August 2nd, 2011

thought you all might be interested...

If you havent heard of Tee Fury ... it's a website that has a new graphic T-shirt design every 24 hours, which is only available for 24 hours, for $10.

Since today's is a pretty nifty pokemon design i though I'd share it with you all.

Click the pic to go there and see a close up and stuff.

I'm still debating if I'll get one or not.

Pokemon Bakery Customs + Poke Box Auction

Hey everyone! Yes, I changed my name. ♥ I was formally Jirachi_chan6, but I just thought it was time for a change. So besides that, I'm opening some more Pokemon bakery custom slots. I finished all of my last batch and all of them have been shipped out. So I've got 10 slots open and up for grabs. C: ♥

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Okay, I really love making these little boxes too much so I gotta auction off a couple slots for these. C: So I'll be auctioning off 2 custom box slots of anything you want. ♥

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Searching TCGs

Once again, I am looking for egg promo Axew, BW17 Ducklett (the one that came with the blister pack), japanese pizza-la promo Scraggy along with 7-11 Beartic and Zebstrika.

A long shot, but if anyone has Neo Genesis, Neo Discovery, Team Aqua vs Team Magma or older japanese TCG wrappers,(minus the BW ones) I would greatly enjoy them!
Sure wish I started collecting cards long ago.

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Idea: Pokedoll Tag Database?

So I've had this idea for quite a while and I thought it might be worth sharing: Is anyone interested in helping me create a Pokedoll tag database? Much like how the Pokemon Plush Project catalogs different Pokemon plushes this "database" would catalog the Pokedoll's tags (English, Japanese, and any special tags). I know I'm not the only one who loves seeing the adorable artwork on the newer tags and I thought it would be helpful to put them all in one place!
All it would require is to scan a tag (front and back) and send it to me to be added to the database (which would be through flickr).
I already have a number of tags from my Pokedolls to add but the project would require the help of the community to fill in the rest.

So guys would anyone be interested in helping out?

UPDATE: So I just created the account and if you guys wanna go ahead in sending me scans of tags you can send them here: ^^

Want! and sales

So I am on a hunt to get these plusle and Minun pokedolls for my boyfriend. He would just love them.

They don't have to have there tags but if they did that would be nice. Please! If anyone has these and wants to sell them or trade let me know.
This would make me boyfriend very happy.
He keeps talking about them and doesn't know I am trying to get them for him. :P

Also I have some sales!
Plush and some of my customs
Eelektross is up for offers.
I also have a lot of TCG's for sale


Sakuranbo the dancing shiny furret compels you to click!! :3
ive added some new things to my shop including *but not all* a large palkia plush some figures and a few tcg cards; along with some price reductions!
on another note my kabuki-mon zoroark collection has grown! :D
thank you to the member who sent me the zoroark pokedoll! hes the one with the baby zorua on his head c:*
*not pictured mc d zorua and DX banpresto zoroark plush*
Jessie Grace

UPDATE to Offers on my items :)

 Just an update about my Offers post the other day
HERE: Offers Post

After Giving it more thought and seeings how much you all love pokemon here and id really love my items to go to all you folks
iv Decided i will negotiate GA's with people if they are really keen to run them 
The only thing i ask is that they are handled quickly and cleanly
i want to make this as easy  as i can :)
Please contact me to negotiate an offer of you wish to GA any of the lots i have listed here
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Mini Post-Japan Sales - Lotto Items and More!

Hi everyone! I'm back from Japan and spent way too much money on Pokemon ^_^; I've got a lot of extra items I'll be making into a much bigger sales post (including the contents of a Noppin box and some other items I've been waiting a while to have an opportunity to sell), but since I don't have time for that just yet, here's a mini sales post of a few of my Japan gets!

Most of these are from the 711 lottery, but there are a few other promotional items in here~

Here's a little(?) preview!

Pokemon Toys from the 2011 Movie Promotion

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Also, if you left me a comment about an item in my sales and haven't heard back (or gotten follow up yet), please poke me here! I have all my sales items and shipping supplies on hand now, and though I tried to follow up with everyone, I probably missed someone.
That said, I'm not really looking to reopen my past sales right now since everything needs to be reorganized and updated, but if there's something you're really after in there, let me know!
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long overdue GA/GB updates and ANOTHER plush needs a home! @_@

So for anyone who participated in my 7 Hour GA, MPC Plush GA, Pokemon Purse GA, or B/W Zukan GB, I just wanted to give you a quick update:

I have put in a shipping request for all of the above! I am sorry it took so long. I wanted to have them all shipped in one go to bluehyaku as that seemed to make the most sense. I apologize to the 7 Hour GA participants as it's been a little while since I've updated you. If you have any questions let me have 'em!

And sigh... I hate to do this again, but the person who bid on Klinklang has not paid, nor responded to me. Would anyone be interested in the poor thing? Originally the bid was for $10 but I'll take 5.93 just to get the poor thing a home and to finalize the payments! Jeesh I've been having bad luck with this MPC GA.
adopted, thanks so much!

(My BFF shinygolurk better appreciate that I'm doing all this work to get her a Golurk plush! *shakes fist* xD)

Also, I was going to do a mini-Marill update, but... my camera is being difficult. So let's just say I got an AWESOME inflatable Marill meant to go in a pool. I haven't blown it up yet, or completely taken it out of the wrapping, but so far it looks like it's half my height!

also, I'm looking for a raikou kid. the one that looks like this:
image borrowed from google. I believe it belongs to celuthea. let me know if you want it down!

I would love to have one to match my suicune and entei. please let me know if you have one to sell. it'll be going to Canada. Thanks!
Custom Ambipom

A (probably) futile wanted post...

I know what I'm looking for is incredibly rare... but maybe, just maybe, someone will be passing by and say "Hey! I have that and want to get rid of it!"

I'm still looking for these three Zukans:

Igglybuff, Jigglypuff, and Wigglytuff
Slakoth, Vigoroth, and Slaking

Also, is there any information on a new Zukan set? I don't know when and how they're announced though, so I doubt there's anything.
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pokedoll wants~!

Hey everybody! I come with a list of Things I Wish To Buy. I think most of these aren't too rare so I'm hoping someone can help me out <3 ALLOW ME TO THROW MY MONEYS AT YOU!

So the pokedolls aaarre:

giratina (origin)
giratina (altered)


And not a pokedoll, but I'd also like one of the pokemon center dewott plushes.

I'm not too fussy about tags, as long as the plush itself is in mint condition :) also it would be really awesome if anyone has more than one thing on the list since shipping may be murderous otherwise... I am in the UK! orz

Thanks in advance for any help! <3

Would like to sell off most of my Eeveelution figures + more

Edit: Working things out with allinia, so I guess you can expect a GA post soon!


Remember my Eeveelution figure collection, guys? Probably not, I haven't posted anything in aaages. :C But yeah, have a small preview:

Just a random photo, not everything will be for sale. :C

Lately, I've felt that collecting Eeveelutions has become a... routine kind of thing for me. Rather than enjoying new items, I buy them just because I want to complete my collection. It's no fun, so after a few weeks of thinking, I've decided to sell it off as a lot. Except Vaporeons (because it's one of my main collections and I love the water-type 'vee) and a few favourite items of each of the evolutions.
I'm also moving out soon and getting rid of some of my collection would help a lot. I have big enough a collection even without these guys!

So, anyone interested in GA'ing the lot?

I doubt anyone would want trying to buy this alone, haha... Just let me know if you're interested. I have lots of rare stuff like Flareon TFG and many old, almost impossible to find figures! It also means I won't part with the lot for cheap. I know I've paid almost $600 for all of this, so I'd like to get at least $480 (not including shipping) for everything, but might let go for a bit cheaper, too. I calculated every item's current value by checking how much they've been selling for in the comm lately, and reduced their prices a bit (or a lot, depending on an item) since I'm saving lots of my time by selling all of this as a lot. x)

Here's everything the lot includes:

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Thanks for looking. <3 If you're interested in GA'ing the lot, just let me know and I'll give you as much info on everything as I can!
made by a user on gaiaonline


 Hello, as you can see another fellow collector joining up here! A quick bio: I'm19, I'm from Australia, love all gens with Typhlosion, Sneasel, Snivy and Accelgor as my favourite non-legendaries and Origin Frome Giratina, Suicune and Zekrom as my favourite legendaries. I've been playing since Generation I, although I didn't play or collect between 2004-10. It was actually the release of HeartGold and SoulSilver that got me back into Pokemon.
Since my computer is hating me at the moment, it doesn't want to load the insert image or insert link windows, so I'll just have to quickly list what I have. (Not sure if I've sone the cut right...  :~:)
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