July 30th, 2011

Wants: Eeveelution NDS Goods and TCG Bulks, Stationary Stuff.

Howdy! I'm a relatively new member (bought some plushes from dtrain4eva!) and wanted to say hi as well as post a want :P

Back in the day I was a huge Pokemon fan, but I never really collected items. Well, since discovering PkmnCollectors I've come to realize there are many good items out there I've loved to collect!

I'm a fan of a few Pokemon (Golduck, Gastly and its evolutions, Mewtwo, Hypno, Slowpoke, Charmander, and others), but my absolute favorite is Umbreon. This is probably because I like the color black and I think my cat looks like Umbreon o__O My girlfriend is an Eeveelutions fan (so much that we named the babycat we got recently Eevee :P) and that is what brings me here! Anywho, enough rambling!

I am currently looking for this: (And because I am such a pro at Codes and LJ I totally bet this post came out error free.....lol yea....sure.......please forgive me for errors >___<)

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If that worked I'm not an embarrassment to myself. Knowing me...it probably came out disastrously mutilated >_<

Anywho, in the picture (because I don't know if it really showed up) is a DS Eevee/Leafeon/Glaceon silicone cover (I believe) with a similar style DS carrying pouch and DS game covers. I would love all of the above and would appreciate information (or offers) on where to locate such merchandise. Don't worry, I has moneys!

In addition, I'm (casually) looking for Umbreon items as well as an uber awesome lanyard (if such one exists). Tiny laser stickers would also be nice as well as stationary items (for school of course :P) and drawstrings packpacks. I'm also searching for bulk amounts of TCGs, preferably one of the earlier sets (Base to Gym Challenges) or some of the earlier Pokemon (1-250).

I hope my first post came out nice enough that I don't get banned for it! And thank you very much for having such an awesome website dedicated to Pokemon collecting! I hope to become an accepted and tolerated member! :D

Leeky's Lots of GA Payments Needed, GA in Progress, and a tiny want

Okay guys, it took hours, but the spreadsheet is finally done for the three GAs that ran during LJ's dramatically emotional period! I still haven't been invoiced by the deputy yet, I presume they're going to wait until the items reaches the warehouse before completing the invoice to include shipping. In the meantime, please go through the spreadsheet and pay for your items + commission fees :D There may have been a wire fee, but I'll take care of that. Also, there are discounts, 37% off! I'm envious of how much some of you guys are paying for your items =)

Click for the Ultra FANTASTIC Super Quick Lotto Spreadsheet!

Remember, this doesn't include internal shipping or EMS shipping to me yet. Saving that for payment two due to obvious reasons =P Oh yes and I'm using the 73 Yen rate just in case Paypal kicks my ass/compensate for slower payers/falling dollar value/other money mayhem. What I am most likely going to do is convert everyone's payments into Yen when it hits my Paypal so I can pay the deputy in Yen (due to the fact that I can't force you guys to send payment in Yen under pkmncollector rules).

Still need a few more payments from people for Leeky's Super Plush GA!

Two more packages were shipped out today. I was in a rush after I got back from watch and could only grab two of the four packages ready to be shipped @___@;; My room is a catastrophe because I woke up late this morning. Hopefully I can unload about 15 more packages come Monday.

People, pay for your 2nd payment Skittles/MPC GA!

Sooner you pay, the sooner Noppin ships, and the sooner you can pay for Payment #3 huggle your new Arceus/MPC plush!

Don't forget Shiningmew's GA right here! Ends August 1st, NEW Countdown here since the other one kinda broke: Here


Now will all that taken care of, I have a want:

Photo courtesy of PokePlushProject!

I want to collect all of the bird/bird-like Pokedolls :D Non legendaries take priority over legendaries (simply because they get rerelease to no end). Anyone have a Natu Pokedoll MWT they're willing to sell and/or trade? American, Japanese, doesn't matter as long as it's MWT :D

Pokedolls Part 2!

Sorry I'm posting again You're all sick of me by now but I wanted to tell you the Pokemon I will sew into Pokedolls!
1. Grovyle
2. Mawile
3. Hydreigon
4. Growlithe

I am having trouble with their designs, though! If you are interested, could you submit a drawing of what these dolls could look like? This is good that the community contributes because I will be auctioning these off if I get Sales Permission! :3 Thank you all very much, and thanks for your ideas which I will probably all use in the future! <3

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Pokemon: Politoed Power

did you mean: stinky?

(Title is from searching eBay for "Stunky." It asked me if I meant "stinky" and it really cracked me up, because I am easily amused like that.)

I come bearing questions yet again, this time about Stunky and Politoed!

For starters, how much does a Stunky UFO usually go for? The what seems to be typical UFO price range of $25-$35? I've seen some on eBay for around there, but things there are also usually overpriced. (On a related note, does anyone know if this seller is good? They have 100% positive feedback. I'd just hate to buy a bootleg, if I do opt for a Stunky from this seller in the future.) Basically, I'm wondering if anyone has one -- maybe a little loved -- they'd be willing to part with for $10-$15. I figure this is unlikely since I seem to have trouble finding this plush... at all, let alone for under $35. XD But you have to ask in order to find out! I couldn't pay for it now but I could next week or the week after (depending on money and Paypal). I'm just totally in love with this thing and want one really bad. <3 Here is a photo. (The one on the left.) - Thank you sooooo much mewten <333

As a side question, are UFO plushes usually all a similar size? I'm just curious as to how big the Stunky would measure up against my Politoed UFO.

And to finish this off, just a couple of questions about some Politoed merch:

1. I've seen many battrio coins with a whole ton of different pokemon on them. That leads me to think there is at least one battrio for every pokemon. Is there? Does that mean there's... one (or more) of Politoed? :D - Apparently Politoed does not have its own battrio. ;_; Sad...
2. I know very, very little about TCG. But for collection purposes, I was wondering if ALL cards have a normal version, a holo version, and then a reverse holo version? Or are there some cards that only have one to two of those editions? I'm just wondering about Politoed specifically here, if not all cards get holos and such.
3. Similar to the battrio question, I've seen those pokemon dog tags around, and they look really cool. ... Yeah, obvious question is obvious: is there one with Politoed? XD

Thanks for all the help, everyone. <3

P.S. I have a small trade post going on here. If you want anything, you have to ask about it before my last trip to the post office in the coming week or it can't be shipped until September.


Excuse all my silly separate want posts, but I'm trying to find this Regice for my bro!


Again... Me no get pic.
Basically I'm asking if anyone's willing to split the box, since I only require Regice.

Also, while I'm at it, I think I'm still looking for new pose Giratina:


Can anyone help~?
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Pokemon Figure GA Reminder + Extension!

 Ok, is anybody still have problems with LJ? I've spent the past half an hour trying to get this post, and every now and then, it keeps telling me that my posts are missing. @__@;; So, hopefully, the GA post hasn't actually gone missing, because.. Well, that would suck. A lot.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

This lot has loads of Zukans, Kids, and other figures all in great condition and at very low, or still at their starting bids! Go get those bids in!

And due to the downtime, as well as the fact that LJ is still being wonky, this GA is being extended two days to end on Tuesday, August 2nd at 9PM PST (since I won't be home earlier than that) in order to give you all a fair chance to bid!

Edit: LJ hates me. Here's a link to the GA, since the picture link leads to TinyPic: pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/9829741.html
M u k u r o

wanted: walky eevee/pikachu goods :D

Hello! Very quick wants post~

:D I'm sort of taking a break off yahoo auctions and am looking to see if any members have any walky eevee / pikachu goods from last year! ^^

I already have a few things from this line, but am really open to buying duplicates of this line.

Mostly interested in the glasses case, and eco-bag. But I'm open to looking at other goods.

Also I've been sort of lately interested Pokemon Time goods (but more so on browsing.)

If anyone has these goods and looking to get rid of them or just sell them - please let me know 8D
I can pay via paypal, and I live in the US~

Thank you very much!
pokemon: mamo!

Dialga/Palkia DS Lite

Hey everyone!

I am just posting to see if there is any interest in my Dialga/Palkia DS Lite. I am still not sure about selling it yet, so please don't make any offers! I'm just seeing if it's worth auctioning off here if I decide to.

Details and more pictures under the cut!

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Thanks guys!! Hopefully in the next couple weeks or something I will be able to post a kinda huge collection update! :D
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Epic TFG Collection Update Of Epicness + Leftover Sales

So the FedEx man just dropped a big box in front of my door and of course I ran out to get it immediately! It was full of TFGs I had just won in a big lot off eBay! Lots of MISP Next Quest boosters... you bet I was excited :D I tore into them immediately and took lots of pictures!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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Wooper Gif
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Birthday Update!

8D Hey all! It was my birthday yesterday! And we all know that, that means moar pokemanz! I got some awesome things over the past few days that I thought I'd share with you all :3 Pictures under the cut!

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There were sadly a few things that I couldn't get pictures of, but I'll update with them next time! Including my first mareep and flaafy cards! <3 I just realised how eclectic this mix of pokemon in this post is. And here I thought I'd only collect a few specific pokemon. hah.

Last auction reminder and sales


This GA! We are doing great guys! Only less than 1 1/2 hours until the auctions end. Some items are still near their starting bid and Beartic MPC and Zekrom UFO don't have ANY bids at all! Let's do this!

Please be on the lookout in the next few days for an invoice if we win ^_^

COUNTDOWN here: http://timeanddate.com/s/237b

And now onto my own sales, 

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Wanted: Pichu Pokedoll // Comic-Con

Hi, Everyone! ^^

First, the important part of the journal that most people are going to overlook (lol). Before I left on vacation earlier this month, I purchased two Pichu Pokedolls from the community. I just got back and they've both arrived. I thought I had ordered one regular and one spiky eared Pichu Pokedoll. But...they're both spiky. oO" SO! I was wondering if anyone would be willing to trade a regular Pichu Pokedoll for one of my Spiky ones. They're both in mint condition with tags. I would prefer the one I get in return is in the same condition (though I might consider one without tags). The other option is for me to sell one of the plushies and purchase a regular Pichu Pokedoll...but I'd prefer to trade.

I do have trade and sale permission:
-Sales permission given April 23rd, 2011 by denkimouse
-My feedback thread can be found here - http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/5132873.html?thread=253304393#t253304393

And....nowww the less important part of the journal that will probably gather more attention. lmao.

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And....not Comic-Con related, but still Pokemon related, I also went to the Orange County fair. Almost immediately, I saw someone carrying GIANT Pikachu and Zorua plushies. Thus starting the quest for me to attain a Zorua one. I ended up deciding to get a slightly smaller one. The one I got is still big...it's 2.5 feet tall (I think the one I originally saw was about 4 feet). I ended up having to ship mine to myself 'cause it didn't fit in my luggage. lol.

Photo because sorjei insisted:

Giant Zorua with my Jakks Zorua. <3

Also, does anyone know about this site - http://www.japanvideogames.com/ ? I wanted to visit the actual store while I was in California, but the closest we ever got was still an hour away. ^^;

That's all for now,
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DX Collection Update and Sales!

Hey guys!! Good thing LJ is working fine finally. It took me almost 2 hours to finish this post! I was getting worried I won't be able to show you guys what I got the last few weeks. So without further ado here are the new members of my deluxe figure team!


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Anyway that's all for my collection update. Next one will take quite a while. So please if you have any DX figures for sale that I don't have don't hesitate to tell me please! :P Also please check my updated website for the pictures of previous DX Tomy figures and also my main collection of Kaiyodo figures.



Seems like LJ is still experiencing some problems. It won't let me edit my sales post. So for now I'll have to post quick sales here. Permission granted by denkimouse  on July 13, 2010.

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Please also check out my other items in my sales post. Since I can't edit it I still have not updated what's sold and what's not but please do inquire.

And that's all for now. See you guys again in my next collection update! Thanks everyone!! 

RBY-themed mittens?

Hi, I found this mitten design on flickr:

It instantly made me think of Pokemon. What about doing, say, Viridian City in green? Cerulean in blue? Should I make mittens that are just random designs where you can tell the graphics are from Pokemon, or should I make actual routes/cities? I can't knit mittens yet but I'm knitting every day to work up to them (I just started learning), but I thought it would be fun if people could make pokemon patterns or something.

I thought this fit here, if not, sorry.