August 7th, 2011

Pokemon Time Farfetch'D

Leeky's Ultra FANTASTIC GA Payment #2 is here!

The deputy received the 16 kg package today, go here for the updated spreadsheet! Expect payment #3 to show up sometime this week :3

Also please take this time to catch up on any payments you may have missed! Thankfully since there are so many people involved with the GA, the overall shipping (internal + EMS to me) isn't at bad :)

Please go to yesterday's post here to read up on the updates and whatnot! ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE MISSING PAYMENTS. CHECK OR ELSE >:(

Let's try a different approach, go visit my Gen 1 Auctions HERE, ends in 20 hours. This is your last reminder!


My Feedback page is HERE
If I owe you feedback, please fill out the form HERE

No one answered this question last time. Does anyone have a list of Yahoo! IDs owned by various deputy services? I more or less know what Noppin, SMJ, YokattaWeb, and RinkYa! are, but what about others?

offers reminder

Hi guys! Sorry to be back so soon regarding a sales-related matter (university resumes in two days so this is the last sales post for a while, I promise), but I stop accepting offers for my items tonight (Saturday), 10PM PDT. (Countdown here!) Many items are at their start offers, with my rare Aki Iro Notebook, Dark Castle Mew zukan (thread on page two!), Lugia figure and large derp Mew hand puppet with no offers yet! Click on any of the pictures to proceed to the sales page and give these a good home. =D Since this is my last sales post for a bit, do get any stuff you had your eye on today!

Thanks for reading, and have a smashing weekend ahead!
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PokeCen Pickups Update!


Some quick updates for you guys!  I was supposed to be home and mailing these tomorrow but unfortunately my dad got into a bad car accident so at the moment I'm stuck where I am.  I'll be mailing what I can from where I'm temporarily staying.  

♥  People who ONLY ordered flats: I have your items with me :) I'll be picking up shipping materials today and shipping within the next couple of days.

♥  People combining pickups and sales: If you need your sales items urgently, I can mail them separately from your pickups if you want to pay the difference in shipping. Otherwise the whole package will have to wait until I can find a way home.  It's up to you, just let me know.

♥  People who ordered ONE item: There's a handful of people who only ordered one item for pickup. My mom has offered to package these up and mail them on my behalf so you don't have to wait any longer :) I don't know exactly how quickly she'll be able to get them done and mailed, but it'll still be faster than waiting for me to get home.

♥  People who ONLY purchased from my straight sales: Most of the lotto prizes, small figures, and such I have on hand and will be able to ship once I get shipping materials here :) If you combined sales with pickups, please read the note above.

If you are confused as to whether you got a pickup or just bought something for straight sale, most pickups were purchased here and most sales occurred here.

Thank you all for your patience, it's much appreciated!  It's been a crazy few weeks but I promise you WILL get your stuff!  If you have questions or concerns or anything, please just send a comment or PM my way.  Thanks everyone :D
Also a small GA update, we won this lot and I updated the post with payment info:
Porygon-Z by trainer_irene

MPC Movie Version: C Set Group Auction!

 I'm back with another MPC GA, this time for the "C" set of the movie Pokemon!

Each plush will start at $15, which is the base price of the item. Do not bid assuming there will be discounts. There will be two payments: one which includes base price, fees, and shipping to me, and the other payment will be shipping from my place to yours. Please pay promptly in the event that we win! This auction will end 1 AM, Tuesday August 9th, Pacific Time. I will post shortly after to collect payments! I will be claiming Mandibuzz at $20, and willing to go a little bit higher if necessary.

Also, I still have a lot of TCG, Kids, Clipping Figures, Plush, and McD Toys at my sales post! Click the crudely made banner to be transported there! (I am Photoshop-challenged. D:) This will be the only time I post about my sales until I add a substantial amount of new stuff, which should be after Worlds when I get lots of new stuff!


Figurine Question

I know this might be a bit odd for a first time post (don't worry, I'll post my collection in a bit), however, a few months ago, my boyfriend found a small Gardevoir figurine on ebay and purchased it. Now, I've seen fakes and bootlegs before, and when I first opened it, a few pings went off in the back of my head. If it's a bootleg, then it's one of the best looking bootlegs I've ever seen as they usually get something wrong, and I've seen a lot filter through Amazon and eBay before.

To be quite honest, I have no idea what it is. If it's legit, I think it's either a repainted/semi-messed up zukan, or a vending machine figurine that probably was released in Britain. But, other than these ideas, I have no clue what I have. If it is a bootleg, I probably will be a bit disappointed, but ok with it.

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I'll be posting the rest of my Pokémon collection when things are picked up enough for me to take a picture of (papers, papers and books everywhere!). This should be sometime within these next few days, possibly today if we get our office set up.
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Major Collection Weeding Sales/Auctions!!

After thinking it through, I've decided to let go of my entire clipping figure collection and temporarily part with some from my DX figures. It was a tough choice but I figured some things are more important. Anyway, there are like 50+ clipping figures for auction here and most of them still have their cards. The DX figures have their tags in tact as well with the exception of Lugia and Reshiram (it's tag is just unattached). Proceeds will go to my other collection which is really my priority ever since so I hope you guys can help me. :D

I've also cut down prices on my regular sales post so please do check them out also. Some items of interest are the Erika TFG, Mareep TFG, Tentacruel TFG, Oshawott plush and some MIP zukans.

So without further ado, let the auctions begin!

Sales permission granted by denkimouse  on July 13, 2010.

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Thank you in advance for participating and good luck!! :)

Last GA reminder

Hello everyone!

This GA

is ending tonight. I will be extending bidding time for a few hours, until 10pm EST instead of 7pm. Livejournal has been acting funny so I thought a few extra hours might help people who were having a hard time. Anyways, there is a TON of stuff with no bids, and very low bids, so take a look!

I would also like to say that I am trying to clear out my personal sales post, and that anything you buy there can be shipped with items from this GA.

As soon as my sales are cleared out I can start updating stock ^^

Alright, thank you everyone and of course, happy bidding!
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13 Inch Hasbro Flygon Appraisal?

Hai, first post in this community~! So, i've been doing some research, and i've found that one of my plushes could potentially be rare. Could one of you collectors help me appraise this Flygon?
This isn't a photo of mine, it's an image from Amazon.
I want to know how much he would be worth if I sold him. Thankies~!
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I'm seeing double... No triple!!! A small collection update and re-introduction

It's been a while since I posted anything.  ^3^
Anyway, for those who don't remember me (not that I expected that anyone would remember me in general) I collect video game hand-helds and various Pokemon characters.  Lately, I been falling in love with a certain red legendary Pokemon and this is a small collection update on the red beast.  Also, I been keen on the Black & White legendary dragons.  This is the first time I actually like two legendary Pokemon from the same generation.

Follow the 3 tails to the collection update!

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Sales post reminder!

Heya guys! Just a quick reminder of my sales post. I'll have to close up shop soon, since I'm moving later in the month so if there's something you want now's the time to get it :)



Thanks for looking c:

Cards! Shiny, pretty, EX cards & Trainer magazine Promos!

Hi everybody!

We're slowly doing some major cleaning & re-sorting of our TCG collection... today was "sort out the EX cards" day! Turns out we had ... a LOT more than we expected. So I thought I'd take a picture & share!

We do have some extras that we'll be putting up a bit later in the shop... But if anybody has anything they're specifically looking for, do let us know & we'll check for you. It's much easier now that we sorted them all out. ><;;; We're also sorting out VS & Web series stuff later on today, and those extras will hit the shop sometime soon too! ^^

Also, look out for a giant (and I mean seriously GIANT!) Pikachu update... hopefully sometime next week.

Other than that, a quick shop update... We're putting up a set of Trainer Magazine promos - the Eeveeloution one, pictured below.  It has Flareon, Vaporeon & Jolteon. It's on BIN at $100, but feel free to offer! Click on the picture to get to the card page, and click on the shop link if you're interested in anything else!

Sort of multi-purpose post?

Hey again everyone! :)
First off, I was thinking of doing some custom Pokemon pictures for people (yes, I know I'm not allowed to sell them on here), and here's some examples of my paintings (I know none of them have Pokemon in them, but it sort of gives you an idea of my style right?)

Now, as for the Pokemon side of things, I was wondering if anyone on here could give me suggestions of something to sketch out as more Pokemon examples... So, just comment with a Pokemon you would like me to draw! :)

Also, my apologies if I wasn't meant to be doing that^^

And lastly, a lot of my stuff will be arriving this week and next week :D I'm so excited. I shall post a collection update when everything has arrived!
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Breloom Dead

Small Sales, Plush, Dice and Figures

I'm in need of some money so heres a small sales post, I might have another collection weeding sale next week so keep an eye out. Any purchases are appreciated. I'm also after a few small Emolga items. Thanks in advance!

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TCG-related wants reminder

Looking for booster foils:
Team Rocket (the one with all 3 booster images on it is the one I'm still missing)
Gym challenge (need koga/sabrina)
Neo Genesis
Neo Discovery

Aquapolis (have Arcanine, Tyranitar)
Skyridge (have Ho-Oh, Poliwrath)

EX Fire Red Leaf Green (have Charizard/Blastoise)

TCG needs:

6th movie half-deck (the one with Jirachi coin, but most wanting butler/forina's pokemon cards)

-Terrakion full-art (wishing to spend around 40-ish)
7-11 Beartic + Zebstrika
-Scraggy pizza-la promo

Also, Amiami doesn't have the new expansions (Hail Blizzard/Psycho Drive) for pre-order yet. How soon do these usually open...?
S t o c k i n g

Canvas Gets + Poke-makeup o w o


My first package from cyritic came today (or technically yesterday, though since I was away at an amusement park...) and ahh! ; A ; so happy. I can't wait for my other package from her to come ! :D

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And as a mini sidenote I am having some mini-pokesweet sales and custom slots open~

presenting a plush pile

 Hello there!
I'm new to pkmcollectors :) (be nice to me x3)
So,what should I start's a pic of part of my plush pile :)

I love sewing, and these are all made by me (yep,aaall of them.) <3 
(if you want photos of each one you can go to )
I've been a fan of pokemon since my childhood, and I just love the variety and the creativity of them. And of course the cuteness :D  It is so much fun to sew them, and I put lots of effort and love into my work.

However, I have one pokemon that i'm absolutely crazy about. COTTONEE. 
I feel like i need the official cottonee pokedolls to survive D: MUST HAVE. 
If you happen to have one, please message me about it! :D awww cottonee. *happy thoughts* <3