August 1st, 2011

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Looking for a GA co-host

Hey all,
I'm hoping to find a co-host for this zukan lot

I was granted sales permission by
[info]dakajojo on 07/20/11 so this would be my first GA and I'd like a more experienced runner to help guide me along the way.  I would be claiming the sandslash line.    Thanks in advance :)

Got one so hopefully this GA will be happening soon ^^
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Zoroark Lotto figure up for auction, Red Collection card sales

For those of you who took part in the Promo Card GA, these are shipping out to me and I will combine shipping from Noppin + shipping to you, so look out for a second payment notification in a week or two. :) Also, due to LJ's downtime I wasn't able to send any of my sales out. I'm going to give a few days lee-way before I send them off just in case anyone wants any to combine with these! Which brings me to the important part: I've added a ton of Red Collection cards to my sales!

I'm also putting my Zoroark lotto figure up for offers, box included. Bidding starts at $60 which is the lowest I'll accept, BIN is $100 and I do take payment plans. Offers end August 5th, 11:59 PM. I'm not sure about shipping, but my guess is around $15-20 for Canada, $40-50 for US and... probably not pretty for International. Thanks, Canada! I'll edit with proper quotes once I go to the post office.

EDIT: A recent interest Saint Seiya has me wanting to collect figures and I'm seriously downsizing the unimportant Pokemon in my collection. These include: Torkoal, Jirachi, Celebi, Zoroark, Zorua, Totodile/Croconaw/Feraligatr, Oshawott, Tepig (unpictured, will edit in later), Zekrom, Aipom/Ambipom and some plushes of Zoroark, Zorua and Totodile.

ONTO THE LOT OFFERS!! and a few plush!

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Wants and a question! :D

Hello~! Since LJ is working again, I just thought I'd post a want that I am really looking for right now(: ALONG with a question :3

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So yeah! Thanks! Since I just got sales permission I will hopefully be posting some sales soon :D As well as a LONG OVERDUE collection update! Keep your eyes peeled because I know you all are SOOO excited to see that (;
Pokemon - Pikachu Cutie

Bulba and Pokedolls GA - First Payment


Fear not, participants of this GA, I have not forgotten about you!
I'm currently on vacation and only just got internet!
First payment is all calculated and ready! As I said in the last post, there are excellent discounts :D

Original post is here

Original Invoice is here

Spreadsheet is here

Send first payment to dreamingofhope[@]yahoo[dot]co[dot]uk
Please put down if you've paid in the spreadsheet :D

NOTE: If you have not paid by next weekend (I will nudge people later on the week if not paid yet), I will revoke your bids and let someone else take over as well as negative feedback. I'm on vacation right now and would appreciate not having to chase people down to pay!

MAJOR (and I mean major) weeding sale

 So, what's up today you ask?

Its a MAJOR collection trim that MUST happen for several personal reasons which include money, family chopping my head for overcollecting, and others that I rather not say.

I know many of the items came in to me as freebies, but unfortunately my family doesnt care and I must sell between 60-80% of the collection. Please dont be upset if you see an item you gave me as freebie here, just plz read this paragraph again. It is so bad, that I MUST break a set I promised somebody that I would NEVER break... (my heart is broken because I know she will not take it easy on me)

I'm by no means happy to sell all this guys, but as I explained before, they all must go

Thanks for your kind understanding. I wish I didnt have to do this

BTW!! This post is EXTREMELY PICTURE HEAVY!! so it may take a bit to load for slower connections (There are about 30 pictures or so)

More Items will be added later

Anyways, to sales!

mini sales! tins and.. mini tins : D (also, majority of 1st edition jungle booster box)

So, this is going to be a mini sales post right now, because i have things i would really like to move out of here, and i don't think LJ is playing nicely enough to let me make a whole post. pictures are under the cut : 3

I have permission from dakajojo in april, I believe, this year.
I ship from NY, USA
I'm not open to trades right now.
Buyer is responsible for shipping+paypal fees
I am not responsible once an item is shipped, as I cannot control postage : / I've yet to have an item to missing, though.

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Big GIzamimi Pichu for Auction!

Hey all! It's feels like ages since I made a post! I'm please LJ seems to be behaving now :)

As part of our big summer clear out, I've listed by big Sleeping Gizamimi Pichu plush up for auction - she is very well looked after and a gorgeous plush, we just don't have room for her sadly - can you give her a good home? <3 The auction can be found at 

I've also got a big sales post in preparation for here on the community - expect it in the next week or so! I'll be parting with one of my minor collections, and there are lots of cute things that need new homes!~

I've also eagerly awaiting the arrival of my monkey poke dolls for the amazing denkimouse  - I'm so excited, they look perfect!

Happy Collecting, everyone!

My Trip and Sales updates!

Helle everyone!
So on Sat. my boyfriend drove me all the way up to Lynnwood WA I am from Oregon.
So I could go to the pokemon center at alderwood mall! : D It was a "fun" 4 hour drive to get there. That was there! so the total time there and back was 10 hours. Whoo wee! lol
It was a very fun and awesome trip!
I was all excited to see them cool vending machines (Forgot to take a picture. D:)
But those darn things kept spitting my money back at me! D: And they gave it to me in weird ways. It would give me a couple dolars back and spit out some change and then a few more dolars and more was a pain. Stupid vending machines...
Here is what I got.

Look at all of those cute little faces. :3

I have a couple more pictures to been seen (HERE)
a little update. : P

I have updated my sales with a few more exciting things!
Come check them out (HERE)

And I have A LOT of TCG's for sale
that can be found (HERE)
Warning there is ALOT!
Thanks for looking/reading! : D

Collection Update, Papercraft Sales, and Auction

Hey guys~
I finally finished painting my room and [almost finished] unpacking from school, so I made a new home for my Poképals~  :D
There are quite a few new goodies since the last time I did a collection update, so feel free to take a look through the link t to see my cuties in their new home!  :3

Here's a little preview of it~

Click the picture or here to be transported!

And, since the convention season has been in full swing, I've managed to get a complete book of 1st generation papercraft and a bunch of human kids. I only wanted a few, so I'm selling the rest in my Sales Post~

I'm also auctioning off a Squirtle Squad kids figure in my sales post!  The Auction will end this Friday at 10PM EST.

So click the picture to get to the auction and my sales. :3

Plush Sales!!

Hello everyone!!! I still have a bunch of plush laying around that i really want to get rid of! If you like giratina, i have 3 different plush of it that could be yours :3

go check out my sales! If i do not respond right away, it's only because i am at work! I will be home all night and all day tomorrow :)


thanks for reading, and, Happy Collecting everyone :D
Oshawott - Glacidea

Sales Update and Teaser!

Hello folks! just thought you'd like to know that I updated my sales with new stock, so take a look, if you will! ^u^ I'm also shipping from America and will be for a long time, so rejoice in cheaper shipping, my Stateside buddies!


And I know I promised this time would be the one, but I've been busy not to mention that I somehow deleted the about 250 photos I needed to update my website. ;____; BUT I leave you with a tad more than a promise this time!

Thanks again guys! ^u^
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Quick wants post~

This is my first post to the comm and I haven't even really introduced myself;;

But I was wondering if someone was selling some Oshawott MPC plushies?
I got a Pikachu one and it's just so cute... and I want to add to my collection and get some Wotters!

Is anyone selling them or is able to get them?

I'll be checking out what was offered to me, but I'm still looking for others!

Expanding my collection!

Hi everyone!
I'm new here, and I was hoping that, with the help from you guys, that I could expand my collection :)
I'm interested in most merchandise, I especially like Pikachu, Riolu/Lucario, Piplup and the Eeveelutions!
Unfortunately, I only have a small collection in Australia, and in England (which is where I'm living at the moment), I only have a few items, so I won't be able to do any trades.
I'd appreciate any help expanding my collection :)
And I look forward to making friends with you guys :D

International Shipping

So I really want to order a Cyndaquil plush from eBay, but of course all the cheap ones are from Hong Kong. Can anyone tell me about their experiences with shipment from Hong Kong or China? I'm kind of iffy about ordering from so far away. :S

wanting your makuhitas and monkeys and looking for a snowball21

ok so first of all.... I participated in snowball21's this was co-hosted by psy_man 'swing keychain GA' goodness knows how longs ago this was.... after the big rule make over this user posted an 'update' stating that they shipped off another long await GA and that the swing keychian was next on the list and quote  "all swing keychains will be going out in the next shipment. When that is, I don't know specifically. It could be as early as tomorrow, it could be as last as sometime next week." it has been nearly 4 months since they posted this- have I just lost my item in the mail or has nobody received their items? and out of curiosity did those in the sticker GA receive items?
here is their post if it helps at all.

hey I don't do many of these- but here we go!
my makuhita collection is looking pretty good but some necessary items missing!
what I'm mostly looking for are
clear makuhita ATTACK kid
makuhita retsuden stamp
and my biggest number-one want isssss
makuhita plush purse

I'm still looking for even ANY info someone has.... there isn't even much available on PPP.... so please let me know if you see any sign on this elusive beast!

I'm also looking to start a monkey based side collection mostly of figures and plush, but my funds aren't super wonderful so I can't get everything at once,  mostly looking for plush, and figure, maybe some cards or flats if they are really ffeen cute- I don't have anything yet so throw em on me and I'll let you know if I'm interested or can afford them at this time!
here is my list top monkey priority to low

GA#18 by couchpotatonet - Pan Stickers

GA#18 by couchpotatonet


 1 day for this auction


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You may bid as I create threads, Thank you. Done, all threads up.
We won!!  Invoices will be PM'd soon.  Invoices sent.

Auction Link:

 All Payments #1 are in, waiting for package to arrive.
Package arrived.  Update post

Invoices for Payment #2 have been sent.


GA updates!

Sorry for my absense, ive had a mega busy weekend. But im here with GA updates!

More importantly I still need people to update this spreadsheet for me! Please update asap with your location so i can work out you shipping totals. Id like to post all of this together if possible cause I dont get to go to a post office very often =/


Elisha1288 GA

Right we didnt quite raise enough (short by only $15) so if everyone is cool we're gonna split that $15 between everyone so we can win our goodies. Spreadsheet is soon to follow~

Also the Segamew GA, unfortunately we didnt raise enough so we lost that one. Sorry guys!

Sorry for the boring update! T____T

Another multipurpose post

This GA is a loss. We're still over $100 short, so no way we can even make that, sorry to say.

Remember this GA?

Everything paid for has been shipped. I am still waiting on shipping payments for several of you. Messages have gone out several times, so this is the last resort to being able to contact you. I wouldn't be surprised if LJ ate the PM's, so I figured I'd try this. This GA has been done for awhile, so I'd love to get this stuff out of my house.
azraelalexander  blackdog333  charmystar  cyanyide  eldareth  (I know you were waiting for the rest of the GA stuff to get here, the new total includes everything you've won in the battrio and mvl19 ga) nasija  (I know you were waiting on a bubble mailer price. I messaged you about this, it's the same price with or without because the bubble mailer was so big). Spreadsheet can be found here.

Send all payments to cynthiaaluke @ please include your username and that it's suicune ga shipping payment

While I'm here and posting, I figured I'd go ahead and post a few more things.

This GA arrived and was sorted. I sent out messages, but only got a few payments. The ones who paid, your stuff is ready and packaged and will go out tomorrow afternoon. I didn't have the hands to carry them when I took the myvampirelust19 GA to get shipping quotes. lucklessprince , I still await your second payment and now your third. The spreadsheet can be found here for payment information. If you are after leftovers, I have plenty. You may go here for leftovers and pricing for them. Some have new homes that aren't marked off. Just inquire about ones you'd like.

Send all payments to cynthiaaluke @ please include your username and that it's y!j battrio shipping payment

These are leftovers from the myvampirelust19  GA. If you're interested in them, they're $1 for participants and $3 to non participants. If you participated and don't want leftovers, please visit the spreadsheet here.

Send all payments to cynthiaaluke @ please include your username and that it's myvampirelust19 ga shipping payment
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Custom plush auction ^^

 Hi everyone!

I'm back from my vacation with one custom plush auction :))))) Yay Jolteon :)))))

~ sales permission granted 04/24/11 by [info]denkimous

~all community rules apply. 
~ my feedback page :
~prices are in USD .
~i'm shipping from Hungary, and i ship worldwide. 
~i'll try to ship asap and i'll let you know when did i ship your item out. 
~i don't take responsibility for the package once i shipped it. 
~price include shipping price and fees. except if you would like tracking or insurance.
~i only accept paypal (eChecks are ok but i don't ship until it's cleared)
~serious buyers only, please don't back out or i'll leave you negative feedback.


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Happy bidding :))))
also check my sales here

AT; finn&amp;jake GASP


my capslock has been sorely missed from this comm.


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NOW, WANTS would be any weaviley or miloticy or zoruay merchys that I appear to not have in these pictures. I WOULD BE FOREVER GRATEFUL.

thank you guys~~~!


My shop has been updated with lots of rare Staks magnets. There're many popular Pokémon and human characters from the 1st, 2nd and 3rd generations. ^_^

It's a great chance to decorate your fridge door. :)

Use CTRL + F to search for your favourite characters!
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Hello. I figured I should introduce myself finally. My name is Jolty. I'm 23 years old and I live in Canada. I have been stalking this community for at least two or three years now, although I have only made a couple of purchases. I'll probably be buying your Jolteons in the near future, though. :3

I am a rather casual collector -- I collect things because I like them, and because I like them alone. Many of my items are "gifts" from friends who outgrew Pokemon 11 or 12 years ago, and quite a few of them are lucky thrift shop finds, so I doubt I have anything valuable, but it isn't about that at all.

If you'd like to see my collection, I have photographed all but a few figures that I overlooked. You may find those photos here.

I do have questions about two items.

The first is this Pikachu:

I won him at the Calgary stampede, and he has an official tag and looks fairly official, and yet I somehow doubt it. Does anyone know anything about him?

The second is Skymin over here:

I found him at the thrift shop, but all of his tags have been removed. Has anyone seen this before? His head kind of flops to the side, but he has a loop on his head that I usually have him hanging from.

pokedolls pokedolls *^-^*

I NEED POKEDOLL SUGGESTIONS FOR CHRISTMAS!! yah, i know it's the middle of THE SUMMER, but maybe this heat is finally getting into my brains :( i wish it were winter!!! anyway, i want to give chirstmas presents to all my friends, and they will be POKEDOLLS!! (honestly, i should really see a therapist. i have to do something about this obsession with pokedolls i have...jk) can anybody give me advice on which pokedolls are the cutest? by pokedolls i mean THE ONES IN NINTENDO CENTER IN MANHATTAN. also do they have a christmas sale or something? please tell me all your thoughts, like which pokedolls are cuter (i think they're all cute, but my friend thinks that the umbreon pokedoll has an EYE ALLERGY, SRSLY!! XD) and all my friends think that ho oh looks weird, and that GROUDON IS AN EVIL SHRIMP xD