July 27th, 2011


*july collection update*

Time for another collection update!!! Money is kind of tight so not much new items this time T_T If you don't know already I like to collect cute Pokemon..so be prepared for some cuteness ahead! :D
I hope this actually posts because LJ hasn't been working properly for the past 2 days! Anyone else having problems still? :(

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Also - I'm looking to buy this Squirtle plushie! I won him in a GA but it was that super expensive 100+ plush GA that we lost :( I'm looking to buy him in mint/excellent condition, hopefully with tags intact!

picture from pokeplush
Pia Gaga Hair

Sales from the USA

Hello again!
First, anyone who bought from my last post- your items are on the way.

I have gathered all my remaining cards and added a few new ones!
See, I bought the Japanese Victini cards set as well as the starters card sets (3 each pack) to get the cards I wanted, and am selling the extras. I also lowered the prices on all my previously listed holos.

Cards here

I updated stock and lowered a few prices on all my other stuff.
I also have LOADS of kids that I got in a huge bag in Japan. After choosing the few I wanted, all the rest are for sale in this post.

Plush, kids, etc

I have started moving things to eBay for a higher price than listed here, so this may be the last time you see these items (specifically plush). Get 'em while you can!

Terms, etc
Everything listed is for direct, immediate sale. If you only ask for a shipping quote, the item will not be held for you, so please be careful.
Shipping for one small item, will most likely be $2.50. Plush cost about $6 for priority anywhere in the USA and cheaper in an envelope, or if I can find an ideal box. Please remember to leave your zip code for a shipping quote if you want to make a purchase.
Shipping will be from the United States.
International shipping on items over $30 available ONLY for buyers with good feedback.
Please respond within 24 hours if you are making a purchase, as anything longer than that would be considered a hold, which I don't do.
NO trades, No holds. Paypal only.
Sales permission granted by dakajojo  on 3/17/1

Bed..I mean..GA time!

Hello collectors!!  mandysaurus_rex and I are here to bring you bloodthirstwolf 's fun lot for you GAing pleasure!  It's full of fun plush, kids (a clear rapidash too), some V-chips figure and a TFG. Plus so much more!!

Collapse )PLEASE WAIT FOR ALL THREADS TO BE UP BEFORE BID THANKS!  it might take me a minute LJ is being really slow for me right now. ><  BID BID (is LJ disconecting for anyone else lately? o.O)


Fantastic Four: Reed

What's black and White and posable?

So this year has been good to dragon collectors! My most eagerly awaited merchandise has been released and I got some photos to share. :D

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For those who have claimed Zukan/lotto prizes with me, I'm still waiting on Noppin to pack and ship them to me. As soon as I have 'em in hand, I will be asking for payment so I can ship out your goodies! Until then, see you around!
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Hello everyone!

This is just an update regarding my own LJ usage; basically all of my auctions are on hold until LJ's DDoS attacks are dealt with.

That is this here auction:

At this link: http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/9792768.html

In the meantime, I as well as many users have been having issues connecting. Oftentimes the page will load, but comments/PMs/making posts are totally inaccessible. So, please be patient if you're waiting on correspondence from someone! There's a good chance they simply cannot get back to you. :x

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Last (and only) Reminder: Nintendo World NYC store run!! (Deadline extended slightly)

Just a friendly reminder that my Nintendo World run is still scheduled for tomorrow (Thursday July 28th) and there are still a few spots open!!

All orders must be in no later than Thursday morning at 11am EST!! Click the link to be transported to the slots and prices post: http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/9826305.html

Also, there are still a few more Pokedolls in my store looking for new homes:
snivy, heart, cute

Hey Hey Hey It's Fat Hilbert! (Collection Update)

The title has nothing to do with the update.
It's only one thing but it's BIG.  Like, super-BIG.
It's my very first custom PLUSH!! <3
Can you guess what it is? :U I'll give you a hint.  It's name starts with a letter of the alphabet.
It also has FEETS. (not stubby feets though, so you can rule out Hydreigon ;3; )

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Thank you all for looking! <3
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WHAT?! ANOTHER Leeky GA Extension?! Oh Gosh!

As promised last time I posted, the Super Quick (no longer really super quick haha...) GAs have been generously extended due to LJ still being a baby! As a bonus, the Ultra FANTASTIC GA has been extended as well to accommodate the folks whom LJ couldn't quite accommodate. New end times for all of the Leeky GAs are as follows:

Leeky's Ultra FANTASTIC GA
: New End Time: July 29, 5 PM Honolulu/Hawaiian time. GO COUNTDOWN

Leeky's Super Quick Pokedoll + UFO + Lotto GA
: New End Time: July 29, 11:59 PM Honolulu/Hawaiian time. GO COUNTDOWN
Remember, the photo on the left with the bodacious hips Lucario has a reserve price of 20,000 Yen. Can we band together and go infinity and BEYOND?

Please don't ask me to disclose the end price in which the auctions ended at. Just bid at your highest, especially on the bodacious hips Lucairo lot! As soon as the above lot ends, I will be posting up the spreadsheet about an hour later if LJ is permitting. Immediate payment is at the utmost importance because I paid up front a ridiculous amount of money to the deputy to get the bids placed on these Anti-Deputy lots. I love you guys and I believe in customer satisfaction! If you are not pleased with something and I can do something about it, please let me know! Anything from the mail sorting machine eating your stickers to what you bid is not what you expected (nothing too silly like a single thread out of place). You can also use me to vent upon if your day goes wrong, I usually don't mind XP

I'm also co-hosting Shiningmew's GA lot here:

It's divided up into 9 sections for your viewing pleasure. I'm sure this is much appreciated since LJ goes all insane when there are tons of comments and won't load all the way.
It ends August 1st @ 5 am Hawaiian time (11 am EST). Countdown here!


Okay, now all of that is out of the way, I do have a question. I'm sure we are all aware of the cruddy Yen to USD exchange rate. Is it allowable to accept GA payments in Yen? I find a lot more money lost to the likes of Paypal if everyone all over the world sends to me in USD/Converts native currency to USD, only to have me convert that again to Yen to pay deputies that require payment in Yen. Again, I'm all for the satisfaction of everyone and don't really want to bill people like 3-4% more because a rule states I need to accept payment in USD. I also don't really like to adjust how much everyone needs to pay every time the exchange rate falls. I like a constant yen XD;

*shrugs* I dunno, I guess I like looking at all the different currencies on my Paypal and never minded payment in something other than USD. Post your thoughts, inputs/etc!