August 4th, 2011


TCG Sales and wants!

Greetings community members! As you can tell from the title, I have some Pokemon TCG cards up for sale, and I'm seeking others.  Recently I have gotten back into collecting and playing the TCG, and I've even gone as far as buying a booster box on ebay! So I have some Primes to sell. Come check it out!

Collapse )I'm currently looking for any Raichu's, Lions, and Nido's I don't already have. I'm also looking for a reverse holo Zorua, McDonalds Snivy's, and if it even exists, reverse holo zoroark? I don't know if that exists.... But if it does, gimmie. o.o
I'm also looking for...
Call of Legends Pachirisu
Shiny Raikou
Yanmega Prime
Oversized Card Zorua and Celebi
And I will probably add to the list as I think of more...
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status update

Sorry for not updating for the past week and then some. >_<

Between jet lag and catching up with the day job(s), I had trouble keeping up with the LJ responsibilities.

I will try to answer all the questions in the previous posts tomorrow, and ship bulk of the paid orders.

For those who had reserve items on this page, please go ahead and request for shipping total if payment hasn't been sent.

Feel free to request for combine shipping if you would like to add anything else to the order.

I don't have the time to post everything available in detail yet, but here is a general idea of what I have access to.

Banpresto UFO Prize
June & July prizes - various plushies, towels, DX sofubi figures, shoulder bags
limited # of Namco exclusives (unless you've requested for a specific character before, everything else will be auctioned off at a later time)

TOMY MC Figures
limited # of Tomy MC+ Figures
Radio controlled Oshawott, Pikachu, dragons

Pokemon Center + Theater Exclusives
Dress-up small plushies
Movie touch pens
Movie clear MC figures
Eevee and Mew Walkies! (large and small)

7-11 Exclusives
Dragon drawstring backpack
Pearl/Shimmering Kids
Metallic/Pearl Victini TOMY MC figures

Every PokePlamo (plastic model sets) from the Gen2 starters to big Victini and big Pikachu
All capsule releases (I can only offer them in sets, singles are available from AnimeRaro website or ebay store)

All capsules releases (again I can only offer them as sets only, singles are available from AnimeRaro website or ebay store)
Limited # of posable figures Candy Toys
Limited # of Ball-Chain Figure/Mascot Candy Toys
Limited # of Pokeball Beach balls XD

For those who had ordered both clear dragon 3D Zukan figures, the clear Victini kid is a free bonus
Battrio pucks (yeah, I went nuts a couple days on those games)
1Kuji Extras... (pictured is my haul, not the extras, sorry! ^_^;;)

Anyways, I am sure I forgot a lot of other stuff, but it doesn't hurt to ask. ^_^

Paypal information and shipping rules can be found on this page.

Stay tuned for detail update in the coming weeks. =)
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Pokemon: Politoed Power

frogs & saladturtles

Well, only one saladturtle. But still! Here I am with a smallish collection update, and my first try at photostories, as inspired by iconraven who makes photostories that leave me in stitches. Mine aren't very good and don't have much of a "story" really, and I also take too many photos, but hopefully someone will find them entertaining nonetheless. XD

Beware of photospam, dial up users! Sorry! Each photo should only be 40kb-70kb max, but there are quite a few.

Collapse )

Collapse )

Collapse )

Thanks for looking/reading, and I hope it was enjoyable! I'll be back again around my birthday, if not earlier (although I'll be trying to hold off on a collection post until after my birthday since I'll be opening some lovely packages then). My Politoeds must continue to grow and grow!

(P.S. Cookies to anyone who spotted my random frog non-pokemon littered throughout the backgrounds of the pictures. I have quite a massive collection of them and they sneak in everywhere.)
rill pd

Cards cards cards cards!!!

  Hello collectors! Long time, no post. =) Today I'm bringing you a massive TCG post... See these binders?

Literally, bajillions! I even labelled the photo to reflect this. Here you can see seven binders packed to the max with one of each possible TCG card I have.

If you are a card collector, a collector looking for TCG of your favorite Pokemon, or anywhere in between, today is your lucky day! All cards are potentially for sale or trade: some are part of my collection,  but rather than take those out of my binders I figured I would just show everything at once. There are over 4000 individually different cards, not to mention the huge amount of boxes that contain all the duplicates!
Collapse )
u mad? maggyo

super duper shock warning

QUICKLY BEFORE I FORGET: i have got one more set of the sugimori clearfiles in stock now! will not last, and will delete this message once it's gone :)

so, it is time to post pictures of zekroms and zebras. the first two electrics of black and white, who are both black, white and grey. do you know before diamond and pearl there were no black electric pokemon whatsoever? who imagines an electric pokemon would be black?? while you ponder, here are my photos!

Collapse )


Collapse )


Collapse )

i have also updated my wanted list, kind of. have a look, you might actually have something on it! for reals, folks!

--begin hype for my next post--

some of you may know that i have very many raichu plush and figures not owned by any other person, many of which i found myself doing random late night searches in unusual places with odd word combinations. for example.

but this is not about raichus!!! using my techniques now i have found many amazing and brilliant and never-before-seen figures for you, yes, you people out there!!! and with the help of another member, let's toss some never before seen, insanely rare plush into the mix.

some sneak peeks to be posted this weekend!! the auctions shall follow!! yes, i'm not keeping any of it!!! because it's not raichus. for once.

so, see you all next time... :D

A few things.

Hey all, added a couple more lots to my sales post of collections I've decided not to bother with so I can focus more on grass pokemon and my 4 mains. Also slashed a lot of prices as I'd like to get a lot of this just out of the house. :X

I'm gonna be updating my site this weekend and will have a collection update sometime next week. :3

Also a question.. I just won this lot on Noppin. I can identify some of them on the PPP, but I'm having difficulty with others. I'm only really gonna keep the Treeckos, and I thought it would be good to get the names of them so I can price them once they get here. :) That Electivire is so creepy peeking out like that. o.o (click on the image for a larger one)

So far I've identified the Electivire, the Pelipper, and the Clefairy. :X But I'm guessing the Pacharisu is a UFO.

Shipping and more sales


Just a quick note to all who have bought from my big sale. Most packages have been sent, and should arrive on Monday . I didn't buy delivery confirmation, as nobody seemed to want it, but I keep the receipt from the mail in case of anything. For those who I didnt mail your items today, I will be sending them on ... not really . Actually either over the weekend or next monday. I apologize for the delay 

Thanks for your patience everyone :D

Well, after this message, plz follow the link for sales!

Custome Pokemon bean bag auction! /I want your draggies!

Hello! :3
Today I bring you an auction for a custom Pokemon bean bag!

If you win this auction I will make a bean bag of the Pokemon of your choice!
(Rules and Auction here)

Also I am starting my dragon collection. I want your dragon Pokemon stuff. Anything from plush figures card anything. If any of you have and dragon Pokemon merch that you want to sell let me know ;)

(sales) plush custom plush custom keychains and necklace

(TCG sales)

GA reminder and plush question

Probably the last reminder for this GA!!!
There are a lot of cool things in this lot so we need you guys to get those bids in!  We are still short a bit from the asking price, even with myself raising my claim.  Some items are still at their starting bids while others have no bids at all!  It's time to bid for the win! go go go!!

Click the pic to be transported!

I also have a question.  Does anyone have any info about this plush?  (just look at that big fat head) I'm not looking to buy at the momment, my wallet just got drained from a vetcare visit, but there are a few things that puzzle me about this plush.  From what I gather it is a catcher game prize but it seems to vary in size.  I've seen it advertised from 10" to 13" to 18"  Is there a official size?  or is it  one of those same pattern different sizes just to drive collectors crazy?  Thanks for your help guys!
  *picture taken from Ebay*

Zukan Claims post

Hey everyone! I just recently won an auction for a set of the newer zukans, and only wanting Hydreigon, im offering the rest up for claims.  ALL HAVE BEEN CLAIMED, thanks everyone! Please keep in mind each zukan will be about $5+SMJ shipping fees+shipping from me to you. This GB will be done in 3 payments. One when the invoice is in,another when i put in the shipping request, and the last when they arrive to me. EDIT: When the invoice comes in i will comment to each of you with your first payment amount.

Sigilph: thrivis 
pantslizard/victini: elisha1288 
reshiram: agkelikos 
Gothitelle line: usagimakeup 
Hydreigon: shaggy_griffon 

Thanks everyone! Please bookmark this post because per com rules so that i can comment/PM you the payment info as it is needed. happy collecting! BTW, anyone know when the MC figures (spec, the set that has hydreigon) is due to be released? And is anyone selling the new poseable zekrom and reshiram plushes? Im dying to get both but ebay wants $100+ and SMJ isnt much cheaper ><

Chou Get shipping payments!

Hey everyone sorry for delays.. i avoided the Comm due to LJ issues and it was also my partners birthday, which i organised a surprise party for so alot of my time was taken sorting that out


Remember these? Sorry again for delays
I've lost everyone's location.. so im not sure where you all are so..

UK People need to pay - $2.81
European People need to pay - $3.23
USA/Brazil/Canadian/Australian People Need to pay - $4.53

payments are to be sent to dougthehedgehog<@>

If anyone is unsure about what to pay just ask or if your country isn't listed and your unsure ask again!
Please leave a comment once you've payed so i know =D

I'll be taking a break away from the comm after this is all finished...

Official Sales Post

Check it out, folks. Some items have already been purchased, so look carefully before asking. :)

Also, I will accept trades for some of these items. I currently collect Lugia and the Snivy line. I am also starting another Lapras collection (after getting rid of part of mine and regretting it.) I am particularly looking to gain back my BK Lapras toy. But again, I'd trade for some Lugia and Snivy line items too.

Espeon_lover GA shipping payments & Elisha1288 1st payments!

Hey guys, i so wanted to get this up last night but most of the East Anglia area of the UK had a huge power cut for nearly up to 2 hours in some places and I didnt really want to turn my computer back on incase it went again... BUT ANYWAY! The long awaited payments!

Remember the Espeon_Lover GA? (sorry, no pic at this point ^^; )

I have calculated all you shipping totals which can be found under the link below :D

Please also leave a paypal memo of your LJ name and what you bought. This is VERY important!

Please send payments too Myvampirelust @
Elisha1288 GA

We won!

Sadly we only just covered the costs of items and shipping, so we're a little over our bids but only by a few cents :D

Please veiw the spreadsheet here -

Please edit the spreadsheet accordingly! and send payments too

elisha1288 @

Again, please leave her a paypal memo

Sorry for another boring post.
I will be chasing people up within the next few days about GA stuff I still have of yours left to be shipped out.
Pokemon Time Farfetch&#39;D

Gen 1 #2 Reminder, GA Payment Owed, Random Plush Sales, Another Question

Don't forgot my Gen 1 Auction Part 2! Click any of the photos below to warp to the Gen 1 Auctions! Seriously, only one person bid so far between ALL OF THE AVAILABLE LOTS. GO AND CLAIM SOME DELICIOUS GENERATION ONE POKEMON NOW! Auction ends August 7 @ 8:00 PM Hawaiian time. I will do less of these if less and less people contribute ;)


Okay the last round of random plushies for sale was met with mild success. Still plenty of Pokemon still need homes!
(Pachirisu's sticker of qualitness)

Prices (some haggling is allowed, I'm a noob when it comes to Pokemon prices :( ):
Squirtle Tomy (Hang/tush tagged, very worn/creased) - $15
Heracross Banpresto UFO (tush tag only) - $25
Empoleon Banpresto UFO (tush tag only) - $18 (looks like in here)
Giratina Origin Forme Large Banpresto (tush tag only) - $30
Reshiram Banpresto (tush+hang tag) - $23
Shaymin Tomy (tush tag only) - $23
Deerling Banpresto (tush+hang tag) - $19
1:1 Pichu (Tomy, tush tag only) - $35
Pachirishu Pokedoll (Japanese minky, very creased hang tag) - $28

And lastly, these folks STILL owe payments on my GAs (Leeky's Super Plush and Skttles+MPC). These are the total amount owed that includes shipping of your items to you!:

raikovladi92 - $24.33 ($24.56 international) + Payment 3 (I need your address to determine this)
spideyroxas - $19 (includes shipping/fees to the UK)
beckycuh - $18.27 ($20 for Priority mail)
lovelychu - $13.59
safir_hime  - $15.89 ($16.05 international)
chibisilverwing - $21.39
After today, I will mass PM you guys, you don't want to be mass PMed by me! I'm also likely to spam your Paypal email with an invoice, so watch out!

I'm not going to physically type the payment owed on Leeky's Ultra Fantasticalness, just click HERE!
Also if you believe you sent me payment, let me know the date and the first/last name used on your Paypal and I can reverify! Please send the payments to segamew_art_emporium at yahoo dot com (email is also on the spreadsheets).
If I have to PM you for your payment on Leeky's Super Plush GA (my first GA), you have 5 working days to respond before I'm leaving you negative feedback and possibly let someone else take over your plush(s) (second part of the consequence only applies to those who haven't paid at all from the start)

Leeky's Super Plush GA/GB: All packages unless we're waiting on your other GA wins (or discussing a few matters with me) =)
Skittles/MPC GA will be picked up from the post office tomorrow/today/Friday, expect PAYMENT #3 to happen! I like to get these GAs done and over with fast and painless, I don't like to stall ;)
Ultra Fantastic Super Lotto GA - Deputy is to receive the 16 kg package VERY SOON. Expect Payment #2 for this GA to happen sometime Monday or Tuesday. I do have an estimated preview of what our Payment #2 will look like, but I conveniently covered that portion of the spreadsheet in black so to prevent confusion. You can easily peek though if you select any of the cells and look in the formula bar XP Adjustments is sure to happen once I get the official invoice.


Now for another question! Last time, I asked if we are allowed to run a GA on auctions that already ended. I only got one answer from that (which is a likely "no" @__@; ) What I've been noticing now is people running Group Buys on auctions that already ended. Is that permissible? I do like to go the GA route since I'm not familiar with a lot of Pokemon plush values and wouldn't be able to set a fair GB type of price ^^;;

I mainly ask because I won a Pokemon plush lot off of Y!JA like perhaps two months ago, but was mainly only after the San-X blue Hedgehog plush that's like 3 times bigger than my current one. Another reason is that there's a recommended number of GAs you can run at once, which is 3. I wouldn't be physically able to clear up my queue fast enough (my average completion time to complete one GA seems to be at 2-3 weeks depending on how fast people send me payment) to take on plush lots I have high interests in GAing (that 80 plush GA was one of the two auctions I wanted to run and been grabby hands at it since it was at 7 Days remaining, but couldn't. Luckily
[info]hebitheivan  was able to find a co-host to be able to run it in my place <3). Yeah you could say I have a thing for taking on massive plush lots! Answered! Thanks <3

Small sales. <3

- Granted sales permission on 4th August, 2011, by Denkimouse.
- I ship from the UK.
- This is my first sales post, so please bare with me.
- If you feel a price is too high, feel free to mention it and I will correct it - I've never had to price anything before.
- If you feel I am selling something for lower than it's worth, please let me know.
- I have done my best to take accurate pictures, but some of these figures are used and may have paint rubs/marks.
- Please ask for additional pictures if you are concerned about the condition of anything, I will do my best to describe everything as accurately as possible.

Please remember this is my first sales post *ever* so it may take some time for me to come up with totals for shipping. I am in the UK and my pricing may be off ~ I'm not used to Dollars! :P Feel free to let me know if I've priced anything too high (Or too low for that matter. xD) - I really don't know what to put anything at.
Thanks! <33
Click the banner for sales:


Collapse )
Does anyone else make things for their plushes to wear? I want pics! xD

An intro post AND a cool find

Hello everyone! I am tucansarenice and I love pokemon. I have been watching the community for a while and I am psyched to finally be a part of this magical community of pokemon enthusiasts and collectors. My favorite pokemon include and are not limited to: Blu's(marill, azumarill, azurill) Chu's(pikachu, raichu, pichu), pretty much any electric rodent, dragonite (unfortunately i don't have fancy nicknames for all my favorite pokemans any ideas?), Charizard, Arcanine, Slowpoke, slowbro, slowkin- you know what? i love them all. I collect mostly cards but occasionally a plush or two finds it's way into my heart. Soooo that's about it for the intro....salutations!

My next order of business is to show those who may be interested this:

I understand that this item is rare since it has a thunder badge. I found it on mercado libre which is like ebay for mexico. If anyone is interested, here is the link. If you are really interested and don't have the means to get it yourself I can help. =) Hope this was a good first post. Until next time, tucansarenice out.

Noppin Boxes?

So, for the very short time I've been here, I've seen people mention Noppin boxes. I was wondering if anyone could tell me what they are, and where you get them? :)

On a side note, all of my stuff for my collection is starting to arrive :D I shall post pictures when everything is here :)
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An awesome zukan package arrives!!!

 OMGZ!!!! I'm so excited since the best package ever arrived today off ebay :3 I was worried since the shipping was a bit long but well worth the wait. By fluke I found this auction and they weren't listed as zukans but capsule figures.I won these 3 zukans from the same seller and got them for a ridiculously low price. My favorite of course is my coveted Milotic line zukan ^0^ It's one of the most beautiful zukans I own and it's the swimming version which I think is a much more dynamic/interesting pose from the curled up ^^ Although I love both I'm soo happy I got my favorite of the two :D I'll eventually post my entire zukan collection so far but this was something I had to share *squee* I love the Seaking/Goldeen one too and they are transparent in certain areas which is pretty cool!

Zukan collecting is soo awesome/addictive! but a pricy hobby so I warn you once you start you can't stop ^^()

Cheers and thanks for looking!! :D


Question. <:D

Zekrom has a habit of becoming my favorite and leaving all the time but I really want a Zekrom Pokedoll and was wondering if anybody had one up for sale.
I don't really know how much they're worth since their prices always vary. v_v 
If nanoplasm has one for 50ish dollars I'll take it but if someone else has one going for the same price I'll gladly buy him from ya. :D
I plan on making him a travel buddy so tags and stuff don't matter. :3
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Small collection update! New Raichu! <3

Hey poke peeps! I got a happy suprise in my mailbox today and I was just too excited to not post about it!! Just a quick update! Look at the cute little fuzzy guy that came in the mail! <3


A new Raichu to the family! <3 And he's mint with tags! My first canvas plush! I love him so freaking much! I have been wanting this little guy for quite sometime now! Sooo glad I have him now!

Also, I am looking for a surfing pikachu figure, I don't mind if it's a booty since I plan on customizing it anyways. :3

Last but not least! I pulled some awesome cards today, one being a Blissy Prime, if any one is interested just let me know! :D You can check out what other cards I pulled on my youtube channel, the video is uploading now. :3

larvitarscar's anniversary collection post

Hi guys!

It has been a year since I first discovered this community - 31st July, to be exact! I remember I accidentally stumbled upon this while googling for merchandise (which I would think is most people's experience too!) and was so excited to find a place where others shared my childish crazy appreciation of Pokemon! =P I started with just TCGs and some Kids, as well as a ton of old items I had from years ago tucked away. The notion that I may have valuable items (e.g. the Manmew), the notion of importing old rare merch from Japan, and the notion of thinking up tasteful ways to display and manage my burgeoning collection were all novel and exciting, to say the least.

It is about time I shared a bit of what the community (and good old Yahoo Japan) has netted me thus far in the past year! Unfortunately, I have loads of stuff and two rooms, so I figured i'd split my collection update into two parts. Don't you just find it impossible to photograph everything in your collection? It's madness! Also, I posted quite a bit about my kid collection (I have every Gen V one to date, plus about 1000 kids prior to Gen V) and Sylvanian Families 'dioramas' so I'd skip those as it's just too much! =P

First up - my main collection, Piplup. You guys have seen tons of pictures of my desk already - this is how it looks like as of today.

Collapse )

Anyway, that's it for Part One! Expect the other half of my collection to be up soon!

In the meantime, I had added the Mew Dark Castle zukan to my 'offers' section in my sales post (the thread is on page 2), I stop taking offers for that Saturday 6 July, 10PM PDT. Also, I added some Gen V party picks, zukans, Meowth and Chansey dioramas, FCS figures (featuring Scyther, Blastoise, Mew, etc), magnets, keychains, ramune stickers and bingo sheets (!) to my sales post. Click the Mew zukan picture to proceed.

thanks for reading! i'd be back with the second anniversary collection update soon. =D

Starting Sales Small! Custom Figures and Sculputure!

As some of you know, I go by JiangWeiChick100 on DeviantArt so I'm going to carry the name over here because Jiang Wei in Dyanasty Warriors 7 is AWESHUM!!! :3 Anyways moving on to the more pokemon like stuff. I want to start it off with a few Auctions (I know some of you are waiting for me to post that awesome orange eared Raichu and those awesome poke-lights, but I fear they are packed away for now as I am MOVIN OUT :D So take a peek at meh sales for now!
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