July 31st, 2011


GA extension

 Sorry to post this Ga again so soon after mandysaurus_rex  and  but I bring you an awesome update!!!!

Due to the LJ system failures for the past few days this short GA became even shorter!    bloodthirstwolf  has agreed to still make the lot available to the community as a continued GA and gave us permission to set our own end time.  Since LJ seems to still have moments of failing (at least for me, I'm still getting the "vanishing error")  The new Extension end date will be Friday april  August 5th at 10 pm.  Now is the time to join in!  There are still a lot of items that are at their starting  bids, including V-chip Figures, several Tomy's, Jakks plush and kids figures!  Get them while they are hot!..and cheap.

Click the pic or here to be taken to the GA

And on an even more awesome note look what I got in the mail today/yesterday/last week.....
my little stinkers like my new victini almost as much as I do. =3
Pokemon Time Farfetch'D

6 Random Plush Sales

Mini Model Sales closed for inventory reasons. Check back later! All comments that are currently there will be responded to if need responding.

Click here to view yesterday's post containing the spreadsheets for the GA payments. PAY FOR YOUR ITEMS PLEASE <3

And I randomly pick 6 plushies to throw in here to sell, mainly because I have more than one thanks to all of the many Pokemon lots I've been participating. Feel free to haggle. All Pokemon will be in plastic bags shipped to you =P Prices below do not include shipping unless stated otherwise.

Eevee has been quality checked!

Empoleon Banpresto UFO (tush tag only) - $18
Eevee Pokedoll 2005 tush tag only - $22
Snover Pokedoll (very creased/damaged tag) - $17
Giratina Origin Forme Large Banpresto (tush tag only) - $30
Reshiram Banpresto (tush+hang tag) - $23
Shaymin Tomy (tush tag only) - $23
Or all 6 for $130 shipped to the USA (higher for international, depending the country)


Still looking for a MWT Natu Pokedoll~!

Now for another question of the night. Are you the type of person who only buys one of any item? Or perhaps you buy multiples of the same item? Perhaps give them all different nicknames and/or story backgrounds? If you buy only one item, do you tend to poke around the shelves and claim the best condition one?

For me, I have the tendency to buy more than one item, depending on what it is. I especially buy multiples of plush just in case the first one I pick has some flaws I didn't catch the first time. I would then stow one away for the collection, and keep one out to play with/throw against the wall/etc. Sometimes I also buy more than one of an item if I think I know someone/a friend who is also looking for one.

offers reminder

This is a final reminder that I will stop accepting offers for the following items on Saturday 30 July, 10PM PDT. The items up for offers are rare foiled Charizard/Gyarados/Mewtwo Bandai Carddas カードダス Vending Cards, Umbreon/Flareon/Cyndaquil/Typhlosion/Lapras/Charizard/Moltres/Mewtwo Battle Museum Figures, and a lovely Eevee Sapporo Pokemon Center Anniversary clearfile. Some are at their starting offers, and some have no offers yet. Check them out! =D

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PS: LJ is causing me not to be able to edit my sales page so the offer end-time is incorrect and some sold items cannot be marked as such. Sorry for that!

Thanks for reading!


I'm planning to put this huge lot up on eBay, but wanted to see if you guys were interested in it! I wish I didn't have to sell all of these, but I've had to deal with a bunch of things and unfortunately I have priorities over Pokemon collecting (obviously... xD) But! Everything you see here is basically in minty-mint, near mint condition! I'm a stickler when it comes to keeping things in nice condition so yay!

(There's also a bunch of flats and cards not pictured above, it'll be below the cut... also idk why this picture won't work... stupid lj D:)

I'm planning to sell this AS A LOT! I need money ASAP, and can't spend the time to break up all of it to sell right now. I'm not looking for this to be GA'd, but you are perfectly welcome to purchase this, and when it reaches you, make it one!

I am looking for as low as $265 + shipping. Please note shipping will cost quite a bit. Especially is it's international.

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Dwebble hunt

Hi guys this is a quick want for my Brother (its actually his birthday on the 8th) We are looking for any plush or figure of Dwebble or even Scyther. Would be brilliant if someone in the UK could help out as it would be quicker to get here in time for his Bday, but if not, as long as its here within the month that would be fine.
Asking you lot first before I go look on eBay.

spider tepig

~~*Shiny Auctions*~~

Hello All!  

Well thank goodness this LJ catastrophe *seems* to be behind us now.... pretty sure 4 days of not being able to access to comm left me in cold sweats :P  

Today I bring you guys an auction!

I managed to get myself doubles of the Shiny Groudon and Rayquaza Japanese Lottery cards. Now while I was pretty content with doubles... pretty sure my wallet is screaming for spare cash - especially now, i am getting to that stage where DJs, Photographers etc start looking for their money in the lead up to my wedding. eek !! Collapse )

Jessie Grace

Selling my collection MEGA SALE! OFFERS PLEASE!

Offers are now over ill contact you if you have purchased anything :)
other items will now be listed on ebay at discounted prices !

Hello all!
Well i knew this day would come and it has arrived!
i am selling over 85% of my collection
so come grab yourself some loved, treasured and well looked after pokemon plushes!
This is a very hard sad process to take on i am still collecting lines such as Totodiles..etc, Slowpokes...ect, Psyducks...ect and Applause shiny beanies.

There are rules to my sales however!
* id really prefer not to have all these ga'd but if you think you can do it quickly and cleanly send me a PM and we can discuss an offer to suit everyone.

* Your welcome to purchase the lots outright, pay me, then run a GA on the lots!

*  All prices are in US dollars they are quite pricey due to the exchange rate iv converted what i want in AUD to USD....and i love these guys and its so very hard to part with them all!

*Lots will not be broken up for seperate sale.

* Postage US- your postage is so pricey due to the $9 surcharge australia post charges for items over 250gram :(
* All lots have starting offer prices.....they are the lowest im willing to accept on them!
*Items will be posted when payment has cleared into my bank (3/4 days after paid)
* Community rules apply for these sales abide by them or feel the WRATH of the community Mods!

*OFFERS WILL END ON THE 5th of August at 12pm.
Countdown here

Sales Permition Granted by Gin aka denkimouse on the 1st of Jan 2011!

On to the OFFERS!!!!!
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Wants and Website

I just made my first purchase after months of downtime here, and we all know how getting one new get only leads to wanting more. There are several things I failed to procure before my step away from collecting that I would still very much like to have. Some common things like mini models, rollers, and kids, especially Seviper items since he is my smallest collection thus far. So check my wants! If you don't have any of those three, don't worry. You might still have something I want because:

I only have a little bit of Snivy merch that I purchased before the english names were even released! Other than that and the Serperior pokecenter plush, I do not have much. Information on what is available is also greatly appreciated! So go ahead and check out the wants under the cut. I've got a limited budget but it's not super small, so I'm circling for snakes like a shark.

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Since I am collecting the Snivy line now as well, I'm readying my collection site The Orange Ekans for a new page to be added. Come on over and see what I have so far if you'd like! I will post when it is updated with a collection update in the future. So scootch on over!


this calls for an animation!

Extreme hyper teenager on the loose ~
SO, now for the majorly boring story time. Yesterday was the Manchester MCMExpo, and I had organised a meet-up sale kind of a deal with a guy off deviantART. After a lot of nervous waiting on the tram and running about to get there on time, I finally met up with him for the GRAIL GET OF THE CENTURY.Collapse )



After some misunderstandings, I got clarifications from some mods, and I had to revamp all the payments for Payment #2.

Each person was charged per plush, and the known heavier plushes were charged a little more. Prices have already been adjusted to whether you are an international user or not.

For those who sent me payment during my first post, you have been refunded, so you'll have to send another payment. :)

The total for EMS shipping to me was $241.50 (screenshot will be provided by request, although I will most likely post the screenshot here into this post later <3)

For both jadeddotdragon  and hamsteh  , you both overpaid during the first payment round, so you guys don't owe anything this round <3 You guys still have leftover balances, so those will be applied to the final shipping charge.

Here is the spreadsheet: SPREADSHEET HERE! CLICK ME!!

Please send all payments to asininity AT live DOT com with your username in the subject or the note. C:

There will be one more payment for shipping from me to you! I've already gotten all the plushes at my apartment, so totals will be calculated within the next couple of days. HOWEVER, I will not post them until the majority of participants have paid for this shipping invoice, since I had to pay $200+ out of my own pocket ;o;

Sorry for the earlier misunderstanding, and for putting up with me! Thank you to all of the participants; you guys are amazing :'D

Coming to you with a request!

hey guys, just got back from ai, planning to do a post about that later c: but my bf was wanting to purchase a lugia pokedoll mnt with tags *for around $20ish* that he saw at the convention, he doesnt know what kind he wants (fabric wise, minky/velboa, etc.) and i dont know much about the lugia merchandise thats out there Xp

he was also curious about if anyone had any espeon or umbreon (mnt with tags) for sale? (hes looking to spend around $30ish on them each) *also if anyone could post a picture or describe the difference of the plushies from the koisk pokemon plush runs or the pokemon plushies from the center itself that would be awesome thanks! (same thing with the difference between the japanese and american release plush! lol sorry for all the questions and thanks so much!!)

USA - Grail help!

Anyone in the US, could you help me out?! I've found a grail-item but the seller (in the US) won't ship to Sweden though I've asked nicely. Could someone please help me so he can ship it to an USadress, and then you send it to me for the shippingcost and some more cash/or items I have for sale. I would really appriciate it. ;__; And of course I'd love if you have some feedback..here's mine: http://community.livejournal.com/pkmncollectors/5132873.html?thread=172100937#t172100937

Please PM me, write here or mail me: julianilsson89 @ hotmail.com
Gintoki ♥
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1:1 Dittochu Want!

Sorry for the boring and short want post, but I am in search of a 1:1 Dittochu plush! I don't care about tags, just so long as the plush is in pretty good condition. ^-^ Also, are they rare? Would they usually go up for auction instead of a straight sale?

If anyone could help me out, that would be great! Thanks so much! ^^

Comic-Con goodies, shadowless theme decks, more sales!

Hi everybody! We've finally recovered from the craziness that is San Diego Comic-Con International 2011! It was incredibly crazy, but we were glad to see Pokemon had a big presence there! I even got a picture with Pikachu. <3

But that's not all! We came back with goodies... pins, bags & t-shirts!

Clicking will take you to our Misc. shop page~ check them out!  (Shirts and bags are $15, pins are $3 or 2 for $5.)  

We've also updated our sales page with some Base Set Theme decks and the Original Starter deck, all shadowless! And of course, if there are any cards you're looking for or just cards of a certain Pokemon, let us know. We've recently realized we have thousands of cards... I'll take a picture sometime, it's a little scary. >.>;;

Feel free to ask us any questions, we might be a bit slow cos we both work & go to school, but we usually answer all our comments/PMs at the end of our day.