August 19th, 2011


Hi all! This is the last reminder that my auction for the POKEMON WORLDS 2011 items will end this coming Sunday at 12 AM. Also since I have received a lot of requests for them, I will be auctioning off the worlds 2011 9 promo cards from the binder as well as the 2010+2011 stamped promo cards (quarter/semi/finalist) sometime next week.

I also had a question of my own about the 9 cards from the binder. Would people be interested in buying them seperately or as a whole? Thanks everyone! :)

Auction link!

LAST REMINDER+ prototypes???

i want to talk about prototypes!! not just plush, but figures, too. what ones do you know or or even own? but first: what counts as a prototype?

Prototype: (n.) An original or model after which anything is copied; the pattern of anything to be engraved, or otherwise copied, cast, or the like; a primary form; exemplar; archetype

meaning something like the plush we have photos of for this post are prototypes! consider that what is also PROBABLY a prototype could be an item that was never released for actual sale, and that we have seen only a very small number of. i only say "probably" because unless its unpainted/or colored funny, we cannot be sure if it was a model or something used in a showcase, or whatnot. but if only a handful are known to exist? yeah, probably prototypes, maybe used in toy exhibitions!

so what prototypes do you know of? i have some examples below the cut, and i want more, for references! and people's want lists???

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Porygon-Z by trainer_irene


The Samurott kids came in yesterday!

The following people need to give this post a gander! :D


PLEASE SEND ALL PAYMENTS TO JKSSDSJJS(AT)AOL(DOT)COM ASAP! 3 DAYS AFTER I POST THIS, IF YOU STILL HAVEN'T PAID, I WILL LEAVE NEGATIVE FEEDBACK! THANK YOU FOR BEING PROMPT! :P Please make the subject of the payment "BW7 Kids: (LJ Name)(Kids Bought)" If you fail to do this, your payment might be lost! I receive DOZENS of payments through PayPal a week for one reason or another, and I want to make it as easy as possible to sort out payments!

I also have leftovers from BW7 kids! They will be $9.50 shipped each!

1x Lillipup
2x Palpitoad
1x Bouffalant
1x Blitzle
1x Gothita
3x Golett
1x Golurk

Thanks guys! <3

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Sales Post and GA update

Hello all.  I wanted to update those who participated in my GA

That according to online tracking, the auction will arrive Aug.23, so be ready to send shipping payments!!  Exciting!
I have a tracking number so let me know if you'd like it and I will PM it to you ^_^

I also wanted to point everyone in the direction of my sales post!

I have added a few new items, and lowered prices on the old ones.  I'm trying to clear out my stock for new items so have at it!

I am also considering starting TRU runs for interested parties.  The TRU I work at carries the newer B+W merch.  There's throw plush, figures, a limited number of Jaks plush and reversible plush, backpacks, waterbottles, dvds and games.  I get a 10% discount on items so Pick ups would be a good idea.  I am working tonight so let me know if you are interested.  I'll grab some pictures and look for items if you'd like!
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Any clues on Solosis and evolutions merch and a possible store run...

Sooooo, I'm interested in collecting this little fella and I know theres a zukan (planning on getting one when I get money.) and I know there's kids. I have the Solosis one but is the Duosion one even out yet.... orrrr.... 
Any help on that would be fun. :3

Also, there's a little japanese shop in our nearby mall that sells imported goods like Zukans, kids, chou gets (is that what they're called?), keychains, and some other large figures. I was wondering if anyone would want me to go pick some up but I wanna see if some peeps would be interested first since I still have to get sales permission and stuff. :3
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absol happy love

Absol TFg? and a reintroduction

Hello! I know ive been dead for a long time now but im back again! i gots meself a stable job and was looking at where to spend my moneyz at. Ive beena part  of this community for.....almost 2 years...? but anyway~ my favorite pokes!

thats basically my team (except mew, replace mew with scolipede and thats my team) and these are my absolute favorite pokemon! (plus all the eeveelutions) right now im looking for another absol TFG, i wanna repaint it shiny :3 heres a pic to help out with my search~

i dont care if it has a base or not (the one i have broke off but i still loves it :3)

well that all for now.....YAAAAY POKEMON! :D

(no subject)

I am leaving for Japan on Monday, and I've posted whats left of my Pokemon items after my eBay sale. EVERYTHING Is marked down, and I added two new items. Also, the holo cards and kids are all $2 each or 6 for $10!!

Please note, you MUST pay by Sunday night at the latest, so I can prepare your order in time to ship.
this is cards

No trades, no holds, paypal only. Please leave a comment with your zip code for a shipping quote when placing an order or inquiry.

Sales permission granted by [info]dakajojo  on 3/17/11
Alola Vulpix
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Major Updates!

First off an apology, I just moved on Monday and don't have internet in my new apartment yet (and likely won't for a while), so this post is long overdue.

♥ Pokecen Pickups: The majority of packages were shipped last week and the remaining few should be going out today or tomorrow. Everyone has been so appreciative and patient, thank you!  Once the rest of these are shipped, I can get back to normal sales with major, major updates :)

♥ Roll's Eeveelution GA: We raised more than the asking price so not only did we win, we got some discounts as well! Please click the spreadsheet below for your totals. All payments are to be sent to, please include your username and "Roll's GA" somewhere in the memo. pokepalace is the one handling all payments, so if you have payment/spreadsheet questions, he's the one to go to.

There was a lot of bidding that occurred a day+ after the auction's end - if you're not on the spreadsheet, your bid was way too late. (I couldn't screen the comments because pokepalace needed to see them!) If there are any questions regarding the thread winners, please don't hesitate to ask here.

♥ Mew and Friends Plush GA: We won this GA at a relatively low price! I'm holding off on collecting payments until I get the second invoice to save everyone some Paypal fees. There are still a handful of plush unclaimed, feel free to claim them now at the starting bids :)

That should be all for now, thanks everyone :D

Sales and Other Nonsense

I swear, every time I start to make a collection post, something else comes in the mail. I want to post a before and after of my collection so badly, but I want to wait until everything comes in. Hopefully I can post soon; I only have a few items in my main collections that are on their way. There's a few Pokemon I've taken a further interest in and want to start collecting also. But, I have to hold onto my money until mid-November to buy any more Pokemans. :/

Now, on to sales. I have two pages. My regualr large sales page and new one with only a few newer items. LJ's being a headache again, so I can't combine the two pages into one right now.

Page 1 :
Page 2 :

confused kotone

Let's Go To a Tropical Beach! (Update and Offers!)

Hey there everyone!  I'm finally back from worlds which means a bit of collection update and  card auction!

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DAKAJOJO GA:  Being packed up right now.  Should be done on Tuesday/Wednesday with totals.  I'm trying to get unpacked from my trip along with working at my 2 jobs so bear with me. =___=

I will also be posting card sales for EMERGING POWERS tomorrow which is not out.  If you want to now you can post what you want with an offer and I'll see if I have it after work.  I got 27 packs for staffing and have PLENTY OF SPARES! :D
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Looking for this Card :)

HI Everyone!

A friend of mine is looking for this card:

shinning chrizard from the neo expedition series


Is anyone willing to sell this card? I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina so i would be glad if you could include the shipping cost in the price :)

Thanks so much collectors!

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Chillarmy Doll

Ohai! Sales and stuff! :D

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Heya guys! :3
Today I have mostly sales, but some wants too! :3 :3 
Things for sale include my Grimer PokeDoll (;-;), my B/W card collection, a PlushPlush, and a bunch of other random things!~ 

Also! WANTS.

Another one of these keychains.♥

Except for the 2 keychains at the top, and the hair clips. c: 
I really want the hair thing and socks. ;-; /sob

To the participants of the GA hosted by Itsmemaa!
I am sending out shipping quotes soon!
So please be patient with me as I get that all done~!
That's it for now~ 

Pokemon Time Farfetch&#39;D
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Pokemon Appraisals, Jessie_grace_89's GA, GA Status

Due to the sheer genius that is SMJ staff, THREE SEPARATE EMS-shipped LARGE ASS BOXES FULL OF POKEMON LOTS was shipped to Florida during my folks' 1 month vacation. It's a long and tedious story. Luckily my Mom is unnaturally laid back and took photos of every single Pokemon plush that came in the boxes. I will sell a lot of these plushies in the near future, but for now, it's appraisal time!

Click the photo below to see over 50 more plushies... or something.


Click below to warp to Jessie_grace_89's GA! Only a handful of Banpresto and one Pokedoll was bidded on! We need to wait $290 to WIN IT ALL, gogogo~!



GA Status:

Leeky's Super Plush GA
Everything from thishas been shipped UNLESS your item(s) are waiting to be combined with another GA lot (in which case most of them have already been shipped off). The only solo package I haven't shipped yet was Wutastic. It was planned that I was to have it shipped today, but my driver was tired from today's work/workout. Definitely will go out Monday! And obviously people who haven't finished their payment to me also haven't got their stuff shipped.

Skittles and MPC GA
Same as above, except instead of Wutastic, it's Chibisilverwing.

Leeky's Ultra FANTASTIC + Super Quick Lotto GA
Please click HERE for the status. It's updated periodically as I push to get everyone's stuff packed and ready to go Monday.

My driver is getting deployed on September 1st, so we're working on getting a Power of Attorney so I can get permission to drive his car. This means I can ship a lot more often, yay! So excited 8D


Some of you (well, I think a very small handful of you), know that I'm working on like "How to Economically Ship Packages" lesson series. Yeah that's still being done, just been uber lazy. So I shall leave you with a packaging tip instead!

Mailing Tip of the Week: Plastic/Saran wrap

Bubble wrap is expensive, and often not needed to protect plushies with (unless they have easily scuffed plastic eyes or something). It also takes up a lot of storage space, that's no good when you have 1389891e^152 boxes of GA lots in your room and garage. Consider using Plastic/Saran wrap to wrap your plush in. It may look a bit silly, but it may prove useful when you don't need their tags flopping around in the box or need to "shape" them (when shipping multiple plushies) to be able to fit in your box. Remember that plushies are not figures, they can be smooshed a bit. And of course, they can be good for wrapping anything with painted surfaces, especially when shipping multiple figures together in a box. It's also good cheaper way for wrapping TCG in (with of course some top loaders sandwiching them to enhance the durability).

By no means is Plastic/Saran wrap should be used as a replacement for bubblewrap! You just don't need to use bubblewrap for every single occasion like SMJ ;)

Epic multipurpose post of DOOM

Hey guys, its taken me literally forever to get this together as the new LJ cut system seems to be a bit...dodgey....well, on my computer anyway xD so, HTML is the way forward! (...FML)

Anyway! Multipurpose post of doom. Follow derpy Entei as usual for my sales, card trades and custom charm posts!

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2nd Payment for Nintendo World NYC Store Run, NINTENDO WORLD NOTICE, LAST RUN NEXT FRIDAY

Another successful run here in NY!! The 2nd payment totals are below the cut.

NINTENDO WORLD SPECIAL NOTICE: After speaking with the head employee I have learned that THERE WILL NOT BE ANY NEW PLUSHES UNTIL THE WINTER HOLIDAYS. The current stock (listed here: is what will be carried until the Winter! They are going off the stock left in their warehouse which means plushes will be quite limited (Zoroark is already out of stock and will remain so until Winter)
So the new Pokedolls, plushes (regular and medium), and large plushes (Samurott, Emboar, and Serperior) that were supposed to come to NW at the end of this month have been pushed back to winter as well :(

THE GOOD NEWS(ish): I will be holding 1 MORE RUN next Friday! For those of you who know me I am going off to Japan at the end of this month and won't be back until December 22nd. Therefore with a little math we come to the good news:
Return (December 22nd) + New stock (Holiday season) = RUNS WILL START UP AGAIN FOR THE NEW STUFF IN DECEMBER!

Giant-chu, Ninja Otter, Herd of Laprasas Laprases Laprass Lapri Lochness monsters.

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COLLECTION POST TO COME TOMORROW (once the sun is up and I can get some good pics) ^^

Same TCG related wants

Still looking for  Booster foils:
-Legendary Collection (have the one with Mewto/Machamp/Alakazam trio)
-Neo Genesis
-Gym Challenge (need Giovanni, somehow had no idea it existed)

-japanese boosters (Neo 3 + onwards.) ((have VS Will pack and all 3 BW))

looking for single deck protector sleeves to collect~ I have many of  N, and some Team Plasma coming in, along with Zoroark to

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Question, Mamath GA, Sales Preview

I wanted to ask, do the Tomy 9-10in Leafeon plush come with hang tag? I bought one on eBay and they only had a stock picture but the seller was from CA so I was thinking it would be just fine. But the auction said "NEW" and it only came in a mailer with a taped bag and only the butt tag. It looks pretty legit to me but the lack of the hangtag kinda bothers me. The seller was "theplushbucket". Do Tomy plush at all come with tags? I also have a few that I'll be putting up for sale Sunday and I thought it would be best to know. :)

We didn't raise enough even with claims so the Mamath GA is officially lost.

Last off here's a preview of the plush I'll be adding to my sales or putting up on the auction block on Sunday! :D