July 25th, 2011

Alola Vulpix

More Updates and Sales From Japan!

The Pokemon Center was holding its own lotto today - I really wanted a toaster of my own, and had been eyeing the "Last One" Pikachu and Victini, so I threw in a lot of yen and got a lot of things :D

I had to buy a lot of the lower prizes to get him, but I certainly do not regret it.  It's a really unique item to have and I definitely recommend it to Pokedoll, Pikachu, or plush collectors in general.

I also got another Zekrom Lotto Figure!  I actually won Reshiram, but the little girl who won Zekrom really wanted Reshiram so we swapped (you can read the story in my journal).  And that works for you guys, since I know quite a few collectors have been looking for a Zekrom figure :D  I have added the Zekrom Lotto Figure to the Reshiram offers page - his offers will start at $75 or $100 BIN.  Bought!  Click the Lotto Figures picture to get to the offers page - offers on Reshiram are ending tomorrow at 11:59 PM EST.
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To recoup my lotto costs, I have A LOT of things for sale today.  Same deal as the rest of my sales here - I'll be shipping when I get back to the US next week, and feel free to combine with anything.
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Pokemon Time Farfetch'D

Leeky's GA Spreadsheets, Reminder, and a Question!

Leeky's Super Plush GA + Cynda /Chiko GB

Okay Payment #3 is ready for the folks who have paid Payments 1 AND 2 on Leeky's Super Plush GA/GB!

Click for the spreadsheet

Still need payments #1 and #2 from:


Remember to mark down that you paid already! No horseplay, I do check these things ;) Also I added in a note beside there with Priority mail options for folks who are a little over 13 oz in their package weight. The difference between Priority mail and Parcel post is 2-3 weeks transit time. Remember that I am in HAWAII. For most people, paying the extra $1 for Priority to save 2-3 weeks is a deal. To everyone, if you would like delivery confirmation, priority mail, or other extra services, let me know and I'll give you the quote. Once the package leaves my hands, I can't control what the post office does to the package without insurance purchased. International PRIORITY packages automatically have up to $60 insurance if you are thinking about that option.

If you haven't paid #2 yet, go do it now so I can calculate your Payment #3!

Arceus Skittles + MPC GA

To the remaining 2 people who need to pay for their Arceus, click here for the spreadsheet! The people are:


It is very likely that I will have the Leeky's Ultra FANTASTIC GA be shipped in the same Noppin box as the Skittles, we'll see.

Also, if you would like to combine shipment with any of the GAs I'm running LET ME KNOW BEFORE PAYING PAYMENT #3. I need to write a sticky note about you wanting to combine items.

Speaking of Leeky's Ultra FANTASTIC GA, go click on the wondrous photo below to warp!

The GA ends in about 20 hours, get your final bids in! COUNTDOWN!

Now for the question of the day: What makes something a grail to you? The rarity? The price/value? The popularity of the item(s)? How incredibly obscure it is?

For me, a grail is something that rarely appears, and its existence practically questionable. I'm considering on making the Farfetch'D plush that ISN'T the Banpresto UFO that everyone keeps referring me to Hardrock for a grail of mine. I only remember seeing it on eBay years ago. I don't even know what it looks like other than it was aesthetically less pleasing than the Banpresto UFO.

I think it's pretty interesting to make a grail out of an object whose existence is questionable, adds to the surprise whenever I will eventually find info on this "other Leek Duck plush" in the future!

nintendo store pokedoll stock???

someone i know might be going to manhatten soon, so i asked them to pick up some stuff for me and they said yes :D can anybody tell me the pokedoll stock? i'm hoping there'll be a jigglypuff pokedoll but i doubt it, since they've become rarer. also will there be chikorita pokedolls, because i saw one with a square tag. meh, just gimme the whole list:3
thank youuuuuu...........

also my wants list that i painfully reduced...still some rare pokedolls on the list :D Collapse )
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I've been meaning to post a collection update recently, but I haven't had time to take any picture, so I thought I would just limit it to a few flats and figure questions for tonight (especially since LJ's server has been sketchy today, heh.) Latias and Latios images are below, see the cut for flats questions/wants!

^Grail of mine; not sure what they go for, but if you have a pair (or even one of them), let me know and I'm sure we can work something out. I don't have a bunch of info on them, but they're TOMY figures from a movie promotion.
I'm not sure if they come off of their bases or not, but I would consider buying them even without the bases as well!
I'm also searching for both the 10th Aniv. and regular Latios & Latias Zukan. If you have either, let me know!
And now for my flats wants... Click the cut!

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Thanks as always! Hope everyone had a good weekend~
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Pokemon Figure GA!

Heyhey, here I am, bringing you another GA with Kids, Tomys, Zukans, bottle cap figures and more!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I will be claiming the Lugia minicot, Latias bottle cap figure, and Latios Kid for $10+. I may bid on other things, but I won't be claiming anything else.

According to the seller, "Unless otherwise specified, all figures are in good condition. All zukan and bottlecap figures will be dissembled and bagged before shipping to prevent damage to them."

-This auction ends on Sunday, July 31st at 11:05 PST/2:05 EST. Tuesday, August 2nd at 9PM PST/12AM EST.*
-No sniping or retracting of bids! All bids placed in the last 5 minutes of the auction will extend the item another 5 minutes.
-Please pay within 48 hours of the payment post! If you can't make this deadline, please talk to me and we can work something out. However, if you back out of the auction, I will leave negative feedback!
-I am located in California and will ship internationally.

*Auction was extended due to LJ downtime.
M u k u r o


Hello hello!

I've posted a couple times - but have yet to introduce myself >.<

I'm Keo or Kotori, and in my fourth year of college while living in the bay area. I've been a pretty long time member, since last fall...but haven't really been active/got out of lurking till these past couple months. And it's a pleasure meeting you all! 
Alas besides collecting pokemon - I'm into too many things...my other main obsession being otoge games ; __ ; as well as bl and regular RPGs, set on buying store special versions for the omake Throw that in with a cosplay hobby, an unhealthy nendoroid petite obsession, doujinshi, and dead on seiyuu fangirl ...ahhh...and so many left unmentioned...

8'D what is money? LOL.

Currently my collection is pretty small in my current house - since the rest of my stuff is in the main house away ; __ ; - but I'm expecting some eevee's in the mail! So I've been actually busily making some sweets to pose them with when they arrive. And honestly my shelves are getting overrun my these sweets~

A few weeks back I made a new sweets design too - although been a bit busy to try making other ones ;;;


Cuba-cuba-choo choo!

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Mega Collection Update!

Greetings everyone! Thanks to the Applause GA from last week, I have finally attained my 300th unique species. Dark_tyranitar and I were so excited by this event that we finally designed a website for my collection. Currently I have photos up of every species, and photos of the plush on my wants list. Eventually, we will add photos of the Gen V pokedolls and plush that I own multiples of. Please check out the link to my photo gallery and tell me what you think. I hope you enjoy it! Click the photo to be transported!

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EDIT:  LJ works just fine on Opera browser, it's having an issue with Firefox it seems.


New GB:

Watchog, Purrloin, Trubbish (x2), Munna are all $10 each

Mightyena kid is $8 and Happiny kid is $5.

I will make threads for them and just claim them under the threads.

There will be another fee for shipping to me and then a final shipping fee to you from me. Payment is due right away.

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Also, the lovely chibi_flare  and myself are running a new GA. Please click the picture to visit the post.

I think this covers everything.
houndoom and slowpoke

Crochet Plush Auction- MONKEYS!

Hey guys! So I come with some pretty exciting stuff today- crochet plush auctions! <3

Well, first- My boyfriend thalnos8888  and I are (rather unexpectedly) heading to New York City next week (EXCITEMENT!), and I needed some quick spending money for the trip. (All funds will, most likely, be spent at the Nintendo World Store- my first time going there, too! I CAN'T WAIT TO GET MY HANDS ON A PIGNITE. YA'LL DON'T EVEN KNOW.)

SO. Without further ado, I present to you three exquisite plush for your bidding pleasure- MONKEYS!!!11!! <3

More pics and auction info under the cut!

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Happy bidding, folks! If you have any questions or comments, feel free to let me know! <3 :3
(Also- totally expect pictures of my New York haul after my trip. :D Yay yay yay so excited YAY!)

....What better way to end this post than with monkey butts?

You're welcome.
[pkmn] pokefriends~!

Manaphy and Friends plush GA final payment


For all of those who participated in the Manaphy and Friends GA, the GA is in and I've packed up everything and your items are ready to ship out! But before I packed everything, I took some pictures of your items.

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I also have a large collection update coming up before I pack my collection up completely, as well as more sales. Plus a few rare items that will be up for auction such as a New York Pokemon Center Charizard wine glass and Vulpix banpresto plush. So yay. C: