August 20th, 2011

lapras pokedoll bootleg

for a little while now I had wondered if a plush I had purchased from ebay was a bootleg, and today I finally had the courage to confront the seller and my concerns were confirmed when he told me he could not say where he gets his stock from, and that not all pokedolls come with paper tags... however he refunded me and let me keep the plush, so it was not as bad as it could have been ^ _ ^;

I tried to outline some of the problems associated with selling fakes to him, from what I have learnt here from the community.. it makes me sad that he will probably continue to sell fake plush to people who will not realise..

anyhoodles, I would like to ask anybody if they have a Lapras pokedoll for sale, as this is the plushie I bought that turned out to be fake.. I would really love to find a real one, as she was my first pokedoll! ^ _ ^

also - if anyone is interested, the user on ebay was called woodys-anime-zing-giftware, he is a seller based in the UK, I'm not sure if all of his items are fake, but I believe quite a few of the pokedolls he has sold are.. I just hope that this will help anyone who may consider buying from him in he future to be a little bit wary

Help me chase dreams? (I hope this post comes out right..)

This is a wants post, I guess. I realize that some of these things may take me a very long time to find.. if you have them, I am more than interested in buying them. But if not, any information on how I can continue looking for them would be more appreciated than you know. Even tips on how to search for things in a more unusual and obscure way would be helpful. Anyway, take a look please :]
(most, if not all pictures borrowed from rentorar's collection site)

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Also, not pictured.. but I am looking for a Grimer pokedoll (condition and tags don't matter) or Corsola pokedoll, and the comforter/blanket that goes with the Johto era bedset. (You've probably seen the pillow cases and the sheets plenty of times)

So anyway.. I don't believe I've ever posted a wants here before, aside from when I started new collections. But if you have any of these things in-hand, PLEASE let me know. OR if you know where/how I can get my hands on them, that is equally as helpful. If not, any ideas on how I could go about looking for them would be just as nice!

Thank you for looking :>
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Tropical Beach Worlds 2011 Set - GA Interest?

I'm currently searching for the english version of the Tropical Beach card from Worlds 2011.  I've been seeing a lot of sets selling for around $130-$150 and I wanted to see if there are any interest for the other language cards for a GA for a set?  Ideally, I'd pay about $30-$35 for the english one and the other languages would be $15-$20 each.

The other languages in the set are:

Japanese, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian

Just wanted to see if any of you guys are interested in the other language ones!  Thanks for your time!

Collection Update + Wants

Hey all!

Just wanted to post a quick update seeing as my Gengar collection has more than doubled within 2 weeks of joining this community. A big thanks to everyone that has helped me expand my meager collection! 

Here's my collection as of now, minus a keychain figure which I'm actually using on my car keys currently...

I'm still looking for Gengar chou and zukan figures, which I understand are pretty rare.  :(  I'll be checking back for sales posts regularly hoping to find one! Thanks again, community!

toy factory.....oh jeez

soooooooo RE: toy factory plush?

this was no exaggeration.


i have some info on potentially making a bulk order of these plush here, though i can't offer services beyond helping to place the order with toy factory for the time being. it's up to you guys to organize and post a group buy~
kio <3 shi

Eevee Update + Sales Reminder

Alright so it has been awhile since I updated on my Eevee collection,I finally was able get one of my small grails!An some new eevee items aswell that I didnt own,it a bit hard finding Eevee items I dont already own or that are for sale Lol,I guess I have to many Vee Vee's!With this said here a Collection Update !

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Oh and Sales Reminder! I still have Minky Zorua Pokedoll for sale,and Many Pan Stickers and Figures So feel free browse,and YES OPEN TO HAGGLING! Want it all gone. All packages that have been paid for will be shipped out on Monday x]! Everything is packed right now.Except for one item since I have wait for new address Lol.
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myntii used charm!

I swear, if LJ eats my post one more time, I will attack somebody.

Ok, first off, I'd like to say that all paid packages from the Pokemon Figure GA that I hosted have been shipped out! All US residents should have received them sometime this week, and international residents should expect them sometime next week. 

dripbat Ok, I checked, and there's no way Dialga's going in the small flat-rate box. D: He'll fit in the $11 flat-rate box, but that's about $5 more expensive than a bubble mailer, so let me know what you want!

Also, if anybody has a small, clear peg in their package, sort of like a chou get peg, PLEASE LET ME KNOW! Somebody is missing theirs and neither of us are able to find it. ;w;

And now, some business - I am open for charms again! 8D So please click the cut below for all the details~ (For some reason, LJ keeps playing around with my usernames, so for those of you who are wondering, I got sales permission from dakajojo, and if some weird name pops up on the progre


I'm totally new to LiveJournal...this community made me want to join!

Hi guys, I'm Ria and I have never used LiveJournal before. Ever. So, please bear with me if I do something noobish >_< I'm a Pokemon merchandise collector (obviously, if I'm here, lol.) I don't collect any Pokemon in particular though I do tend to gravitate towards Chikorita and Ho-oh things. I run a blog on Tumblr dedicated to Pokemon merchandise (not always from my own collection, though I do always make sure to credit the person the merch is from) and in my searches for new content to post there, I constantly find myself being lead here by Google. Last night I took a look around and I really, really like what you guys post =)  See ya around!

One of my favorite Pokedolls I own, Mew.

One of my favorite Pokedolls I own =)
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A wild Toy Factory Appeared!

Just a quick post.

Today, eevee_trainer and I went to Dorney Park. It's a theme park from the Cedar Fair group, locations here

They have fully stocked all the new B & W Toy Factory plush.

There were 6 sizes we could find for 5 species: Pikachu, Oshawott, Tepig, Snivy and Meowth.

They also had some random piplups and zoruas around.

Also, eevee_trainer is apparently good at ring toss O.o

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Curious Litwick

Where to find a Jakks Ralts Plush? Plus Collection Update.

Hello community~! :D It's just a very small update on my collection, and some help on finding out where to find a legitimate Ralts plush?
Well, first, collection. I got home from classes today, popped open my mailbox, and AAHHHOHMAHGEEITSHEREFGEWQ!!!!

Raikooouuuu!!! :D I bought him from fellow ne0nrose here on this community! He's so beautiful! Uxie is just there for size comparison, but they looked so good next to each other like that that I placed them on my collection shelf the same way. :)
On a hunting side note, does anyone here own a legitimate Ralts Jakks plush from forever ago? If so, could you tell me where to find a legitimate one online or how you got yours? Thanks in advance!

To aisarang, i've shipped your package~! They should arrive soon~! :)


Hello My name is Emma. I live in the UK and have just started to collect pokemon again after discovering  this community. I am new to LJ so I am writing my introduction in rich text. If the cut does not work I am sorry. I will try  to learn the HTML way. Anyway...

I have loved Pokemon since Red when I played it on my Gameboy.  My faverite pokemon are dragon types namely


I also love:

So any merch of these is welcome.  Either plush or figures I'd love a dragonite pokedoll. I missed my chance last year.
Here are some photos of my current collection.

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Pokemon - Pikachu Cutie

Mystery Pikachu Pokedoll?

So I won a Pikadoll from a GA recent and recieved him today! He's very cute but there's something a little odd about his material

I don't think its minky as its not very fine and he's definitely in very good condition as he's very soft. But, on comparison to Baby, who is velboa, he's softer and also, not quite as stuffed. The material feels similar to terrycloth to me but thats not possible as only the oversized pikadoll was released in terrycloth.

New Pikadoll is Japanese 2006 whilst Baby is Japanese 2005 (what a difference in pattern!!). I'm pretty sure both are legit as I don't think Pikachu has a bootie release and I've seen 2010 Japanese Minky releases with this pattern but I'm just not sure if it is minky or velboa.

NOTE: If you drag the pictures to your address bar, it will be full-size so you can have a closer look there!

Does anyone know what kind of material he's made from? I only have Baby with me as I've moved so I can't compare newbie to my other pikadolls (the 17 that I have XD) Feel free to point out if I'm wrong and that you're sure its minky or velboa, I'm just curious as to what he's made from XD As far as i'm aware, he's an ordinary run-of-the-mill pikadoll


Also particpants of the Bulba and Pokedolls GA, I have paid Noppin for shipping and I expect it'll be shipped Monday morning so hopefully I'll have it by end of week. Only two people have paid yet so be sure to get your payments in soon! Magical link is here
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Taking offers on a few things.

In an effort to both raise some more funds for an upcoming convention I'm attending and clear out some storage space, I have a few things up for offers.

A custom Plusle/Minun hoodie that was never claimed by the person who commissioned it (going on a year and a half with no contact), a mint condition 1/1 scale Tomy Mew plush without the voice box, and a rare Ninetales Jhotodex charm in package.


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Sirius eating macaron

After an afternoon of shopping...

I present some new gets that I've obtained for today!

Um this bag is...a bag of plush XD; I've pre-ordered some Banpresto plush at a local shop here in Singapore at a shopping mall that brings them in. The stock arrived yesterday, so I went to pick them up today.

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And now, I end this update here. No really. It's the end. For now. Thanks for looking! :D :D :D

Next up, big sales update from me!? Maybe!? I hope so since I have quite a lot of stuff to sell which I'm sure some of you would want :D

Pikachu Pillow!

Ok, so I was just browsing Pokemon Center Japan site, and there are some thing I want there REALLY BADLY!

If anyone lives in or is visiting Japan, I would love for you to pick me up these, I will pay original price, plus commission price plus shipping if you do this for me.

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Want !!

Hi everyone i have joining to this communtiy for few months i really love this community, in this communiy i have find lot of stuff that what i was look for. So here we go i saw this picture few week ago and i really love the charms i wounder did anyone have sell those charms i will love to buy them (all 6 charms)


sales update and EPIC tcg get!

Hello everyone!

Firsly may I take a moment to RAGE AT LIVEJOURNAL'S NEW POST SYSTEM OH MY GOD. I had to redo ALL the html on my sales post so I am NOT a happy teddy :C

in any case, I hope it was worth it! I have a blastoise sketch deck box, a buruburu mareep plush, my entire mewtwo collection and a limited edition preorder set of gold and silver pin badges!


secondly, I bought a pretty average lot of cards on ebay.

you know a few old school holos, some- WAIT A SECOND.


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I can't wait to post my next collection update, some real exciting stuff coming! Thanks for reading! <333

EDIT: UGH well the badges refused to go in my sales and when I try to add them it once again deletes ALL the html so WHATEVER theyre going here instead.

a gorgeous set of Gold and silver pins, only available when you preorded Gold and silver back in 2000. Very hard to find now! Offers for the set start at $10, minimum accept price $20. I can split the lot if there are people interested in the pins seperately :) I will add a thread in this post.
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jakks group auction reminder!

over 100 jakks figure GA!!!

and that picture is just a small preview of the goodies inside!!! It ends tomorrow, but a lot of figures (plus the random foam pokeball) have no bids and feel lonely. AND WE DON'T WANT ANY POKEMON TO FEEL ALONE DO WE?
bidding is over. we won. thanks!

also... my BFF shinygolurk said she'd make me a Trubbish plush. I bought a Golurk MPC for her, and threatened her to hurry up and make it by sending her this pic:

so she was so worried about Golurk's well-being and so it worked and made her hurry and make me this!!!


I love her so so much ;___; I'm out of town right now, but once I get home and can swap Golurk for Princess... I am going to take lots of pictures of her!!!

be honest with yourself... ISN'T SHE BEAUTIFUL??
spiderlizard plushie

Pokemon plush collection

I collect pokemon plushes that I like. I don't have any particular theme. Which ever plush I like I will buy. Here are some pictures of the plush I have.

I am still looking for a porygon2 plush. Check my journal if you are interested in helping me find a porygon2 plush.