August 12th, 2011

Pokemon Time Farfetch'D
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The Ultra FANTASTIC Photos

Click the photo below to see everyone's items! I'm missing my own co-host hebilea 's items in the photo shoot. Will include after work >___>

Don't forget to pay~ SPREADSHEET HERE

There will be some bit of unclaimed items being offered up to GA participants. This will also include the unclaimed items from Leeky's Super Plush GA :) Stay tuned, I'll likely just mass PM each individual GA participants when the time comes. For those who did not participate in my 1st and 3rd GAs but want some of the unclaimed stuff, stay tuned as well (that is, if there's anything left at all!)

If you wish to wait to see if anything you may like is available to be claimed before paying, you are free to wait before paying Payment #3!
Satisfied with my hosting/selling/etc abilities? Go leave feedback HERE!
Do I owe you feedback? Fill out the form HERE!

Often times I get a flood of messages and may not notice you sending me messages all the time. Yes I am aware of the Farfetch'D Johto dex charm on Y!JA, thanks for helping me out, but it is a tad too expensive with the exchange rate as it is right now 8D;;;
flipping my shit

Super Duper Rush Sales! + Tepig Want

Long time no see, PkmnCollectors! I've been a part of this community since the summer of 2009 but I'm not a very active poster or commenter. I've recently kept my status to mostly lurking because I don't have a lot of extra income for pokemon goods these days... soon though! I'm moving to a new town and hope to have better luck out there then here... :D

But because I am moving I wanted to have some VERY QUICK Last minute pokemon sales! I've reduced the prices in my store and finally got around to adding some small  B/W things.  The only catch is that All sales must be arranged by 3pm PST today, and all payments must be sent no later than Midnight tonight. This is so I can wrap and ship everything tomorrow morning, the only time I have before I need to pack the rest of my home.

Thanks everyone who checked out my sales, the post is now closed!

Last but not least, I can't stand it anymore, I really want a TEPIG POKEDOLL. I meant to get one when he first came out but it was bad timing for me. I'm looking to spend $27 ~ $30 shipped (I'm in the US).  So if you have this cutie for sale please peep up! 

While I'm editing this post, I thought I'd post about one of the reasons I love TEPIG! While I was teaching a ceramics class to K-5 students, one of the girls (I think she was 6) would bring a tiny Oshawott plush to class (the kind that goes inside a plastic pokeball) I told her that I also like pokemon so she asked me who I liked so I said Tepig. She called him "tea-pig" like teapot, instead of "teh-pig" which was super cute <3 Well at the end of class she drew me this thank you card XD Best ever.

an update of all the junk i keep getting yay

well i'm sort of completely inept at posting collection updates, like not only posting once every six months so i guess i should give it a shot before i forget or something idk.


if you came looking for beast boy then he's in here too TOUGH LUCK KID

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wow i totally didn't even center my post.

MPC again and again and again

ATTENTION!! The amazing GROUNDBREAKERS and SNAPTOYS PROTOTYPE PLUSH AUCTIONS will begin in 24 hours. Don't miss them! :D

MEANWHILE!! Sucky the MPC Fanboy Eelektross has more MPC in his collection to show off to you all! This is a really unique bunch of fellows, and hey, one is for sale, check at the bottom!

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anybody love pink fishies that are NOT a luvdisc evolution? want to adopt this mamanbou for 17$ shipped?? austRAIliachu says be a mate, mate, crikey!

thanks all! see you tomorrow!

Very soft get


I just wanted to share a very awesome item I got yesterday, after waiting 2 ish months (seemed longer that that xD )

Whose eye is this?

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Floooof!!! xD

Anyways, thats all. No sales post today :-P

Shalie if yoiu are around here, Thanks so much!! (IDK if she has a LJ account)

Sales update (finally!)

I've made a massive update to my sales including up-to-date pictures of all items, B/W keychains, kids, magnets, TCG league badges, and some very odd miscellaneous items. There are over 50 items available!

Click the banner to view my sales!

I'll be adding (some pretty good) freebies immediately, so if you've already requested something(s) and refresh the page to see freebies magically appear, feel free to ask me to add some to your order~ ;3

AWESOME eBay score/sales help

Hello all!
I guess you would call this a bit of a collection update, but I just won a HUGE lot of Zukan (and other) figures on eBay!!

Really one of the reasons I am posting this is I am not sure if want everything in this lot and may need to make a little of the money I am paying back. So I was wondering what people were interested in if I may sell some of these amongst the community. Though for this, I need sale permission so I will have to get back to this later if I get enough interest. If anyone could help me out I would very much appreciate it!

Now on to the winnings! (pictures from the listing)

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Jasmine &amp; Steelix


First off, some reminders and a question.

Not surprisingly, Pikachu is the last plate that needs a claim in this set. Only $6.50 + shipping and he's yours! Someone please give Partychu a home? :'c All plates have been claimed, huzzah! :D
Check out the original GB post here for all the info!
Attention segamew , safir_hime :
Please send $6.50 + shipping ($6 for US, $8 for int'l) to akaikiri.madoushi(at), and include 'Plate GB payment' with your username and what you bought in the memo!!

Second, a sales/auction reminder! I forgot to set lowest offers, as per the new community rules, so those are up. I also added a few things to the regular Pokemon part of my sales post - including some neat metal coins and cheap pencil toppers! I'm fairly slow to ship right now, mind you, so please be aware of this before buying. ^^;
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Now that that's out of the way... it's time for the most important part of this post - a collection update! ^w^

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pokemon merch in new york?

hi everyone! I'll be going to New York next week and I was wondering if any one has suggestions for where I can find Pokemon merch! I know there's the Nintendo store which of course I'll be going to!! but are there other stores too?

this is probably me being super crazy hopeful but is there a japan-town like place where there are ufo catchers and stuff?

anddd last question! do stores like toys r us, walmart & target sell Pokemon stuff? I have no idea of the selection because I'm from Canada ^^"

thank you for all your help! 
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Going to London~

Despite the riots, which we hope have died down, our trip to London is still on the cards~
Now I know it's a long shot, but I was hoping to pick up anything Pokémon related whilst down there - are there any stores (and what locations) that would sell cool stuff like that?
I know we europeans dont get the best deal when it comes to Pokémon goods but I'd like to have a look anyway c:
Any ideas? C:
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A pile of posters

So, I just lost a bag of posters I was going to sell (the ones that would have been easier to ship X(), but I found another one instead! Lets see if this'll work.

I am selling them all! These are from my personal collection, but I think I need to let them go since I never hung these on a wall and probably never will. The problem is that shipping them individually from Finland would cost way too much, since these are the bigger ones. I actually lost some money on my last poster sales because of the local post office trolling me pretty badly. (That place sucks...) Plus I don't want to end up with a partial collection, so that means I will try to sell them as a lot.

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The lot is being GA'd! Expect more info soon!

eevee auctions reminder!

My auctions for my MWT 1/1 pokecen eevee & PBP eevee backpack ends in less than a day! They are both at their starting bids!
They end on Aug 13 @ 7pm PST -countdown-

Click the picture, or HERE to go to the post!

Also, I'm still missing a lot of shipping payments for the 315 pan sticker GA. Please send payment if you want your stickers!!!! :u

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Sales! Arceus TOMY MC figures and TOMY sofubi figures!

Wow! Feels like forever since my last post! Anyway, I have a couple days off before my vacation so I decided to clean my garage, and man was that a lot of work. So many boxes of Pokemon stuff to sort through. I don't have any room for anymore stuff so I will be selling off tons of Pokemon stuff in lots.

Once upon a time, I wanted to be the biggest TOMY sofubi Pokemon figure collector in the world, but I then realized my room was too small, and these figures were big. With that in mind, I've decided to sell off my whole collection. It took me over 4 years to acquire all of these. Some of the figures are pretty rare as well. The lot also includes a Hasbro Metagross and Salamence figure and a TOMY buildable Lucario figure. Many of them are in mint condition, while others have small paint rubs that should be easy to get off with a magic eraser. I'm looking for $300 for the lot.

Again, thought this was a great idea at first until I realized I didn't have any space in my room. All are mint in their own package except for one. I think the Electric plate Arceus was opened accidently when I was transferring it to another box. The lot does not include the Normal plate Arceus but it does come with the clear Arceus on the bottom. Again, really hard to give these up but they're just sitting in my garage. :(  I'm looking for $150 for the lot.

Shippig is from Canada.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


quick sale

Lookie what I found in my closet :
And I no longer want a single one of them, even the Team Rocket's. :/

None of these books have writing in them and have all pages intact. Some of them have indents on the cover, but other than that they are fine.

Prices :

Collector Handbook : $5
Mewtwo Strikes Back : $4
Pokemon the Movie 3 : $4
All others : $3

Surprise Get & Sales!

Hey guys,

I know I said my next post was going to be all Pikachu, but it turns out I have a lot.. more... than anticipated...

But anyways, we had a really great surprise today! We got a new lot of cards in, and were sorting through it when THIS popped up:

Eeveee GET Promo... amazing! But we actually already have one... so this one is now up for sale in our card section, along with a couple more new cards. And of course, if you're interested in the cards for a specific Pokemon, just let us know. ^^

Click the link to go to our store!

And I promise, the next post will be Pikachu related...

Price checks? Plus wants and updates!

Hey everyone! <333 How are ye fine gentle people today B:

Just a quick post today, essentially giving updates and looking for prices/interest on items I've aquired!

Firstly, I've been really busy for the past week as its been my boyfriends birthday and all his family has been over; so I've been commenting back to people very slowly over my sales and whatnot XD So if youre waiting for a response, I apologise! I'll get back to you asap. 

I'll be updating my sales this week also, just need to reorganise everything! Keep an eye out for that :D

Secondly, I've aquired some items recently that I wasn't originally going to sell, but am debating it as I'm going on holiday in two weeks. Just seeing if anyone would be interested? Includes a blastoise sketch deck box, a load of japanese TCG and some rare DX tomy figures!

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and here are my wishlists if you wanna find out what I'm after! I'll happily buy AND trade merch for these cards too! Now with a raichu wants list!

WISH LIST 1 (stars, shinings, etc, my most wanted cards!)
WISH LIST 2 (promos)
WISH LIST 3 (raichu cards, ex's, legend halves)
WISH LIST 4 (TCG deck wants)

I am also interested in ANY Gible and Raichu items you have for sale! I am also interested in any and ALL Gible flats you may have! Let me see what you have! <333 I have the craving for new gibgibs XD I'll also look at customs, but I'm pretty picky! Im particuarly after:

-The gible papercraft (mini grail right here XD)
-Gible line foam aircraft
-Gible line dutch poster

Will pay a lot for those!

I think that's all! Thanks so much, I LOVE YOU GUYS ALFLASDGLWAG

as a final send-off, have a look at my pathetic mewtwo collection XD