August 6th, 2011


Short post of wants

 the shiny banpresto snivy, i passed him up a few times at the con i went to because i spent my money on the oshawott and other merch, and decided that i really want the snivy now too >////>;;; (idk if its a DX or whatever sizes this snivy plush came in D:) ive seen him go for sale between $15-22 on some sites but wanted to see if anyone had one for sale here first :3
prefering the same size as my shiny banpresto oshawott:

im also looking for any kind of minicots!  thanks everyone!

Mollylivesanddies--by me

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So similar to feraligatrftw's concern below, how does one take dog slobber out of a plush? My talking Shaymin got chewed up and her grassy back is all hard and gross now. Fortunately the voice box is removable so I could stick her in to be washed, but I know that has a tendency to really make plush fabric pill up and I don't want that at all. Also her legs, which got the brunt of the attack, are not only torn open but also drenched in slobber.

See...this actually happened a few months ago but I lost track of the thread where I asked before. Either way my parents still haven't done anything (it's my dad's dog so he said he'd fix or replace anything the dog chews up) so I need to light a fire under them.

And on a non-nasty little dog note, come to blackjacksales, where the dog is always kept OUT of the storage room! Everything 100% dog free!
Two Buis

Collection update

Hello, all! It's been a while since I posted my entire collection (over eight months!). I'm really happy with how far my collections have come since I became active in the community last August. They have exploded in size! Let's take a look. :3

First, I think it's fun to look at how collections grow. Here's my Buizel collection (my biggest collection) before I joined pkmncollectors:

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Thanks for reading, and have a good weekend! <3
happy rattatas

Payment #1 for Bloodthirstwolf's Bed time Ga

Hi everyone again!  For participants of this GA.  We were still a bit short of the asking price but bloodthirstwolf  was kind enough to accept our offer.  Payment #1 consists of Bid and shipping from bloodthirstwolf  to mandysaurus_rex .  Please send payment ASAP so we can get the lot shipped!

Please send payment to mandysaurus_rex (@)
Be sure to put your username and what you won in the subjectline/message box!!!!  Please either comment or edit the spreadsheet once you sent payment and be sure to add your country/zipcode so we can calculate shipping to you for payment #2

Thanks guys!!

Jakks news updates!!

Ok, hopefully THIS hasn't been posted yet (since apparently I got beat to the Ash and Pikachu figure). Anyhow, Jakks (er, Toywiz...) finally released  a pic of their DX Zoroark:

It's cute with it's VERY Zorua looking face^^ Too bad it's THE SAME POSE WITH THE ARMS OUT JUST LIKE EVERY OTHER ONE!! Am I the only one who wants more mouth-opened Zoroarks, or especially crawling on all 4s like the zukan/clipping (clipping was extra awesome with her crawling AND her mouth open!) Or at LEAST something like the lottery figure, with her mouth open and having a more attack pose? Still, this one is still unique on it's own, I just wish for diversity sometimes^^ Anyhow...

The Series 2 plush have finally come out of their pre-order state on the site, so they SHOULD be coming to stores soon... soonish... hopefully... some day?? Someone said they spotted them on eBay, whether they were purchaused or from someone who works there, they exist... somewhere!
Also, Series 2 figures are now delays to August apparently, so we'll need a more of a wait on those!

That's all for your Jakks updates! I'm Zora_Star, signing off!!

Garage Sale finds/Collection Update and Reintroduction

After accidentally posting this before it was complete due to hitting the wrong key and deleting the old post, I will now attempt to make a proper post.

Today, I found some awesome plush and a few figures at a garage sale that I went to with my friend, who is also a Pokemon fan, and thought that I might as well share our story with the community. For now, I will give you this teaser image:

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Skittles+MPC GA are HERE! Photos + Spreadsheet, 1st Class Wingull,Reminders, Feedback, Deputy ID Q's

If you want photos, click on the picture below. For the spreadsheet, GO HERE!

Yay for recolors????

A plush I ordered using Noppin is this Wingull! Look how it arrived to me:

Click to view the journal!


Okay seriously folks, don't forgot my Gen 1 Auction Part 2 that's ending TOMORROW @ 8:00 PM Hawaiian time! Click any of the photos below to warp to the Gen 1 Auctions! More than these is available of course. Only one person bid so far between ALL OF THE AVAILABLE LOTS. GO AND CLAIM SOME DELICIOUS GENERATION ONE POKEMON NOW! I will do less of these if less and less people contribute ;) Don't lose the chance to possibly painlessly win some of these!


And lastly, these folks STILL owe payments on my Leeky's Super Plush GA. These are the total amount owed that includes shipping of your items to you!:

raikovladi92 - $24.33 ($24.56 international) + Payment 3 (I need your address to determine this)
spideyroxas - $19 (includes shipping/fees to the UK) - You said you sent the payment, but I don't see it Q__Q;;;
beckycuh - $18.27 ($20 for Priority mail)
[info]chibisilverwing - please go look in here

After today (for real this time), I will mass PM you guys, you don't want to be mass PMed by me! I'm also likely to spam your Paypal email with an invoice, so watch out!

I'm not going to physically type the payment owed on Leeky's Ultra Fantasticalness, just click HERE!
Also if you believe you sent me payment, let me know the date and the first/last name used on your Paypal and I can reverify! Please send the payments to segamew_art_emporium at yahoo dot com (email is also on the spreadsheets).
If I have to PM you for your payment on Leeky's Super Plush GA (my first GA), you have 5 working days to respond before I'm leaving you negative feedback and possibly let someone else take over your plush(s) (second part of the consequence only applies to those who haven't paid at all from the start)

Leeky's Super Plush GA/GB: All packages have been sent except for a select few late payers or if we're waiting on your other GA wins (or discussing a few matters with me) =)
Skittles/MPC GA Payment #3 are ready! Will ship Monday (hopefully) to their new homes!
Ultra Fantastic Super Lotto GA - Deputy HAS RECEIVED 16 kg TODAY. Payment #2 is updated on the sheet! Expect Payment #3 sometime Friday or Saturday (base case scenario)


Oh by the way, my Feedback page is HERE
Also if I owe you feedback, please fill out the form HERE


I have a question! Does anyone have a list of Yahoo! IDs owned by various deputy services? I more or less know what Noppin, SMJ, YokattaWeb, and RinkYa! are, but what about others?

(TCG) sales!!! and question XD

Hello, everyone!
I have recently been granted sales permission.
Right now I have a lot of Japanese TCG to sell in my thread.
Soon I will also be putting up a lot of English TCG and some plush as well.

Click the banner above to be taken to my sales!!! =D

Also a question...
I'm in the process of making a Pokédoll... what material is the tush tag made out of? @_@ XD
Man Munna

24 Plush GA Shipping payments!

This GA got in a few days ago, and while the box was in pretty sorry shape, all the plush are in great condition!

The few examples of something amiss with the plush are:
lorealove 's Buneary, which is quite loved
jess111303 's Delibird, whose... eyebrow thing? has come unglued. Just one of them. I have some fabric glue and would be more than happy to fix it before sending out!

All others are in good to fabulous condition. Some have tags, some do not, as stated in the auction. If you are really curious, I'll look for you.

Send all payments with "24 plush GA  -  your username  -  your items", PLEASE! it helps me out so much you wouldn't believe. Please send to

Quick want: Corphish!

Hey guys. So I just recently decided I need to collect anything and everything Pokemon because I was too young when it was taking the world by storm to understand that I'd want to keep everything I had at the time. Dumb of me, really. :c

Any who, the point of this post was to ask if anyone had a Corphish Pokedoll for sale? I don't really know how much they run for and I don't have too much, but he's pretty much the only thing on my want list at the moment! Even if you don't have it, price estimates would be wonderful. Thank you guys for all your time! :D




Ello again~!

 Hello guys! 

Its been quite awhile. :3 I see several new 'faces' here on the community (which is awesome by the way). I'm planning a big post of all of my kyogres, gatrs, krooks and krows here coming up, and while working on this feat I've been thinking about one of my current grails. After snagging most of my kyogre wants there isn't too much that I'm hunting for anymore. But-- my birthday is coming up (this next week actually...) and there's something I've always wanted to have. I was stalking one for awhile on ebay but the seller didn't make me too comfortable so I let that one go. :c

In doing so, I'm wondering if someone here on the community might be able to assist me with my grail~

This guy. The 1/1 totodile of cute. :3 He doesn't have to come mint with tags, his teeth don't need to be made of marbled perfection...but I'd like for him to not have any tears/rips/discoloration. I've always been hesitant about purchasing one because of the price or the damage that they seem to have but...I'd like to get one for my birthday as a sort of hey you're not THAT old kind of gift.   OTL 

If anyone has one please respond in the comments below or send me a PM with the price you're asking. Any help would be greatly appreciated :3


Found one! :3 Thanks guys!! 

A Want or Looking for Some Advice

 I have been wanting a Talking Hasbro Vulpix, ever since I found out it actually existed! I found some for sale but they are on a mexican website! I would prefer to buy one from a community member, if one is willing to sell theirs, but if not, some advice about this site, or about the product, or about anything to do with it really, I would like that! Also some other wants are here
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Collection Update-Quick Wants

So it's been a while since I last posted any updates to this community, but I figured that with the last purchases I've made, it was about time that I did, so without further ado, here comes the latest additions to my ever-growing army~!

From left to right at the top, I managed to get myself one of my grails-yes a Banpresto Luxray UFO plush, I have been wanting one for YEARS and finally got one, he's adorable and everything I'd ever hoped for, found him on ecrater for a good price; his hang tag is missing and one of his front paws came loose from his body but he is in otherwise tiptop condition! Next to him's a Larvitar plush I acquired from ebay, he looks so dopey, I just got him in the mail today, I love how fluffy he is! And to the far right, looking blissfully unaware is another Banpresto UFO Bibarel, a gift from my ex as a late birthday present, she's so cute and dopey~! The bottom two were plushies I got during 2 weekend to Frank & Son's runs; the Banpresto Samurott being from last weekend and the Audino Pokedoll being from a July run, all in all I think this summer's yielded me a nice new little bunch of additions to the plush family, everyone give them a warm welcome~! :D

-In other news, I am still on the lookout for an Arbok Hasbro beanie, is there anyone out there in the community willing to part with one, or does anyone know of where I can find one? I'm still deadset on finding that snake, it's one of my favorite Pokemon-another one I'm on the lookout for is this Sawk plush-any advice on where to find one?

Sales post

First of all, just missing one payment from myvampirelust19 for our MPC plush GA! :) Everyone else paid and I marked you off. Again I'll get them late in the week and will ship that weekend.

SALES POST! I got all kinds of stuff like Metagross/Pansear Pokedolls, zukan figures, and just loads of stuff. Take a look and thank you! :)

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Grail Get<3

GUYZ I AM SO SORRY FOR POSTING SO MUCH LATELY (two days in a row or every other day LOL i swear this is the last one for a few days @_@) I am just SO FREAKIN HAPPY i had to share.

I haven't been collecting Groudon that long - when i joined the community in June i collected only Drifloon, but since there is pretty much nothing of the 'floons, i decided to go on to other things. specifically, Groudon. Once I saw this plush, it was my immediate grail; I feared that it would be very hard to find and would be quite costly. (I am not the type of collector to spend more than $45 on a plush ;u;) But low and behold, about a few weeks ago, someone here was selling one! rocketdraggin  AKA THE MOST AWESOME PERSON IN THE WHOLE WORLD was and just. i really could not express the excitement i had when i was able to buy him. AND WHEN HE SHOWED UP AT MY DOOR, OMG. (of course, i had purchased 2213234 other Groudon things from her on 3 seperate occassions but this one was the big one i think O.O)

What plush is he, you ask? Here's a preview...

hmmm...i wonder ;D

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i'm still looking to expand my Groudy collection.
i have a nice list of wants here but of course i would be open to thing I have not listed (there is so much Groudon merch it is hard to keep track)


i have some nice things going on in my journal right now. ;D
(a GA, my sales post, and my commission info.)

Auctions/Sales Reminder! ^_^

Just a quick post from me! My auctions are ending tomorrow, and there are some awesome items up for grabs (and some even have no bids!) - this is your chance to own the rare Amigurumi Drifloon plush, some one-of-a-kind animation cels, settei and rare zukan sets (including the Raichu line, Team Rocket and Gastly/Haunter/Gengar sets! ^_^

The auctions finish tomorrow night at 10pm UK Time (find that time out for you here --> - there are also quite a few sales items left too! I've reduced some prices since I really need to find homes! :) -

The auctions/sales can be found here - <3

Happy Collecting everyone!~
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ttly random questions!

SO I have VERY random questions today!

first question: I know there are a lot of Turtwig kids. One in particular is sitting up with his mouth open and eyes closed... is there a version where he's sitting up with his mouth closed??? To be honest, I'm asking because... for my wedding next year, I want to have a Marill kid and a Turtwig kid off to the side of the cake with the Marill wearing a little veil and the Turtwig wearing a bow tie. Got the idea from this picture I saw on google:


so yeah, I'm ttly copying that idea but with a Marill and Turtwig. But it'd be hard to put a bow tie on most of the turtwig kids, so I was wondering if there was a standing one with the mouth closed so it'd be easier. Does anyone know if there is such a kid? If not I'll make do with the open mouth one ^^

And then second question: do these style of Pokemon patches go on clothes very well?

borrow the image from google. I have a hole in my jean shorts, and I figured I wasn't a big enough of a geek with my Pokemon tattoo, so I was thinking of ironing on a Pokemon patch to my shorts. But I want to make sure they go on pretty easily, or are they not even meant for that? XD I just assumed they were since they look like iron on patches. If you have any info, please let me know! I'd like to know before buying one and attempting to iron it on my shorts and possibly ruining the patch in the process!

THAT IS ALL. Yes I know, I did not mention much about Marills... very shocking! But the next post surely will be about Marills!
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RAGE Sales~

My dogs somehow got up to a higher shelf the other night and ate a $10 Retsuden sticker. In my ensuing RAGE I pulled everything off shelves that was below three feet and proceeded to collection weed until I felt I had more space and was less... DRAGON RAGE-y. Which means tasty things for you all. NOTE: Everything purchased from my earlier sales post will be shipped on Monday! I meant to ship yesterday, but I was sick :( Those orders cannot be combined with this post, sorry :( Already packaged them!
Some items of interest:

This Sales Post is CLOSED.
Items are stored in AZ- I live in NY. If you wish to inquire about an item, please keep in mind that it cannot be shipped until LATE NOVEMBER at the earliest. 
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