August 14th, 2011

Re; Shipping DD;

Hello guys! I was wondering if I could get a bit of help? D: I'm so new to the whole shipping and selling business and yesterday I sent out a plush for about $8 dollars to a state that is about 7 states away and I'm not sure if that's even a good price (it was a box) D:

Basically what I wanted to ask was if you lived in Dallas, Texas, and you wanted to ship two small, ~6 inch plushes to Italy, what would you do? Bubble mail? Stuff both in a box? Two small bubble mailers? :/ I'd really appreciate the help as I'm trying to spend as little as I can. Thanks so much guys!

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Sales post update + want :3

Hi everyone, I've updated my sales post so please check it out :3

Click on the image to be directed.

A quick want: Does anyone happen to have a Landmin Pokedoll (Japanese release) for sale? Found one, thanks so much shiome! :D

I just got Pansage in the mail! He's so well made and adorable, easily my favourite grass pokedoll after the Shaymin family :3 I think I'd like to complete the trio next!

Reminder of things

Final reminder for offers. They end by 11:59 tonight, though for every offer made five minutes before that end time, the end time will extend by 10 minutes until the offers have died down.

Also, a few items have had their prices lowered. Please respect my 24 hour hold policy. Also, I am shipping tomorrow, so unless I've talked to you about later payment, please pay ASAP so that way I can ship them out :) thanks!

Sales and offers here:
Spinning Hypno
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Shipping updates + Zukan / Glass Charm Sales

Shipping update! To people from my 3 day sales and the 24 Plush GA: If you have not received your package or notification that it has been sent out, I apologize! I have only a week and a half until I leave for college, and my workplace REALLY wants to milk me for all I'm worth. I've been working during postal hours, and as a lot of you guys are outside the US, I can't ship your items until I have a chance to go to the post. Everything that is paid will be shipped out on Tuesday! I finally have a non-sunday off, so EVERYTHING  will be sent out then. Including things from this post!

I work at a do it yourself art studio, and one of the things we offer is fused glass. I talked it over with the owner of the store, and she let me make some glass charms for fun. I had been thinking of taking commissions for these, but at best I MAY do an auction sometime in the winter for a slot. The only issue is actually drilling the holes. Regardless of pressure, drill bit size or type, etc, these pieces will snap at a moment's notice and sometimes for no reason at all. You get enough glass with a hole about 1/4 times you try, so making these on a regular basis is an intensive amount of work. Today I have deino and reuniclus up for auction, starting at $5 each!

I'll be selling the zukan of: spoink line, shuppet line, chikorita, cyndaquil, and totodile on stump, skarmory, munna line, and murkrow line. All are mint out of packaging except for murkrow's line, which is missing pegs. There is a stand-in for honchkrow, but it is slightly too big.
I will trade any number of these for a mawile zukan!

Oh my god, derp. I'll stop taking offers/auction ends on August 23rd at Noon EST/9 AM PST
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Hello everyone! I've finally put aside my procrastination to make an intro post here, and on my birthday no less! -le dance- But please, hold the applause till the end ;D
The names Mandy, and I have been in love with pokemon since I was 12 years old, that's pretty much the beginning of the pokemon craze! Man I feel old. I live up in Canada-land, and am BFF's with karoia~ Most of my stuff has come from her, and my collection is slowly growing. I hope to add to it even more.
I'm also OBSESSED with the pokemon golurk! Hense the totally awesome username ;D Albeit I have very little golurk merchandise(though I have a feeling I'll get some today from Karoia as a Bday pressie), I do have a tattoo with its name! Am I dedicated or what?! haha!

The tattoo! I got it the same time Karoia got hers done, and I love it!

More stuff under the cut!
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Pokemon - Pikachu Cutie

Noppin Problems

Hey, guys, I've all moved in at my new university. I now have my address but when I go to Noppin, it won't let me change the country which is worrying as I have one GA waiting to be shipped as well as a couple of items I've bought and I don't want to send to UK. I can't ask Noppin directly because they're on holiday until Tuesday but does anyone know anything about this? I can't even change my billing address country-wise.

thank you feathercrotch , who provided the perfect answer!  Turns out I'll have to wait until Tuesday to ask Noppin to change my country.

To participants of the Bulba and Pokedolls GA, I'm sorry this is taking so long, I wanted to get it sent to US to avoid UK customs fees and as I was moving out here, I thought it'd be okay to wait, i didn't realise this would pop up. Thank you so much for your patience!!
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Well hai guys! (Introduction and my collection)

 I discovered this community a couple of months ago, and after lurking for a while, I decided I want to be involved... It's not up to par with a lot of y'all's collections, but I'm proud of it!

Things you should know about me:

- I live in Alabama, and I'm not a redneck. ;)

- I am somewhat obsessed with Raichu, and have been since I started playing when Red and Blue were originally released.

- I recently got back into Pokemon after 10 years.

- My main focus is on the US TCG.

- I'm a little OCD about organization. :P

Now that that is out of the way, I present to you my current collection!

Yes, that is a custom crocheted Raichu hat. :D

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Tired of me yet? XD
I've cleaned up my inventory as well as added even more Japanese and English TCG.
Most notably I have added the complete Japanese Red Collection set minus secret rares, as well as a TON of uncommon and common (including trainers) cards. Oh and some plush as well. XD
For you competitive TCG players I do have DCE and Collectors too!

I guess this also serves as a reminder to people who have asked to purchase stuff but haven't paid.. DON'T MISS OUT!

Click below to be taken to my sales. =3

Does anyone know if anchoring works in LiveJournal HTML? XD
I think I'm gonna need to try that soon.
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Lost GA.

Okay, so we lost Mamath's GA. We were only 1/2 way there before shipping. And even if Heb and I raised our claims.. there was no way. So I thought I'd close the items that were bid on and open the lot up to claims. If we get enough claimed then we can still get it. If those that had the last bid on an item and want to raise it to help get the lot, feel free to comment on the item stating so. :)
Just comment with "claim" for anything that doesn't have a bid on it. Claiming it does not guarantee you will get it, as we still might not get enough (but please have the funds ready if we do). If you were uninterested in doing it auction style, then this is a great time for you to snag an item at its starting price. I'm gonna leave claims open till 4pm Pacific US time on the 16th. If we still can't make it. Then it's sadly in Mamath's hands.
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[Pokemon] Quagsire
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Pokemon of the Week!

It's that time again! I'm always so excited when Sunday comes around. :) Who's up this week?! Let's check and see.....

#13, which is Weedle!! This includes his other line members. :) Post weedle line collections, share stories, funny merch-related pics... Have at it!




The items came and started out like this and finally turned into...

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Anyway, I'm so so so sorry that this has taken forever for me to do! Obviously I cannot go into detail, but it doesn't matter since all shipping totals have been calculated!!!

You can see them at the spreadsheet here: CLICK ME PLEASE!!!

Please pay the payment under "Payment #3" highlighted in yellow. If I still owed you money, that has already been factored into your shipping totals. Some of your plushes required boxes for me to ship them to, so you have two different choices: parcel post and priority.

Many of you are already familiar with the two choices, but just in case... parcel post is usually a little cheaper, but it takes around 2-7 weeks to get to you, while priority is a little bit more expensive but gets to you within a week. I usually hate parcel post, but I will offer it to those who want to save a few bucks. Just let me know which method you want, and send the appropriate amount! If your box only has a total with no choice between parcel post or priority, that means that yours is automatically sent as first class shipping.

If you want anything extra such as delivery confirmation, insurance, etc., please let me know so I can recalculate your total!

OH DID I MENTION ALMOST EVERY SINGLE PLUSH CAME WITH TAGS ATTACHED? 8D 8D 8D (There were very few that did not have tags, and most of the plushes that did not have tags were TOMY and Friends plush which I'm sure do not have tags to begin with)

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Please send $$$$$ to asininity AT live DOT com and don't forget to include your username in either the title or the note! <3

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Again, thank you all for making this GA so successful! You guys are awesome! C:
Porygon-Z by trainer_irene


 Hi guys! I'm back from worlds! As such, all paid orders from my last post will be shipped tomorrow or Wednesday the latest. Sorry for the delay. 

I have some Emerging Powers sales today as well as something else! :D

First, here are prices:

Commons: $0.50
Uncommons: $0.75
Rares: $1
Holos: $2
Trainers: $0.50
Reverse Holos: $1.50

Make sure you link me to the photo in which your card is in. If there are multiples types of one Pokemon like Basculin, tell me something that would tell them apart like rarity or HP or attacks. :D

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Thanks for looking guys! Sorry again for the shipping delay! Look for a post about the Samurott set of kids in one week! 

Custom Ambipom

Finally have a dedicated shelf for my collection :3

I am happy to announce that I finally have a shelf that is dedicated ONLY to my Pokémon collection. Where they were before was also my bookshelf.

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My Zoura Pokédoll is lonely on the plushie shelf. Does anyone have an Audino Pokédoll for a relatively low price?
EDIT: My cat won't leave Zorua alone now. I'm going to hold off on any plushie purchases. XD

I'm also still looking for the Castform and Slakoth Zukans. You can see the gaps in the collection. I'm so close~! ;-;
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UK Pokemon Merchandise.

Hey everyone!
So I was wondering where everyone in the UK gets their Pokemon stuff from? I haven't really seen a lot in any of the places I've been, since I've been living here, but I thought that there has to be somewhere with a decent amount of Pokemon stuff.

If anyone could tell me where to find any Pokemon stuff, it would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks! :)
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teeny tiny wants~

hi everyone! this is my second post here, I would have loved it to be a collection update but I would like to wait for a few more things to arrive first, it's been so much fun and I can't thank the community enough for helping me aquire so many lovely things, I never thought I'd own half of things I do... so thank you! <3

it's my 19th birthday today (that sounds really odd to say.. my last year of being a teenager.. scary!) I was given a little bit of money from family + friends, so I thought I would post a few wants and maybe some members can kindly help me find them ^ _ ^

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