August 15th, 2011

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I haven't seen this posted on the comm so here's some more cool news for Kaiyodo collector people in particular (because the Groundbreakers auctions aren't enough, right). :D My friend sent me a list of her preorder stock this morning and listed next to the Reshiram/Zekrom tcg boxes was "Evolved Battle Action" tins of each BW starter...with figures??

Oooohh~~~ Emboar lookin' cool there but I have to admit I am a little underwhelmed with Serperior. Might just be a lame photo though! Can't wait to see more pics of the final product!

Full advert by way of Bulbapedia!

EDIT: In stores November, for those that don't care about clicking links for the ~full glory~.

Help Finding Pokemon in RI

Sorry there seems to be lots of these posts lately... But where may there be Pokemon in Rhode Island? Specifically HGSS Jakks and Kid Figures/other Japanese things. Thank you for your time reading this!

Also, I couldn't take many pictures with my travel buddy yet because IT IS SO EMBARRASSING! Everyone was staring at me -3- Any 'tips'? XD

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two mpc ga lot!

Sorry for the blinding colours guys LOL. If you have noticed from GAs and sales before, I do love me lime green and hot pink... xD Well here are the most recent MPC sets up for bids! Rules and details inside. This ends quick! In just 29 hours, so get those bids in ^_^ I will do a final reminder post tomorrow a few hours before the auction ends.

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- Countdown clock is here:

couple wants

Hello. n.n
I am doing a boring wants post today. Lol
I am getting the charizard banpresto so for now that's all I am buying but if you have one of the others for sale you are welcome to let me know so I cab keep you in mind for my next pay check. Lol

I want all of these guys.
Banpresto charizard
Charizard pokedoll
Latias pokedoll
Don't have to have hang tags (but I wouldn't mind if they did. ;3) just want them to be in nice condition.

Also look forward to a collection post! I have got quite a bit of new stuff and new place to put my Pokemon stuff. As soon as all my packages arrive I will make a post! (Look forward to dragons and plusles and Minuns. ;3)

Unfulfilled Order with pkmnbadges

I've been waiting 4 months for my Johto badge order from pkmnbadges. Is anyone else still waiting for their Johto badge order?

I haven't received a response to any of my emails sent since July 17, 2011.

If you are in a similar situation of not being able to reach Zac/ not yet received your order please contribute to this post so we can keep track of those who still have pending orders.

If anyone is able to reach Zac/pkmnbadges could you please direct him to this post to resolve his outstanding orders.

Edit 08/19/2011:

I heard from Zac via email today, he will be making a post to the community or on this thread shortly regarding his situation over the last few weeks. He is still interested in making an effort to ship out the badges that are still pending.

I have received a refund for my order and consider this transaction resolved. Thanks to Zac for his communication and prompt resolution.
Kio and Shi

Sales Update + TJ Question

So im selling some extra plushys that are just collecting dust and need a loving home,which include Minky Zorua and Umbreon Pokedoll from a store run.I also have lowered the price on some of the plushes and items,
and added in some Pan stickers (include legendary,canines,starters a few other pokemon).

Also today I found a neat eeveelution tin ;] ,like new in package at my fleamarket,it up for sale as well along with a chansey! skateboard. Click on the silly eevee picture below x]! to go to my sales

Also I have a quick question to those who use Treasure-Japan,
I recently bidded on a small lot and placed my highest bid.
At the last 30min's or so,I had other competition lol but I got notification saying I was the highest bid,when i checked the auction at the last minute it said there was another bid higher then mine,but my bid was still higher then there's so i wondered maybe they were gonna bid at the last minute?My highest bid was 4,100 yen,while the current bid was 3,315 around there.So the auction ended,and the last bidder was NOT tre**** which I assume was treasure-japan,but jun*** ,so I figured I was gonna get a loosing notification? But oddly I got a winning one saying I won at the 3000yen etc. So im a bit confused ?

Did treasure-japan make a mistake,will they let me know in a few days that I lost and not win,I checked the status and it in" process #1
We've received the confirmation of your order from shops. / We could contact the seller of auction."

So I have no idea right now?has this ever happened to anyone else,if so what ended up happening
S Greninja Pokedoll

small collection weeding

I'm reluctantly having to weed my collection. This is only a tiny sales post but there may be more soon, watch this space.

Also apologies for not being around so much lately, I got struck down with some kind of allergy/virus combination and still recovering. x.x I will be making a major collection update soon (with added grail effect) but will likely have to hiatus from collecting/selling for a while afterwards as I settle in to university. I'll probably still poke around the comm though. Thanks for being awesome guys!

Anyways click below for sales! :3 I have a few plush, Kids, TOMY figures and other bits and pieces in there. To make things quicker/easier I'm including shipping in all prices, wherever you are so grab a deal while you can. X3

Sales Permission granted by dakajojo on 03/02/2011


Hi! This is my first time posting in the community. I am interested in a couple items. My favorite pokemon are Furret, Shaymin and Lapras.

I am interested in buying the Shaymin Sleeping bag and the Baby Lapras plushie. My collection is very small so if there is any other Furret, Shaymin, or Lapras out there i am interested. 
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jakks and pokedoll plush GA is in!

To the uh.. three people this concerns, I got this GA in today! Everything looks fantastic :D

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These unclaimed plush are up for grabs for anyone! They'll be $1 each plus shipping.

All sold! (Though you're welcome to stop by my sales post! I also have a mint without hangtag Pokecen Snivy for $15 if anyone's interested!)

theevilpotato, umbreongirl, and jerybunny - let me know what country you're in or what your zipcode is, and I'll get a shipping total to you asap! I'll most likely have your plush shipped out by this Saturday C:
Happy Taokaka

Nintendo World NYC Run Friday August 19th (this friday)

Hey all I'm heading back into the city Friday so that means another Nintendo World run! This will be the SECOND TO LAST RUN  until December as I'm leaving on August 31st for Japan and won't be back until winter break. Runs will start up again shortly after December 22nd. I'm discussing with my friends here in NYC whether or not to keep some runs going until I return but  these runs would be few and far between. It will be decided on next weeks run. But until then the slots are open so go nuts!

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For those who can't wait I still have some Pokedolls and Plushes available in my shop

SPECIAL TRADE NOTICE: I am currently looking for a MINKY LATIAS POKEDOLL! If there is something you want from Nintendo World as a trade LET ME KNOW. I am more than willing to pick up something to trade for it!! My Latios is lonely ;(

Also looking for these Tomy figures if anyone has them:
Lugia (x2) (condition doesn't matter as I'm going to repaint them), Giratina altered form.

Card salessss!!

Hey guys!

Ive been going through my TGC and have sorted a load out to sell.
Under the cut are cards from old sets to new. Primes-Rares. Including two CoL Pachi's

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As well as the cards in this post I have TONS of uncommons/Commons and Trainers from:
Base, Fossil, Jungle, Team Rocket, EX Dragon, Expedition and Sandstorm.

If you need any just ask and i'll take a look for you! ^^

Also my figure sales is over HERE ->
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Major Sales Update - DX Kids, Clipping Figures

Hey guys,

A MAJOR sales update here. I've added a whole lot of DX Kids and Tomys for offers, Clipping Figures, some DX Plushies, Light-up Keychain, Zukans, plush and some TCG.

Please Click on this LINK to spawn at my Sales Page:

Just a Sneak Preview of my Sales post:

Last of all, my Noppin box has arrived, so I will be doing a new collection update soon when I have the time.. which is.... Hmph... (*Whispers* Grail get --> Directed to all Minun Collectors)

Thanks a lot guys, please visit my sales!
Ohai., Feraligatr

Rock collecting is fun.

So. I have a collection to show you guys. A side collection, but still.

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So yeah, I'm interested in Geo-line figures you may have. No flats for now though!

I also have a quick sale!

Treecko are the European Pokedolls, and are $14 each shipped anywhere in the world. They are good condition with tush tag, but one of them does have a stain on the back of his head as seen here, but I'm pretty certain it will come out. No guarantees! And Torchic is $16 shipped.
I may consider trades for Absol, Squirtle line, Sandile line or Lion King stuff. I may consider haggling too!
The Two of Us

Bonsly and Meowth lots, plus more~

Hey everyone! I've done some collection weeding once more. I just re-did a room and had to get rid of a shelf. Of course it held all of my Pokemon collection so I decided to just put up two lots. I just need them gone because of space. *nod*

There are two lots! There is a Bonsly lot with a Pokedoll and four other plushes, figures, stickers, and more~ There is a Meowth lot with plushes as well as other things such as pins, stickers, and various figures~ Of course there are still some eeveelution cards left~ I also have a Nincade zukan up for sale~

So! Onto the sales~

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Hello there!!

I have been a long time lurker (and by long time, I do mean a couple of years), but have never posted before. I have been a fan of Pokemon for as long as I can remember, and have recently started collecting Pokedolls after my recent trip to Japan.

Here's a few things you should know

-- I'm from Queensland, Australia

-- I have quite a liking for the softer side of Pokemon collecting, namely plushes, (especially Pokedolls!)

-- I do have quite a liking for Munchlax, and would love have so many more plushes of him!

I've put up my collection to date. I hope to meet many more Pokemon lovers here!

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 Hi again wonderful community.

So here's the deal: I'm going to be moving my Pikachu collection to the Eveeloution shelf and my Eveeloutions into the craft-room to inspire me :) That means I'll have 2 or so shelves to fill and I need some pink! I have decided to keep things monotone so my new collections will feature only pink pokemon.

So, on to the wants!

specifically looking for the pokedoll and kids, but will consider anything (no flats)
willing to pay: cheap (don't want to spend too much. don't mind if items are in used/loved condition)

plush and kids, but will consider anything
willing to pay: cheap

plush and kids, but will consider anything (no flats)
willing to pay: cheap

plush and kids, but will consider anything (no flats)
willing to pay: good (will spend reasonable amount ie: $10-15 plush, $5 kids)

anything (no flats)
willing to pay: good

And of course, my Mew wants that I think got lost in my last post

roller stamp thing
big super fuzzy pokecen plush
the clock where she's sitting on the stump
*and really, anything else!
willing to pay: excellent (I will pay ALL THE MONIES for Mews lol)

And so this post isn't so boring:

Mah kittehs lurve when I get new stuff XD

EDIT: I forgot to mention I get paid Wednesday afternoon (around 2pm PST)... sorry to post a wants list a little prematurely- but I figured it'd give time to take pics/set a price/shipping quote etc. I am an excellent buyer though! I will pay you as soon as I get home from work!

More TCG wants~

9th movie half-deck (with manaphy coin, although just the half-deck would be good)

Also, I'd like anything with the World championship 2011 picture on it. The binder would be awesome, but not holding my breath~ I love the logo this year.

Still looking for

-Scraggy Pizza-la promo

Booster foils:
-Legendary Collection
-Neo Genesis
-Neo Discovery (need umbreon)

-Skyridge (need vaporeon)

-EX Fire Red Leaf Green (need Pikachu)

Also looking for single deck protector sleeves to collect~ I have many of N, and most likely some Team Plasma coming in, along with zoroark to trade.