August 3rd, 2011

Pokemon Time Farfetch'D

Gen 1 Auction #2, Payment Owed, Feedback Owed, Random Plush Sales, GA question

Here's it is the moment you guys have been waiting for! Sorry for taking so long to get this out, had an unforeseeable problem arise.

But anyway I'm going to mislead you with this Piplup pan. Click on it for the auctions!

Next up on the agenda, have any of you guys transacted me completely with me recently? Looking for me to give you some feedback? Please fill out this form! It should make things a lot easier than trying to chase me down via PMs =) I do not always get PM notifications via phone, so yeah.
I'm going to make things really simple for you guys. If you owe me payment on Leeky's Super Plush GA (the GA that was combined with the group buy under the same seller), I listed the names below and how much you owe me:

raikovladi92 - $24.33 ($24.56 international) + Payment 3 (I need your address to determine this)
spideyroxas - $19 (includes shipping/fees to the UK)
beckuh - $18.27 ($20 for Priority mail)
lovelychu - $13.59
roxiired - $16.30
safir_hime  - $15.89 ($16.05 international)
chibisilverwing - $21.39

I'm not going to physically type the payment owed on Leeky's Ultra Fantasticalness, just click HERE!
Also if you believe you sent me payment, let me know the date and the first/last name used on your Paypal and I can reverify! Please send the payments to segamew_art_emporium at yahoo dot com (email is also on the spreadsheets)
If I have to PM you for your payment on Leeky's Super Plush GA (my first GA), you have 5 working days to respond before I'm leaving you negative feedback and possibly let someone else take over your plush(s) (second part of the consequence only applies to those who haven't paid at all from the start)

I also sent out everyone else's packages unless we're waiting on your other GA wins =)
Skittles/MPC GA should arrive either today or tomorrow
Ultra Fantastic Super Lotto GA - we're waiting on the final shipping invoice XP OH THE PAINFUL YEN RATE DX
6 random plush that need new homes!

The last round was not as successful as I hoped. Perhaps removing Shaymin and adding Heracross will spark more interest? And I forgot Empoleon in the shot, here's the Empoleon that is for sale:

Heracross Banpresto UFO (tush tag only) - $25
Empoleon Banpresto UFO (tush tag only) - $18
Eevee Pokedoll 2005 tush tag only - $22
Snover Pokedoll (very creased/damaged tag) - $17
Giratina Origin Forme Large Banpresto (tush tag only) - $30
Reshiram Banpresto (tush+hang tag) - $23
Shaymin Tomy (tush tag only) - $23
Or all 6 for $130 shipped to the USA (higher for international, depending the country). Willing to haggle some.


I have a question! Are we allowed to start/run a GA whose original auction on the auction site already ended (but obviously already won by you)? I seen cases where GAs are started while the auction was still active, but end time of the GA is days after the auction has ended. Just curious!

an accidental anniversary sales post 4

hi guys! firstly, for those who bought/won any items from my previous anniversary sales post, your items are packed and awaiting a trip to the post office, due tomorrow.

now, back to business. i originally intended to have three special sales posts for my anniversary of joining the comm but after unearthing more stuff I forgot about that need new homes (need to clear space etc etc) before my university term starts, I present to you larvitarscar's anniversary sales 4! features a variety of rare squirter figures, a gorgeous rare notebook, keychains, posable/movable figures, new kids, amigurumi plush and FCS figures. characters featured include mew, blaziken, ninetales, flareon, eevee, togepi, gyarados, pikachu, ditto, munchlax, ledyba, lugia, slowking and zekrom amongst many others. I will be editing the post to add more items when I post the offer item reminder later in the week, which would be on Saturday 6 August, 10PM PDT - I have too many stuff to clear, and too little time for photographing! =D click the sales banner to proceed. FYI all pictures are now updated to reflect current stock, I restocked some items.

thanks for reading! it's been a hellish busy period, and I still have my collection update for the anniversary due. gak. ;)

Still alive! Also, looking for Cards & Pre order Figures!

Hi there poke' peeps! I missed you all so much! <3 I have been lurking around but I am still alive! :D 
 So I just found out they made a Darkrai preorder along with Palkia and Dialga and now I am desperatly looking for them! Here are some pics:

So if anyone is selling them or if you know where I can purchase them for a reasonable price please let me know! Also, if you know how much they usualy go for also please let me know! :D

I am also looking for cards like always but at the moment my card trades page needs to be updated. -A-; I am still looking for any pikachu, raichu, legendary pokemon and eeveelution cards.
But in the mean time, I have created a youtube account just for opening card packs, my collection, trades, collecting cards and other pokemon stuff! At the moment I have a Mew Gold Star in Trades as well as an Exploud EX card and more so please feel free to check out my channel! I will have all the latest card updates there! ;3


Possible Future Cutsom Work + Updates

Weird title is weird. Anyway, I recently finished some Pokemon arts/crafts for myself and was wondering if any of you may be interesting in buying any from me were I to make any more. Here is an example of a Litwick project I just finished :

I drew, inked, and colored Litwick on card stock. Then I cut him out and have him on a raised platform made to give a 3D look. The wood is also hand painted and there are hooks at the top so it can be mounted to the wall. It can also be left on a shelf, since the base is thick enough to support it. Like I said, I'm posting this because I may take suggestions and make some to sell here on the community. This is not a post where I am actually taking commissions. Just let me know what you guys think. 

As for my current custom work, all keychains except the order I got yesterday and a special custom keychain have been made and shipped out. :)

New Ash release (Target exclusive)

So, I was checking around Target today (which seemed to have totally changed their toy section around and got "new" Pokemon cards in, but perhaps they were bringing out some old back stock) and there was a few "new" Jakks releases. I guess they FINALLY got the Jakks 3 packs of Arceus/Shaymin/Darkrai (yeah I know, like 2 series back since the 3 beasts are the newest ones) but the one that stood out the most was this:

I'm not a human collector, but I know many out there are. The Pikachu is a rerelease, but I've never even HEARD of this Ash! It looks reall nice and he has poseable limbs. It's about $12, but of course eBayers are selling it for about $26+ :/
Well, I figured it would be a good heads up anyhow^^
(I wish I could've got a better shot, but I've had cases where people get mad at me for taking pictures inside of stores, so this was a quick shot...)

Last Minute Sales/Last call for any TCG sales! And small collection teaser.

First, all orders that have been paid before yesterday were shipped out! And everyone should be receiving soon! 
Anyway, I luckily got enough to go to Pokemon Worlds this year in San Diego (Thank you so much to the people who bought of my last sales for buying and helping me get the amount I needed!!). I am leaving in less than a week and totally excited. BUTTT I also need some extra cash to spend on Pokemon stuffs XD
So this is a Last Minute Sales/last call for any TCG orders, until I come back on the 15th!

As always, my extra TCG cards can be found in my permanent sales post! (Everything is not 100% listed; So feel free to ask for anything your looking for! I will do my best to accommodate you!)

Warning!! Image Heavy:


Or click this!:

I also have a small sales post for other various flats, and figures, etc. Anything that is not TCG is located here! I updated here with new TCG Patch featuring  Typhlosion + HeartGold/SoulSilver Play! Pokemon Sticker Sheets!

*Needs a banner for these sales >_>*
Just to make this not as boring here is a little teaser of what I have coming up in my collection update.

As always thanks a bunch for reading/comment!

Our Big 'Help us get back to Japan!' Sales/Auctions! (Part 1)

As some of you may know, last year my fiance and I got married at Christmas and went to Japan for our honeymoon - for our one year wedding anniversary, we want to return to Japan! We have therefore decided to part with some of our collection. This is the first of 2 sales posts! This one contains a some very special items, rare zukan sets, and lots of plush, kids and figures! Take a look!~ <3

Here are some teasers, the rest are under the cut!~ 

Collapse )
These would be a great lot for resale - there are over 50 figures in the lot ^_^

Please feel free to ask any questions!

Also, a very quick reminder! My ebay auction for the rare large Sleeping Gizamimi Pichu plush ends tomorrow! <3 The auction is at - Good luck to anyone bidding!

Happy Collecting, everyone!~

Quick! Plush Plusle Purse Auction Partner, Please!

I'm looking for someone to adopt the Plusle half of this auction. Plush are about 8" tall.
Auction ends in just under 2 days from now. Countdown is HERE

I am starting at $10 and will match exactly what you bid.


They are about 8" tall. Made from deep snuggle minky plush, and official.
The strap pops open with a plastic catch, and the purse is lined. The strap hangs about 18" long.
The "tush tag" is inside the purse! Sneaky!

Cat for scale. Oh, you want a more sensible scale marker?
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Pokemon Bean bag?

Hello! :3

I am kinda wondering if anyone would be interested in a custom pokemon bean bag? I have made quite a few of these snorlax ones

Anyways, I am thinking about making a little auction for a custom pokemon bean bag (Pokemon Of your choice) but I first want to see if anyone would be interested in it?
There may be a few pokemon that I don't know if I could turn into a bean bag but you can always ask! :3
A little more info
The bean bags DO NOT come with the bean filling. (Whatever you want to call that stuff. lol)
I sew a zipper on the back maching the color of the pokemon so you can fill them up of course.
And as you can see on the snorlax his face arms and feet are stuffed! (With polyfill :D)

Let know what you guys think.
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Pokemon Figure GA WIN! Payment 1! + FIGURE GB!

So, this GA?


WE WON. ;D We raised a bit over the auction price, so we got some discounts! You can find the spreadsheet HERE:
Please send payments to rlin4992(@) and include your username in the subject!
When you've paid, please comment here with your country or zipcode so that I know you've paid, and that I can calculate shipping as soon as the items get to me! Also, please let me know if you'd like your figures shipped in a little box or a bubble mailer.

Also, because I lack self control, HERE IS A MINI GROUP BUY!

Each figure will be $5, with mini discounts if all figures are claimed! I will be claiming Giratina.
Edit: We won this GB! I'm still waiting for an invoice from Noppin, so feel free to keep on claiming!

Pichu - chibi_flare 
Totodile -
Heatran - nasija 
Piplup -
Arceus - chibi_flare 

ALSOOOOO, a shipping update! As of yesterday, EVERYTHING has been shipped. Custom charms, stuff from my sales... So if you haven't received your things by FRIDAY (unless you're international), please let me know as soon as possible!

Tips on shipping costs on packages?

Sorry for posting twice in one day! I hate doing it, even though the other post was a "new release" post.
Anyways, I'm starting to get stuff ready for sales, but I'm curious on how everyone quotes their shipping rates? Is it more a guesstimate, or just experience in shipping items? I've check out because I plan on shipping domestically only, but some of it doesn't make sense... For example, I'm wanting to sell some posters. Instead of poster tubes (only as a last resort...) I was thinking getting two pieces of cardboard and taping them together so the item stays flat. When I made an estimate on the size, according to that calculator, it would cost $60 shipping in the same zip code for a large item, but, flat??? I know retail stores get sent poster marketing this way, so I know it does ship like this.

I really want to start selling/trading soon, so any tips would be appreciated on how everyone else does it! EBay is easy since I'm always using flat rates, but TCG and stuff are alot smaller. My biggest fear is finding out I didn't pay enough for shipping and having it get returned. Going to the post office does suck, and I would want to get quotes there only for the odd shaped items (like those posters).
One last question: if you send cards through a letter envalope, would it be under the "flat" or "bulgy" category?
Thanks for the help!