August 18th, 2011

Green and Gold
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Moving out sales and giveaways!

Hello there people! It has been some time since I have been here (okay, a little bit more than a week, which is not much XD), but here I come with 7 items for sale and ALMOST 150 ITEMS FOR GIVEAWAYS!!!
I am moving out from the USA on September 10th, so I thought I should just make this happen. The reason I am not selling it as a lot, if eBay or something else, I am doing it because I love you guys and I know that you would appreciate the items much more then any other random person who would get them all! <333

Please, READ THE RULES before you claim items. If you will not follow them, it will be your fault you didn't go after them and will miss the items you want! It should not take you more than 2 minutes. If you will comment incorrectly, that will show that you did not read them. If you will not read, you will not claim. As simple as it is.

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Small Arceus (MWT) - 10$
Eevee keychain - 1$
Vaporeon marble - 1$


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So that's it! Thank you guys for looking and have a great day/night! <3
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I'm back!/Wants list

I have returned from my two-week trip to California! Miss me :P? Any way, I thought I would post my updated wants list, mainly of Latios/as items. I have listed them in order of most to least wanted, although I'm interested in any item on the list if you have it UFS!
  • Latios and Latias Zukan
  • Clear Latios and Latias TOMY:
  • 10th Aniv. Edition Latios and Latias Zukan
  • Latios/as Kids (Attack and/or regular)
  • Paint scratched Latios/as figures, including kids
Pokemon - Quilava and bird collector
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a long overdue re-intro

HELLO. My (online) name is Norkia, I live in that wonderfully hot place called Texas and I've been a member of the community since 2007, and have since amassed a Pokemon collection consisting of a variety of species (and characters!) with special attention towards fire weasels and birds. Lots and lots of birds. I've been wanting to show off my collection for a very long time (the last time I did was over a year ago!) but I haven't quite found an opportunity to settle down, but leave it to a head cold to knock me off of my sewing block and finally ground me enough so I can finally go ahead and run my mouth about awesome toys! :D Check everything out under the cut!

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I have a few more knick-knacks not shown here; some are missing, others are scattered around my room (Shaymin Sky Forme pokedoll is on top of my TV, Zoroark Pokedoll and mini strap plush Zorua are next to my desktop computer, Metagross is chilling with my Gundam plushies, DX UFO fuzzy Gizamimi Pichu is on my bed...), and I have numerous amounts of flats both organized and disorganized, but this is a good general census of my current collection! If you looked through and read everything, I applaud your patience and thank you for taking a look! :D

(no subject)

Hey everyone!
I'm now after something that I can store my cards in. So does anyone have any cheap binders or tins or something for sale?
If you have any of them^^ with any of these Pokemon, I'd love you even more;
Piplip line
Riolu line
Pikachu line
or maybe Arceus...
Anyways, if you have any for sale, let me know :D

More BW Sales!

Ok, I do have a collection update in the works, really! But first I just have to share these sales ^_^

This time it's mostly stuff I picked up in Japan - Retsuden stamps, Ensky magnets, candy wrappers, etc. It's almost all BW but there are a few DP items that snuck in from either my deputy boxes or Japan buys, including a few older Ensky magnets. I have multiples of many things too, so you don't need to panic if you see something's been asked for already!

I can totally combine shipping with anything left in my lotto goods sales post here:
EXCEPT for the Pikachu pillow, which is still in Japan. I've cut the price on him a bit though!

To see the new sales, please click the photo or link below:

Pokemon BW Retsuden Stamps

Thanks guys!
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sales from Japan! and rare figure auctions!

hello! I'm back home now!
Japan was the most awesome place everywhere, it has everything I love! My mom said she would pay for me to live over there for a while until I find a job, so I just need to look for something that won't make me throw a tantrum after 10 minutes! I'm most interested in working in a maid cafe, or being a voice actress, which I know would be a lot harder and less probable... jobs I wouldn't be good at are things where I have to sit all day and be boring. I need to get all my energy out and look cute doing it!

..whoops, sorry xD I treated the entry like an interview! Anyway, here are the direct sales from my trip to Japan!

Tay's Little Shop - Japan Goodies!

And now for some of the rarer aspects of my find... two in particular are these Pikachu and Raichu metal Keshipoke (?) figures, which (among other things below the cut) I will be auctioning off!

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And there you have it! Please wait for all bid threads to be up before commenting, thank you! Threads are up, bid away!

Edit! Almost forgot, end time for all auctions is August 28, 6:00pm EST
Custom Ambipom

I love the weather! And I love Castform too!

I've developed an interest in Castform beyond the Zukan. I just saw it so many times and I just now realized how adorable it is.

What kind of pieces of merchandise does it have? I've been told since it's a 3rd Generation Pokémon what it does have is probably hard to find.

I'm interested in any form I guess... particularly Rainy. That's my favorite of the three. :3
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Emolga Dream World

Small Wants~

So I've been working a lot lately, by the time I have free time to check sales posts all the items I'd want to claim are already swooped up by other collectors.  This has been happening more times than anticipated. And I wants me some items now. :P

I'd be willing to pay for them upfront or if anyone could do a run for certain items that would be amazing! I'm not after that much due to a major collection gets lately. But Emolga is always a priority.

I wants me more Emolga!  Here's what I have so far: have Emolga Chupa, Medalief coin, magnet, movie pan sticker, 4 inch banpresto keychain and pc decal on the way. 


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Thanks in advance!

hoppip tcg card art

Hi everyone!

Hello all, I'm new here to Pokemon Collectors :3 I've been lurking here since I joined LJ but never joined since I only recently learned how to XD

I collect mostly Pokemon plush but only my absolute favorites. I have some figures and I really love keychains and DS accessories as well! I'll hopefully be able to post up pictures soon, I have a lot of stuff I'm eager to show off and some I'd like to sell or trade if anyone was interested (and once I get sales permission!).

I've been lurking for awhile, waiting for what I most desire... Hoppip merch! I'm seeking anything and everything, I don't mind if it's official, bootlegged, or custom as long as it is in good condition and looks adorable! If anyone has any information regarding Hoppip (or Skiploom) merch or has some you're willing to sell or trade, please tell me about it! <3 I'm actually considering selling most, if not all of my current collection of other Pokemon to start a brand new collection of just Hoppip and its evolution as Hoppip is my favourite Pokemon ever.

I hope to make a lot of new friends, and I'm eager to see what other people collect too~


Ps, I don't know if any of you have a DA account, but please visit me at if you do, I'd love to get to know you ^^

reminder! 2nd to last Nintendo World run until December!!!

There are still quite a number of slots available on my run to Nintendo World tomorrow (Friday). As stated in the post this will be the second to last run until December! I'll be going to Japan for the year and won't be starting up runs again until after December 22nd once I return. There will be one last run next Friday for those interested. Click the cut or pic to head to this weeks run:

SPECIAL TRADE OPTION: I'm still looking for a LATIAS POKEDOLL and would be willing to pick up stuff from Nintendo World to trade for it (or a partial trade). I would really like one with a square tag if at all possible.

Also looking for these Tomy figures: Giratina (altered), Lugia (X2). Condition doesn't matter on the Lugia's as I'm going to repaint them.

Theres a few more Pokedolls available in my shop that I need to get rid of before I leave:

I also have a brand new unopened Banpresto ufo Raikou plush thats not listed yet that I'm taking offers on (I got it by mistake). Will upload pics upon request

Quick request!

Hey guys! I was wondering if anyone had a Spiritomb Pokedoll and would be willing to give me some pictures of its tush tag? I'm not sure if mine is legit and so I'd appreciate the help :D
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Grail Get!! Sales/Offers Reminder

Hey Comm!

Guess what, as I've stated earlier in my previous post, I've gotten an awesome grail (One that I have been looking for since 2005). To all Rodent collectors please take a look (No it's not raichu or Pikachu -- > Look at my display Pic)

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Please don't forget my Sales and Offers that's running on my Journal with lots of DX Kids, Plushies, Clipping Figures and Lightup Keychains.
The Link is here:



For the past few days, I've spent HOURS organizing through all my cards, and I have TONS for sale. They're organized into types, and overall, I'm selling them all for pretty cheap. :)

For example, that's the electric pile of cards I'm selling.

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So after having jakks pretty much snub my town with the new b/w merch, I go today to find that all of the department stores here have them!
-Taget(with exclusive ash figure)

Plush, figures, battlepop, an actual section in each store instead of the sad merged-with-Phineas-and-ferb rack before. So I was wondering if anyone else had similar results? Maybe they're stocking all stores. (i say that because my town does not even have a poke-league)

Also is this hard to find? There was only one on the shelf:


And two more questions:
1. Whats the best way to pack plush for safe storage?
2. Anyone have a MWT Zekrom Pokedoll they want to sell?
Jasmine &amp; Steelix

Card sales!

Hi everyone! I recently weeded my cards the other night and found some to put up for sale. Lots of ex cards from the Dragon Frontiers set - including a really gorgeous (and supposedly very rare according to ebay) Lugia ex! Also included are some primes and some other neat holos from pre-gen 4 sets. Hope you find something you like!
And by all means, if you're unsure about a set price, make an offer! I honestly can't believe some of the cards might be worth this much, but ebay was all I had to price them by. Really, all I want is for them to have homes where they could be appreciated... and some extra money would be nice to put towards rent of course. xD
All cards will be shipped in a plastic sleeve inside a top loader - and you have the choice of a plain envelope or a bubble mailer (the latter being quite a bit more expensive).

I also still have an electric Pokemon tin and a near-mint copy of LeafGreen up for auction. If these don't get any offers, I might just through them up for straight sale. If you're interested, I'd be looking for about $15 for the tin, and maybe around $9 for LG.
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Semi-wants and a question :P

Soooo, I have recently fallen in love with the grumpy adorableness that is a Groudon Pokedoll. It is too cute to have kept me away for long XD
But before I can commit to buying one, I'm wondering what they go for? I'd want one that was in good condition, but I don't really care about tags (butt tag is preferred, but not a must). I was hoping to pay only about $20 shipped (or less, if possible >.<) this even realistic, though? D: Even more idealistic would be to trade for one :x
And if you happen to have one for sale around that price...feel free to show me :3 And if you want to see what I have for trade, just ask! I can't guarantee I'll buy anything atm (college is kind of eating all of my money right now D8), but I may! 

Also, I asked this a few days ago, but didn't really get an answer XD What would a Noctowl Friends plush cost me? They are so teensy cute ;3;

And here's the big question of the hour!

For you hardcore collectors out there, and those who have searched and searched for items for years to no avail, until FINALLY finding what you do you do it? How do you FINALLY find that item? Do you literally just keep checking eBay/Yahoo japan every day, every chance you get? How do you guys discover your grails? One of my grails is the 1:1 Totodile plush, and while I currently cannot afford it, I had been searching eBay (idk how to work the JP sites, haha) for a while and never found one. But then again I didn't check every day :P But it seems like every time I look on ebay, I see the same old stuff over and over and over. I'd really love any tips you guys have on searching for hard-to-find items, so that one day in the distant future, when I can finally afford a huge Totodile, I may be able to actually get one! XD

And, finally, a reminder my Error Wartortle card auction. It doesn't end till Sunday night, and I'll make a real reminder post earlier that day, but I figured I'd throw it in here as well. Click here to be taken to the auction!

Thanks everyone! :]
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The Help Me Get Rid Of Yarn Commissions

Soooo...I have wayyyy to much yarn I noticed the other day when I dropped my heavy container full of yarn on my foot =;v;= It's made me realize that I need to get rid of some. Just enough so I only have the 3 containers I guess. I know you're all thinking, who cares if you have too much yarn? why is this important? =-_-;= It's important because that means I'm giving a discount on my customs. I'm cutting the materials fee out of my commissions to get rid of some yarn which means you're paying just the fees for shipping and the plush. Doesn't that just sound super awesome?! Click the cut for details ;D

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1. punkspacewafers - emolga - complete
2. eevie_chu - hoppip - complete
3. kimba616 - tynamo - complete
4. foxwhisker - glameow - complete
5. roxiexcore - scolipede - complete
6. snowtigermar - mew - complete

Also, I still have two plush for sale, please give them good homes!

Jumpluff is $20 and Petilil is $15

Art Trades & Commissions Updates
1. Exclamation Point Unown - 100% complete
2. Psyduck - 100% complete
3. Female Pikachu - 100% complete

Any questions or concerns you may have for me, post them here ;D
gizamimi plush

This post is full of chus.

Hello all! This is my ~first ever~ collection update post. Hurrah! My last post was halfway made up of bad cellphone pictures, but thankfully I found myself a camera since then. Now I can take a bajillion pictures of my toys and spam you all with them. YAY.

I still have some flat items coming in, so originally I was going to wait to make this post. But I... I couldn't resist.

I got two things in my mailbox today. WHAT COULD THEY BE?

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(no subject)

Shipping invoice just came in, so time for payment two! (sorry had to delete and repost, lj wouldnt save my changes and it was listing users for more than what i added them to grrr)

Sigliph: Thrivis $2.36
pantslizard/victini: $2.36
hydreigon: shaggy_griffon $2.36 PAID
Gothitelle line: usagimakeup $2.36
reshiram: agkelikos $2.36

Please send payments to with this post's title in the subject line and your username/zukan you claimed in the note, thanks! As soon as everyone pays and the items come in ill have your final totals!

recent gets! :)

Hiii everybody! I was a little bored so I decided to post a small collection update~ seriously, I knew joining this comm would be bad for my wallet. Not that I'm complaining. Just my wallet is. Damn thing, whining all the time.

Here is a doodle demonstrating the amazingly life-like scale of my recent squishy acquisitions.

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looking for walky eevee

Hey guys!

Recently I've been seeing alot of these walky eevee things and I told myself I didn't like it because it's head is too big but NOW I WANT IT!!

I don't really mind if it's the big or the small version but I'm aiming for the small one because it's cheaper (lol) I saw it in a GA a week or two ago but I was outbid in the last hour (and only found out after the GA had ended ofcourse..)

So I'm looking for the little guy for around $20,- shipped to Europe, if that's unreasonable I'd like to hear but it was going for around that price in the GA (and I know Hardrock sell him for $25,-)


Hi again! So I have decided to focus on my plush collection first. >_< I have a Flareon and Umbreon pokedolls and would like to complete it with the rest if the Eeveelution dolls.

Also, my partner is looking for anything Oshawott related.

Thanks! :)
Pokemon - Pikachu Pokedoll

Bulba and Pokedolls Second Payment + Pikadoll Wants

Hey guys!! Sorry for taking so long but it took Y!J three days to process my shipping request strangely enough!
(for those who saw my last post, Noppin did change my country so its being sent straight to me now)
EMS is $70.55 but as I have another pokedoll added to the parcel, I've taken $7 off so its $63.

Original Auction is here

Shipping Invoice is here

Spreadsheets with totals is here

Send first payment to dreamingofhope[@]yahoo[dot]co[dot]uk
Please put down if you've paid in the spreadsheet :D
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
I may have moved but i am still determined to complete my Pikadoll Collection. These are the ones I'm missing (although two, I don't actually need, i just want!)
10th Anniversary Plush with Pikadoll / Pikadoll Pillow *grail* / Shiny Oversized Pikadoll
Christmas Oversized Pikadoll / Japanese Pikadoll with Red Tag

If you have ANY of these, or a pikadoll I may not have, please let me know! I don't mind tagless/loved etc.
Willing to pay quite a bit ESPECIALLY for the pillow!!!!!!! (searching through 'pikachu plush' on Y!J makes this a grail ¬¬)

Chou Getto and Retsuden Stamp Questions

You! You knowledgeable Pokemon Collector, you! Today I come to the community to pick your brains!
Basically I'm after some painfully boring and technical details about types of merch, in particular the chou getto and retsuden stamp series'.

I'm a completist, I cannot deny. One of my collecting ambitions is to have a complete Pokedex of Ground types, in the forms of Zukan, Kids and Tomy MCs (followed later by TCGs and pan stickers). Why? Because I know for certain every Pokemon has or will have one!

Now, my first question is this: does every Pokemon have or potentially will have a retsuden stamp?
My second question is: (you may have guessed) does every Pokemon have or potentially will have a chou getto?
I'm also curious to know if the old Full Colour Stadium figures count as chou getto or not...? I only want to embark on my Ground Pokemon Pokedex with merchandise series' which feature all Pokemon, if you see!

Thanks guys!
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Jakks Woobats! Promo Card GA Payment #2! New sales!

The Promo Card GA is finally ready to ship out! Shipping from Noppin to me was on me, so you only have to pay shipping to you. You can also combine with any of my sales if you wish! I'll have some new stuff for sale in this post too. :)

There are a few extras which are up for the entire comm at $5 each: A Bisharp/Reshiram/Zekrom/Victini deck box, and Klingklang, Golurk and Landorus black star promo cards. The only payments needed are from echizenakira and angela_samshi.

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My local TRU told me that they'd be getting in new Pokemon stuff, so I called the next day and asked what Woobat stuff they had and quickly rushed over. The plush, throw plush and figure! I had to buy a tube for the figure though. I believe Pansage is new as well? He's for sale if anyone wants one.

You can move the Woobat's wings.. I can't decide which way I like better, but the closed is different since most of his figures have them spread! Here's a pic of some updated batties.. now I just need more space to display flats on the wall, haha.

And I have some new sales as well! All of my previous lots fromthis post have been split up , just keep in mind that shipping from Canada starts at $6.25

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And of course my other sales are here at this post and also in the link to my bigger sales post below! :)