August 8th, 2011

Pokemon Time Farfetch'D

Ultra FANTASTIC Payment #2 + Want

Okay folks, please do not alter ANYTHING about the spreadsheet other than your own cell. This this is full of formulas and very sensitive.

Thank you.


Okay guys, Perhaps I need to actually put photos into my post to remind you of the GA that you need to pay ;P CLICK ON TH E IMAGES FOR THE SPREADSHEET. Don't forget to mark down that you paid and stuff ;D Send all payment to segamew_art_emporium at yahoo dot com!

I PM'd everyone except beckyuh about late payments. IF YOU ARE READING THIS, PAY FOR YOUR MINUN PILLOW @___@; Your PMs are disabled so yeah.

In other news, I'm in the process of constructing like a few mini lessons on how to economically make stuff to ship your packages in, in the cheapest way possible. I'm sure you guys don't want to pay $2-3 per bubble mailer... I KNOW I DON'T. So if you want to learn little tips like using $2 masking tape that's 3x longer than $4 "heavy duty packaging" tape, these mini lessons are for you :D Not sure when I will be posting the first lesson, but I do get motivated the more people comment asking for such tips.

I have fallen in love with that silly otter Oshawott. I love Oshawott merch that has him holding his shell thingy (much like how Farfetch'D and Cubone uses their respective props for battle). But anyway if anyone have merch of Oshawott holding his shell in any way, let me know what you and and your price :D I may or may not buy it depending on whether I have it or not 8D

A few random wants, preferably MWT and not too expensive:

(okay the last one isn't merch but you get the idea)


Oh by the way, my Feedback page is HERE
Also if I owe you feedback, please fill out the form HERE

Pokedoll pics help plz

Hey guys! Any of you that has the attack and defence \deoxys/ pokedolls, can you please give me pictures of them?? Like, under/back/front/over and such! Please ^^
Ive been told to get pics of em before, but didnt :P
So yeah, thanx! ^^

snakey wakey [and company] update

Hello hello! After my sales post at the end of June, I meant to make a collection update [I even posted teaser photos and everything xD] However, between two vacations within a week of each other, as well as working my internship and part-time job, I've been running around like crazy! I haven't been online at all the past week, so after doing the obligatory lurking, here's the promised collection update!

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Galvantula and Joltik

Gone for a little while + GA information

 So well, this one is just a quick post. I will still be online tomorrow/today around 7PM EST or so, but then the day after, I am going on vacation with my parents and I won't be online until 17th. I have contacted some GA hosts I still owe payments to, but in case some people do not get their PMs or whatever, just to let know through this journal! <33

And on the other hand for this GA:

Get your bids in!!! There is about 20 hours left for you to bid on, so get your bids in! <3333

Here is the journal:

And an important EDIT on this GA: darkfaeprincess was short on her bidding limit, but my friend segamew was so kind to bid for us! Just to let you know that even though she bids, the shipping will be still the same. The GA will be sent to darkfaeprincess and she will do the shipping to individual bidders! :)

Thank you for reading and have a great day! <333

Shipping update and *still* more sales

Hi guys

For all of you who I still owe you items from this last week's massive sale, just wanted to let you know that they will be getting shipped today, most likely this afternoon. I thank you for your patience so far, as this weekend has been too crazy for me, specially as I was out of town saturday, and Sunday was my Church day (and mail is closed regardless)

Thanks again for your patience with me :D :D :D you are all amazing!!

BTW, there are still plenty of items left from last week's sale that are looking for a new home!!

BTW, a wild Blastoise decided to setup camp on this post to break the image-less ness of this post. Here he is xD

New dragons plush

Will anyone here be selling the new poseable Zekrom and Reshiram plushes? I heard they were pokemon center exclusives in July only, and some are on ebay and Y!J but i wanted to know if any community members were selling them before i tried my hand on those sites. thanks!

Also, has anyone seen the reversable kibago/axew plush in stores yet? I just go the smaller jakks plush from ebay but have yet to see the large one for sale
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Mini-Figure GB Payment 1 + Figure GA Updates! + WANTS


So this GB? We won! Payment 1 is required now~ Thanks to the fantastic downfall of the USD, each figure is $5.46/$5.52 to rlin4992(@)! (If you bought two, it's $10.61/$10.72, please!)

Piplup and Totodile have not been claimed. If you would like to claim them, just comment here and when I've commented back, send the money over~ Any excess money I get will be used towards shipping.

Also, for you participants of that GB - What kind of shipping did you want to use? O: I was thinking just go cheapest possible.. xD

And for the participants of the Pokemon Figure GA I ran - THE FIGURES ARE HERE! ;D I've been feeling a little nauseous lately, so I haven't gotten around to getting shipping quotes for you guys yet (I thought maybe it wouldn't be the best if I got sick all over your Pokemon.. xD;) but so far, everything looks great! 

For whichever member (I think it was dripbat ?) who got the Dialga Jakks - This figure is MONSTROUS. He barely fits in the largest bubble mailer I have.. xD Also, he's got all these parts that stick out, so I was wondering if you'd want a box? Shipping might be a bit hefty though. @__@

ALSO, let's end this with some wants! I'm looking for the Paki Paki Entei (MWT, please!), Entei Tomy and LARGE-size Tomy Giratina!!
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Sales round 2 + Trade?

I have re-vamped my sales, and added new items as well brought back the flat lots!
I also have some more uncommon items up for offer: TCG theme mats and a TCG Trainer video.
And my TCG sales still remain!

Click here for figures, offers, flats, etc.
Click here for TCG

Also, I have an extra McD Snivy toy I'd like to trade for either the Tepig or Pikachu

(This is the one from my collection, so yours may have different paint rubs or whatever. I was just too lazy to get it out xD)
Any takers?

Granted sales permission by lineaalba on 7/7/10

(no subject)

 Hi! I've been collecting zukan for a few months now and really find them fascinating! I think these are the most accurate and awesome figures made and I love some of the poses/zukan bases certain pokemon come with ^^ Below is a list of zukan that are my highest wants although there are others that might not be mentioned below that I am also looking for ;):

Does anyone have a Dunsparce zukan for sale? :3

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A Small Update and Possible Trade?

I have a tiny but cute N update!  I received these wonderful customs not too long ago and I thought I'd share with you! :D

Guess which two are new! :DD
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Now for a possible trade~~ I have, as you can see, two of the same lovely sticker sheets!

Obviously, I bought them because I collect Drayden like crazy N, but now I'm sort of wanting different sheets ;; From other similar sheets I've seen, I gather that there are 8 of these promo sheets, each with different Gym Leaders and Pokemon on it, but all of the ones I've seen have Hilbert, Hilda and N on them.  So if anyone has a different "Gym Leader" sheet (or any other sticker sheet with N on it, I'm not too picky xD) and wants to trade for the one I have, please let me know! :D Or, if you want to just sell it to me that's fine too xD
My sales are here if you'd like to look for buying or possible trading, etc~ I have lots of plush, Sugimori clear files, mega bloks and other fun goodies that I'm really trying to get new homes for x3 And for those interested in seeing the rest of my want list, you can find that here :3
Thank you all for looking! :D

new items, lots for sale

Sorry for posting again so soon. I have a few new items and some cards I'm selling, but I've decided to include them in a few lots that I am wanting to get rid of. I'm only going to post a few for now, but more and larger ones will come at a later time. Lots and information can be found under the cut.

Shipping update : for those who have ordered from me within the past few days, some of your orders have already been shipped out and the rest should be out by Wednesday. :) 

I'm still looking for a Burger King Lapras, by the way.

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Wants List!

Hey everyone!

I'd like to add some more Battrios to my collection, as well as Zukan, TFG... Just some small stuff for now, unless you have some other cheap-ish stuff of these Pokemon;

Pikachu line
Piplup line
Riolu line
and recently, I've also fallen in love with Skymin XD

Also, I was wondering if anyone would like to do a trade for these. As in, you offer me something from the above^^ and I can make you a custom artwork? I have a couple of Pokemon drawings up on my DA as examples. I can also do paintings and watercolours XD
Here's my DA;
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Another Nintendo World Run!! 8/8 2nd Payment

Ok so after another successful run here are the names and 2nd payment totals. Shipping has been added to these totals (and if you requested insurance it has been added), if you would like to add insurance add another $2 to the posted total (and be sure to let me know first). The discount has already been applied. If payed tonight or tomorrow morning I will send your package out on my afternoon post office run tomorrow afternoon. Payment can be sent here:

Slot 1: furrettails (for friend) - Lugia Pokedoll
Slot 2: smirkier - Giratina (altered), Pikachu, Lugia, Darkrai, Lapras Pokedolls. Dewott medium Plush. Zorua (Zoroark was not available so I got your requested replacement) Plush (aka Pokedoll).
Slot 3: toulissa - Giratina (altered) Pokedoll
Slot 4: kickasskendra  - Flareon Pokedoll
Slot 5: shadowed_hearts   - Dialga Pokedoll, Dewott medium Plush

Slot 1) $13 (shipping and insurance) PAID
Slot 2) $56 (international shipping and insurance) PAID
Slot 3) $13 (international shipping) PAID
Slot 4) $11 (shipping) PAID
Slot 5) $19 (shipping) PAID


segamew - I have your minty fresh Oshawott for our trade I just need you to PM me your address ^^ GOTCHA!Collapse )
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sales and collection gets

I've got a few new things up for sale below the cut here because LJ isn't letting me edit my main sales post XD (Feel free to combine anything below with anything from the main post though, hint hint!) Sales policies and such can be found in that post.

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And now for collection stuff! Emolgas and Vulpixes and stuff under the cut :D

Collapse )Also, the Jakks plush and Pokedoll GA I'm co-running with zugagirl is ending tomorrow! We didn't raise enough for the reserve originally, but the seller relisted it without a reserve so we'll hopefully get it this time :D

Quick notice, and looking for!

If you're waiting on a package from me and still haven't received it yet, it will be going out tomorrow, Tuesday. I'm really sorry about the delay, I've been gradually getting them out when I can, as I've had workmen refurbishing our house for the past 3 weeks.

Next thing, I was wondering if anyone in the US could do me a favour? Please?
I'd like these guys picked up if at all possible:

The bottom Sandile is the Throw Pokeball plush, due out this month I believe? Any help would be much appreciated! I have a feeling I'm forgetting something here.... >_>
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Commissions Open, Sales & Updates


Crochet Plush Commissions are open ;D Come check out my post and get a quote or a plush =0w0= I've thoroughly updated my custom plush website if anyone would like to look at it, it's here: SPW Customs I also have some of my custom plush for sale here.

Drifloon: $15
Shiny Minun: $15
Jumpluff: $20
Petilil: $15

Please give these plush good homes or I might take them apart :\

~Rythen: Your Timburr is done and images are posted on my DA and plush website under round 7 ;D I will be contacting you soon for shipping.
~Shadoweon: I'm currently working on your plushies
~Jadekitty777: Flygon and Skymin are due to ship out tomorrow with goodies =0w0=
~AmberTDD: Desukan will be shipping out this week.

Annnnnd to make my post less boring, who wants to see my new cutie-pie?

I just made him yesterday, and he's so cute =>w<= Those eyes, that tongue, and the frilly little bottom...TO DIE FOR! PS. It was so hard to get him to stay still like that =;v;=

(no subject)

hey there! ive just fell in love with a pokemon, Golem :D so if you have anything for sale, feel free to tell me/link to/show me pics and pricing :3
also, im on kindof a vaca atm, comin home this sunday! just so yall know. i might not be able to pay stuff now, but maybe in some days :3

aaaand some wants!:
Golem stuff!
spinda pokedoll sticker, spinda minicot, and anything of him i dont own!
deoxys stuff: defence forme chou get, speed forme deoxys zukan, with the right base! pokedoll charm/pokedoll figure, defence deoxys pokedoll., grail :P <3 thanx everybody!

and guys, when i come home/get acces to a computer, expect a deoxys collection post!!!!! <3 :3 and some custom pokedoll figures, including mienfoo, whimsicott, wooper and maybe a slot or 2 :)

have a nice day! ^^

Pokemon countdown calender 2009 TCG

I have a question considering the cards that were released for the pokemon countdown calender 2009
this box:

The cards from the countdown calender are reprints of previously released cards from DP series and they bear a holographic snowflake stamp. Alle cards are nonholo with the exception of Pikachu which is a reprint of Pikachu DP16

I bougt the box at the time, split it with my little brother. I still have my half of the cards and he has the majority of his (probably traded 1 or 2) Mine would be mint as they went straight into a binder, his would be graded 'near mint' or 'good' since he has dragged them to school etc.

My question, what are they worth? I have never before seen them auctioned off on ebay or the community. I have only been a member since March but still. Or are they not rare enough to be bothered with selling?

Reason I'm asking, I'm looking to sell mine (excluding glaceon as it's in my collection) and perhaps my brother's cards too.

any info is greatly appreciated!


Other than that, I updated my wants!

re-paiting kid figures

so I have seen many really nicely done kid re-paints floating around this community. I would like to ask some advise on what sort of paints should be used and some techniques on making clean lines and limit the amount of messy layering. some example pictures would be awesome as well to see the results. THANKS!!!

also a small get!

lately I have been reciving mail VERRRY SLOWLY!!! its a bummer- packages have been sent at the start of august being reviced only lately... but better late then never! and I was still excited to get my new tentacool!

kasaya is not amused....

seems mama is very proud of her new son!

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More sales!

For those of you who took part in the promo card GA, fear not! They are on their way to me and shipping to you should come in a few weeks. And for my sales, I wasn't able to get my orders finalized to send out because of LJ's downtime and had to wait for my next day off, but I should be sending all the earlier orders out in the next two days. If you want anything from here I can of course squeeze them into your orders even if they're already packed, as long as you don't mind taped up envelopes ;D

I've got some more sales for you! Most of these are stickers from sets and a couple of can badges, but I also have Elesa and Cheren TCG sleeves in stock for $1 each! The N's were surprisingly popular, I barely have anymore left to use for myself, haha.

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I also have some lots up for sale. The prices are possibly debatable, mostly I just want to get rid of the side collections I don't need anymore. Shipping is from Canada!

Collapse )

And of course anything can be combined with my other TCG/flats/etc sales!


Shaymin bag!

 Hi again! Right now I am looking to buy a Shaymin carrying bag from Pokemon TCG Worlds 2009. I don't know how much is is actually worth, but toss an offer out there and we'll go from there. I would only like to buy from someone in the United States, but if the price is right I'll buy worldwide. 

Thanks to snowball21 for the pic

If you don't have one for sale, but you know where I can buy one, that would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Poke Box Auction Reminder

Just wanted to let you all know that my Poke box auction ends tomorrow. I'm auctioning off 2 custom box slots of anything you want and this auction ends tomorrow at 6:00 PM PST. So get those bids in if your interested. ♥

I also still have some Poke bakery custom slots open if anyone is interested. Just let me know. C:

You can find both on this post:

Thank you for your time guys! ♥