August 9th, 2011

The Two of Us

Clearance sale on plushes, Eeveelution cards, and more~

So I'm having a clearance to clear out all of my stock. There is Eeveelution Cards that I really would like just gone(Jolteon, Flareon, Vaporeon, Espeon, Umbreon, Glaceon, and Eevee). I've been so tempted to just start collecting them since I still have a good chunk but if I sold them off, I'd be much happier. XD

I also have a few Pichu pluses, as well as other little figures.

There will be FREE SHIPPING on anything over $5 for the US and a discounted shipping price for international.

And don't be afraid to make offers. I'm trying to raise $55 at the moment so no reasonable offer will be turned down~ :DD

Thanks everyone!


PS: I have to head to bed soon so I'll have to get to everyone's PM's tomorrow after work~

It's TCG wants again~

TCG needs:

-Terrakion full-art (wishing to spend around 40-ish)

-Scraggy pizza-la promo

TCG sleeves
would like to find a Pawniard sleeve, or anything you believe I may like. I only wish for singles though.
(I have a pack of N and Zoroark if any of those 2 interest anyone for trades)

Looking for booster foils a few last days before giving up and buying packs for like 9$ a single.

Team Rocket (the one with all 3 booster images on it is the one I'm still missing)
Gym challenge (need koga/sabrina)
Neo Genesis
Neo Discovery (need umbreon)

Aquapolis (have Arcanine, Tyranitar)
Skyridge (need vaporeon)

EX Fire Red Leaf Green (need Pikachu)

Thank you to anyone who can help <3

quiet_anima's Small Collection

Like I said I would, I will post my small collection of pokemon paraphernalia. I don't have a lot of income, so what little I do have has been collected at random whenever I spot something that tickles my fancy whenever I am actually able to afford it.

I mostly purchase TCG cards and various TFG figurines I find every once in a while. That being said, I have this weak spot for ralts line pokemon, especially gardevoir; and I have been known to irresponsibly spend my money for anything gardevoir related. Fortunately enough, I don't find very many things relating to her, so my collection is somewhat small. lordqua puts my collection to shame, lol.

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My holy grail would be to obtain a Gardevoir Zukan set with either variant of Gardevoir, and possibly a custom made Gardevoir, Misdreavus or Mismagius, and Torterra plush. We also have a weakness for ghost type pokemon, so we'll keep an eye out for whatever we see.

Also, does anyone know if there ever was a Luxury Ball made? It's kind of a joke, but we would purchase one if one were to crop up, especially if it was an official licensed product. Fan made products are fine too, I guess.
holy grail


Perhaps to help distract from some current unrest in the world, I bring for you today, Snaptoys Pokemon plush and Groundbreakers TFG figures.

Some members just gasped, and others are puzzled. Let's explain!

Snaptoys plush was a line of plush that simply never got made. You can see most of them right here. Like many prototype items we've seen evidence of -- or own evidence of -- back in the ambiguous period between the original Gotta Catch'em All hype of the late 90's and the semi-revival of the craze during Diamond/Pearl, lots of toys were commissioned to be made, and then were canceled. Other toys got made, but only in very small amounts due to poor sales expectations. This is why you might notice Gold/Silver era toys can be some of the rarest and hardest to obtain, and Ruby/Sapphire Pokemon are more often than not, woefully under-merchandised.

I present to you, PKMNcollectors of the world, Snaptoys prototype plushies!!!

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There is more.

Who remembers the TFG, you know, that thing that was a thing until it too was canceled suddenly without explanation, despite two entire sets of dozens and dozens of figures having been sculpted and produced? Many of us have had the chance to own figures from the un-named "Third Wave", a set that was never even officially announced besides some teasers at toy shows, but we have now seen nearly a full set unofficially released from the factories that produced them.

But Groundbreakers was the set that was due for release multiple times, with the dates pushed back, and back, and back, until finally...they never came out at all. The entire shebang was canceled abruptly, probably due to lack of interest in the game, and Groundbreakers figures (minus a few released early) were never seen from again.

Except very very occasionally. One Sabrina found in a random toy shop. Multiple figures found on Ebay with and without bases, but only once or twice. And yet over half the set never seen in person beyond the poster. Why was that third wave so easy to get, and the set on the brink of release, nearly impossible to find a single figure from?

UNTIL NOW!! Pause for dramatic effect...

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That being said, yes, I do have a big handful that, along with the Snaptoys, will be for auction here on the community. Note that the figures I have are not on bases, they are just the sculpts! The following 15 Groundbreakers will all be up for auction starting at 35$ each starting this weekend. Be there!!!

(click to enlarge)

Hope you enjoyed the pics! Thanks as always guys.
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Figure GA Shipping Payment! + Extras~~

 YAY. I HAVE WEIGHED ALL YOUR THINGS. Please click here ( for your final payment, and hopefully, I will have them all shipped on Monday. 8D The post office is going to hate me. /qq

Please send payments to rlin4992(@) and put your username in the memo box! Please remember to also include your address. xD

Just a few notes:
dripbat - Your Dialga Jakks is in fairly good condition, although he does have some scuffs. I can provide pictures if you like, before you choose what shipping method you'd like? Right now, the amount up there is for a bubble mailer. He's kind of heavy, so I have to send him by 'parcel post', so it's a bit more expensive. ;w; I miiight be able to stuff him into a small flat-rate box (I think that's just $5?) but I'm not sure. I'd have to get one first. xD

Also, extras! We have extras! These are open to both GA participants and non-participants. Sorry for the crappy photos. Some were taken yesterday, when I felt alright, and some were just taken now, so please excuse the blurriness. I'm still a little dizzy. @__@
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And of course, all things can be combined with either things from my teeny tiny sales (, a custom charm ( or one of the figures from the GB here ( 


 Hey everyone! I recently was granted Sales Permission, and I have finally gathered all my pictures together and constructed a permanent Sales Post! 

Here you will find many figures, quite a few flats, some VHS/DVD, and a few other misc items! Follow my derpy sales banner to check it all out!

In a day or two, I'll be posting up my massive TCG sales post as well! If you like TCG, keep your eyes peeled ;) Or, if you're super-eager to see if I have a card you're looking for, feel free to ask me now for any specific cards/cards of specific Pokemon! I may just have what you're looking for! xP

Thanks guys!

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Hopeful Grail Get

Just won this Auction from eBay containing my grail of grails THE EARTH BADGE!!!!!

the other items are pretty cool but im not sure what to do with them just yet, assuming of course the package arrives without issue.

If Ruby and Sapphire do get remakes, what do YOU want to see for merch?

Well, there are plenty of signs that a Ruby and Sapphire remake will be made, and this is awesome news to not only fans of the game, but collectors like us! Gold and Silver I believe, had some Pokedolls remade, along with ALOT of Lugia and Ho-Oh merch that came out. I'm sure there are more members like me who are relatively new Pokemon collectors (give or take merch from Blue/Red days) and would LOVE to see more merch from older Gens, not to mention some remakes, so the prices could be a little more affordable.

So, what would YOU all like to see the most if Ruby and Sapphire do get remade (with their inevitable promotions through merch!)
Here's my list:

MORE POKEDOLLS/REMAKES!  Oh, how I'd LOVE to see a remake of something like Blaziken or Sceptile! Not to mention, Pokemon who never did get Pokedolls, like Milotic or Poochyena/Mightyena.

More PokeCens! I'm a BIG PokeCen fan, so to see some of these in soft velboa in a more realistic (less chibi) look would be awesome^^ Plus if they did the small, medium, large sized plush with the starters... oh wow...

Tomy DXs! After getting help in compiling a list of all the ones they have, did they even MAKE any sofubis for this Gen?? ANY would be awesome!

Pretty much ANY new merch for these guys: Poochyena, Mightyena, Linoone, Skitty, Delcatty, Eletrike, Manectric, Flygon, Altaria, Zangoose, Seviper, Milotic, Kecleon, Absol, Spheal, Salamance, Latias, Latios, Groudon, Rayquaza

Wanted: Gengar Figurines

 Hello, everyone!

I'm a new user here, and a bit of a newcomer in regards to collecting. I guess this is my introductory post! I was big into the TCG when I was younger and now I'm more interested in the handheld versions. Recently (within the past year), I've begun collecting various figures of my favorite Pokemon of all time, Gengar!

My Gengar Collection

Anyways, As you can see from my picture I only have a handful of Gengar figures in my collection, and I am looking to expand. I am specifically looking for any colorful Gengar figures which I don't have, which I am guessing are Japanese / European releases (Zukan, I think they are called). I am not looking for plush dolls. I guess I should also mention that the only figure which is not pictured here is the fat, squatty-looking rollerball Gengar figure...he looks so odd, but I had to get him!!!

If anyone has any they are willing to sell, then be sure to drop me a line! I have PayPal and can pay instantly. Thanks!!!


Shiny Sceptile Kid Auction + Traveling Meme

I am still in the process of clearing things out and I have decided to part with a bit of a special item to me! I have always been a closet Sceptile collector and while my lot didn't sell there was a bit of interest in this item so I decided I would auction it off!


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Also, who takes plushes/other merch with them whenever they go on a trip? I am going to a HUGE weekend trip up in Portland on Saturday with all my friends, including wishuponjirachi ! I am taking my custom Froslass pokedoll with me, along with Quill my Litwick pokedoll while Winterjellybean is taking her Serperior pokedoll and stealing my Oshawott pokedoll wtf but I wanted to ask if people take buddies with them up on big trips and who? And do you ever get really nervous about getting your items... dirty? :'D I know I have 5 Litwicks but I still feel bad, even if I have one specifically for traveling!

confused kotone

Multi-purpose Post


Just a heads up to everyone that I will be at the 2011 Pokemon TCG World Championship along with another community member, djgigabyte and a lot of my friends. If anyone else will be around the area feel free to mention it in this post and we'll find a place to meet up and whatnot. I'll be in San Diego starting tomorrow up until Monday with a Disneyland or Sea World trip planned for one of these days. I also might try to make a pick up of World's merch for a lucky few of you (we're limited on how much we can buy there). So I will do my best!

I still need shipping payments from these people:
mommymoose - $4.21
lovelychu - $4.50
meowllz - $8.22 (this has payment 2 in there that you didn't pay for the MPC)
rock_dy - $4.50
netbug009 - $4.10
claerwenn - $4.10
Aleyina - $4.10
pretty_omi - $3.13
royalballoon - $3.66
cheeseyspoot - $6.76

Please please please pay this ASAP! They'll be shipped within a week of me getting home. Send all payments with your USERNAME in the subject and note area to whalesales AT

Dakajojo GA Update!

It has arrived at my house but not in time for me to pack and weigh everything up for everyone.  I will get that updated within a week of me coming home.

Help Pricing Some Toys

Hi! ^^

I was going to wait to post this when I had photos of everything that needs pricing, but I'm not sure when I'm going to be able to photograph everything, so...

Would there be any interest in the following if I decided to sell it and could anyone help me figure out how much things are worth?

I am not exactly looking to trade/sell right away...with the exception of the Pichu Pokedoll, but if you are really interested in something, please let me know.

Since I will be talking about selling and trading things:
-Sales permission given April 23rd, 2011 by denkimouse
-My feedback thread can be found here -

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Thanks for reading! ^^

~ Risha
Pia Gaga new

All remaining goods marked down

Hello again!

This will be my last sales post from USA, as I return to Japan in less than 2 weeks.

What you see here is the rest of my stock, which will be sold on eBay in lots after one last try here. I have marked down prices on absolutely everything! Kids are 4 for $10.

Take a look:

the second link is for cards, which will also be listed as a lot on eBay after this sale.
If you buy a bunch of cards, I will definitely give you a deal!

Sales permission granted by dakajojo  on 3/17/1
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 I was going to wait till the middle or end of the month but this needs to be posted 8D
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also I have a really small gb
I just want the pikachu from the set and I wanted to see if anyone was interested in me paying 25 percent for the pikachu and half of the shipping. the price is 8.00 + shipping which should be under 7.00,so about 9.50.
Found someone :)

S l e e p y  A z u s a

Pokesweets Auction Reminder! + Emolga Wants

My Sweets Train Custom and Elesa+Emolgas Sweets Frame auction is ending tomorrow at 9:00PM PST!

Currently my Sweets Train Custom has been upgraded to having two trailing cabooses. And the Elesa + Emolga Sweets Frame is still at the starting bid of $22 :)

This is the only way to get a Sweets Train Custom from me as well, so if you're interested please check it out here or click one of the images!

Also I still have a Piplup Parfait and a Minccino Icecream that is for straight sales.
As well as one more custom sweets slot still open :)



I've decided to start collecting Emolga's since they're just too cute - I give up and am going to just get them *A* .So if anyone has any Emolga merchandise, please let me know! 

I'm mostly interested in the plushes like the MPC version, and can also do trades/partial trades with my customs or if you'd just perfer cash that's fine as well.

does anybody have any info on this...

(recycled image since my camera phone doesn't take good pics)

winterjellybean sold it to me, but sadly there isn't much info on it. it has all 151 pokemon plus togepi, all the figures seems to be FCS but they have quite a different square hole on the bottom.

any info on it would be nice, i'd mostly like to know where you could get one of these =]

August Commissions

Hello all :D I need to raise some money to buy some stuff sooo.... Customs anyone? I am opening up some slots. There will be 5 opened. I am opening these for:

-Needle Felts
would be a single pokemon with a pose of your choosing. Can have an item of your choice if desired. These start at $25 and go up depending on complexity. These are 3-4 inches usually.
-Sculptures which would be a single pokemon with a pose of your choosing. Can have an item of your choice if desired. These start at $20 and go up depending on complexity. These are 2-3 inches at the biggest length.
-Small Scenery Sculptures can include 2-3 pokemon with a scenery of your choice. These start at $25 and go up based on the complexity. These are 4 inches in length and width and are typically round bases.

Credit to pancakelulu for the picture of this one.

Fail image X_x sorry

I have provided images of what I feel to be my best examples of each. More examples can be found on my deviantart at these links:

Needle Felts:
Small Scenery Sculptures:

I charge for shipping afterwards so I can get the cost accurately calculated. Any questions? Just go ahead and ask :D and comment below to claim slots :D

Also, most people waiting on customs, they should most likely be done within the week :D Message me for status updates on them on WIP pictures.

Slots Claimed


Sales permission was granted by dakajojo on 03/02/11

Quick post and wants

Hi everybody! I've only posted maybe twice so you may not recognize me but I've been lurking for a bit now. I have gotten a bunch of new things from you guys that I'm very happy about  but don't have time to post now so I'll do it tomorrow.
Alright onto my wants :o

My birthday is in a few weeks and I'd like to get myself something! And that something would be in the form of a Raichu. I REALLY REALLY REALLY want the DX fuzzy Raichu but I know they're scarce and pricey.. but he's my grail D: Also I really would like a canvas Raichu. I don't have a ton of money at the moment but if something comes up I'm sure I could procure some. I'd be willing to do a trade or part trade for art  or sculpture too. Which i have examples of below.

And here's a quick sample of my 

I made a clay rattata because they're awesome.

also heres a link to a vulpix I made


okay thanks baii
Halloween Witch Chikorita by magicalondi

Looking for something specific!

Hey community, I'm preparing a pretty epic collection update, but I'm still desperately looking for something very specific for it!

A Cresselia Pokedoll, as perfectly looking as possible, with a nice uncreased,  unbent and unripped hangtag! It's just so pretty.<3

Also  while I'm at it, I've created a permanent wants post on my own journal recently, so I might as well post the link on here.^^

Thanks for any help in advance.<3

2 quick Pokedoll wants

Hey guys! So after getting my little lobsterface Groudon pokedoll today I realized I'm only missing 2 plushes from my legendary collection:
Is anyone selling a Rayquaza and/or Latias Pokedoll? I would prefer tags but if they're a little loved thats ok too ^^

PS: How to have an epic vacation with your Pokedolls:

Click here for the rest ^^ :

Eh, while I'm here, a little sales plug: