July 26th, 2011

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Leeky's Ultra FANTASTIC GA Extention, + 2x SUPER QUICK GAs

Sorry I couldn't post earlier, I was napping AND having technical LJ issues.

I understand the frustration of technical issues, especially when trying to place bids on Leeky's Ultra FANTASTIC GA. Because of this, I will extend the auction end time to July 26, 11:59 PM. I hope LJ will be more forgiving until the endtime @__@


Also, doing two SUPER QUICK GAs with the same end time as above. One of the lots below has a RESERVE of 20,000 yen, hope we can raise enough >___<;;

(the one with the Pokedolls is the one with the reserve)

Threads are all up, go and BID LIKE THE WIND!

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Hey guys! Just wondering how much this guy(at the right) usually goes for:

And maybe not all of u got it in my last post, but i have a MWTS Groudon 2009 pokedoll, and incase anyone is interested, im looking for around $30 for him! Feel free to haggle :O Would really like the money at this time especially :/
Pics of him can be found in the "usable pics" post in my journal! Have a look :)

Alsoooooo, small wants: Any rare, uncommon deoxys stuff!THROW EM AT ME PLEASE! Including(HIGH WANT) a defence forme deoxys chou getto! Please help me find him! :O And the LIFETIME GRAIL u all know what he is by now..~ :P WOULD PAY TONS OF MONEY/COSTOMS FOR HIM /deffy doll/ Just so u know! <3
Alsoooo, im on the lookout for a "deco chara seal holder"/like a binder for pan stickers/ With deoxys on it especially, or any at all! So if you have any, please just let me know! :3
Thanx everybody!

Sorry for postin so soon after my last one :P <3

larvitarscar's anniversary sales! (part 3)

Hi folks! This is the final installment of my anniversary sales post trilogy! The items available now include clear 3D Reshiram/Zekrom zukans, shiny Kids, an Pokemon Center Eevee clearfile, new and mint Battle Museum Figures (including Umbreon, Flareon, Charizard, Cyndaquil etc), an assortment of Slowking/Slowpoke/Ledyba/Pikachu and Mewtwo merchandise, and extremely rare Charizard/Gyarados/Mewtwo Bandai Carddas Vending Cards.

For items on offer, I stop accepting offers approximately 25hrs from now - Tue 26 July, 2PM PDT.   on Wed 27 July, 2PM PDT. (Countdown timer here!) I extended the time because of LJ's issues which may be preventing people from accessing the comm. =D

Also, I added some new papercraft (featuring Shinx, Crobat, Gyarados, Milotic families etc etc) to my separate page of older items which are on massive discount - scroll down to the bottom of the sales post to find the link! Post all orders on page 3A, as page 3B was created to reduce clutter and loading time. =D

Finally, all packages from last week's sales posts have been sent! I have contacted the two registered mail users with your RA numbers.

Thanks for reading!
applejack and raichu


NEW KIDS SETLIST AT BOTTOM OF POST!! but first: a reminder!

My gigantic, poseable Luxray plush by BABY LONDON STAR ends tomorrow, and is still near its starting bid. I DO ACCEPT PAYMENT PLANS!! This is your only chance to own a Luxray by Baby London. Check it out!

and one more reminder, a handful of things now available at sunyshore, mostly, the monkey pokedolls coming out in a few days! monkeys for all!

now, for the news. october kids setlist yaaaaaay!!!

・Fall Deerling

My Pokemon and I love this set!!! :D:D:D:D
Alola Vulpix

Reshiram Figure Reminder

I don't have any exciting news today, sorry, just a reminder that offers on my Reshiram Lotto figure end in about 2 hours (countdown here).

I've also significantly dropped the price of the Pikachu Cushion since I can't carry him home - he's just $70 shipped :)

Apologies for the boring post, will delete in two hours ♥
Porygon-Z by trainer_irene

Pokémon Kids BW: Samurott Set (August) Reservations

(All Nintendo World, Clipping Figure, and Zukan orders have been shipped as of today. Red Collection orders will ship later in the week. Also, I still have a Lugia EX up for grabs here.) 

Hi everyone! I'm back with my kids reservations, this time for the Samurott set of kids! I will be opening up more slots this time and changing things around a bit, but nothing too major is being done without reason.

Ok, so first off, the price. The price is going to be $9.50 this time around; why, you may ask? Well, for those who don't know, the exchange rate between the Japanese Yen and US Dollar is pretty bad right now (around 77-78 Yen/Dollar), and that makes my cost go up. As such, I am raising the price to $9.50 per kid, which includes shipping to anywhere in the world!

Next, I am increasing slots for each kid from 4 to 5, and for Samurott only, there will be 8 slots. This is because I am ordering a third box for myself.

So, here are the claims!

Samurott (5 Slots Open): orangegarchomp , crimson_angel02 , shadoweon 
Lillipup (1? Slot Open): rypeltajaroll  (let me know if you don't want this, I just remembered that you collect Terriers <3), rtrolezi , caterpie , pantherotter 
Palpitoad (2 Slots Open): rtrolezi , badshines , nasija 
Bouffalant (2 Slots Open): sis_strider , shadoweon , rtrolezi 
Blitzle (3 Slots Open): floette , rtrolezi 
Zebstrika (3 Slots Open): floette , rtrolezi 
Druddigon (1 Slot Open): blue_drag0nfly , slowpuff , bad shines , nasija 
Gothita (2 Slots Open): rtrolezi , likeatruck , tissuepaperpet 
Golett (3 Slots Open): rtrolezi , badshines 
Golurk (3 Slots Open): badshines , rumminov 
Mandibuzz (1 Slots Open): orangegarchomp , rtrolezi , badshines , growly 
Archen (1 Slot Open): foureyedalien , bergunty , rtrolezi , euripus 
Archeops (2 Slots Open): bergunty , slowpuff , badshines 
Stunfisk (CLOSED): foureyedalien , rtrolezi , badshines , likeatruck , katisconfused 

As for the probability of my getting your claim, slots 1 and 2 are practically guaranteed. 3, 4, and 5 go hand in hand, so if I get slot 3 for a Pokemon, I will also get 4 and 5 for a Pokemon. According to my math, 3, 4, and 5 have a 30% chance of getting their claim. As for Samurott, I have noticed that the mascot of each kid set gets 3 kids in each box, and I am getting three boxes, so that would mean 9 Samurotts. Since I am keeping one, though, 8 slots will be opened. Unless they change the pull rates, ALL Samurotts are probably going to be fulfilled. These should come in around mid to late August. Thanks for looking! NOTE: from the time of my posting, you have 72 hours to pay. If you do not pay, I WILL LEAVE BAD FEEDBACK. Sorry, but I do front money for these! Thanks! :D
  • karoia

GA updates and quick group buy!

Okay so we won these GAs:

but I have yet to get the invoices. also, Sigilyph, Klang, and the Yellow Pikachu Purse were not claimed. if you're interested in claiming them for the starting price that'd be swell!

also, I bought these through SMJ...

click for bigger pic

they are some kind of inflatable things... I got the invoice and of course only want Marill so Pikachu and Togepi are up for grabs! I got the invoice here, so split 3 ways, it'd be $12.80 for one with paypal fees! So if you'd like one, please comment here (and if you are interested in one and would like to do shipping, I'd appreciate that too since Canadian shipping sucks xD)

Raichu DX Auction + Reminders, updated sales, fweeee

Hello community! Today I'm bringing you tons of stuff, BUT QUICKLY, BECAUSE I AM LATE FOR WORK. OTL
Stuff has come up to where I require an immense spike in funds, so for a while, I will be mericlessly weeding my collection. First to go is my fuzzy Raichu DX banpresto plush! I hate to see this guy go, but hopefully a member can give him a good home! Click the picture to be transported~

In that same post, I also have my RARE CARDASS STICKER auction going on! It ends soon, and most of them are still at their starting bids! There's also many more for direct sale! GOGOGO.

I also did some massive updates in my sales! New plush and figures galore, and even further slashed prices! A majority of my sales post is under $8~ Please take a look! <3

Thanks for looking! Gotta run, but I'll be checking back later tonight to catch up on my inbox and to-do list! <3
Pokemon - Buds


I added some plush, including two Pokedolls, to the post.
I have a couple more Zukans
Still got cards and stickers!
Also, Clear Charmeleon Kid and Mightyena Chupa figure are still there! They want love!


So uh... yeah. I would have a small update, but my batteries could barely handle the sales photos.

Look At What I Made #3 / Want

Hello everyone!
Want to show what I made once again. : P Haha and I am wodering if anyone would be interested in it? Thinking about maybe auctioning it off.

It is a cute little Eelektross! : D
If you want you can throw offers at me! ;P
He was pretty fun to make. He is made from nice soft minky fabric! He has wires in his arms and little thing on top of his head so he is pose! lol Well his arms at least. xD
And if I get enough interest this cute little guy could be yours.
He is made to be about pokedoll size. So around 6" tall.
(Not counting the thing on his head. Don't know what to call it. o.o)

For more pictures and some info on this cute guy go (HERE)

Also I want a plusle and Minun pokedoll! If anyone has one they are willing to sell please let me know. :3
I would love to get these for my boyfriend. >w<

(Small Sales)

Mini Update + meme-thing!

 Hey guys! So today I received a package in the mail - my second ever from this site! I had recenlty sold something on eBay, and then saw that heatrotomftw97 was holding a Nintendo World Store run, so I had to grab a slot :3

Check out the cut to see a mini photostory of what I got! :D

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And now a little meme for you guys to answer! This is the first ever Pokedoll I've seen in person, and obviously the first one I've ever owned! What was YOUR first Pokedoll? Was it a super-rare one that took you ages to get? Was it purchased as a collection piece, or just because you thought it was cute? Do you still have it? Share your stories! C:
Azrael, OT


So - Packages are scheduled to leave my house tomorrow. I'll let you know if anything changes, but there shouldn't be a problem. If you're still waiting on a reply from me over there, let me know (this includes if you wanted feedback)!

I got some new kids and stampers in for sale over at krokorok, including.....

Sparky! I'd like to start offers for this lil guy at $5 in the thread attached. I'll close offers say, 1st August 1pm GMT?

And so this post isn't boring, I found some stuff at a car boot this weekend.

There's more too.

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"Get it out of my house" 3 day sales!

Hey guys! I'm back as usual with a sales post. I'm a little frustrated with my literal lack of space and tendency to start side collections. SO, I'm hosting some super quick sales. Anything not sold by friday afternoon is going on ebay the week after, as I leave for vacation saturday morning. The faster purchases are made, the faster I can send your items out. Keep that in mind, I cannot ship anything out that isn't paid for after friday morning.

That being said, on to the sales!

These guys and MUCH more under the cut!
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Bead Sprite Commissions By Rika!!!!


Here's how this batch will work:

I have a few pre made sprites I'm wanting to sell so you'll see those in the example pictures below.

Other than those, I'm taking 5 more bead sprite commissions.

I can do ANY pokemon ANY generation ANY type of sprite. Red blue green, ranger, MD, ANYTHING YOU WANT!
I can do people sprites, gym leader overworld sprites, Gym leader profile sprites, old school sprites

I can ALSO do small customizations on sprites! You want a pink bulbasaur with purple spots and a yellow bulb and a bow? SURE!
I can add small accessories and change colors.

I am in the process of learning how to make good original sprites, but for now this is what I'm offering :D


Larger chu: $4

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1 foxwhisker
2 foxwhisker
4 flag