales! :D Rules and sales, including Sugimori clear files, PokeDolls, McDonald's toys, Mega bloks and more, below this cut!
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And now, time for wishful wants!

Collapse )
Now, I had some questions about settei, since I've seen them but never really knew what they were...if anyone can help me with these I'd really appreciate it, thank you! :D <3
1.  What are settei exactly?  Are they actually used in the animation process, or are they simply used in planning--or are they neither?  Both?
2.  Where do settei come from?  Specifically, if they are used by animators, how do they get distributed to the public?
3.  Are there any specific places/websites besides here (or Yahoo! auctions Japan) to buy settei?  This question sort of ties in with #2.
4.  Are settei unique, or are there multiples of some/all of them?
Thank you all for looking! <3 Sorry for such a big post xD I didn't think it would be nice to make so many different posts one day after another though~ So thank you all for putting up with me ;A; <3
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What do you guys think? (Pokedoll question)

 Hello all!

It's been a while since I've posted a journal to here..I have pretty much no collection, so I have pretty much nothing to post about! Dx But I should be getting something relatively soon, and I'll be sure to do an update when it arrives~

Anyway, the real purpose of this post! I need the opinions of you seasoned collectors out there.

I want a Zekrom Pokedoll. They look adorable and soft and cuddly and SO worth owning. However, they seem rather pricey. I understand that they are bigger Pokedolls and Japan-exclusive, which makes them worth more, but I just don't have $40+ to spend on one. So, as much as I want one, I decided to put the doll out of my mind until I manage to scrape together a lot more extra money.

But then I was thinking...what if the Pokedoll came to America, as an American release? It seems like that would make the price drop significantly, according to the price differences I've seen on some other JP/USA Pokedolls. But I don't know if Zekrom actually WILL come to America. I'd think he would, since all other legendary dolls have, but who knows? And I also don't know if he'd be made differently - with velboa instead of minky, or something. If it was made of velboa I probably wouldn't want it, unless the price was WAY below what they are going for now.

Basically I'm wondering you guys think it's smart to wait on buying one until (if) an American version comes out. If one DOES, and it's velboa or something, do you think the price of the Japanese ones would skyrocket? Maybe I should just try my best to afford one now...? GUH idk XD
Any help/opinions are welcome, since I'm very unexperienced with this kind of stuff, and don't want to end up regretting whatever decision I decide to make XD
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