August 17th, 2011

Hullo! :)

 Hi everyone! :) 
I just wanted to say hello to everyone and let everyone know that I am a HUGE Eevee fan and Eeveelution fan too! So if you of any cards, plushes, or anything else let me know! :) I'm trying to expand my collection. 

I'm especially looking for an EEVEE DS CASE. 

Thank you! And I look forward to talking to everyone!

sales update

Hello! I've been slowly settling back into the Fall semester tempo, and still working on that second anniversary collection update, but in the meantime I have tidied up my shop and added a few kids (random NIB Umbreon appears from nowhere), zukans (some Legendaries, including the Dark Castle Mew), stickers, FCS figures, straps and keychains (loadsa Pikachu goodness) and other miscellaneous items. =D

thanks for reading!
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jessie_grace_89 GA - Hasbro, Banpresto, and Pokedolls!

Click on any of them to warp!


Leeky's Ultra FANTASTIC Super Quick Lotto GA

Remember to pay AND mark the spreadsheet saying that you paid :3 SPREADSHEET

I'm in the process of getting them all shipped out this week and next week. Cross your fingers that I hopfully will get them ALL out of my room by next week!

There are a few unclaimed items left, though most of the good ones are already claimed by the participants! Priced for non-GA participants!

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And still looking for Pokedoll Natu XP

Sales Post Time

Hello various people. I'm a long time member but I lurk much more than I post. I'm a card collector so this sales post has some various things in it but I wanted to offer up something that some people have sorta asked about in the past. If you're one of those people who collects packaging, I have booster packs and boxes from English and Japanese from as far back as Expedition.

Some previews:

- Prices are in USD
- Holds for 24 hours only, unless I've worked with you before.
- I accept paypal and concealed cash at your own risk.
- Prices do NOT include shipping.
- I have lots of commons and uncommons in Japanese and English from sets spanning about 10 years. If you want something, ask I and I might have it!
- I usually have doubles of my doubles. Ask if you're looking for something someone's already gotten.
- When buying please copy the image link before listing the items you want from said image. On a PC, right click and use "copy image location" then paste the link in the comment.
For example: Slugma, Goldeen
I insist you do this or else I won't be able to find your cards!

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luv u tenduhly

offer anything! sales!

NOTICE! the groundbreakers and snaptoys auctions end in a few more days! venusaur prototype plush is super cute and he is the only fellow with NO BIDS!! have a look:

NOW i have a few random little sales... which are "offer anything". i'll give a generic price range i am hoping to get for each item, you can offer that price or give a shot offering below it! i also have zebras + flounder kids for regular 5.50$ prices. check it!

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i also have these cute tote bags on sunyshore. more and more pickups will be added to sunyshore soon, including the halloween goods, new tomy plush and pokemon scramble charms! stay tuned next week.

Same wants as ever!

Still looking for

-Scraggy Pizza-la promo (though I bet there will be an english version somewhere I can get for cheaper thanks to reprints.... kinda lame)

Booster foils:
-Legendary Collection
-Neo Genesis
-Neo Discovery (need umbreon)

-EX Fire Red Leaf Green (need Pikachu)

-japanese boosters (Neo 3 + onwards.) ((have VS Will pack and all 3 BW))

Also looking for single deck protector sleeves to collect~ I have many of N, and most likely some Team Plasma coming in, along with zoroark to trade.

Seeking GA Co-host

Ok so I found a lot on Y!J with some zukan in it. Some of them are really highly demanded zukan on here so, I thought , I'd GA it. This would be my first GA though so I'd need an experienced person to help me out. Someone who can bid on Y!J preferably so we don't need to pay SMJ fees (I originally found it through there) but someone who knows how to use any deputy service would be fine too. So can anyone help? I myself would only be claiming Just the dustox zukans peg for $2 (I recently bought one that was missing his peg so I need to replace it) and the dodrio zukan for $15. (tell me if thats too low)

Sales permission was granted by dakajojo on 03/02/11

An 150 Pokedoll milestone, a huge TCG sale, and a possible UK meetup!

Hey everyone!~ Firstly, early all of the packages have been sent out from my last sales, and the last batch will be sent out tomorrow - thank you to everyone who bought something to help us to reach our goal of returning to Japan!

With the recent arrival of 3 adorable monkeys from the wonderful denkimouse , I have decided to get my website, Amity Square, all up to date! The arrival of the monkey trio makes a very important milestone in my collection (and in fact Pokedoll history!) as over 150 Pokemon have now been made into dolls!~ <3  Click the monkey trip below to visit my updated collection site! (or go to <3)

Also this week, my husband and I decided to list our entire TCG collection (or over 2000 cards) on ebay - I had some wonderful advice from friends, and we ideally wanted to put them up for sale here individually or in batches but with our lives being so hectic at the moment, we sadly wouldn't have the time to ship so many cards out seperately, so have decided to sell them as a big lot. The ebay auction is only for people in the UK (as it's a very heavy lot) - but if anyone is interested in running a community group auction and would need them to be shipped elsewhere then please let me know and I can calculate what shipping would be <3 The auction can be found at

The auction is here - if anyone is interested in running a GA for the rare cards (and giving away the commons/uncommons to participants), then I will be happy to provide a list of all 600 rare cards ^_^ Please let me know if you're interested  - I want these cards to find a nice new home (or multiple homes!)

One last thing! It's a little bit last minute, but this  coming weekend is Ayacon here in the UK! Are any fellow colelctors going? It's be lovely to meet up with you! <3

Happy collecting, everyone!~
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I know a few friends have probably been waiting to see this, so finally I present to you... my heartbat collection! I finally cleared off a shelf and set these up, and I think it's going to brighten my general mood, since this shelf is right by my computer desk :3

The lighting isn't that great over here... so not the greatest picture XD This is missing a few items that are currently misplaced in the mess that is my house/collection, but they'll be there next update :3 mainly some more art to put on the wall and a couple of flats.

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Payments owed + Sales + COLLECTIONS


FINALLY, I was able to sort out this small pile of packages i've had left over from GA's, packages that have been missing a payment and what not. If you find anything wrong or you've already paid for your items then please let me know so we can sort it out! :>

Shiny Kid GA spreadsheet HERE
Users who owe payments: safir_hime   blackfruitbat   foyro     jazzbie     jeneralize     yurusumaji

Delicious Flats GA spreadsheet HERE
Users who owe payments: karoia     meowllz     zoroarcade

Groudon / Kyogre Plush GA spreadsheet HERE
Users who owe payments: nagaineko     kitbug     raikovladi92     twinklecakes   

Moguryuu's GA spreadsheet HERE
Users who owe payments: azraelalexander    cinnri    hibikitikibi    jenhommes    kiiyame    meowthcollector    mkmoe    prawnographer    raikou_chan    thingofshadows    usagimakeup    vaporleon    whitewolflarka   

(PLEASE NOTE: It was down to you to mark yourself off on the Moguryuu GA spreadsheet. If you find you've paid your shipping and no marked yourself off, please do let me know and itad be super if you had the Paypal history of it. <3)

IF YOU'RE EXPECTING SOMETHING FROM ME and you find your name isnt on an owed payment list or anything, do leave a comment or contact me. I apologize for my away-ness and slowness, but im here to sort out these few left over packages I have right away :)


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I need to pop out shopping now but ill be back online to empty my inbox and reply to messages in 40 mins! <3
(I have some inbox catching up to do tonight! ;0; )
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Collection update, new customs!

Hello pkmncollectors! I know I don't post much anymore, but I just recieved two awesome custom plush I commissioned from a very talented artist on deviantArt:


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The artist's handle is Peacefluffles, and here's her deviantArt account, for those curious:

She's also got the beautiful large Vaporeon plush in her gallery up for sale on etsy, for those who collect it. If I weren't saving for my vacation I'd totally snap it up myself!

Tiny Collection Update/Lots/Customs Sales!

So I got my 18" Victini plush yesterday and he seems pretty legit to me! I have pictures of his tag below the cut just in case someone can confirm that for me~ I like to have multiple opinions. xD
Edit: After seeing yet another post about a 1:1 Emonga...I have 110% decided that I need one in my life. And that means sale time! I have a lot of plush up for grabs along with a Custom 1:1 Sentret Plush, A Shinx Backpack, and a Plaid Minun plush for sale!

(I know a lot of you were concerned about sand. xD Don't worry, he was on a beach towel the entire time. He never came into contact with the sand.)

Speaking of sand...I just got back from the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. There were no more starters as game prizes, but I saw this in the claw machine:
I spent $20 trying to get him but couldn't D; He's just too awkwardly shaped. But I hadn't seen pictures of a Toy Factory Oshawott yet, so here's one for everyone to see.

The quality on these were seriously terrible. I moved a Tepig out of the way to get Oshawott and when he flipped over, his whole stomach was pretty much torn open. Same applied to the back of Oshawott's head. There was stuffing sticking out everywhere. :/ Dissapointing.

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Hi there. Firstly, everything paid for before August 16th was shipped on August 13th. Anything paid for on the 16th will go out by this Saturday. Normally I would ship quicker, but there is a wildfire that has been burning since August 4th about 20 minutes away and the wind keeps blowing smoke this way and my asthma doesn't like it, so I can't walk to the bus stop to take the bus to the post office. I have to wait for my husband to be home from work.

My birthday was on the 15th, so I'll have some birthday gets pictures soon. :D 3kame got me one of the new theme decks, and a surprise I won't see until Saturday when we do my birthday dinner, and I got some things from my husband and my mom. :D

This GA is ending in a day and a half, but since there's not many bids, I felt like I should post it now. Nearly everything is either bidless or at starting bid.

There are 271 kids in the lot from various generations.

Several messages have gone out to people who still owe shipping from several GA's, including the Suicune one. I would like to get this stuff out of my house, so please pay for your things.