July 28th, 2011



This is a very quick update. Like everyone else I'm having huge problems with LJ right now (though my internet connection at home is hardly helping either) Anyone apart of the Segamew GA and the Elisha1288 GA updates are to come ASAP, I've literally only just managed to get online since saturday =/

Although! My main reason for posting, remember this GA?!
Well basically spideyroxas forgot to get people to write down their locations on the spreadsheet!! So I need ANYONE and EVERYONE who participated in this to add their location to the spreadsheet so I can get you your shipping quotes!

SPREADSHEET HERE- spreadsheets.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc

So please please please edit the spreadsheet and sorry for the delays!

Also on a lighter note, I'm going to be making custom charms very soon, I have everything in but just need some images drawn up so if you guys could give me a few ideas of some pokemon to draw I would greatly appreciate it! (preferably anything from before 5th Gen...)

Sorry for the boring post! Thanks guys
*please please please LJ dont die during this being posted* -A-

holy crap shoot! xD

Wowww. i ordered a reshiram lotto figure from Noppin and the shipping invoice finally came in a few days ago. Somehow they are slow to pack now so I just got a shipping invoice today after requesting it over 3 days ago.. xD (was anxiously waiting to get the figure)  Well! WOW. I only ordered the Reshiram lotto figure and was expecting like %50, but the shipping total $85.00 o_O WHAT. I know it's a year ago, but I ordered Origin Gira lotto in box, 15 plushies, 50 kids, and 10 mangas from Noppin as well and that only cost $110 to ship -_-

So hrm... Does anyone know the exact size of the Reshiram lotto figure? From bottom to the top in inches please? LOL. I know I should have ordered more stuff to combine shipping but seriously $85.00 for just that is really pushing it. It better be giant! But it doesn't look THAT big in the member pictures. Ouch... xD At least I'll still love the figure!

offers reminder

LJ has been wonky all day, which must be frustrating to those holding sales posts or organizing auctions/GAs. =/

Anyway for those who can see this, I am tentatively stopping offers for my items in approximately 2 hours' time, at Wednesday, 27 July 2011, 2PM PDT. (Countdown timer on the page itself!)   EDIT: after I posted this, LJ went down again. I decided to take Gin's advice and will be extending this until Saturday 30 July, 10PM PDT. Hopefully this is ample time for Livejournal to be fixed up! I will post a reminder on Saturday again.

The items up for offers are rare foiled Charizard/Gyarados/Mewtwo Bandai Carddas カードダス Vending Cards, Umbreon/Flareon/Cyndaquil/Typhlosion/Lapras/Charizard/Moltres/Mewtwo Battle Museum Figures, and a lovely Eevee Sapporo Pokemon Center Anniversary clearfile.

Note that I still have many items available - clear 3D Reshiram/Zekrom zukans, various Battle Museum Figures and other Bandai Carddas Vending Cards, Shinx/Pikachu Wind-up figures, a Shaymin Attack Diorama, tons of boxed NIP kids, NIP shiny Suicune zukans, and an assortment of Ledyba, Slowking and Pikachu items. There are also tons of papercraft (Shinx, Bidoof, Abra and other loved characters up for grabs!) and flats on massive discount on my old sales post, find the link at the bottom of my new sales post!

Thanks for reading! Do note that I will going on a short vacation (again!) and will be sending all packages from Anniversary Sales Post 3 next week. =D

aaaaaargh!!! and MPC!


If you have any form of an auction (offers, auctions, GA) that ended/s during this downtime, although we usually discourage this immensely, you may extend the deadline to anytime you wish. If the GA already ended, you bidded, and won, you may still extend the bidding so people who could not access LJ have a chance to win their items. You may NOT disclose how much you won the auction for, in the case it was already won: this is so people will only bid what they are actually willing to put into the GA and not bid to exuberant amounts knowing about discounts.

You are not REQUIRED to extend bidding on things, but I recommend it, as I have already received various emails from people concerned they have lost, even already being told "sorry, bidding ended 9 hours ago, you lost" when nobody was able to bid during that time except select people. If someone contacts you who was unable to bid due to the attacks, PLEASE extend your bidding time another day or so if at all possible. If you need to collect money for a GA payment immediately and cannot extend, then that is what must be done and I'm afraid the loss must be blamed on the downtime...

Naturally please also be aware of and gentle with slow replies, late payments, and other slowed down forms of communication until this all ends. But don't use it to your advantage if you are already a slow payer :P

Just comment if you have any more problems or concerns, or if what I said made no sense... oh boy!!

Now for a fun topic. I actually got these in last week, but was too excited for the zebras to remember to make this sort of post!!! MPC SPECIAL MOVIE SET B!!!

This way lads!!

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next post! collection update??? adventure! thrills! movie goods!! and yet another totally brand new never before seen raichu plush? WHAAAAAAT??? don't miss it, i pity the fool!
Hoppip friends
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Huge 20-70% off sale!

Inventory clearance sale at Floaroma Pokemart :D Most items have just 1 in stock, so grab your deal before it's gone!

Go shopping now - Hundreds of items available!

Tokyo Pokemon Center items are on sale!

Boxed BW kids starting at $4!

Clear files only $4.75!

Customers in Italy and Spain, please note that due to the high risk of lost orders, I do now require registered mail. The cost will be displayed at checkout as a handling fee.
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Sale! Unopened Boosters and Pokedoll

Hey guys! I really need to be rid of these boosters! I had a few potential buyers, but they didn't go through, so I'm posting them back up c:

They're $45 shipped, which is $5 less than last post.
They are unopened and waiting for you to rip them apart ;D

I also have a Noctowl Pokedoll for sale! I don't have a picture right now, but it's in great condition :D I'm not entiiiirely sure on the price, I can't exactly remember what I bought it for...so, $30 shipped? That appears to be a common price, but correct me if I'm wrong.

Just lemme know! First come first serve.

houndoom and slowpoke

Monkey Crochet Plush Auction- Reminder and Extension! <3

Hey guys! Not much else to say now, other than here's a friendly reminder about my special crochet monkey plushies! Come show your love for Pansage, Panpour, and Pansear and take home one of these cuties! <3

(Click the image or this to go straight to the auctions!)

(Also, I've decided to lower the starting price for Panpour and Pansear from $50 to $40. This is cheaper than my usual individual commissions, so don't miss your chance to snag a bargain and a super cutie at the same time! :3)

And, I'm sure you're all aware of the pesky LJ troubles of late... >_< In light of those, I've decided to extend the ending time of my auction to Monday, August 1st, at midnight. All other rules still apply, so be sure to go over my auction terms before bidding, thanks! <3

(Annnnnd... STILL SUPER EXCITED FOR NEXT WEEK'S NEW YORK CITY TRIP. WOOOOOOOO! Nintendo World Store won't know what hit 'em!)


Kbai. x3
Custom Ambipom

Lets try a collection update

I hope this works...

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I'm still looking for:

Igglybuff, Jigglypuff, and Wigglytuff
Slakoth, Vigoroth, and Slaking

If you can help me in any way, shape, or form I would truly appreciate it!

In other news... I'm looking for a Yanmega Zukan. My Yanmega took a nasty spill yesterday and the peg broke off in its body. I'm looking for one in the price range of $5 plus shipping.

Pantherotter's GA reminder!

Pantherotter had to finish up her Pokemon quest, so I am here to remind everyone that this GA ends on July 29th at 8:00 AM CDT.
That is tomorrow morning people!! D: Get those bids in! (LJ willing)
If you are having any problems commenting please drop me an email at smokey560@hotmail.com. Put Pantherotter GA as the subject or I'll accidentally delete it thinking it is spam XD We will extend the auction if need be!

Follow the link to get to the awesomeness!

bidoof; ^_^

Arceus and Snubbull's Grand Adventure!

**I've been trying to post this since Tuesday, and LJ seems a tiny bit better, so here we go again!**

So I'm back from my little mini vacation to the California coast! :D I did not find any Pokemon merch on my trip, but I did take my tiny Snubbull Friends plush and my Arceus Pokedoll Grumplestiltskin along with me and of course took lots of pictures~ I had an awesome time and was even more thrilled when I came home to packages waiting for me! There's also a mini collection update with the new gets at the end of the post :3

So without further ado, I give you beach playset-lounging Snubbull!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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Noxxbunny GA

The NoxxBunny GA has been extended for a week to make up for those that were having trouble bidding. We also reduced some of the items that had no bids. :)

Plugging my sales again as well. Moved the LPS that didn't have any bids there, and I added a Zekrom lot as I have decided to pass on collecting him and move unto grass pokemon. :)
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Quick Sales and Some Gets!

It seems LJ is working again! D; Sending messages and commenting has been a total nightmare. If you're waiting on contact from me, I will be getting to you shortly!
Anyway, first up, I have some stuff for sale. I really want to go with an "out with the old, in with the new" kind of thing. And for that, I need to get rid of this stuff so I can buy new stuff!
Things I have for sale today: Unova Starter Zukan, NYC Pokemon Center Grand Opening Sticker, Pokemon Manga(Including the Mystery Dungeon manga!) a Raikou Pokedoll, a Jakks Pichu(The most recent one.), Both Jakks Shaymin plush, a Sentret figure lot,A Best Wishes Pencil case, and an Oshawott squeeze action keychain! All of these items will be under the cut!

Forgot to mention that anything here can be combined with anything from my regualr sales: http://noxxbunny.livejournal.com/

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A Surprise from afar, A little Jakks sale and new date for offers

 Well, I went to check the mail advised by a really good friend who lives in Italy to find an item that he sent me 

I nearly fell when I saw it :D :D :D

I'll put the pics inside a cut to avoid a huge post

What can this book looking item be? A TCG binder? A BW game guide/walkthrough? A rare manga?

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Skarmory pokedoll

Otakon Meetup?

I only recently just learned that I'll be able to attend Otakon this weekend! Is there going to be a pkmncollectors meetup like last year? :D

Sorry for the short collection-less post, I'm going tomorrow and wanted to be sure I didn't miss it!

Plus I tried to take pictures of my AWESOME NEW SKARMORY CUSTOM but my phone died >.> But if there's a meet you can see it in person! :D

EDIT: Since it's too late to set up anything today, if you see someone walking around with a Skarmory hoodie and a custom Skarmory doll, please say hi! <3

I has a Question

How much would these be worth??? They still have their box, they all work, and they're pretty awesome.

I'm still trying to get sales permission, but a few people I messaged for feedback from my purchases from way back when never got back to me :C I need one more so let's hope I still get it!!! *crosses fingers*
Pokemon Time Farfetch&#39;D

Payments Needed for Leeky's Super Plush/Skittles GA

Remember this GA?

It needs more payments! 10 packages were already sent out earlier, and 3 pages are slated to be shipped Friday if work hours time permitting. If you would like to hold off on payment #3 while you wait on the other GAs to end and it wasn't noted on the spreadsheet, TELL ME. Email to send payments to are in spreadsheet.

Leeky's Super Plush GA Spreadsheet

I also need payment from [info]safir_hime for Psychic Arceus. Your total is $8.56 ($8.65 international) to segamew_art_emporium@yahoo dot com. We also hit a little roadbump and didn't account for the Yen rate to fluctuate so much on top of Paypal's exchange rate. If only Yen was the widely accepted currency of everywhere XD But anyway that is just a heads up whenever I get a shipping invoice from Noppin on the Skttles and MPC lot.

Right after I opsted this, Noppin gave me the invoice! Not too terrible 5400 Yen (well actually the exchange rate makes it terrible, but what can you do?

Skittles/MPC Spreadsheet

And as a reminder, don't forget these auctions ending on Friday (Shiningmew's ends on August 1st):

End Time: July 29, 5 PM Honolulu/Hawaiian time. GO COUNTDOWN

July 29, 11:59 PM Honolulu/Hawaiian time. GO COUNTDOWN

It ends August 1st @ 5 am Hawaiian time (11 am EST). Countdown here!


I like to thank anyone who gave me advice and provided me resources on the Yen Rate issues =) Now for another question of the night:

What is/are your favorite plush line, or favorite make/style of a plush? For me, I love the minky feel of Pokedolls and the cute stubby/chibi style. I also definitely lot the PlushPlush line, though I much before my eyes embroidered over plastic eyes XD

And a little biased, but I love that strange material Banpresto UFO Farfetch'D is made out of. What is it called?

Auction end date change! And my yard is very buggy friendly!

I am changing the auction end date for my custom plush slots to Saturday. You can view end time infos at the post. I'll post a reminder Saturday evening about them ending. I had people asking me about this and concerning the DDOS LJ thing. Thanks for your patience and understanding :D

Auctions: touchfuzzybug.livejournal.com/661669.html

I had typed up a long update regarding my bug type collection, but LJ eated it. I am now too annoyed to retype it, so look for it tomorrow :D In the mean time, have a preview: