August 10th, 2011

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I'm back from the States! Awesome gets + kid lot sale

Hi everyone~! Two months without posting since I had a great summer in America. But now I'm back in Finland and ready to show off some lovely things I have acquired during this time! Even a couple of grailish things~

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And I saved the best thing for last... Something I definitely didn't expect to get. Ever. But now I do. you know what this is?
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And now something completely different... Thanks to my Noppin boxes I now have lots of extra kids. I'd like to get rid of them as a lot since shipping individual figures would in some cases be terribly expensive. There are over 130 kids, including clears and a few not-so-easy-to-find things. Quite many have small scratches, paint rubs etc. but there are good ones too :3 I'm looking for $250 shipped. GAs are totally okay if anyone wants to make one, and in that case I will provide better pictures. See all those pretties there? Pink Butterfree, Nurse Chansey, Squad Squirtle, Eeveelutions... I know you want them :3
Relaxed Torchic

It's time for a collection update!

I haven't had one in a while...since May I think. Wow. D:

Not much of an eventful collecting summer, but I did get cool things nonetheless. :U

Walker highly implores you to look.
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Next up, Summer time Torchic Collection showcase!

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But I am more happy with something else.

I managed to do something else with my collection. you see...

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Anyway, thanks for looking~

Oh, and who here has pets w/ an interest in Pokemon?
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a few tcg wants

So recently I found out that illustrated card sleeves exist, so I'm hunting for them as well as some cards to go with them. I don't have much else to say so I'll just get to it :0

I want these cards in Japanese: that was quick, thanks <3

This would be nice in English or Japanese

I also want these, but I doubt I could get them for a low enough price until the English versions are released... :c


As for sleeves, I just want individual sleeves and not packs. I'm interested in any of the illustrated ones I don't have on the way already (N, zoroark, victini) but these are the ones I'm wanting the most:

(x3)  (x2)  

I can pay through paypal, but I can also do trades for my custom charms. Let me know what you have!

Custom Ambipom


Merry Wednesday, everyone~! Hope your week is going well. I wanted to post what I'm looking for before I head out to work. My Normal-type Zukan collection is almost complete. I'm still looking for:

Slakoth, Vigoroth, and Slaking

The Jigglypuff line is on the way thanks to poliwhirl :) I'm so close to being complete... any help is appreciated. :)

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even more sales! and wants!

I have updated my sales thread with even more TCG cards and a few Japanese mini 'posters'.
Among the items I have added are:
  • Japanese LEGEND Era Cards - Holos, Rares, Mirror Cards, Deck Cards
  • Japanese Virizion, Terrakion & Cobalion Half Deck Cards
  • Japanese Viririon, Terrakion & Cobalion Half Deck Mini Posters
  • English HGSS Era Cards - PRIMES, Holos, Rares + Reverse Holos
  • McDonald's Black & White Promos
Clicky my sales banner below to be taken to my sales!

Besides that I also have wants I would be highly interested in purchasing, or trading for.
For those, (click here).

Also!... XD
My question from my post a few days ago still remains unanswered.
What fabric are butt tags made from?
I'm making a Pokédoll and want to know before I get to the butt area. XD
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End of Summer Small Sales

Hi everyone! I hope you've all been having a good summer (and winter for those in the southern hemisphere :)

I'll have a big collection update when I find time to do it, but here's a small preview! :)
My Main Gen 5 collections, Reuniclus line and Litwick Line. The Reuniclus zukan is sooooooooo awesome! I love that the made them with clear plastic  :)
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final ga reminder


hai guiz! sorry to post again so soon, but the Pannsie GA ends in 2 hours. we really need more bids if we want to win. cause right now it's looking like we won't make it ;____;

click the picture to be transported.

oh and, i was able to go to the post office today so if you bought from me, expect that stuff soon.
i didn't mail out commissions though, but they will come tomorrow!
and pictures will come later to those i promised them to.

thanks guys! have a good day <3

Mainly TCG again~

I want to get either the full issue of CoroCoro that is coming out in september -or- if anyone is willing to sell it, the TCG card that will be coming with it. Can this be done? :O (already done cause pple are awesome~)

Still looking for Scraggy Pizza-La promo!

If anyone has a Pawniard TCG sleeve they wish to part with, let me know. I would most likely be interested in buying mostly any singles of other sleeves aside from a few recent ones I already have coming in.

My TCG foil pack collection is handsomely almost complete thanks to you all!
My last few needs~

Expedition base set ( did I not see this was in existence ;_; )
Neo Genesis (have none)
Neo Discovery (need umbreon)

Skyridge (need vaporeon)
EX Fire Red Leaf Green (need Pikachu)

POP Series 5 (has Ho-Oh on it) <--forgot I still had yet to find that!

Another big wave of thanks to everyone!

Multi-purpose Post!

Hey again everyone!
First off, I have a few questions that I'm un-sure about, so I'll start with those :)
1. Are GA's (if they are for auctioned items on ebay or something) usually run while the auction on the site is still active, or after?
2. If they are, is the lot just bid up by whatever amount someone bids on here? Like say if someone bid $20 on a plush in the auction, would someone running the GA on here bid the auction on the site up by that amount?

Sorry if these made hardly any sense^^ I kinda suck at explaining things :/

And another question, does anyone know how much the Pikachu sitting on the pokeball weighs? I was just wondering to figure out whether it would be cheaper to try and find on one here, ebay or noppin. If you need a picture, I can send you a link to one :)

Edit; Does anyone know where it would be cheaper to get one from^^ It's kind of a grail of mine XD

And finally, I will be FINALLY getting my birthday money from my dad, so I will have a little bit for a couple of small things. I have a wants list on my journal page :)

Thanks, and sorry about all of the questions, and the rather boring post :/

Shipping update

Thanks to all who bought items on my sale last week =D I shipped my last batch of items monday. 2 of which are going to GB, so they may take a while to arrive

Not everything offered was sold, so there are plenty of leftovers, if anybody wants.

I leave my collection of electric rats here so the post isnt so dull and boring. Two of the chu's are not around anylonger

Emerging Powers decks out now at Walmart! Er, some Walmarts...

(You know how stock varies...) Ohhhh Walmart, Walmart, Walmart... always breaking street dates, price cutting 3DS before everyone else.... Anyways, although they aren't supposed to be released until Aug 17th, the same Walmart where I found the Ducklett promo, already had several boxes of the decks out! I was surprised they were out so early... I didn't get any though, I'm waiting on the promo packs that have Pansage, Darumakka, the Reshiram/Zekrom figure boxsets, and the 3 tins to come out before I pick up any Emerging Powers.

Sooo here it is for TCG fanatics (and fans of burglar kroks and giant red milipedes!) Once again, it was a quick shot, since I'm always worried of getting those employees that tell you "hey! You can't take photos in here!!".
Icon by me, Art by ryunwoofie

Latch Hook Commissions

I'm taking commission spots for latch hooks. I just got a baby bunny and as if that wasn't enough of a financial drain, she has a wee infection that I must treat that isn't so wee in price.

As I am quite desperate for funds, I am going to knock about $5 off each quote I give to encourage purchasing to help my Arya. (By the way, her coloring makes her look a bit like Eevee! Isn't she cute?!)

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Party party caek
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Introduction Post OowoO

Hi :D I've been lurking here for a couple months but I haven't posted anything yet. I was going to a couple weeks ago, but I wanted to wait for some packages to arrive first :D And they did (and I'll have more on the way soon :3). I'm Kate, or gluevah, or glue, or whatever you want to call me, and I overuse emoticons. Of course, I love Pokemon. I have since I was a kid; Pokemon Yellow was my very first video game. I was about eight years old and fell in love with the gameplay and all the little creatures you could catch and raise. My love for Pokemon grew from there.
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If I've made any mistakes in my post please let me know! :3

Sales now on eBay and wantslist

I have gathered up all remaining items in my Sales and put them into small lots on eBay. Take a look here

On a completely different subject I am expecting a few exciting gets; and will post up an awesome collection post soon.

Because of the sheer awesomeness of these goods I will not be looking for so many items and will not be browsing sales posts like I normally do. But there are a few items I'm quite desperate for; so here's a small Wants List:

Thanks to peeche00 (Raichu coin) & pokepalace (Numel & Barboach line Zukan). I found an Abra line somewhere else.

Just need this to complete the set:

Looking for this; but I won;t be able to pay straight away:

Slightly multipurpose

Anything that's been purchased or paid for from a GA or leftovers, has either been sent out or will be on Saturday. But here's a new GA. These kids belong to myvampirelust19 

Click here or the picture to be transported.

I have to leave the house for a little while, but I'll finish the threads when I return. The ones from this picture are up, so go ahead and start your bidding if you desire. :) I just wanted to post this before I leave the house. All thread are up. :)

The banpresto plush GA has arrived, and I will have quotes for everyone on Saturday.

Looking for Reuniclus Line Zukan

Hey there everyone. I haven't posted for a while and am a little behind on collection updates buuut...
Right now I'm birthday shopping for a friend. I got his wife a dewott for her birthday, but men are so much harder to shop for... But then today I remembered at Otakon a girl had a Reuniclus line zukan and he thought it was pretty cool, but it had sold out by the time we checked the booth she told us it was at.
So anyway, I wanted to know if anyone was selling one, or knew someone who might be. Thanks alot for anyone who can help!

collection update, small wants

 OHAI everyone! Got lots of new stuff. Figured it was finally time to post a collection update!
I did get some more work done on my 1/2 sleeve tattoo, but can't quite figure out how to take a picture of the back of my arm LOL. So that will be coming soon... when I break the news to mom that her daughter has an arm full of pokemon and she has to take pictures of if :\

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I am going to be taking a break from collecting very soon. I've already spend upwards of $3000 and I really need to start saving for a new place to live (bye-bye parents!)

The only things I would really like to get before a hiatus are:
*Mew roller stamp
*Mew pokemon center fuzzy fuzzy big plush
*Mew clock
*Any other Mew kids (including clear) that I don't already have (minus the "eyeliner" solid)

I am willing to pay good prices. (thank you job!)
You guyz are awesome. Thanks :)
gizamimi plush

An intro post. :D

Hello PKMNcollectors! I am a newbie, but I've been lurking for a few days. And by "few days," I mean almost a few days straight. This community is addicting.
I've learned a lot and enjoyed looking at so much cute merchandise! I feel like I know every major Pokemon toy line out there now [although I most likely don't]. I hardly even knew about Pokedolls before I found this community, surprisingly! And that's just the tip of the iceburg. I'm now convinced that I need way more Pokemon toys [moreso than I already was]. Whether or not this is a good thing depends on if you are a Pokemon fan or my bank account.

So, here's my attempt at introducing myself:
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Thanks for looking! <3

My Wants List (Currently Not Buying Anything At The Moment Due To Limit)

Might as well post this as I haven't yet. Keep in mind I have a limit to how much I spend, so some of these (most of the Pokedolls) may be grail items (yeah 20 years old, and given a spending limit by my grandparents. So not cool, but that's besides the point), but anyways the list.

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Sorry for the long list, but as you can see I love plushies & model kits.
Pokemon Time Farfetch&#39;D
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Leeky's Ultra FANTASTIC GA Payment #3 is Here!

So you people seem to react more when you see an image of something you recognize. The GA has arrived, please click on the pretty pictures to warp! Photos of everyone's items will come either tomorrow or Friday :D Also, please read the Note section (at the very right end of the spreadsheet) to see if I have anything important to tell you, need info from you, etc.

Random things of note:

I PM'd everyone except beckyuh about late payments. IF YOU ARE READING THIS, PAY FOR YOUR MINUN PILLOW @___@; Your PMs are disabled so yeah :(
And to safir_hime, you accidentally underpaid Payment #3. Please PM me before I have to PM you @_@

If everything goes well (hahaha.... LOL... @_@; ), everything should be 100% shipped by Friday or Monday. That's my goal towards 100% completion on all of my GAs before starting a new one.

Now for the question of the night... Anyone have a Natu Pokedoll MWT to sell me? @___@;

Well actually here's the real question of the night:

Have any of you guys get close to or actually go over your credit card limit on anything your collect? Do you do it on purpose because you need said item(s) that much, or is it accidental? How many of you own multiple credit cards because you are not satisfied with your limit? 8D And is there a single Pokemon item out there that would make you consider maxing out your card?

I believe I went over my credit card limit once, and that's the day when I finally was released from Navy Boot camp after being imprisoned for 7 months. 7 months without video games, personal electronics, civilian clothes, etc. I blew my money on a TV, Wii, and an assortment of games. Those purchases alone actually wasn't what caused me to go overlimit though. I was paying for expensive internet back at the Boot camp base... horrible but I had no choice, I couldn't save money at all.

BUT ANYWAY, if there was one item that I would consider going FFFFFFFFFF on my account, it would probably be certain autographed Pokemon merch. I haven't quite decided whose signature I would pay a lot for though Pokemon-wise.

But anyway really, I'm still looking for a Natu Pokedoll >.>;;;

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Auction and Sales Reminders

 Hey there guys. There'll be an upcoming storm in the next few days. Gotta prepare my wallet. :P

This is a friendly reminder for the Clipping and DX figure auctions that's about to end this Saturday, August 10, 2011 10PM Philippines time. Timer here.

Please check it out, most of the figures are at their starting bids and some don't even have bids at all. Some of these clipping figures and tomy dx figures are really hard to find now so take this chance to get them!

Also please check out my sales featuring some pretty rare TFGs (Erika, Tentacruel, Mareep), zukans and some other figures.