July 29th, 2011

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IT'S PIKA TIME. (10th time's the charm?)

Ugh, LJ is being so troublesome; I hope they fix the site soon. :c They were hit with a DDoS attack earlier this year and I'm not sure why they didn't take precautions to prevent another one. IDK.

Anyway, I posted about the "I ♥ Pikachu" ball chain plush about a month or so ago. I wanted the set so bad! Well a few weeks later I saw a lot on eBay selling a couple sets so I saved up that day by doing a ton of commission work and got enough money to buy a set. And of course with my luck, BOTH sets were sold out in just 3 hours. ;A;

I PM'd the seller about if and when they were going to get more sets in soon and was interested in buying, and surely enough, they had one more set available! I totally snatched it up and they finally arrived today in the mail! 8D

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shining raichu + wants!

Quick question!
I have a neo destiny shing raichu card. It's in near mint condition.
Now I am looking to either sell or trade it but I'm unsure of it's value, I do have some indications but nothing wrong to double check with the community right? :)

Other than that I'm still looking for eeveelutions TCG!

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Deoxys...as usual ^^


Hey guys! Just thought id ask a few wants ^^ <3
I am wondering if anyone has some deoxys TCG:s to sell me? Im gonna try to get every single card of him.
So if you have any cheap ones/goooood condition, please tell me! And let me see it/em ^^
(or an online pic)

Thanx! ^^ <3
Alsooo, my collection site(wich isnt done yet) Is here: http://shiny-defence.weebly.com/
Incase some of you wanted to see it :)

xD   ...random

MPC and UFO ga time

Hello all! Livejournal seems to be behaving better so here's hoping! I have 3 lots up for GAing so here's your chance if you want to get some nice MPCs and Banpresto UFOs! <3 These are the 3 lots up for bidding. These auctions end in less than 2 days so please get those bids in! I will post one reminder close to the end time.

Click below for rules and information about each lot!

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last attempt + trubbish


klang and sigilpyh need homes!!! (and I need help with the invoice!)

I'll let you have 'em for a mere $5.93 each, with fees! Just 'cause I need to get them claimed and to help the invoice a bit! (originally sigilyph had a bid and it was withdrawn so it has made everything a bit wonky). I don't want to have to up my claim on Golurk more than I already have, but I will if necessary! But I just wanted to try one last time to get these poor MPC plush homes! :)

got them both claimed! ;o; thanks so much guys!

now quickly, I'll try to get this Pikachu claimed from a group buy! :P I'll take $10 for it! You knoooow you want a weird inflatable pikachu thing!!!

And so this isn't TOTALLY boring...

got my first piece of Trubbish merch in the mail! :)
from tamago226!

I had never seen a Trubbish domino before so I just had to have it! I love it so much! I also have a Trubbish kid, pan sticker, and TCG on the way and hopefully a MPC plush at some point to add to my slowly growing collection. Oh and some lovely stickers by blackdog333 eventually as well!!!!!



thought I'd share my extremely geeky tattoo with you all~ it's kinda a part of my collection ;p

if you can't tell, it says "crystal" after Pokemon Crystal, my favorite game!
Quick Draw!

GA Reminder

Hello all

This is a reminder for this GA::

There is only about 10 hours and as of right now we have not met the starting bid requirement :(
So hurry and get those bids in!

And just a sales plug ^^;

Link goes to my card sales, which also has a link to my figures/plush/Misc sales in the post.

GA, GB and shipping updates!

Hello! News news news! Firstly, I apologise for the delay in shipping this week, I've had to wait until the paypal money cleared back into my bank account. I wouldn't usually, but there is a LOT of shipping to get done. Whilst there's a lull in comm traffic, I'll explain what's going on!

Okay, if you have paid for your Pikachu GB or Minun GA items, they are going out today! Or at the latest, tomorrow morning, depending on how pleased the post office are with me sending 20 parcels. If you haven't paid, check your PM box.

If you bought something in straight sales from me, they were sent out a couple of weeks ago and should have reached you easily by now. :)

If you are wondering what is happening about "Gothy Kids GA" where the seller accidentally sent me a bag of GoGos and sent the other buyer the kids, then I'm afraid it's now looking like the other buyer swiped the toys. Originally the seller went on holiday for 2 weeks, then I returned the GoGos, and now I'm trying to get a refund (I paid for most of that GA up front myself) for those who have paid. The other buyer is insisting she sent the toys. Nobody's convinced.
I do have some kids that match what were won in the GA, but they are from leftovers or other ebay lots. I'll see what I can match up before we give up entirely.

If you are waiting on your custom puffs, they are finished and packaged up (and have been sat waiting patiently)! I just need to sort out decent photographs for you to approve and final shipping costs. The delay has been due to me needing to hand finish them all after my darling cat ate the £75 pedal cable of my sewing machine. Kitty is fine.

I will be posting some sales and offers tomorrow, to begin to cover Kitty's appetite!


Looking for japanese TCGs

Looking to buy Full-art  Terrakion if anyone wants to get rid of it, although I am not fond of it right now so I may wish to spend less than 40$.

Also looking for 6th movie half-deck (the one with Jirachi)

Still looking for Pidove and Axew egg promo, Ducklett promo from the blister pack set ( any of those in english is allright too), Scraggy pizza promo would be great too, along with the 7-11 promos of Beartic and Zebstrika.

I have many doubles from red collection if anyone wishes to trade. The only notable rare I have is Haxorus, however.

Want list/TCG question!

 Hi everyone! It looks like LJ seems to be working, so I thought I would try posting this again. I will be going to California for two weeks starting tomorrow, so I thought I would post my wants list today to for some potential last-minute buys. Note that I probably won't be able to use Paypal securely when in Cali (At Stanford U, so I would be using their Wifi network), so I would want to pay today or tomorrow morning.

Anywho! Here's my current wantlist:
  • Clear Latias and Latios TOMY:

  • Latias and Latios Zukan
  • Latias and Latios 10th Aniv. Zukan
  • Latias and/or Latios Attack Kids
  • Latias and/or Latios Kids
  • Any paint scratched or fairly cheap Latias and/or Latios figures for shiny repaints
  • Paint scratched or affordable Scyther Scizor figures: I caught a Shiny Scyther in SoulSilver, and would like to attempt a figure repaint to honor him. :D
... For the 10th Aniv. Zukan, I was thinking around $10-20 since they're still avaliable in sets in some online stores. I don't know a set price for the regular Zukan or Clear Tomys, so if you have either of them just let me know and we can probably work something out. ^^
I also had a question on some Pokemon cards (and sorry if it's an obvious one, not very familiar with the TCG): are there full-art cards for Latios, Latias or Suicune? I'm not sure if the full-art style was around before the Unova dex... (And if there are, anyone have them UFS?)

Thanks as always!

Major Multipurposeness

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For those of you who didn't see, the myvampirelust19 GA arrived. Quotes coming soon. I'm going to attempt to get to the post office tomorrow. My husband may have to do overtime tomorrow though, in which case we may not make it before they close. There are leftovers, which are open to EVERYONE and can be found here. Any leftovers that aren't claimed by Sunday will be offered up at my league as lotto prizes.

I'm extending this GA by 3 days because of the downtime. It will now end on August 3rd at 8pm EST.

This crazy insane GA is in New York as of last update on the shipping tracking. It may end up here today, but more than likely it'll be here tomorrow. As I was typing this, the lot came. So instead of posting, I decided to sort it all first. WOW! I cannot express enough how heavy the box was and how many leftovers there actually are. Leftovers can be found here. And shipping totals are here if you don't want any extras.

I was informed this GA was shipped. Hopefully it'll be here soon.

My collection site. :) Everything in that picture is in my collection in some way, or will be in the future.

AnthonyJG10 Updated Sales Post! Big Update On Cards And Figures!

*Headdesk* Geez what a terrible time to come back! LJ has been a huge female dog >__>

Anyway, hows it going everyone! What a hectic summer it has been, I have been plenty busy with various things and have been away for I think? 1 or 2 month or so (not that anyone has noticed XD), and dearly missing this place as it has felt like an eternity. Unfortuanetly no collection update yet, I plan on doing one hopefully soon, I just need 1 more package (and since I haven't bought anything lately, its going to be after that package lol)

But onto what this is about, a sales post! I am currently trying to see if I can scrape up enough money to go to the Pokemon World Championship in San Diego, CA! It usually lands on or near my birthday so this year I want to do something for myself and try to go this year even if I don't qualify it would be nice to go somewhere new and exciting!
So, onto what 
TCG cards can be found in my permanent sales post! (Everything is not 100% listed; So feel free to ask for anything your looking for! I will do my best to accommodate you!)

Warning!! Image Heavy:


Or click this!: anthonyjg10.livejournal.com/2429.html

I also have a small sales post for other various flats, and figures, etc. Anything that is not TCG is located here!:


Thanks a bunch for reading/comment! Until next time ladies and gents!

collection update!

Hi hello. It's been quite a while since I last posted an update to my collections. I wanted to wait a little while as I do have 3/4 Pokedolls heading towards me but I'm going to be going out of the country to the U.K. within a week for about two months SO might as well post an update now!

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Also, when I started buying here I didn't bother to make a feedback thread for myself because I figured I'd only buy one or two things. OOPS TOTALLY WRONG. So if I have bought from you in the past, please leave some feedback in my thread here! I've mostly bought Mantyke and Audino stuffs and pokedolls here, to jog your memory if you're not quite sure.
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Just a couple quick wants!

Firstly, I'm looking for a metal Leafeon charm, like the ones here:


I believe both were Pokemon Center releases, the round one came in a set of all the Eeveelutions, and the full body one was sold separately, although I've seen a Glaceon one like it. The round one still seems to pop up now and then, so unless I'm totally out of the loop (quite possible, I'm not around here much anymore), I think it tends to sell in the $20-30 range singly. Definitely negotiable, feel free to educate me on current market value. ;)

As for the other one, I understand it's quite rare! I have no idea if anyone would be willing to sell one, and if so, what a fair offer would be. If anyone has this charm and would be willing to part with it, I do have a rare Johtodex Ninetales charm in package
(no Vulpix, he was a gift for a friend) I'd be willing to trade for it, and perhaps some extra money since I think the Leafeon might be worth more. I do have sales permission and all that, granted by Gin in summer of 2009. Definitely interested in a straight sale if you're not in need of a fox charm, haha.

I'm also looking for a non-bootleg Leafeon plush, either the standing or laying Tomy one or a canvas plush, tags not necessary. I think the Tomy standing one tends to go for around $50 these days, and the canvas significantly more. I've not seen anyone selling the laying Tomy Leafeon, but I'd pay well for one of those too.
Galvantula and Joltik

New Plushie GA is here!

 Hi there people! 
Me and darkfaeprincess come to you with a new great GA! (poor Yamask is hiding!)

Here are some other pictures! :D

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- I will be doing the threads and spreadsheet, darkfaeprincess will do the bidding on Noppin and shipping.
- I am claiming Serperior for 10$, willing to go higher and darkfaeprincess will be claiming Axew for 10$ and willing to go higher!
- Please bid in increments of 1$ at least!
- This GA will end at 10PM EST this Sunday, 31st of July!


Question for WA pokemon collectors

So I asked not to long ago about alderwood mall Pokemon center

But Tacoma is closer to me and I just want to make sure there is one there too? And is it a pretty good one? Or is the alderwood one better?

Sorry for this boring post! I am going tomorrow. Or planning to. :P give me
your answers! Lol
Thank you.

Custom charm help!

(firstly: I know people are expecting me to give an update on GA stuff, I'm getting there people ;3; )

Secondly: this post isnt ENTIRELY offtopic, Im also including my cards want list :)

Right, Its not urgent help, but I finally have what I need to make custom charms Im just currently getting some pictures together that I can offer to you :)

I wont be taking comissions for these cause unfortunately there are ALOT of pokemon I...to put simply, cant draw....

But If you dont mind, Id love people to give me some FUN ideas of things to draw. I love drawing stupid stuff but at the moment im really pushed for ideas. But if you wanna check the cut at the 4 things ive drawn already it might give you a idea :D

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And please read this cut for TCG info!

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Thanks Guys! ♥