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Leeky's Super Plush GA/GB is HERE! Click the photo below to see your Pokemon! Warning: PHOTO INTENSIVE 40++ PHOTOS

Remember to pay for Payment #2 in the spreadsheet here! Don't forget to mark down if you paid and stuff! All payments to segamew_art_emporium -a- yahoo.com. Payment #3 is likely to come later this week as I need to round up all of the materials I've been saving up and use them. There will obviously be an additional packing material charge if I have to go out and buy envelopes and boxes and stuff, but hopefully not too many people will be affected =)

Skittles + MPC GA

Spreadsheet is ready for Payment #1! Thanks to everyone who when and claimed some Arceus =D Discounts is 40% off, yay!
Spreadsheet is here, remember to label that you paid, and to send all payments to segamew_art_emporium -a- yahoo.com!

Also, please note WHICH GA you are sending payment to in your subject or message part of your Paypal payment!

Leeky's Ultra FANTASTIC GA!

Don't forget to throw in your bids on this GA ;)
24 July 2011 @ 01:08 am

Sorry about being quiet recently, what with Manchester anime expo drawing close I had a lot of work to do on my cosplay D:

Groudon butts + payment 3Collapse )


Also HEY CardWhale, I finished your clay commission model :'D
I hope its okay ;A; <3
24 July 2011 @ 03:16 am

It's been awhile since I've taken commissions, but I feel ready to manage my time wisely and thus am offering TWO slots with a garunteed 20 day turn around period. If, for some strange reason, they are not completed in this time, I encourage you to neg me. This means you will have a picture of a finished plush by the end of those days (or under) and I will ship it to you after its finished. This does not mean it will arrive within that time, but be finished in that time, to clarify.

The slots being auctioned are one pokedoll and one normal (12" to 15" ). These are to test how prices should be calculated in the future.
More information and plush can be found here: loneplushieinfo.webs.com/

Auction link is here: touchfuzzybug.livejournal.com/661669.html

Also, Downtown Shoppe has had an update! It includes bug things, random things, and really interesting books staring Articuno and Mudkip.
Check those out here: touchfuzzybug.livejournal.com/486240.html

I will have to go to bed shortly, so I will answer all questions in the morning that I don't get to tonight ^^
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Alice Lorna
24 July 2011 @ 03:34 am

Plush & Talking GA ends on Sunday 24th July at 9.00/21.00 GMT.

There has only been one bid so far, which along with my claim is not enough to even put a bid in for the auction so please check it out!

Thank you ^_^
24 July 2011 @ 07:03 am
Yay, I am finally back home after so long (graduated from Uni and went back from UK to HK (: )!
A few packages were sitting and waiting for me x) Thanks to some people from the comm x)
And I get to look back at my old collections, rather exiciting XD

My beloved bugs <3 The sewaddle in the middle is an MPC I bought and the swadloon and amigarumi sewaddle are customs I received from other people :'D
It's so nice to look back at some old collection <3Collapse )
24 July 2011 @ 07:26 am
Auction Reminder.

My auction for 2 custom Stunfisk is ending tomorrow ~ Bids are all inclusive so what you bid is what you pay! :)

Clickity click!

24 July 2011 @ 10:00 am
 Hello again! As some of you may know, the TCG World Championships are being held in San Diego this year! As such, I am trying to save up enough money to make the trip! (I live in Los Angeles area). (Are any of you guys going to Worlds as well? Maybe we could meet up!) Today, I have some plush from the Nintendo World store up for sale!

Umbreon Pokedoll: $18 OBO
Panpour TOMY Plush (Japanese): $25 OBO
Axew Pokemon Center Plush (USA): $16 OBO
Dewott PokéCen Plush (USA): $20 OBO Sold!
Flareon Pokedoll: $18 OBO Sold!

Please comment with ZIP/country for your total!

EDIT: I have a Lugia ex up for offers! It is mint/near mint condition, and I am asking $75 for it. This price is EXTREMELY negotiable. Thanks!

24 July 2011 @ 12:55 pm
Hey guys,

I'm offered an occasion to buy a japanese minky vaporeon pokedoll, without it's hangtag.
However I have absolutely no clue what these go for and well frankly I'm not too enthusiastic because my other eeveelutions pokedolls are velboa and do have their hangtags.

The seller is asking around 60,- euros which is a little over $85,-
She is also selling the other japanese minky eeveelutions (except glaceon and leafeon) for the same price but WITH their tags.

I'm only interested in the vaporeon if this is a good deal, and to me it doesn't really seem to be.

Any input? :)
24 July 2011 @ 01:39 pm
Hey guys! Just a head's up, this GA ends tomorrow at 8:20 EST / 5:20 PST

There are a LOT of plush still at super low prices! For example: The reshirams and suicune are  all under $8, and the umbreon is only at $5! What a steal! 
24 July 2011 @ 02:39 pm
All stamps have been reduced to $5! I still have the entire Lilipup evolution line, Pansage, Zebstrika, Tepig, Snivy and more! Click the cut below to go to the sales.

5th gen stamps this way...Collapse )
24 July 2011 @ 03:00 pm
EDIT: Is anybody else having problems getting onto Paypal right now?! Or is it just my computer? D; I'm trying to make a GA payment and my computer is like LOL SUCKS TO BE YOU.

Finally. The collection update I've been muttering about for months now. And even then, I still got lazy and only took pictures of part of my collection. orz;; There are still some things that haven't been photographed, mainly a bunch of figures that I haven't figured out where to place yet.

Anyways, every now and then, I look at my collection and think about how much money I've spent, and I cry on the inside. I blame minjei and curryry curryryry  for my broke-ness. TT____TT They were the ones who got me into Pokemon collecting, and  I was always like "There's no way I'll spend more than $100!" Er. WRONG, past self, WRONG. D:
Plushes!Collapse )

Figures!Collapse )
Let's just end this post with a few wants, since I get paid next week! So if you've got any of these items for sale and you're willing to hold until I get my paycheck... 8D 
-Shinx line zukan! 
(How much does this go for? I saw a few going for $20, and then one put up for $50..)
-Azelf Canvas
-Sewaddle MPC
-Clear Entei Kid
-Koro to Manmaru Luxray UFO
This is my holy grail, babes. I've only seen this one time, in a GA, and we ended up losing. xD;; I actually forgot to bid against the HB as well. orz;
And that's it for now! ;D For those of you waiting on customs from me, ASKDJFASDF THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR PATIENCE. OTL;; I've got most of them done, and all of them that are done will hopefully be shipped out tomorrow! The rest of them have been sketched and will be worked on right after this post. orz;; 
I'm also thinking about making my charms smaller (about half the size they are now), so that the straps will actually be more useful, and I can also lower the cost of materials.. Thoughts?
Hey community! After the postal strike i'm only a couple packages away from being able to post my Venonat collection update, but im still chasing up a couple packages, one being from a person named 0mastar. I tried contacting them twice on livejournal, once through PM and the other through comment, and then again through personal email, about a package from 5th of May 2011, so 3 months ago. I've been patient due to the postal strike knowing packages will be delayed, but I have recieved everything else from May June and July, so i'm a bit concerned. I understand it's propably just gotten lost in the mail and its not their fault, but I would still like to get ahold of them just to ask them if they just havent gotten around to posting it or anything so I can be relieved.

So has anyone heard from them? and if anyone knows them personally from here, maybe someone could let them know to check their email? I'd be very greatful :)

Oh and another question, I have a 2nd Tomy Venonat figure that I would like to paint as a shiny version. I have never ever painted before apart from kindergarden, so i'd like to know if anyone has tips on what paint to use/methods just anything I should know, or a link to a tutorial would be really nice!

Thankyou in advance <3
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24 July 2011 @ 03:59 pm
 Hey guys, been browsing around looking through card sets, and I found a few I've been looking for, but haven't been able to find.
Think anyone can help?
Here's just one:


A Paper CUT!Collapse )
24 July 2011 @ 04:03 pm
hey guys! i just wanna say, ive decided to collect water pokedolls :3 so if any of u has any cheapish for sale/willing to give up, please tell me! id appriciate if they have butt tags atleast ^^ the ones that ate my kind of grails are, corphish :~: swampert corsola magikarp aaand, buizel ^^, sooo please tell me :3

also, ull all may know by now.. if u have a defence deoxys doll please gimme a shout xD <3 also, if u have any rare/uncommon deoxys stuff u wanna part with, tell me that too!!! =3 ilu all >w<

ALSO! is there any plastic sleeves/pages that are fitted for pan stickers?? i really want something like that to display my pan's in! thanx :3

SECOND ALSO: i have a MINT WITH TAG 2009 GROUDON!! pokedoll, if any one is interested! im lookin for around $30, since its perfect condition and such *got it for $35-$40 some time ago!* needs money, so tell me if ur interested as said ^^. also, i may accept a trade/part trade, if u have anything on my wants list, or a rare water pokedoll ^^ <3

The ones i have atm are manaphy, WAILAWD 8D, kyogre and im getting a squirtle :D

LAST EDIT, I SWEEEEAR: i just got a urge/??/ of makin pokedoll figs! so i was wondering what u guys would like to see as figures???, tell me! ~cheers :D

Andd/loool/ Im wondering, are any of these plush rare?/wanted?? :3 Just wonderin ^^
Tommy Pappas
24 July 2011 @ 04:57 pm
On ebay I saw the whole set, so it's safe to say that they are getting released now, and we'll find them shortly. Pansage does have the 3 seeds on the broccoli on the top of its head unlike what the press picture shows.
24 July 2011 @ 04:59 pm

Hey, just a quicky, has anyone either a) heard from glaceon4444 recently, or b) does anyone know if her cyndaquil collection was ever sold? I'm interested in buying it off her, but SHE'S NOT REPLIED TO MY COMMENT OR PM D: I hope it's not been sold, but if it has, oh well. :(
Thankies for looking anyway!
From jf :P
24 July 2011 @ 05:28 pm
for those who participated in this

We raised a total of $277 and won for around $62 so expect lots of nice discounts :D
Keep an eye out for payments within the next few days

I'm off to California this Friday before heading over to start at university. I still have quite a few things that I really don't have room for and this is my last sales post for a while. I will be going to post office every day (Thursday is the last day) so you'll recieve your item as quick as possible! I just need these items gone!

Also, all orders will also get a couple of freebies as I don't want to take pictures of all the little things

Cherrygrove City Sales Behind HM01Collapse )
24 July 2011 @ 06:29 pm
My custom woobat plush ends tomorrow!
He/she is one of a kind! It is a fluffy ball of cuteness. Lol he/she wants to go home to its new mommy or daddy!
So get those bids in while you can. :3

Not the best picture but you get the idea

(Auction here)
Notorious B.I.T.C.H.
24 July 2011 @ 07:16 pm
Good morning! I am back from Japan and in the USA now, and I've gathered all of my Pokemon goods. This is the last time I will be selling from the USA (until I go back to Japan at the end of August) and anything not sold here will go into a garage sale, followed by an ebay auction of all the leftover items.

Everything is here!!

Everything listed is for direct, immediate sale. If you only ask for a shipping quote, the item will not be held for you, so please be careful.
Shipping for one small item, will most likely be $2.50. Plush cost about $6 for priority anywhere in the USA and cheaper in an envelope, or if I can find an ideal box. Please remember to leave your zip code for a shipping quote if you want to make a purchase.

Shipping will be from the United States.
International shipping on items over $30 available ONLY for buyers with good feedback.

Please respond within 24 hours if you are making a purchase, as anything longer than that would be considered a hold, which I don't do.

NO trades, No holds. Paypal only.

Feedback- I am horrible at leaving it. If you purchased from me and I have yet to leave feedback, please let me know! Likewise, you can leave feedback for me here in sarahs4sale.

Sales permission granted by dakajojo  on 3/17/1

I am going to bed now, but will be back around 4pm EST, so don't panic! I will answer comments then <3
TC loves planes ಠ_ಠ
24 July 2011 @ 08:10 pm
Hi guys! Trying to gather some money, so I'm finally putting this baby up for offers, if anyone's interested. :)

Rules and thread OVER HERE.
(sales permission granted on 06/7/11 by denkimouse)

I also cut a lot of prices (mainly on pokedolls) in the Direct Sales area :D so please take a look! thanks~
24 July 2011 @ 08:51 pm
Hello everyone! Some of you might remember this little theme. It used to be hosted by yelsha42 but now I am taking over.! :) It's called Pokemon of the Week!

Here's how it works: Using a random number generator, each week (I'm aiming for sundays!) a pokedex number will be chosen. Whatever pokemon that happens to be will be the Pokemon of the Week, and that's where you guys come in! If you have any items of the pokemon, post them here for all to see!

Without further ado, This week's pokemon of the week is:

#357, Tropius!! Gather up all your Tropius items and take a pic! Share your stories and appreciation. :)
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24 July 2011 @ 09:56 pm
I haven't done a full collection update in what must be almost a year. So here we go folks, keep your arms and legs inside the ride at all times.

[Image Heavy!]
Family ReunionCollapse )

And the new guysCollapse )

Plus some quick wantsCollapse )
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24 July 2011 @ 10:07 pm
Taking orders for my run on Thursday July 28th
Deadline Extended: Orders can be placed until Thursday July 28th at 11am EST!!!

Sales permission given by dakajojo on 7/20/11 (under my Facebook account as Stacey LaValle)
Click here for RULES and SLOTS!!Collapse )Click here for RULES and SLOTS!!Collapse )

For those who can't wait there are still some Official Pokedolls and Plushes available in my store:

24 July 2011 @ 10:48 pm
Hey guys, this is just going to be a short query really, buy how much are Natu Pokedolls going for nowadays? I asked at the end of my last update but didn't get any answers so I don't think many people saw. XD I know they're rare, but I've suddenly decided I want one, they're so cute. ;; And yeah I want to know roughly how much I should be expected to pay for one if it does pop up! Particularly as I'm saving for something else as well...

Oh! And also the Wooper Pokedoll as I still need that one. :3

Thanks! I'll hopefully have a better update next post! <3
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